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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Child rape and the Defenders

When I think about the most violent actions people do to people Child Rape has to be at or near the top, PERIOD. No excuses exist, no cover story can work, you can't spin that level of evil, you just can't... yet the Elites are trying, simply amazing, beyond belief but then...

So a few questions;

The Dave Letterman child rape "joke" was bad enough because he didn't realize it was wrong to say it, what was he thinking?

NOW didn't stand up to Letterman or now to Polanski, if they aren't for protecting the girls, what are they thinking?

France stands up for this guy, is rape of 13 y/o's legal over there? What are they thinking?

"High profile old men Hollywood elites" think he's the one being treated wrong not what happened to the 13 y/o, what are they thinking?

If you don't think this act rates as one of the most violent things a person can do to another person, what are you thinking?

Only two answers, clearly evil or your not thinking, choose your side...

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Artist for Gov Control - Who won't be bought???

Wow, was I blind sided by the Artist's concern for the US Gov, or is it the GOV money since most of them are "starving" right?

Funny to see this play out like so many things before for these types. Oh were caught, gee it will never happen again!

But then that ship has already sailed hasn't it and the orders already given, no need to meet and influence peddle any more, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!! What do you want to bet that the NEA directly or indirectly gets some serious GOV cash for "creative" purposes... Just like the Acorn group, the Old MSM, Newspapers, Car Companies, Airlines, and on and on and on... they re-package the same retreads and the stealing continues to grow...

As I've asked before, do any groups connected to the Demo's or Repub's have the ability to not be bought? I don't think so...

The sickness is not the politics, it's the wealth that's created by allowing the political stealing to continue... human nature has never attacked itself like this before, will be interesting to see how it evolves from here...

Have a nice day... if your brave enough...

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Acorn falls from the tree...

No No Nature here, just thought it was interesting ACORN has "suspended ops"... which means go away for a bit while they re-organize, re-name ( I think this was already underway), and then back on the scene as "new" but really same ol same ol, but no "legal links" to the past...

And that's why it's not like Nature, all things grown from a seed retain history, except political parties and community organizations, which is why they will never line up with Nature, they can't... and they know it... but when your full of hate.. well you know the rest...

Have a good one... :)

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Monday, September 14, 2009

TEA Party and Nature - Huh You Say??

Well well well, it's not about Repub vs Demo anymore is it? It's about the Elite shoving things down the peoples throat. And you might be surprised that people who voted for change now realize they voted for same ol same ol... what gives eh?

Nature, pure and simple, in fact, the purest form of Human Nature on the planet, FREE WILL!!!

And none of the Elites on either side like it, yet they can't do a thing about it... as I've said before, The Constitutions greatest insight is not the laws of humans, but the laws of Nature, and Free Will is the champ, end of discussion...

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it baby!!!! ROFLMAO...

Have a nice day...

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Friday, September 11, 2009

9/11: Make a Stand (more from past)

American's Stand Strong for 9/11 Victims

A long long time ago in THIS GALAXY the US stood firm,
Evil forces invaded our homeland and killed with speed and force,
The men and women of the US stood firm,
Evil forces declared their intention to take over the world,
The men and women of the US stood firm,
Evil forces killed innocent people and did not care,
The men and women of the US stood firm,
Evil forces attacked over and over, killing and killing,
The men and women of the US stood firm,
Evil forces were soon to learn the most powerful force in nature,
The men and women of the US stood firm,
Evil forces were soon under attack from that force,
The men and women of the US stood firm,
Evil forces were treated as they treated us,
The men and women of the US stood firm,
Evil forces were soon crushed by our Free Will,
The men and women of the US stood firm,
Remember the price of countless before you,
The men and women of the US stood firm,
Will you?

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From 9/11's Past...

9/11, a few days later…

I decided not to post on 09/11 as I feel that my personal thoughts about the victims of that violent attack on US Americans aren’t meant for anyone else. But I will post a few thoughts about 9/11 after the fact.

We are hated on many fronts and in many ways by a host of individuals, groups, and nation states who have their reasons. To go into the reasons for the hatred always leads to the same place, people who “need to hate”. These types will vanish without hate and that is what drives them more than all the PC reasons combined. They thrive on hate because it gives them power either over or with other haters.

The group known as “haters” should never be confused with people who disagree on things, all kinds of things. Hatred allows no compromise, no sense of right or wrong, no sense of justice, and most importantly denies truths that would not support the hatred.

Hatred is an all consuming passion and once fully consumed, the path ahead will contain only one emotion, only one way of thinking, only one way of feeling, and only one way of living.

Hatred cannot be overcome with sugar, with PC talk, or any of the other babble that doesn’t address the core reason for the hatred. But operating at the core level of hatred is brutal, and that is why hatred will be here for awhile until we evolve past our current mindsets.

Not until enough strong people unite to wipe hate out will we ever know what it’s like to live in a world where hate is treated like it should be. Not a media event, not an intellectual position, not a passion, not a rallying point, but a child like response.

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