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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

the old is new - clothes or political idea's?

OK, so where to start, Global Warm... ooops, I mean Climate Change is responsible for all weather change, hmmmm really. I was thinking, OK so our best and brightest now realize that climate changes and that's a bad thing to them. Now how do we get them to understand that Nature has on her own been changing the Climate (and everything else) for Billions (I need Sagen to say Billions right eh?) of years? And then we can focus on their data samples that seem to suggest that we little people are what's changing it now for the worse? Well I for one would never think of using logic on them, maybe a Priest could help them? Oh and for you non scientific types, the majority of Climate change (and many other things) comes from a fire Ball about 93million miles away which has been cooking this place for Billions of years, sounds old to me, you?

The liberal progressive religion recycles, repackages, puts new clothes on ancient idea's for a social utopia, nothing new right? Sounds old right? We'll one thing has changed, they are a religion and now that we all know that it makes me realize one new thing, beliefs systems have a high degree of intellectual churn not to learn, but to re-package. All that effort to come up with the same conclusion reached long ago, OK you're right nothing new here time to move along...

Refresher course, 6+ billion people on earth, 0.000...01 percent trying to rule the other 99.999...99 will never, ever work. Like the current info explosion has exposed the truth, the move to distributed rule isn't a if anymore, it's a when question. And that my friends scares the ruling class more than anything... I love it!!!

Have a great day... :)

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