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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

So Cal is insane or... or the Feds?

The elections in Cal show how much control the unions have, they own more votes than non-union interests, so no were not insane, just peasants on the farm serving the stealers... plain and simply... I wish we were insane, that would be easier to fix....

The Fed gov is a joke, but the new TSA grope, twist, AND PAT DOWN baby, now that's our gov at it's best!!! Spread um and bend over, its all part of the plan, pretty soon we will have no private area's, no private property, no private space (think war on drugs in YOUR home), and no not even private body parts, just cattle in the gov system...

Enjoy it wimps, enjoy.. and remember Cal is broke now and will stay broke for a long time, cool huh, but sooner or later, they won't be able to steal anymore, cause nothing will be left to steal... how cool is that!!!

Have a nice day!!!

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