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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Political Hate and the US

Hatred and Crime – How intermixed are they?

Each and everyday we are faced with two common threads in most discussions, whom hates whom and whom murdered whom. I’m starting to wonder how intermixed those two conditions might be. Could it be that as you get “used” to hating you get “used” to murder? Or is it the other way around? Most sensible people would agree that to murder you must hate, but to hate seems to be relatively easy these days. In fact in some circles hatred seems to be an attractor for group happiness, what’s up with that?

The escalating hatred thrown around in the political “discussions” in our country are without a doubt the biggest problem we have today, including Terrorist! The Terrorist can do harm and big harm sometimes, but if we turn on each other then the implosion of our society will move at a speed the Terrorist could only dream about.

We need to ask ourselves some serious questions about the explosion of hatred as a building block for coalitions and political management. Yes hatred is a normal human feeling, yes we are not evolved enough to eliminate hateful thoughts, but to live by hatred? To embrace hatred? To promote hatred? To become obsessed with hatred?

Managing hatred in your children is part of being a parent and teaching them skills to not succumb to hatred is the goal. So who will teach our political organizations? Who will force them to grow up and not succumb to hatred? When you see that person, you will see the future of our great country!

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