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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

And so it goes

Well it's been fun watching all the fun at the White House Hall of Horrors so let's list um out;

1) Obama crew attacking FOX news and letting MSNBC last place TV crew Olby and Maddow gutter feeders inside the Big House... all I'm wondering is how lucky was Fox to be excluded from the gad fest of the weak minded, good job FOX!!!

2) Dem controlled govt spending completely out of control and running us into the ground, every benefit planned is nowhere in site, looks like the lib plan is working...

3) Dem party now officially the rich peoples party, been that way since the 80's-90's, but at least now it's official, glad we cleared that up eh...

4) Next steps to destruction proceeding as planned;

a) kill Heathcare: Obama Care - Check
b) finish the economy off: Obama - Dem spending - Check
c) Finish converting the "news" orgs into Govt units - Check
d) Fed law becomes Dem political law at Holder Central: Check
e) Give all enemies of US everything they want: Check
f) Convert census and immigration into permanent Dem voting processes: Check
g) Finish converting education system into indoctrination system: Check

Ya know I could go on, but by now I hope you get the point...

Have a nice day...

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Monday, October 5, 2009

Global Warming Re-Direct

Well now, the main play book is in trouble so now let's go back to Global Warming to justify things to do that no one but corrupt governments would even think up let alone try...

Since the Weather is mainly controlled by the Sun with some help from the Earth's magnetosphere we won't waste time on the basics. As I've told you before you and the Elite's have no idea about weather and all it's control levers, not even close, so please don't try yet, we need lots of explaining before we get there.

These gov types are so funny sometimes using the Earth as a policy justification scheme is brilliant except for one detail, Nature will punish those that use her name in vain, so be careful gov control freaks, the Earth will turn around and bite you in the azz and you won't like it, not one bit...

I know you types have no shame, no compassion, and live in a bubble, but when your messing with Nature, well lets just say I will need to close my eyes when she strikes back, it won't be pretty...

Have a nice day... :)

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