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Thursday, June 10, 2010

California is the worst of the worst

Ca people should have it all, they did have it all, so what happened?

We elected and continue to elect politicians that steal our money.

Now we have 2 "republican" women running to fix it all, yet neither one has a chance.

Here's why, let's do the simple "no spin" math.

Our Money = Union power + paid for politicians

And no one in Ca politics has the guts to deal with the problem, no one there now, and no one on the ballot.

They are all like crack addicts, just one more tax raise and things will be OK, just one more "progressive" elected will help, just one more... when the real answer needs to be, not only no more, but much less...

Let me know when you see anyone in CA get it right, note it wont come from Meg and Carly, they will be just as useless as Jerry and Barbara, and speaking of addicts, Jerry and Barbara, addicted to politics makes for some ugly people, don't it....

have a nice day... :)

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