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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Day the Mopar Died and stuff

Wow, trying to figure out why Obama is killing Chrysler, Fiat built Mopar Muscle, sure sign of killing a company, OK I know he's clueless on cars and history and emotion, but... why? Oh right, he wants GM to be the only car manufacturer in the good ole USA, so first kill Chrysler, next is Ford, then all we have left is Government Motors (GM) run by the UAW... roflmao.... and the only way to get anyone to buy those cars will be to outlaw all other cars... you hearing this Ford, Toyota, Honda, etc... hope and change baby...

So how's this going gang, tax cheats chasing tax cheats, well at least they know all the tricks...

So which businesses go gov next?? How about old media, I know too easy, how about school, I know too easy, how about states, I know too easy, medical care, I know too easy, Ok try this one on for size, your food? looking forward to tasting the cardboard are you... lol

best question of the day, who in politics hasn't been bought? And can they please step forward before it's too late? Come on tea parties don't stop until they are reduced to 24X7 crying, you can do it I know you can... :)

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