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Friday, September 19, 2014

Hate (Again) - Power - Abuse

Well you know how to tell it's an important election year? The Demo hate machine swings into full press mode, Hate Men, Hate Christians, Hate Repubs, Hate wealth, Hate you, Hate me, and so on and so on, yawn.

But their 2 cornerstones of hate, racism and gender-ism, underlie it all, if they can't hate they have nothing, nothing... why I say the cornerstones? We'll it's something we don't control at birth and therefore can be used to control the feeble minded...

Why is hate important to them, they need it to maintain power, why is power important to them, so they can steal money and control peoples life's so they can steal more money, if you think otherwise Karl Marx loves you and PT Barnum was made famous over you...

The trifecta is of course abuse, abuse the non believers in the liberal religion, abuse them thru shame (racist women hating bum), abuse them thru laws to criminalize anything that doesn't support their religion, abuse them thru regulating every part of their life to the point where soon we will need to ask, "can I take another breath please?"...

If you don't understand how to vote with your mind, your pocketbook, and in the voting booth, you're doing it to yourself.

Long live freedom, long live individualism, long live free will...

Have a nice day :)

Posted by Marc at 11:14 AM  ·  General