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Friday, June 12, 2009

Palin and Letterman - Strength vs Weakness

Wow, well duh another old white male democrat let's the cat out of the bag, its not about women's rights (or minorities, blah blah blah) in the demo world, its about walking in lockstep and money for votes, yawn... female repub stronger than male demo, yawn...

Now what I do wow about is the idea that a old man on national tv, (CBS is still national right?) can openly talk about rape and impregnating young girls without blinking an eye... in the old days little boys (physical body age doesn't matter) like this would be taken out back and beat to a pulp, and deservedly so... the Demos really have sunk beyond anything imaginable...

But as I have said before the real problem is not Demo vs Repub (thief vs thief), women vs men (they are equal for the most part), people of different color (they are equal), blah blah blah, no it's about strong vs weak. And this is a classic example of how weakness reacts to outrageous behavior, well weak of course plus throw in a side of pathetic as well and their you have the reaction of the weak... little boys like Davey have no idea how lucky they are to live in a society whose current power base is cloned from weakness... cause if it wasn't he would be a bloody little pulp somewhere, alive but would never forget and never repeat that mistake...

Don't be fooled, its strength vs weakness, and a sign of how strong the good ole US of A is has nothing to do with gender, color of skin, or any of that other BS you had no control of when you were born... go ask the Romans and the govs before them, its the weak who subvert and destroy, the strong who build and maintain, and that my friends is the only prism you should view politics from... of course if you have the strength to do it...

And just one final reminder, Nature rules the roost, you can only dream otherwise... Have a good one!!!

Note: In case you've been trained otherwise, we are all Nature's children, not some Village... :)

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

52 vs 48, hope and change vs reality

52 vs 48 percent, 52 for Demo's and 48 for Repubs, sounds close doesn't it but is it enough to drive the massive socialism effort underway? That's the real question.

We know the Unions own a large stake of the Demo's (the largest in my opinion (just ask the UAW, SEIU, Teachers, blah blah blah) and increasing Union power is all the Demo's rage, why you ask? Bought and paid for votes. I was surprised to lean that the Union exec's pension plan is well funded along with their political fund yet the rank and file pension plan is underwater, surprise surprise...

We know the NGO's and Acorn like groups own a large part of the Demo's and the practice of racism - genderism is alive and well, all known problems can we traced to white men if you didn't know that in this world. We also know these places have very well "paid" exec's feeding off the gov but we never here about the rank and file, why do you think that is? This group is even better though cause they buy votes from anyone willing to sell them...

Fed and State Justice depts are overwhelmingly Demo in make up and do nothing but protect their own power and these groups hate accountability or real oversight, why? Votes, just the votes mam!

I could go on but you get the idea, so as the Demo's spend us into serious debt and further their grip on policy area's via intimidation and the "rule of law". Hope and change yes, but for whom does that bell toll?

Two central questions remain,
Can they continue to buy, bully, market BS, and or scare the swing voters into their camp?

How much of that 52 is permanently bought and paid for?

As scary as the 1st question is, the real issue is the answer to the second question, which would scare the hell out of you if someone were to lay it out, my guess is somewhere between 40-45 % of the Demo's are permanent regardless of the impact to themselves.

At least on the Repub's side they have shown the ability to throw the bums out, when was the last time you saw that on the Demo side???

Have a nice day if you live free, and the jokes on you for all the scared, bought and paid for lackeys of the Demo's...

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Are Sports Safe?

You know the gov is everywhere now killing anything they want to pay off political debts to all of their interest groups who bought the prez his seat for a few years, one only wonders, will they screw Sports too?

Well we know one thing, the sports that bow down to racial interest groups and who are predominantly minority (like that huh?) in make up will be OK, think Rozelle Rule, the rest, how long before the racial grievance party of Demo's kills them? Ever wonder why most white skinned in the NBA are from Europe? Most dark skinned in baseball from south of the southern border? You get the idea...

Enjoy your Sports while you can... it's only a matter of time...

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