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Thursday, March 16, 2006

A Dark Truth about Nature: Part 1

The more you hate someone, something, the better chance you have of becoming what you hate. It is through the examination of hate as a normal human feeling that we can progress beyond today’s level of hate to cure hate. By continuing to dialogue about the hate of old, racism, feminism, etc… we continue to lose time and focus on what underlines these forms of hate. One of the biggest challenges requires us to remove these forms of hate as part of the government and advocacy economies because there they will live forever, hurting us all.

When hate is considered bad it will become its own economy and once it’s an entrenched economy the hate will find hate where no hate exists. Whoops, we’re already there.

Wiping out racism, feminism, religionism, etc will not happen by focusing on them because hate is a form of the current state of human evolution. Advancing the opportunity of minimizing and channeling hate without the stereotypes solution so common today appears to be our only choice. We do not live in the future where, interestingly enough, most science fiction writer’s societies have wiped out hate, except when it’s needed for a storyline, but of course.

Hate groups that specialize are the most overt instances of hate-based economies and usually defended by the most extreme elements of society. Also of note is that most of the haters in those camps focus on payback and punishment, not understanding. We all know that everyone might hate someone at sometime for some reason, but we don’t dwell on it. So in the end the haters with economies are hating haters, which means they hate themselves. And only through continued hate with others that also hate can they find “their” version of love. Can you imagine finding self love through hatred and then trying to feel like your OK? Like you had an impact on society that was good and pure? Don’t worry, most of us can’t thank goodness.

Time for a short story that helped me focus on this rule of Nature. I want to tell you the story of a female manager I used to work with at a 50 billion dollar plus Bank. Her name was Beverly and she had pushed hard and made it fairly high in the Tech Management part of the company. She had always seemed like a fair person and although annoyed when you disagreed with her (like most normal people) she mainly stayed to her own group. I saw little desire in her words or actions to reach out and kill, and in fact she liked to kind of push the grandma image when it worked in her favor.

But then in the politically correct world of the 1995 timeframe we hired a female CIO who was completed un-qualified to run a tech department. But she was a political monster who used her gender to advance her own career without regards to those around her. I believe that Bev sensed this and then all hell broke loose.

To my surprise we saw the real Bev come out into the open and to say it wasn’t pretty was a huge understatement. She promoted those loyal and killed those who annoyed her. She used to brag to her inner circle (she doesn’t know this but I had an in with one of them) when she got a kill, especially if the reason was trivial. She was acting out her inner most feelings of hatred from all the years she had to put up with what she thought was the same treatment of her. Maybe it was, may it wasn’t, but all the years (12+) I saw her before Nancy her career was doing just fine and her advancement in the management ranks was excellent. I spent 20 + years in management and found very little evidence of racism, feminism, etc from my peers (male and female). When things got ugly is was usually about power, pure and simple.

I found out about one of her kills from a guy I worked with, because, he was the target of the kill. And this was before she had announced to her inner circle the kill. I had a perfect opportunity to see up close and personal the situation and it was completely without merit. When I talked to her about this guy, of course without referring to what he had told me, I could see the gleam in the hunters eyes, the thought that the kill was soon and blood would be running again from her mighty sword. All the while playing the poor humble grandma in public. This was the first time I had discovered Nature’s darkest law, she had become everything she hated.

Some other examples are so public that not much background is needed on them but two of the Racial Economies “Heads of State” regularly prove they hate whites regardless of what the white person did. In effect they have become true haters, just like the people that hate them. I could go on for far too long with examples of this but I’m hoping you’ve got the drift now.

Politics is currently the major leagues with regards to hate since they roll-up all of the smaller hates into one big bundle of hate. The march to hate, they form gangs to hate, websites to hate, speeches to hate, coalitions to hate, hate becomes the currency of bonding, if that’s not all the evidence you need of an all consuming force of Nature, you will never be convinced of any rational thought.

In the end you only need to think of one thing, if you hate long and hard enough, Nature is their waiting for you and she doesn’t like haters, as you will truly find out if you choose this path. Another reminder that if you go up against Mother Nature’s balance, be prepared to face an “opponent” you have no chance against.

Next Feature: Well, what do we do about hate if it’s part of us? See you next time!

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