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We seem to continually lose contact with 3 of the keys points of nature, balance is a core component of everything, we are not in control of all things, and of course, we are part of nature. My goal for this Blog is to keep reminding us of these realities, with some humor and personality thrown in!!

Why the American way you say? What does it have to do with Nature? Because as of this time it's the best example of Free Will I can find on the planet and Free Will baby is the core essence of Nature's way with regards to human beings.

Terms and Conditions: I reserve the right to edit the comments - etc. for anyone who's posting BS. We're not here to discuss garbage, just logic. Logic rules here and I'm up for the best logic whether it comes from me or someone else doesn't matter.

Marc: 20 plus years in management and technology with a variety of financial services and technology firms. And of course a few stints as a management consultant.

Affiliations: No political, religious, left, or right affiliations. Just hanging in the middle of Nature’s complicated and ever changing world.

Contact:marcojhrtyerr at naturesvoiceofreason dot com