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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Nature in full display lately...

Nature creates good and bad, and Balance is the key.
Bad animals kill, good animals hunt / kill the bad, it's called Free Will.
Shady animals exploit the tragedy .
Balanced animals mend, learn, work to not over react.
Political animals show their true colors for all to see.
Never forget in nature's world the Strong Build and the weak tear apart.
Check it out it's on full display this week.
Have a good one

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Friday, June 8, 2012

We're all doing fine Mr United

Oh yea, fine is everywhere...

How bout those liberal unions types after Wisconsin fine eh?
How about the 10+%(real) unemployment people, fine eh?
How about all those students with zillions in debt and no jobs, fine eh?
How bout all of us normal people praying we have a job tomorrow, fine eh?
How about religious people who disagree with you, fine eh?
How about small business owners buried by your regulations, fine eh?
How's that Healthcare thing working out for you, fine eh?
How's that rich vs poor thing working out for you, fine eh?
How's that green jobs thing working out for you, fine eh?
How's that blown Stimulus aka friends slush fund working out for you, fine eh?
How's that community organizer experience working out for you, fine eh?
How's that pitting Americans against Americans thing working out for you, fine eh?

Any chance you don't know what the word "fine" means?

Just asking...

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Monday, March 21, 2011


Well Well Well...

Does anyone still believe that Lib Demo's only have issues when a Repub is in the WH or controls the House / Senate because of their principles?

All that they hated they now embrace except the Far Left clowns (think Michael Moore, Code Pink etc...) because all they really care about is power and fighting safe fights to get or maintain that power, else anything and everything goes...

Anyone have any doubt anymore about Union tactics to stay in power? Anything and everything goes, any doubt who owns the Demo party now? I mean could it ever be more blatant, if you still don't see it see a thinking person soon, you need too...

So, Bill Clinton is the Pres of the World, Obama is King of the USA, and Hillary Clinton is the Queen of World Social Order and Fairness, now that's a team for Transformation...

The more Libs and their World view crumbles, the more we shall see and the more we shall learn, but we know somethings for sure...

They only fight safe fights (no one hits back), they need the USA as a power base or they have nothing, and they will do anything to stay in power, anything...

Have a Transformative Day!!! :)

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Left's hatred of Sarah Palin?

Why do they hate Sarah Palin?
Because hating Rush Limbaugh was getting way old...
Because hating George W was getting old...
Because hating is the only value they have left that they can rally their base under...
Get near a lefty, progressive, liberal, blah blah blah, and you can smell the hatred, you can see the hatred, you can feel the hatred...

Imagine your world full of hate, and then imagine that's all you had left, wouldn't you hate it??????????????

Nature treats haters in bad ways, groups them together, restricts their visual / mental vision, makes them think negative energy is cool, harsh baby harsh...

have a nice day... :)

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Having Fun with poli gunk....

remember Ca is broke when you vote...

Just for fun,

Ca stuff, Teachers Union started first, classes run amok, little kids will never get the education they need, terrible repubs, god like Demo's, how long before the Firefighters hit? and then the police will be the final wave... this is how it works in Ca, Unions own the state and they won't go down easy, too stuffed on taxpayer carbs...

Jerry Brown, no he swears he's here for the people and the small business owners, really he's "reached that stage of life", translation: forget all his past deeds, forget he's owned by the Unions / DNCC, and forget all of his decisions while in office, then you can vote for him...

B Boxer is also just here for the people and the small biz owner, I swear I saw the commercial, almost identical to J Brown's, not that she is owned by the Unions and DNCC, right Mam?

Next few weeks should be fun, with the desperation running amok in the DNCC it will only get better, I suspect much better...

Have a nice day... :)

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

California is the worst of the worst

Ca people should have it all, they did have it all, so what happened?

We elected and continue to elect politicians that steal our money.

Now we have 2 "republican" women running to fix it all, yet neither one has a chance.

Here's why, let's do the simple "no spin" math.

Our Money = Union power + paid for politicians

And no one in Ca politics has the guts to deal with the problem, no one there now, and no one on the ballot.

They are all like crack addicts, just one more tax raise and things will be OK, just one more "progressive" elected will help, just one more... when the real answer needs to be, not only no more, but much less...

Let me know when you see anyone in CA get it right, note it wont come from Meg and Carly, they will be just as useless as Jerry and Barbara, and speaking of addicts, Jerry and Barbara, addicted to politics makes for some ugly people, don't it....

have a nice day... :)

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Friday, March 19, 2010

And they march on...

Well there they go, heads down marching to orders, the Military, nope, the out of touch liberals... who says they can't follow orders...

It's great to see Free Will at work, nature's most "living" component that we all have, like it or not...

As I've said before this test would be awesome.. the Framers knew more than their words, their fear of what they came from, their religion, yes they knew nature and it's effects on people... and hence Free Will drives the constitution which is why the liberals hate it so much.

They have Free Will but it scares them to no end, they need to follow, need to march to orders, need to pray to their human leaders, their weakness drives them so as that is Nature's way...

Have a great day watching them act not as they choose, but as they must, don't expect logic and leadership, expect dogma, for that is their way...

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Back Online

To my 2 readers (counting me!), system problems, and stuff kept me away, back in the saddle again!!!

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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Child rape and the Defenders

When I think about the most violent actions people do to people Child Rape has to be at or near the top, PERIOD. No excuses exist, no cover story can work, you can't spin that level of evil, you just can't... yet the Elites are trying, simply amazing, beyond belief but then...

So a few questions;

The Dave Letterman child rape "joke" was bad enough because he didn't realize it was wrong to say it, what was he thinking?

NOW didn't stand up to Letterman or now to Polanski, if they aren't for protecting the girls, what are they thinking?

France stands up for this guy, is rape of 13 y/o's legal over there? What are they thinking?

"High profile old men Hollywood elites" think he's the one being treated wrong not what happened to the 13 y/o, what are they thinking?

If you don't think this act rates as one of the most violent things a person can do to another person, what are you thinking?

Only two answers, clearly evil or your not thinking, choose your side...

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Monday, September 14, 2009

TEA Party and Nature - Huh You Say??

Well well well, it's not about Repub vs Demo anymore is it? It's about the Elite shoving things down the peoples throat. And you might be surprised that people who voted for change now realize they voted for same ol same ol... what gives eh?

Nature, pure and simple, in fact, the purest form of Human Nature on the planet, FREE WILL!!!

And none of the Elites on either side like it, yet they can't do a thing about it... as I've said before, The Constitutions greatest insight is not the laws of humans, but the laws of Nature, and Free Will is the champ, end of discussion...

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it baby!!!! ROFLMAO...

Have a nice day...

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Friday, September 11, 2009

9/11: Make a Stand (more from past)

American's Stand Strong for 9/11 Victims

A long long time ago in THIS GALAXY the US stood firm,
Evil forces invaded our homeland and killed with speed and force,
The men and women of the US stood firm,
Evil forces declared their intention to take over the world,
The men and women of the US stood firm,
Evil forces killed innocent people and did not care,
The men and women of the US stood firm,
Evil forces attacked over and over, killing and killing,
The men and women of the US stood firm,
Evil forces were soon to learn the most powerful force in nature,
The men and women of the US stood firm,
Evil forces were soon under attack from that force,
The men and women of the US stood firm,
Evil forces were treated as they treated us,
The men and women of the US stood firm,
Evil forces were soon crushed by our Free Will,
The men and women of the US stood firm,
Remember the price of countless before you,
The men and women of the US stood firm,
Will you?

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From 9/11's Past...

9/11, a few days later…

I decided not to post on 09/11 as I feel that my personal thoughts about the victims of that violent attack on US Americans aren’t meant for anyone else. But I will post a few thoughts about 9/11 after the fact.

We are hated on many fronts and in many ways by a host of individuals, groups, and nation states who have their reasons. To go into the reasons for the hatred always leads to the same place, people who “need to hate”. These types will vanish without hate and that is what drives them more than all the PC reasons combined. They thrive on hate because it gives them power either over or with other haters.

The group known as “haters” should never be confused with people who disagree on things, all kinds of things. Hatred allows no compromise, no sense of right or wrong, no sense of justice, and most importantly denies truths that would not support the hatred.

Hatred is an all consuming passion and once fully consumed, the path ahead will contain only one emotion, only one way of thinking, only one way of feeling, and only one way of living.

Hatred cannot be overcome with sugar, with PC talk, or any of the other babble that doesn’t address the core reason for the hatred. But operating at the core level of hatred is brutal, and that is why hatred will be here for awhile until we evolve past our current mindsets.

Not until enough strong people unite to wipe hate out will we ever know what it’s like to live in a world where hate is treated like it should be. Not a media event, not an intellectual position, not a passion, not a rallying point, but a child like response.

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Palin and Letterman - Strength vs Weakness

Wow, well duh another old white male democrat let's the cat out of the bag, its not about women's rights (or minorities, blah blah blah) in the demo world, its about walking in lockstep and money for votes, yawn... female repub stronger than male demo, yawn...

Now what I do wow about is the idea that a old man on national tv, (CBS is still national right?) can openly talk about rape and impregnating young girls without blinking an eye... in the old days little boys (physical body age doesn't matter) like this would be taken out back and beat to a pulp, and deservedly so... the Demos really have sunk beyond anything imaginable...

But as I have said before the real problem is not Demo vs Repub (thief vs thief), women vs men (they are equal for the most part), people of different color (they are equal), blah blah blah, no it's about strong vs weak. And this is a classic example of how weakness reacts to outrageous behavior, well weak of course plus throw in a side of pathetic as well and their you have the reaction of the weak... little boys like Davey have no idea how lucky they are to live in a society whose current power base is cloned from weakness... cause if it wasn't he would be a bloody little pulp somewhere, alive but would never forget and never repeat that mistake...

Don't be fooled, its strength vs weakness, and a sign of how strong the good ole US of A is has nothing to do with gender, color of skin, or any of that other BS you had no control of when you were born... go ask the Romans and the govs before them, its the weak who subvert and destroy, the strong who build and maintain, and that my friends is the only prism you should view politics from... of course if you have the strength to do it...

And just one final reminder, Nature rules the roost, you can only dream otherwise... Have a good one!!!

Note: In case you've been trained otherwise, we are all Nature's children, not some Village... :)

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

52 vs 48, hope and change vs reality

52 vs 48 percent, 52 for Demo's and 48 for Repubs, sounds close doesn't it but is it enough to drive the massive socialism effort underway? That's the real question.

We know the Unions own a large stake of the Demo's (the largest in my opinion (just ask the UAW, SEIU, Teachers, blah blah blah) and increasing Union power is all the Demo's rage, why you ask? Bought and paid for votes. I was surprised to lean that the Union exec's pension plan is well funded along with their political fund yet the rank and file pension plan is underwater, surprise surprise...

We know the NGO's and Acorn like groups own a large part of the Demo's and the practice of racism - genderism is alive and well, all known problems can we traced to white men if you didn't know that in this world. We also know these places have very well "paid" exec's feeding off the gov but we never here about the rank and file, why do you think that is? This group is even better though cause they buy votes from anyone willing to sell them...

Fed and State Justice depts are overwhelmingly Demo in make up and do nothing but protect their own power and these groups hate accountability or real oversight, why? Votes, just the votes mam!

I could go on but you get the idea, so as the Demo's spend us into serious debt and further their grip on policy area's via intimidation and the "rule of law". Hope and change yes, but for whom does that bell toll?

Two central questions remain,
Can they continue to buy, bully, market BS, and or scare the swing voters into their camp?

How much of that 52 is permanently bought and paid for?

As scary as the 1st question is, the real issue is the answer to the second question, which would scare the hell out of you if someone were to lay it out, my guess is somewhere between 40-45 % of the Demo's are permanent regardless of the impact to themselves.

At least on the Repub's side they have shown the ability to throw the bums out, when was the last time you saw that on the Demo side???

Have a nice day if you live free, and the jokes on you for all the scared, bought and paid for lackeys of the Demo's...

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Just doing random stuff...

Is Obama the most famous person who's never done a thing worth reporting on? Everywhere one looks the trail ends silently, no written records, no verbal records, no records, remind me again what type of politician covers all of their political tracks, think about that, all of them...

Is it me or is Political Religious pandering at a all-time high? Everywhere you go and everything you see... in the past the press and the ACLU attacked this to no end, but now quiet, a bit scary no???

MSM has seen it's political influence fly so low that even it's own practitioners are upset at the recent flurry of discussion in the physics world about light reflection technology... their claim? they have perfected sitting in the middle of a crowded airport and no one sees them.. I hear their thinking of a lawsuit, "IP" or something like that... but the lawyers are worried about the "I" part of the suit... go figure...

The height of Feminist Politicians, Boxer, Pelosi, Feinstein, Hillary, the list goes on, can you guess what they all have in common? Will let you know next post...

How far has the victimhood racket and lying gone? I had a close family members home - life almost ripped to shreds, by a lying child who has no idea what he's done for her, she lies, get bureaucrats trained to find "work" ( if you want I can explain why victimhood agencies must find work), they investigate and took a amazing amount of time to find the lying while most adults with kids could see it in a couple of minutes, all the while his life is twisting in the wind.. luckily they "let him" keep his life... even Orwell couldn't see this coming...

As I've stated before, it's about the courts and the weak teams efforts to control the planet, and if that ever happens, disaster will always follow, just ask the Roman Empire, oops guess you can't huh...

Have a nice day... :)

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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sigh, Free Will is no where in sight...

Well for all of you identity politic types it’s now Prime Time!!! Woot!!! Expect the Identity politics to now become the front and center campaign of the Elists. The weak will swoon, the followers will follow, the rest should be scared, very scared.

The campaigns will posses little or no reference to Free Will, the Elites will ensure that, it’s all about your issues if you don’t buy their slop. And as I’ve said before its all about controlling the Courts, please think about that, please…

I’m sorry I don’t care about gender or skin color, or any of the other things none of us has control of, I just care about leadership… so I guess I’m out of luck again… Where oh Where is the Leadership of America… sigh…

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Back in the saddle...

Hi to my few few readers, been busy at work and not interested in the state of affairs until recently. But more and more I find myself seeking to help educate on Nature - Free Will as it relates to US relations, elections, enviromentalisum, socialisum, meisum, and all the other "isum's" out there!!!

First order of business is to remind you why they hate the US, it's the best model government for Free Will and you can look at all those haters and they all support restricted or no Free Will type governments, control systems, etc. And as I've told you before I see nothing to worry about, when you fight Free Will you fight Nature, and when you fight Nature you lose, it's that simple.

These elections have a bit of Free Will, do I like any of the candidates, of course not silly, but I will vote for McCain, he's the best example of Free Will we've had for awhile. The other two will waste consider energy, gov's and yours, fighting the good socialist fight and will produce no benefits unless you are into stealing money from the gov feeder system(s).

The global warming show is so far removed from reality that I don't worry about it too much. But I do worry about energy independence and I wish we had one politician to take this fight on, just one. I would campaign for that person and do anything I can to get them elected.

The "meisum's" crowd is in deep trouble out there and they know it so it's fun to watch!!! The Internet is just cleaning their clocks and although they have adopted the tech in hopes of turning the tide, I suspect now that info flow is in the people's hands they know the gig is up. Expect to see them go to the one place they can still fight in, the Courts. If they can't buy it they will litigate for it, count on it.

Have a good one and stay strong, it's truly pisses off the Elite crowd more than anything... :)

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Monday, November 5, 2007

Well, Well, Well…

Clintons get in a tough situation, and they come out in a defensive posture, what a surprise, looking to blame it on anyone-anything but themselves, what a surprise, and you can’t talk about just one, it is Team Clinton and if you vote for them you are voting Bill back into office, what a surprise! And then we can have 8 years of Jeb Bush, and then the Junior Hillary (Chelsea (sp?)) should be ready since I’m assuming she will be the next junior Senator from NY, is anyone awake out there? Me, I’ll be voting for the Ham Sandwich running against her…

Main difference in politics today’s is no strength is allowed, NONE. You must be weak, you must act weak, you must talk weak, and you surely must never ever take a stand on something that requires strength, bad bad bad little boys and girls… if you can find strength today in politics I’d like to see it, just name one????? And no being an overbearing loud mouthed idiot doesn’t qualify as strength and no men wearing panties and women wearing jocks don’t count either, in fact no metro’s, no cosmetic surgery types, your either real or your not… deal with it…

In case you didn’t know it theirs a reason men wearing panties look south and wonder why they can’t get support and then women wearing jocks look south and they can’t figure it out either, well never fear I’m here to help! As long as your trying to out maneuver Nature you will always be wondering why the support doesn’t feel right, and men look at your panties and women look at your jocks, the answer is right there in front of you… and no amount of NGO or other Foundation funded “Academic” study can or ever will change that, so Nah Nah…

Hey I found out where the original Global Warming and Feminism concepts came from and you won’t believe, you simply won’t believe…

Have a good one…

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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The signs of no leadership….

Polarization, no one to unite,
Directionless, whichever way the wind blows on any given day,
Afraid of the truth, feelings become more important than reality,
Gossip replaces fact finding, scared to not be in the right “camp”,
The weak appear strong, check the house or the senate,
Raised voices replace reasoned voices, listened to a political discussion lately,
Majority rule breaks down, politics through the legal system,
We attempt reasoned war, WAR IS HELL, accept it or don’t go to war,
We attack safe targets, a general representing our troops as opposed to the prez of Iran,
Politicians steal from the people they are supposed to represent, no one cares,
Racism is everywhere, heard of the Duke Case,
Genderism is everywhere, if women ran the world all is better, poof,
Colleges are for free speech and intellectual growth, see Indoctrinate U, talk to F.I.R.E.,
People are starving, we use food to replace oil, say what?????...

I could go on but hopefully you get the idea…

Have a good one…

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Monday, September 24, 2007

Somebody had to say it...

Iran Prez speaks at NYC school, Lefty’s rejoice, so what's up;

His motivation, marketing campaign, no one seems to mention that most of the regimes of homicidal maniacs have Ivy trained Marketing kids in their midst and it’s all one big game, of course as long as someone else is doing the dying…

The Obvious issues for the Left whom promote him, he kills Gays, Lesbians, seems to not be a problem, how many radical feminist are running the schools in Iran? Yea I thought so… how are equal rights doing over there, yea I thought so, how are the children treated over there, oh yea excellent training in how to kill, gee you would think the left have found their dream man… by the way with all the above said how many lefty type Prez Candidates voiced a strong opinion today, yea I thought so…

And the school you might ask, watching the prez twist himself into knots trying to justify this makes it painfully obvious the prez’s of some US Schools are clearly operating way above their capabilities, way above…

Oh yea, I almost forgot, since when did lefty’s love religious guys so much? I mean expect for the religion of global warming, and socialism, racism, open borders isum, and all the rest of the normal isum’s they claim to support, or really pray too…

As I’ve said before, Nature is brutal when you become a hater and the left after decades of hating the religious, have in fact, become fanatical religious types, how sweet it is…

Have a good one…

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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Well, it's time to get back in the saddle...

Wow it's been awhile and so much has happened, where to start;

Politics, so many clowns, so little time,
Racisum Industry, so many projecters, so little time,
Opiners, so little intelligence, so many words,
Justice system, so little justice, so much money,
Haters, so much hate, so little reality,
Anti-USA crowd, so small minded, so little understanding,
Usefil idiots, such an endless supply, so so so weak,
Users, such an endless supply, such a spineless crowd,

Have a good one...

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

More this and that…

Front Page: New Leader!!!
Soprano’s ending, one very good thing about it, it took Paris Hilton off the Hollywood front page!! Yea!!!

US GOV Out Of Touch List:
Immigration Bill disaster still alive and kicking,
Demo’s poll numbers in the dump with the ethics pledge close in tow, Dead Media Walking Silent on this minor detail,
Edwards pushing 2 America’s with straight face,
Al Gore still thinks people like him and that’s he’s not insane,
Arnold S of CA is completely clueless on global warming (poster child for Term Limits),
Senator Feinstein of CA makes tens (maybe hundreds of millions) off of your tax dollars and no one questions it,
Murtha threatens fellow congressmen over pork which is the only thing he will fight for,
Harry R of Nevada thinks the immigration bill is a political football,
William Jefferson plays racist card and Katrina card to excuse his bribery charges,
Sharpton plays racist card in Paris Hilton comedy play,
Libby in jail and Berger walking free, insane, simply insane,
It never changes does it?

Justice System Gone Bad
Nifong DA fighting for his job today, let the blame someone else game begin, followed closely by the it wasn’t that big a deal deflection, and closed with a healthy dose of I was just trying to help the poor girl against all of those evil men… my guess is nothings comes of this because the one system that can’t and won’t police itself is the justice system, does the irony of this register with you?

Judge lets terrorist off the hook due to “technicality”, I say we let the judge and the technicality free terrorist live together for a few years to help the judge understand the justice system of the real world. Sometimes I think judges must be insane and stoned, no other explanation makes sense.

Have a good one…

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Thursday, June 7, 2007

This and That…

Am I the only one that has noticed that the DNC and RNC only focus on who can win, not who would be best for the country? Ever wonder what you’re voting for?

Illegal Immigration has become so extreme that both sides of the debate are eating their own, maybe we should not rush into something eh? Maybe we should hold debate’s with the AMERICAN people? Not polls, not politician’s feelings, not Dead Media Walking, but the American people! Maybe the American people should vote on the bill and the Prez and House-Senate should be on the sidelines? Just wondering…

Biggest news in campaigns is same ole same ole, how much money has been raised and did they do anything that can be attacked, yawn…

Didn’t take Obama long to go racist did it? Riots soon to follow??? Sounds presidential…

Hillary lies but only when she thinks it’s right, she changes her story based on her audience but is firm as can be, deserves respect for standing by Bill because it’s shows her strength, huh? Makes me think of a crossword puzzle with alternating right and wrong answers… think about that one…

Best GOP candidate isn’t even in the race, too good, too good by far…

Debates look like a line-up for Fossil Inc sales jobs, is that what the pres is supposed to be? An Antique salesperson?

No major news out of Iraq, oh wait, of course, things going better, never mind…

Russia looking at Europe for breakfast soon, good luck Europe I suggest brushing up on your Russian and enjoy your freedoms, what little you have and the little time you have them, and oh by the way, those of you that are actually having children, guess they will never know freedom like you… being haters has a steep price eh?

Have a good one…

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Wizard of OZ and Politics

If you had to pick a characteristic out of OZ that most politicians need today which one would you inject into them?

And for the record, both sides are bought and paid for by the National Parties so both share most of the same core problems regardless of their ideology.

Well let’s start with the easy one, do they need a brain? Most have at least double digit IQ and some range into the lower 3 digits range so this would help but surely not fix the problem. Some are actually VERY smart and some are amazingly stupid so for all of you haters and protectors don’t sweat it!

Well how about a heart? Are you kidding me!!!! All we hear these days is heartfelt BS. Heartfelt BS is spewed on any victims group (read voting bloc) and on any given day to PROTECT, PROTECT THE CHILDREN, PROTECT THE ILLEGAL ALIENS, PROTECT THE MEDIA, PROTECT because my HEART says it’s the right thing to do. We sure could use a lot less PROTECTING and a lot more ACTUAL REAL HELPING!!! Not bureaucratic job programs masquerading as PROTECTION Rackets for victims, blah blah blah…

Well if your still reading I guess you know where I am going, HOW ABOUT SOME COURAGE!!! A LARGE, no make that a VERY LARGE helping is needed all around. The constitution was built to handle and in fact requires checks and balances to work in an optimal fashion and that requires COURAGE! Not Clintonion BS, not Bush passive wimpy, not bought and paid for Senators, not cry baby self serving bureaucracies, we need some people with COURAGE to make a decision and stick to it… even when it hurts.. live on what happens, not on what didn’t happen, live to move forward not to evade and withdrawal, live to show some courage, you’ll like yourself better…

Have a good one…

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Monday, May 7, 2007

Freedom and Free Will

Freedom and Free Will are often interchanged yet miles apart so I wondered why do so many “smart” people continue to confuse this year after year, decade after decade, ever after ever???

So I decided to give a short but to the point examination for those of you whom might be confused:


Freedom: A series of definitions built on historical reference and current social environmental surroundings confused by political leadership and deconstructed by the “elite academic”. In other words it’s a “FEELING” and not much more unless the definition is crystal clear, useable, consistently applied, and is never subjected to “DECONSTRUCTIONISM” since anything subjected to that can only be a feeling.

Best Example (by far): The US Constitution.

Free Will: A quality of the living soul-mind that allows individuals to make independent decisions based on the information available to them. Free Will is not free in the sense that you must, MUST, have the Desire and COMITTMENT, to MAKE A DECISION. They are mutually inclusive and cannot be separated.

Best Example (by far): Being a parent.

Note: I love to watch the many flavors of DECONSTRUCTIONIST try and tear the US Constitution apart since they are using their Free Will to attempt something they will never be able to achieve. Why you might ask, why Watson it’s quite simple, the US Constitution is the best example, to date, of Free Will ever encoded into a definition of Freedoms. Because if you read above you see that Freedom and Freewill “look” in two different directions never to meet in real-time, one looks forward ONLY, and one looks at today(right now) and backwards ONLY. The catch is a physical one of time that exist in all of Nature, you cannot change the moment or the past, only the future! If you can’t “construct” and subject the physical law of time to a rigorous analysis I suggest you stick with deconstructionism…

Have a good one…

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Friday, May 4, 2007

The Grieving Grieve and the Politicians show their true colors

The Grieving will never stop for those whom lost love ones at VT and for them all I can say is stay strong, remember as best you can, incorporate the lives of those no longer able to live for themselves into your own life and live baby, live… they would want you too and you know that…

To all the politicians and interest groups whom used this as an agenda item, forever shamed, forever shamed…

We all must learn that counting on someone else to protect you is a greater good but when confronted with pure evil Nature requires you do what you can…

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Pain and Sorrow...

Pain and Sorrow…

How can anyone think of anything else for the fallen at VT?
Tremendous pain as they lost their lives,
Tremendous pain as loved ones learned their faith,
Deepest sorrow for those living in pain most of us can’t understand,
Deepest sorrow for the parents living the unimaginable,

Now is not the time to act, to think, to demand,
Now is the time to feel,

To feel for those no longer with us,
To feel for those with lifelong pain,

Parents, hug your children,
Parents, tell them you love them,

Every chance you get…

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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

So what drives 08 Prez gossip and Global Warming Clowns off the front page…

No Global Warming is not the RELIGON of the Liberal mindset, it is the marketing plan…

08 Prez gossip will be constant background noise until we get closer to the real race…

The only thing that can dominate all of old MSM at once is a major court ruling, or in this case a joke of a court ruling driven by political hatred, yes our court system at it’s best… the real leaker, toast of the town, the political hunted, guilty as charged… only Washington could be so totally out of touch…

And only the old MSM can demonstrate to the public the real RELIGON on the Liberal Mindset, THE COURT SYSTEM…

We all know they cannot win against Mother Nature, they cannot win a battle of logic, they can’t even win on a consistent basis the majority of people even though they own every MSM outlet, every UNION, and all government workers, illegals, dead people, felon vote… the usual suspects…

But let them have a nothing trial full of hate for the White House and they are now in heaven, their kind of heaven… if you don’t believe me try and find an ole MSM outlet that didn’t lead with this story.. just find one…

Have a good one…

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Monday, February 26, 2007

Whew, the world’s second longest commercial is over…

The Gollywood annual self-absorption commercial is over and the early reports look good, viewing audience could be close to if not the worst ever, politics on the deranged left were on full display, Gore won for the best political hit piece and the same docudrama won the best song award too, all to convenient no???

The Worlds longest commercial though is starting to look a bit frayed as the Global Warming Socialist Commercial continues to suck up all factions of the “We love earth” activist groups. The Ad Industry will be the first to tell you that no matter HOW GOOD the commercial might be sooner or later the masses will tune it out unless is has new energy and-or new direction. Once all of the green loonies are sucked into the Global Warming commercial the economic principle of diminishing returns will loom large. Gore on his own has no new energy, Gollywood can only rerun the same commercial for so long, and “new hotness” has fast feet in star power chambers.

The movement itself can never go in a new direction since its omni-directional by design. Telling people your with us or against the Mother Ship will not sell well in the long run since most of us NOT COMMITTED to Global Warming love the planet just as much as any Global Warming clown, in fact probably more.

So let’s break down the two main differences between the Global Warming crew and the rest of us shall we;

Global Warming: Man is doing bad things to the planet and we need GOVERNMENT run bureaucracies to MANAGE the problems.

Rest of US: The Free Market combined with the proper incentives will preserve the earth in the long run.

As anyone with a hint of reality will tell you the Earth faces tons of issues most much larger than man’s influence on the planet’s eco-systems. The Sun could wipe us out in a matter of minutes, something from beyond the solar system could do the same. What about all the Volcano’s and their impact on the atmosphere? What about all the unknowns stemming from the oceans, the polar caps, blah blah blah…

Global Warming is the worlds longest running commercial, or maybe I should say Infomercial, and the Big Government types will stay with it until something new comes along because they aren’t wedded to Global Warming as much as they are to their true beliefs, power over the little people, that be you and me…

Have a good one…

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

And the Global Warming fun continues…

Hey remember that law about unintended consequences or something like that… We’ll now we have the rich and infamous starting a “contest” to get rid of all the bad stuff that causes “Global Warming”. Wows just vacuum the sky and presto instant clean and beautiful Earth, aww how could anyone not go yahoo about this kind of “contest”. Why it’s so good even Al Gore and the NY Times thinks it’s great and we all know anytime those two think anything’s great how well it turns out!!!

But the Virgin guy has been very successful in many different types of business opportunities so it’s really no surprise that the Gore-man and the NY Times would hitch their bandwagon to him since neither has had a victory for a long long time…

Well as you might suspect by now I have a somewhat different take on this and that is simply stop trying to play with things beyond your control boys because when Mother Nature bites back nothing can stop her and the consequences are un-imaginable to your pretty little hearts…

1st rule of Management, if you can’t measure it you can’t manage it, period.
1st rule of Measurement, if your measurement criterion changes with the wind you can’t measure it, period.
1st rule of Criterion Management, if your criteria has to be cherry picked to be consistent you have no consistency, period.
1st rule of Consistency, if your consistency model requires a view of less than 2 parts of a billion, you have no consistency, period.
1st Rule of View, if you can’t view the full 4-D model you’re not looking at the full view, period.
1st rule of Full View, if you can’t see the full view you are flying blind, period.
1st rule of Flying Blind, ensure legal will is complete before takeoff, period.
1st Rule of Take-Off Management, ensure you can manage the situation, see 1st rule of management, period.

When screwing with Mother Nature buddy you had better have a lot more going for you than a billion bucks and a pipedream… going through life with massive amounts of arrogance coupled with infinite ignorance is no way to go through life son…

Have a good one…

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Friday, February 9, 2007

It just doesn’t get better dept…

Open for business as usual…

Nancy P, new Queen of Global Warming Socialist Movement needs BIGGER JET to move herself and entourage back and forth from SF. No hypocrisy to see here, move along… can it get better…

Yes it can, John Murtha, former Armed Services guy now diaper warrior, threatens Armed Services budget if Nancy don’t get what Nancy wants, this guy has no understanding of what his job is, but then, that’s been evident for sometime hasn’t it.. Are you proud demos???... but, can it get better…

Oh yea, Washington Post / NBC has Military Analyst (played army in pre-school seems to be his only qualifications for the job) smears US troops. No big deal when you think of as old as it gets MSM like the Post-NBC-PMSNBC, as looney left as they have become, but when you go up the food chain you find out GE runs these loony bins and guess whom makes tons of money from the Armed Services, why your right, it’s good ole GE, GE used to be a dominant company who would never let brand erosion of this magnitude occur and then double down on that by continuing to run a money losing business that’s also killing your brand… hmm who was that CEO they used to have and can they get him out of retirement ASAP!!!! But, can it get better…

Oh Yea baby, leading Demo for Prez candidate (leading means in the race since their will be about 12 gazillion of them soaking up the money with no chance of winning but they do love the Benjamin’s don’t they!!) hires idiot screed bloggers who spew vile hatred on a regular basis, then kinda fire them, then kinda re-hire them, then kinda stuff head in sand and deploy the wait it out game. Gee wonder why a demo has no problem hiring haters when they are such a PEACE loving group, No hypocrisy to see here, move along… But, can it get better…

Oh Yea baby, Oh yea, Demo’s hire Radical Imam to run interference for their Radical Hate USA and Western Culture Muslim get out the vote effort. So the demo’s are not happy enough with illegal aliens, felons, dead people, and dogs and cats voting, they now seek Radical Islamist votes, and you might have the NERVE to question WHY I question their lack of patriotism!!! No shame, no honor, no bottom of the barrel for these types… But can it get better…

Oh Yea baby, Oh yea baby, Boston Globe writer (part of the vast left wing liberal nightmare on Slime Street conspiracy) says Global Warming deniers EQUAL to Holocaust deniers, EQUAL!!! Queen Pelosi has already joined the Al Gore circus, you know the do as I say not as I do crowd, another prominent demo says the facts are in and no matter what anyone says unless you admit to its presence you can’t be part of the discussion… Global Warming is the current marketing trappings for the socialist set, and if the marketing campaign fails interestingly marketed as a RELIGON which all the lefties apparently hate (unless you’re a religion that gives money to the demos or has celebs like Scientology!!) you can bet this crowd will go to their true religion to get the laws implemented and taxes raised they want, THE COURT SYSTEM, which is their true religion!!! And no it can’t get better than this to them, a permanent standing platform meant to scare the HELL out of YOU backed by their true religion THE COURT SYSTEM, be scared, be very scared…

Have a good one…

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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Upside Down is Back Around…

Two black skinned men led their teams in the Super Bowl and for the 1st time a black skinned coach won the Super Bowl. But no Sharpton, no Jackson, no National Demos ran with the event, why? They both are Christian and Diversity is important, but hating Christians is apparently more important. I have to change my ranking of hates now for the demo’s;

1) Hating Repubs (Practiced by a large group of Repub-o-phoes!)
2) Hating Christians (swapped places with number 3)
3) Hating White Males who don’t submit to racism, gender, and gay bashing charges even if they don’t practice any of them.
4) Hating Business in public (while taking their money in private)
5) Hating America’s success stories that can’t be spun as failures
6) Hating fans of America
7) Hating logic and facts

Thank goodness they practice tolerance huh!!!!!!!!!

Global Warming, still the leading Socialist worldwide movement, taking a hit as the Northeast Freezes but the true believers are not worried because the cool thing about Global Warming is that the actual weather doesn’t matter since it’s all caused by Global Warming, cold or hot, warm or cool, dry or wet, snow or mud, it’s all good. Earth bound Global Warming clowns still working hard to connect man to the Mars Global Warming Problem via the presence of the Mars Rovers. Its clear man has infested the planet, the root of the problem appears to be the Rovers are Solar powered and therefore are viewed as a solution not a root cause. Main focus is on preserving the idea that the Solar powered Rovers are good for Earth use and Bad for Mars use, developing…
As I’ve said before it’s easy to fix the Global Warming problem, just move the Earth away from the Sun, it’s a NO BRAINER!!!

Media spins Senate vote as bad when repubs do it even after years of saying its good when demo’s do it, YAWN… Anyone checked the MSM financial situation lately? Any of them not laying off? Any of them not losing money, readership, credibility, etc... spinning out of control and losing money seems like a good idea to me for the MSM, KEEP IT UP GALS and GUYS!!!

Mother Nature thinks its cute all of these little people run around and act important on her behalf, but she was here before all of us were and she will be here after all of us are gone… Sorry politicos and social engineers, your not in control and never have been and never will be… your best bet is to stop hating and start working with… but you have to lose the hate first, do you have what it takes? Time will tell as it always has…

Have a good one…

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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

This and That…

Got such a kick out of the BUZZ Al Gore is getting with the Oscars, what a surprise the worlds biggest Gollywood commercial hypes the worlds biggest socialist propaganda. What I do find surprising is that most of the Gay Gollywood types don’t seem to realize they are trying to enable governments that would eradicate gays, weird huh. You want to control Global Warming, it’s a no brainer, just move away from the Sun…

The Real Clinton legacy is surfacing again with the New Demo’s in charge. Everything is cool as long as you don’t break the “letter” of the law, you’re good. Ethic’s charges for Political types are the actor-actress’s Betty Ford Center, the golfers Mulligan, and the famous Gollywood “do-over”.

Want to see another example of Clinton-Demo justice just keep watching the Duke-Nifong disaster, scandalous charges about rape, racism, etc, drives media wild with anti-repub and white male stuff, then the whoops hit, damn it’s not the truth, then the back peddling is classic Clintonion,
Step One, personal attacks on those whom seek the truth because in the Clinton world seeking the truth is never a means to an end,
Step Two, bait and switch, it’s not just this case, it’s the “ATMOSPEHRE” at Duke that must be bad,
Step Three, all the wild and crazy accusation flame throwers disappear except those that can hide behind protected classes (BLACK SKIN / FEMALE GENDER).
Step Four, draw out the legal process for months to kill any buzz among the general populace,
Step Five, replace the original idiot on the DL,
Step Six, inform old MSM it’s time to move on…
You’re Done!!!

Sandy Berger, see above, step one – six, replace Duke “Atmosphere” with Republican “Atmosphere”, your done…

So you want Demo’s huh, well you GOT UM!!!!! I love this stuff because I do think they are dumber than the repubs’ which is really hard to do;

John Edwards who rails against the “TWO CLASS” system builds a huge mansion for his relatively small family while bashing the system that creates people like himself whom can build huge mansions for their small family…

9/11 wasn’t that bad, I mean if the LA Times (Demo press machine) can publish a left wing professor who says yea 3,000 is bad, but not that bad in the larger WORLDVIEW of people like himself because after all it’s a Bush – Republican war. Because for the Demo’s to fight a war baby you had better kill a hell of a lot more than 3,000!!! Yea that’s the ticket go for huge numbers or don’t go at all…

Hillary says one thing in 2003 and reverses course in 2007, a candidate changing course or a weather vain changing direction, which is more natural is only a question for repubs. She will change course daily for the next two years to get elected and that’s OK because it’s who they are…

Nuclear Bill Option: lot’s of BUZZ about whether Hill should divorce Bill to help her chances to be prez and some are saying she can’t because he’s too smart a politician! Well you and I know damn well that if she needs to divorce him to win she will without a seconds hesitation and he won’t mind in fact they will script it to fit the moment, strong woman or bad man, just depends on the weather at the time… wow don’t you wish you had a political marriage!!!

Cover all kids for insurance; it’s all about the KIDS KIDS KIDS!!!!!! If you don’t support socialist medicine you must hate the KIDS!!!!

And on and on and on…

Gee the EU and Russia have decided to do business with Iran and you can add this to another of the successes in Iraq. Because once Iran is gone the only place the EU and Russia can sell their dirty wares will be Africa which doesn’t have anywhere near the money of the Middle East. Kind of fun watching the EU and Russia get squeezed like this right out in the open. And yea they will continue to use the UN to enable their greed but who cares because even the UN won’t be able to save Iran much longer.

Have a good one…

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

So you honor Dr King huh?

I have a dream, a dream of a society where a person’s skin color has no bearing, has no meaning, has no use, this is my interpretation of his famous speech. And, but of course, we have seen the “BLACK” skinned Political Leaders and False Guilt “WHITE” skinned Political Leaders use that speech for decades to build their economy and label all non-“BLACK” skinned people racist. But in the end whom is it that’s racist?

“BLACK” skinned people in the House of Congress have a Congressional “BLACK” skinned people Caucus, no whitey’s allowed.
Support Dr. King do you?

“BLACK” skinned people like Jackson and Sharpton only show up when it’s an opportunity to use SKIN COLOR as a tool to build wealth or political capital. Support Dr. King do you?

“BLACK” skinned people have a full month dedicated to their history in the US of A? Why do they need a special day, week, or month, aren’t they just Americans?
Support Dr. King do you?

Obama B somebody announces his bid for prez and he’s hailed as a hero and all sorts of stuff, why? Not his political career, no he’s done nothing, it’s all about his skin color?
Support Dr. King do you?

When you think of Gov do you only see “whitey” in positions of power? Well if yes that was Bill Clinton and past prez’s issue, but now we have had Powell and have Rice in powerful positions and a C Thomas on the most powerful court in the land, and yet because they don’t “ACT like BLACK” skinned people are supposed to act according to “TRUE Black” skinned people they are vilified without concern by the vilifiers.
Support Dr. King do you?

Duke Nifong Case shows the true COLOR of RACIST people and interestingly enough, they are mainly “BLACK” skinned people and Lily “WHITEY” skinned people in the sociology dept and Administrative types. It drew Jackson, Sharpton, and the usual crew of racists, but when it turns out the racist crime didn’t happen, they all withdraw without saying a word except, well we wished it was that way, darn…
Support Dr. King do you?

Black on Black killings and crimes run amok and yet none of the current “BLACK” leaders including Bill and hill C say not a word about it and you ask why is that? Well it’s easy these types only see “SKIN” color when it equals political power or cash.
Support Dr. King do you?

The above gets even worse if you have the guts to be a black man who talks TRUTH TO POWER about the black on black crime issue and for taking responsibilities for oneself regardless of skin color. What happens to that man of “BLACK” skin color, vilified!!!!! Why? Because what he says deals with the truth and that doesn’t equal political power or cash.
Support Dr. King do you?

The country has allowed entire ECONOMIES, some right out in the open run by the US GOV, Colleges, etc., to be built on the notion that “BLACK” skinned people have problems like no other Americans and they need to be treated differently.
Support Dr. King do you?

If you look at Bill Cosby, Condi Rice, and Clarence Thomas, you should not see “BLACK” skinned people, you should see the power of DR King and the American way where Free Will rules, not “SKIN COLOR”…
Support Dr. King do you?

Have a good one…

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Monday, January 22, 2007

It’s a Sadie Hawkins’s Day Extravaganza!!!

Behold for all the land to see, the year of the child is born. All things going forward, ALL THINGS, will only be for the children!!! Wow how cool is that and I must admit very original too.

But, alas I have a few questions;

Does this include “unborn” children? Or do you think that a woman is carrying something other than a child when pregnant? If you think they are carrying children then maybe during the YEAR OF THE CHILD we can stop killing them?

Do we as “Adult Children” get to keep some level of control over our own decisions or are we all doomed to “Trans Fat” regulation mania? Am I still allowed to breath, drink a beer, and play at the park? Do I need a note from my MOM to play in the street? Please dear sweet lady tell me what I’m allowed to do and what I’m not allowed, please please please…

Does your policy include fixing the education system for children? Or do they have to practice discrimination, barely learn how to read and write, barely learn to add and subtract, barely learn the sciences, and be forced to learn indoctrination of socialist idea’s to protect the education racket? Oh please dear leader Help the Children LEARN TO LEARN!!!

Does your policy remove all parenting responsibilities from me and bring them under “Village” law? Do I need to move to a “SPECIAL” Village to raise my children? Will they still know who their parents are? Will you let them keep their own identity? Will you great leader permit children to learn from their parents and be influenced by their family in general or must we lose that too? Please oh please dear leader set me straight as I know not what to do since you’ve taken over…

Will you let boys be boys and girls be girls? Or must they become one? Will you help 4 year old boys, 4 YEAR OLD, and protect them from malicious SEXUAL HARESSMENT claims by 30-40 something women? Will you? Can you help them oh dear leader?

Will you protect children from judges whom let known child predators out of jail? Who let convicted rapist and molesters of children off with no jail time? Will you protect the children from the judicial system, will you please oh dear leader protect them from the judges, please dear leader please…

Will you protect the children from themselves such that a game of TAG is never allowed to corrupt a child’s mind again? Never allow them to learn anything by judging other children because that might help them learn how to deal with diversity and gods knows we don’t want children dealing with DIVERSITY!!! Please oh please dear leader protect our children from diversity, diversity being one of the cruelest forms of mental disorder prevalent today…

Will you protect them from video games where everyone is either a killer or Ho? Will you stop the Gangsta lifestyle “DEAD” in its tracks? Can you stop it dear leader can you stop it?

Will you protect the children of the world as well? Can you stop the “honor” killings in the middle east because girls don’t want to be gang raped by men? Or pushed into marriage at 13 with a 40 year old? Can you? Will you?

Will you stop the rich Americans, Europeans, and UN staff from supporting the African regimes that steal all of the money meant to help the children and re-direct it to Switzerland? Whom kill moms, dads, and even kids to keep their hold on power? Can you? Will you?

Will you stop the rich Americans, Europeans, and UN staff from supporting the Southeast Asia Child Sex INDUSTRY? Can you? Will you?

Will you allow the South American children to have a chance for some sort of life out of poverty by stopping the rich Americans, Europeans, and UN staff whom support the murderous ruthless Dictators that run those countries? Can you? Will You?

Oh dear leader please help our children, please help the children of the world, show us this is not just more dressing on the same ole same ole…

Have a good one…

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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Wow, a sad and crazy ending to 06…

President Ford has moved on and by all reasoning was a good guy in Politics and more importantly a good family man. May he rest in peace and his family remember all the good things and live the way he would have wanted them too.

See above first line in Ford note, how many like that today in politics??????????

And now I must do something I would never have thought possible just a few days ago, B Boxer, one of my two senators did something that, for her, showed courage, wow, B Boxer showing courage, never would of thunk it, but then independents still possess the skill to learn, even as we grow older!!! Well Done B Boxer…

Demo’s taking control on Congress soon and guess what? Breaking promises and supporting lawbreakers at the speed of light. And you might ask what’s the difference between the demo’s and repub’s? NOTHING! And here lies the answer to the question of why political hit campaigns work, we now vote based on fear and loathing, wow what a system huh!!! See bottom for ultimate horror thought…

Senator’s going to the Middle East for photo ops and “discussions” with foreign leaders and looking like such useful idiots, only in America baby, only in America…

Kofi Annan is finally gone from the U.N. and now can manage the millions he stole full time. He should be remembered as one rather large joke and complete management failure, but then that’s why the lefty’s will tell us how good he was!!! They will forget the money pilfered, the UN Rape squads, the Genocide in Africa, and numerous other things he presided over because in their world reality based measurement (i.e. positive RESULTS) doesn’t exist…

Speaking of reality based measurement the Global Warming Band of Clowns has been very silent lately, wonder why? Well the real science of Weather keeps turning up real answers to the doom and gloom crowd and guess what, the Global Warming Band of Clowns marginal theories (Ocean flow analysis, Polar Bears, Greenland ice shelf to name a few) keep getting “rained” on by the facts, and we know how much they hate facts… I think they should stick to their Socialist commercials and leave the real science to, maybe, Scientists!!!

AP Source in IRAQ MIA now for weeks, months, maybe forever… NYT Abortion Hitt Piece factually proven to be false (but rings true to the NYT editors), So AP and NYT like Dan Rather sticking to false data points equals lefty viewpoint projection means it’s true, as best they can. I’m pretty sure their heads should be poking through China soon cause when you hide your head from the truth that deep…

The Iraq govt hangs Saddam amid all of the crying foul by the usual lefty clowns, no flinching, no moral preening, a dirty job done fast, done right, and now it’s time to move on. It appears the students can teach the teachers a few things here eh! It’s too bad the lefty’s stopped learning some time ago though…

Next will be Castro to “move on” and some are already saying well he’s not as bad as Saddam, well maybe he didn’t have the same number of kills, but what else was different? Saddam’s last official letter said something to the effect of “let’s stop the hate”, ROFLMAO… Clearly a Ramsey Clark letter, and as usual Clark’s clients end up worse off when he takes the case, someone might want to post a note to his prospective clients (even the non-murderers) that when he comes you should be running the other way as fast as you can. The only real difference between Castro and Saddam is one had money from oil and a vastly larger kill pool, I know the truth hurts, oh well…

State Dept finally admits Arafat killed American’s back in the 70’s… and he did seem like a perfect dancing partner for Clinton, didn’t he…

The NiFong Case (formally known as the Duke Rape Case) gained ground as the State Assoc of DA’s told him to get the hell out of the way and the Ethic’s charges brought against run numerous pages. Of course the Race Economy and the Socialist Duke Administrative Dept and President have gone from raving maniac’s to realizing they were had and yet, strangely, yes strangely, these great MOUTHS for injustice have gone silent, and now that we have the results in and the injustice didn’t fit the Race mongers and Socialist agenda, they have slithered back under the rocks, meekly moving on… classic… pathetic… and oh so common…

Scariest thought I’ve had in awhile, what if the only two choices in 08 were Hillary and McCain, the horror, the horror…

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Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays...

Merry Christmas to all and have a Happy Holidays!!!

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Institutionalization, a way of life in politics...

From a popular website: A definition or two for institutionalization;

The term institutionalization is widely used in social theory to denote the process of making something (for example a concept, a social role, particular values and norms, or modes of behavior) become embedded within an organization, social system, or society as an established custom or norm within that system. See the entries on structure and agency and social construction for theoretical perspectives on the process of institutionalization and the associated construction of institutions.
The term 'institutionalization' may also be used to refer to the committing by a society of an individual to a particular institution such as a mental institution. The term institutionalization is therefore sometimes used as a term to describe both the treatment of, and damage caused to, vulnerable human beings by the oppressive or corrupt application of inflexible systems of social, medical, or legal controls by publicly owned or not-for-profit organizations originally created for beneficial purposes and intents.
The term 'institutionalization' may also be used in a political sense to apply to the creation or organization of governmental institutions or particular bodies responsible for overseeing or implementing policy, for example in welfare or development.

Some might think that Congress, both the House and the Senate, are dynamic groups of individuals seeking to make the US Government work for the people. Others know it for what it is, a group of institutionalized people controlled by a political party whom discriminates against all the have not’s in favor of the have’s, period. You can try and freshen that thought, lipstick on a pig comes to mind, but it is what it is…

Both parties are institutionalized and so therefore anything they touch is as well and you will notice the Demo’s have more pigs in lipstick than the Repubs do, a hard feat to achieve but they have done it. We will have people without regard to the general publics interest doing what the want, without regard to oversight because to them, and to all whom are institutionalized, you live in your own world without regards to others.

How can they get away with it you say? Well they have lots of company, the Bureaucrats that run the State Dept are the same, the Administrators at most schools are the same, the Justice system is the same, the local governments are the same, the Unions are the same, …

Institutionalization is a way of life for so many now that somewhere along the way society failed to realize what is now most obvious, we are run by institutionalized people. If your not scared you should be… If your not scared visit your local Insane Asylum to see what happens to institutionalized people… and if that doesn’t scare you, you must be dead…

Have a good one…

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

This and That again…

ISG Report hailed by our enemies as a great piece of work. I can’t imagine a more resounding smackdown of your work than that! It’s a classic example of just how far gone the State Dept is and clearly it’s institutionalized. More on topic that coming tomorrow.

Why aren’t we racing to develop the US based oil shale fields that could make us energy independent? Why isn’t this priority one in every US Citizen and even lowly US politicians mind? Why do we keep shipping our US dollars to over sea’s OIL nations since most of them either publicly or privately hate us and want to destroy us? It’s kinda like the “WAR�? on Drugs game where we keep gnawing on our ankle to prevent us from running yet were always saying were "trying" to run as best we can. WELL LAST TIME I CHECKED GNAWING ON YOUR ANKLE AT THE SAME TIME YOUR RUNNING MAKES RUNNING HARD TO DO!

The Flying Imam’s story is now complete, just another publicity stunt to extort money from a US business and the cancer system known by many as the Rule of Law will no doubt support them since that system long ago gave up on right and wrong and the US Constitution! The cancer grows and grows and now it funds are enemies just like the OIL and DRUG systems.


Global Warming Warriors predict like 2006 that 2007 will be BAD!!! Now we know they were wrong in 2006 but just think sooner or later they will be right!! So all they need to do is announce the same junk message every year and one year they will be right, just like a broken clock is right twice a day, so too will the Climate Warriors be right.

Kofi Annan going on a speaking tour as he retires from the U.N., YAWN, boring, maybe he can find an audience of young girls on college campuses! Speaking of that…

Ward Churchill circus surfaced again as the over the hill hippie continues his hunt for younger girls disguised as a wise old Indian sage. Ever wonder why guys like this can only get an audience on a college campus sponsored by a group of women desperate to get close to his “views�?? Besides the fact he’s a fraud, not an Indian, etc. etc. etc., he’s really just a weak old man chasing skirts the best way he knows and we shouldn’t judge him based on scholarly work since he has none. We shouldn’t judge him as a controversial person since he’s part of a huge group that does nothing but chase young under developed female minds trying to blah blah blah...

Have a good one…

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Tuesday, December 5, 2006

This and that...

Government Ethics:
Democratic politicians elected on, among many things, cleaning up ethics first have their corrupt teammate (endorsed by the most powerful Democrat in the House) narrowly defeated for a leadership position, CORRUPT = Leadership opportunity in the “NEW�? House of Congress, standard.

Democratic politicians elected on, among many things, cleaning up ethics second have a struggle about electing a powerful Intelligence chairman whom just happens to be an Impeached Judge for taking bribes, yep CORRUPT = Leadership opportunity in the “NEW�? House of Congress, standard.

Racist and Religious political groups (Mainly blacks and Muslims with some Socialist tossed in to) rejoicing at the new LEADERSHIP since that means their tired old grandstanding will be given new light and more MONEY, yep Money = Leadership opportunity in the “NEW�? House of Congress, standard

The Government MONEY FEEDERS lining up at the BUFFET for more money coming from more taxes that will impact the hardest the ones their meant to “PROTECT�? the most, yep Money = Leadership opportunity in the “NEW�? House of Congress, standard

The Government MONEY FEEDERS lining up at the BUFFET for more money coming from more taxes to fund countless commissions and “studies�? before anything gets done. You ask why commissions and “studies are done? Because we have to pay off campaign debts baby since these commissions and “study groups�? are composed of pure political insiders, it’s all about the money , yep Money = Leadership opportunity in the “NEW�? House of Congress, standard

The Government MONEY FEEDERS lining up at the BUFFET for more money coming from the never ending election cycle, we started 08 campaigning during the 06 campaign and will continue non-stop. Why you ask is it now 7X24 365 days a year every year, you need MONEY to campaign and as we know, Money = Leadership opportunity in the “NEW�? world of politics, standard.

The Government’s second most corrosive cancer (a close second to the Judicial Branch) known as the State Dept. is leaking like crazy a report to leave Iraq and hand it back to terrorist as fast as possible. Yes Leaking Information = Leadership opportunity in the “new�? House of Congress, standard.

The Government’s second most corrosive cancer (a close second to the Judicial Branch) known as the State Dept. is asking for policy changes to allow us to “talk�? to terrorist states and murderers just like we talk to France, gee do they know something we don’t? Yes acting stupid and weak = Leadership opportunity in the “new�? House of Congress, standard.

Media Meltdown’s:

AP Stringer a complete fraud, no, a complete partisan, no, well then what, a virtual reporter with numerous credits to his name. You see the AP now like the other MSM’s have realized after RatherGate that making up news, making up sources, and looking like a fool in the end is OK. It might create creditability and business problems but who cares, truth, bah humbug, present the facts, how boring, lie, groupthink, screamthink, beautiful…

The NY Times body language experts and pro football, can it get any funnier??

This and That:
O’Rielly had another case of a Judge letting a child predator off with no jail time after being convicted of molesting a child, the Justice system is the worst form of cancer in America today, the evidence is produced daily.

Milton Friedman knows something all sane people know, the War on Drugs is wrong on so many fronts and it’s only in his passing that we learn this and so much more about this man, truly a rare American who saw them and called them as they were not through a political looking glass… R.I.P…

Have a good one…

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Wondering into the Middle East

First clarification, WE WON the WAR in IRAQ, the only process occurring now is the US trying to help the Iraqi people set up a government VOTED by the PEOPLE, not by RULERS. Freedom is only Free where FREE WILL rules, get it!

Second Clarification, “bad�? sections of IRAQ are no worse than some US cities, in fact I would say some US cities make “bad�? Iraq cities seem tame. If you use the Old Noise Machine (MSM) metrics and substitute police for soldier you would find this to be true. Hey Senator Kerry, Congressman Murtha, et al, want to walk with me in a few parts of NYC and Los Angeles at midnight on a Saturday night? Better be packing some serious firepower if you expect to make it out in one piece.

Third Clarification, the Middle East will not be ready for peace until information flow is transparent like most of the rest of the world, sans Cuba, China, US College campuses, and other communist countries (notice a trend there??). As the info flow accelerates the radical ness of the leaders there must also accelerate to compensate for people wondering why they have to put up with radical leaders whom kill without regard or remorse, whom require they live in poverty, whom require they serve or be destroyed, or to put it more simply ask humans to give up what they can’t, FREE WILL!

Fourth Clarification, clowns of spoiled rotten US Senators, European Socialists, Global Banana heads (think Gore and Clinton), Rich old white men (think Soros, Turner, etc), and failed Global Institutions like the U.N. will never be able to “bring�? peace to that region. EVER…

Final Clarification (for now), the information explosion is already creating havoc for the leaders of that area, if you do anything, help flow the info and watch the power of Nature’s Free Will kick some you know what baby!!!

Have a good one…

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

National Politics is all we have left…

Demos will be raising taxes as fast as they can to spend spend spend, expected.
Repubs are working hard to finish their spend spend spend projects, expected.

No difference between the two there…

Some repubs pundits complaining that the repubs didn’t learn anything from the recent election losses because they are still trying to spend…

Couple of observations;

Both parties exist to spend money first and everything else second, deal with it.

Demos spend for the National Causes that sound so cute, Health Care, Social Engineering, Education Bureaucracy expansion, whoops, I meant learning expansion…

Repubs spend for the cute little local causes, Bridges to Nowhere, Grandpa’s Manure Emporium, you get the idea…

Main difference between the two, the Repubs still act with local interests, sometimes, the Demos rarely act with local interests and instead focus on National Societal Engineering…

Sometimes I wonder why we still have local elections… the election process is clearly out of balance and those in power have no reason to change it, scary eh… it should be… if you don’t think it is your head is stuck deep in the sand, real deep…

Have a good one…

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Again, it’s the strong vs. the weak and this time the weak won…

The Weakinization crowd has won another election majority in the good ole US of A and we again will test the limits of Nature’s balance. The balancing act of strength vs. weakness is the core component of all of Nature’s “natural? battles. If you’re intelligent enough to find it you will see it everywhere and in constant conflict.

In Nature being strong doesn’t always mean “winning? and in America the same pattern repeats itself. The strong rule for awhile and then the weak rule for awhile and back and forth we go not for political reasons (window dressing) but for the simple reason that Nature requires that they balance each other.. It is not something that can be over engineered, it is not something that can be regulated out of existence, it exists in all humans and as long as the US of A is run by humans allowed to express their free will, this will happen.

As I watch the pundits and insiders discuss this and that and marvel at what went right and cringe at what went wrong none of them even begin to notice they are small puppets in the grandest of stages. We are in fact creatures of Nature and therefore we must look at ourselves through her eyes and find that balance that she demands, it’s not open for discussion, embracing it and most importantly, MOST IMPORTANTLY, time the balance to match the need.

And that is what worries me most about the US of A today, some think we have had real power mongers the last 6 years (are you kidding me??? LOL) and that we need to bring in a crowd who won’t use the power. Yet what we have really done is tame the weaklings in power today and enable weaker beings to come forth and risk our safety all in name of what, can you name it? No you can’t because to name it requires that you evaluate it and if you did so honestly you could only conclude we’ve gone weak, gone WEAK BIGTIME, and maybe we’ve gone weak at a time when what we really needed is real strength. I hope you’re scared and realize what’s at stake, I mean that does assume you want your children and their children to have free will… well do you???

Have a nice one…

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Monday, November 13, 2006

Well the sweeps are over and the demos are rejoicing…

Now that the repubs have self destructed we get to see the demos self destruct… yawn, same ole same ole just different names and blabbering heads a hooting and a hollering!!! Lots of campaign promises made wonder how many will be kept? Wonder if the voters will be watching and taking notes?

I find it a bit scary that the terrorist nations and groups are thrilled with our election results. Something just doesn’t sit right about that you know…

Gee since the demos won no complaints about election stealing, voter fraud, rigged results, blah blah blah coming from the old Noise Machine, makes one wonder why huh? Yea I know it doesn’t just checking to see if you’re awake!!!

Scariest election results were not the elections themselves but the thought that John Murtha could become a House Leader. Our Nation used to be led by strength, dedication, and vision, now its clown patrol central… hope the demos get what they want…

Hope all that wanted to PUNISH the repubs get what they want too…

Hope the country doesn’t suffer severely while the political class wages war…

Hope you and I don’t suffer while the political elites party like its 1999…

Have a good one…

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sweeps are a sweeping…

OK, so surprises are now just NORMAL politics, and politics is always reduced to a he said – she said, or he said – he said, or a she said – she said boom box extravaganza… I guess the gay predator and outing effort by the demos is not working as well as planned, only a couple weeks left so hopefully they have more trash to manufacture to keep the OLD MSM happy…The really good news is that no one really campaigns on what they really stand for anymore, why is that good news you say? Well it might scare the hell out of you and me if politicians told us what they were really all about… think about it…

In fact 06 is so boring that 08 is creeping in to liven things up, you know its bad when they can’t get enough slime to talk about for the current elections that they have to reach into the future to drum up story lines… kinda cute actually…

Also kinda cute is watching the Demos prepare to take back the house and fix everything!!! Nancy has a 100 hour plan, speaks for all children, and can fix all the ethical issues with one quick flash of the wand, and poof, cleanliness and compassion will abound…

NY Times admits one of its leak stories was completely wrong and biased because they hate Bush, interesting that they feel the need to print that since almost everyone knows it already, more of the same from CNN and stories to serve the terrorist, both organizations are clearly anti-American elites whom have lost all sense of reality, all sense of what America stands for… no surprises here… Ted and Pinch must be extremely frustrated old white men…

Speaking of frustration, the Global Warming crowd didn’t get the help they needed this hurricane season and I know there disappointed but don’t fret too much Team Disaster, after all you have Al Gore’s traveling circus as your voice and maybe next year you will get some devastation of those little people to help you with your cause… so keep jetting around the world and who knows, you and Team Disaster might use enough fossil fuel on your own to create more hurricanes next year!!!!

The biggest problem I have with the repubs who say the only way to get the current repubs to listen is to punish them in election races. What’s the implication of that thinking, well to me it can only mean one thing, that once a repub is elected, just like a demo by the way, it means that the people whom they represent have no control over them once in office for a term, no control, no ability to modify their behavior, no nothing.

Which thought scares you more, punishing politicians that don’t toe a specific line to spite yourself, or knowing that once elected politicians do what they want with no regards to the voters… hmmm… ugly and uglier, politics at its best…

Have a nice day…

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Monday, October 16, 2006

Sweep nnnnnnnn

Media bias on full display as reporters now ask if any positive effort by repubs is only an effort to “move? the focus from the Foley scandal the Old Noise Machine (MSM) hoisted upon the repubs, the Old Noise Machine (MSM) is not only pathetic these days, but apparently awash in a wave of stupidity…

Voter fraud caused by Acorn’s in Ole St. Louis, damn now even the TREE’s are getting political, where will it end, the horror, the horror…

Uncle Sam Interior dept blocking certain conservative websites while allowing some liberal websites, yea god forbid anyone in the GOV actually got the view of BOTH SIDES OF THE DEBATE!! Can’t have that can we… What impress’s me most though is that it implies people in the GOV can actually READ!!! Count me as one suspicious of that thought…

Demo’s trying to outhawk repubs, how good is that!!! Like I said be careful what you hate because in the end Mother Nature is waiting for you and she ensures you become what you hate… think about that else you might be next…

As predicted the polls are now the news and no matter how wrong they we’re last time, both sides use them again and again, and again… Let’s see we have the political parties both knowing the polls are rigged, usually wrong unless stating the obvious, and bought and paid for by “operatives?, yet they trot them out daily here and there as proof of this or that. Gee maybe they think these polls influence people, or more accurately that PREY they do…

Kind of fun to watch the usual suspects spread their feathers and dance for media attention, to most it would be embarrassing, to some it seems to be a calling, to some they seem to be completely un-self aware, yet they feel they should decide issues for normal people, how strange politics has become, how strange indeed…

Muslim’s in Minnesota decide they won’t drive people whom they think have alcohol or have drank some, or blah blah blah… soon no one who’s had sausage for breakfast, no semi nude babes, … sounds like a business opportunity for some taxi drivers and a lesson in free market coming soon to an airport to you…

Have you heard about the muslim youth rioting in France yet? If not your getting your news from the wrong place, trust me…

Have you heard about the socialist youth riot at Columbia in NY? If not your getting your news from the wrong place, trust me…

Terrorist masquerading as Lawyer gets sentenced today, let’s hope the judge has the strength to throw the book at her, but alas I’m not counting on it…

Racial Empire took a big hit last night as dirt digging MSM organ CBS, whom after their racist survivor attempt you think would get the message that racism is an extortion machine and does not play well outside of extortion politics, when their BIG scoop on the Duke Rape case drew almost no national attention the day after the big broadcast. Everyone knows this story was created by black skinned racist at Duke and the towns around the Duke school to get back at the white kids whom did nothing but had the gall to be born a skin color they had no part in deciding… its just amazing that some people still act with this level of hate and hide behind racist claims when its they whom are most racist, the racial empire is a cancer on society and this story fits it perfectly…

Have a good one…

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Sweeps This and That…

Does any other state in the US have to put up with idiot Gollywood Gazillionaires trying to raise taxes every election cycle? Prop 87 is another tax and bureaucrat builder with zero accountability, zero focus, and no doubt run by liberals. Does any other state have to be up with this abuse!!! Al Gore has joined the pro-87 crowd, a sure sign of desperation!!!

As I’ve said before California is the poster child for the Socialist Liberal dream and that’s why the state is in complete financial and bureaucratic KAOS, owned by Unions and tax eating bureaucrats! The teachers Unions either gets more billions every, EVERY YEAR, or they think someone is STEALING from them, their annual, ANNUAL budget is 60 billion plus, just for education while if your not feeling well your health concerns take a back seat, nice huh! Someone please save California from itself before it’s too late, please…

Gee the Foley sex scandal turned out to be a dud and was supposed to be for later in the election cycle but the Demos were doing so bad they fired their ammo early! But we know its not their only shot so be prepared for more sleaze and lies to follow soon, its not just predicted, its guaranteed!!!

N Korea fires off TNT masquerading as nuclear blast and half the world is in a state of panic and the other half is laughing their ass off!! Nuclear bombs can kill the planet so I wish we would all take them seriously. Clinton revisionist team working hard to counter their real failures with Bushes real issues, cleaver marketing ploy eh!!! Queen Albright was such a disaster and now when she speaks I shudder at what the other Nations must think when we send that piece of work out to talk for us, between her and Carter no wonder they think were a bunch of stupid wimps, look who is trying to speak for us.

The contest for the title of ugliest American mouth piece is under way, the usual two front runners, T Turner and B Streisand are fighting tooth and nail for the title. And as before we are sure it will stay a toss up with the winner, like last year, being the one who speaks last!!!

Muslims must be mad, no major news coverage for a few days, expect to see that change soon since without the news on them they have, nothing. Even though Muslim youths attacking and rioting in much of Europe is news for the local Europeans it’s not viewed at CNN and BBC as a good American bashing opportunity so it won’t get covered! Good job CNN and BBC for fueling the fire, useful idiots of this caliber are hard to find eh!!!

Have a good one…

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Friday, October 6, 2006

Sweep On…….. Hmmm no xxxxxx here, nothing to see, move along…

Sex, Sex, Sex baby, all sex all the time, that’s what the media wants to focus on when a Repub is involved. Don’t let the details about gender, legal consent, blah blah blah confuse you. When a Demo is involved, why it’s nothing but personal choice…. Hmmm no bias here, nothing to see, move along…

Gay groups whom normally “stick? together are up in tassels dealing with the complexity of the situation. Gay men don’t target young men as a whole it’s just the bad ones that do they say. Hmmm best selling gay stuff is young looking men stuff, nothing to see here, move along…

College clowns at the clown college Columbia shout down and attack views they don’t like, yep thats college these days, toe the line or be attacked… Aww the wonders of liberal thought, toe the line or get attacked, wonder what other loosely connected group works that way??? Hmmm no “beliefs system? at work here, nothing to see, move along…

Liberal Air America exec’s indicted because they stole money from kids and seniors, no OLD NOISE MACHINE coverage, liberals at their best, Hmmm no scandal here, nothing to see, move along…

Speaker wanna-be Pepsioso, I will clean up the party of corruption, I will drawn the swamp of the corruption, I am WOMAN HERE ME ROAR!!! Hmmm no Demos and ESPECIALLY NO WOMEN (unless their repubs) ever do bad things, nope never, nothing to see, move along…

Sweep on baby, sweep on, Gollywood and Washington should get married but alas same identity marriages aren’t allowed, yet!!!

Have a good one…

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Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Sweeps Month in Politics

Well it’s official, Washington has gone totally Gollywood, the Clinton Legacy is complete, at least on the Democratic side. In Politics election year October is SWEEPS month and that’s when the best of the best come out firing!

It appears the top story lines are exactly alike in Gollywood and Washington, Sex and Scandals! And sometimes you get both at once how cool is that!!! You have media machines in politics and marketing machines in Gollywood driving a BUZZ Wave that produces a huge amount of noise, scintillating sound bites, and OH MY GOSH interviews with those pesky PEOPLE ON THE STREET, you know, you and me, the little people. And if you toe the party line of the reporter you might even get ON AIR, WOW how cool is that!

So you might ask how effective are these SWEEP WEEK events in politics? We all know they appear to be successful in Gollywood, well maybe not. Could it be that the SWEEPS weeks get more viewers because the viewers know the most outrageous story lines will air and once complete return tune to their normal viewing habits? And I wonder if the same thing happens in the Political SWEEPS process when the bump happens and then disappears like a fire dying when the fuel runs out?

The only difference I see is that if one watches the Gollywood SWEEPS shows you get make believe gunk, where in Politics you get real facts backed up by real eviden….. whoops maybe they aren’t too different eh!!!

Have a good one…

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Monday, October 2, 2006

This and That… Some dated, some not…

Lots of people upset and lots of people happy about new View matron Rosie O saying Islamic Terrorist and American Christians are equally dangerous. Of course this will get the usual applause from the nutty left and her logic will be torn to shreds by the right. And yes I know it’s a stretch to say she uses logic when she speaks. But I think the main point is, for those whom haven’t figured it out yet, is how zany and dumbed down female discussions have become to liberal broadcasters (can I say BROADcasters with out getting into trouble??). If you want serious female intellect I suggest you try

Global warming made a small media comeback with Al G lecturing his flock again and the Dem House Leader Nancy P including Global Warming as part of the Dems security plan for America. I think Al G should use the call sign Ali G because at least Ali G smiles when saying something stupid! And Nancy P speaking in public is like the note above, no logic, zany and dumbed down, you females are very important, kinda like two party systems, and MEN we need to help them if they won’t help themselves, we need to form a coalition whom refuse to let liberals demean women like they do and we need to do it soon!!!

Had a long talk with a friend whom was upset at Bush for trying to Nation build because he said that can only be done from the inside by the people. As we tossed it back and forth I realized a key component of the discussion was not the goal, we both wanted the same goal, but the operational aspect was the problem area. As a creative guy he is very smart and knows his stuff, but as an operational guy he is very weak and lite on thinking. Maybe by choice maybe by abilities but his lack of operational experience and thinking was the real heart of the issue and once we flushed that out and examined it we came to a nice agreement. Thought it worth sharing as maybe we should shift the discussion from theory and outcome to operational status and process if we all agree free will should govern all Nations.

Wal Mart as a Political football? What the? How the? Who the? I mean how silly has politics become if Wal-Mart dominates the scene…

National Republicans would be wise to look at California politics and see what the DNC is trying. Their candidate is another Grey Davis type clearly bought and paid for by the CA Unions – Democratic Party (there really is no difference out here) and so they show commercials of Arnold and George B, and they show “DISTRAUGHT? teachers accusing the Gov, just like his recent initiatives, of taking money from them because you see they either get more money every year or your stealing from them. Let me say that again more SLOWLY for you, they either get more money EVERY year of they accuse you of stealing THEIR money! Get it, THEIR MONEY!
California is one of the worlds largest economies and the Unions know that and they own the Dems, and they own the state, yet nobody says anything about it, wonder why? The Governor race for this economy is up for grabs and no national coverage except to blast Arnold, wonder why?

Another Congress person caught soliciting “Something / sex? from a 16 year old boy has caused a huge uproar. It appears the whole thing could be a DNC set-up though so it will be fun to watch, politics in October are really fun to watch these days as the party of slime shifts into high gear! We also have some idiot named Woodward selling books and lies as fast as he can. So the party of slime has its two best weapons on display, LIES LIES LIES and SEX SEX SEX!!! Whoops no make that its three best weapons, we also have the Hill and Bill show recently with Ole Bill blowing his stack and cold calculating Hill doing her thing. These two are so over the top I can only feel sorry for them, how sad it must be to be so screwed up inside to think the way they think, how sad indeed…

Some apparently haven’t learned (most of this crowd is from the “Ancient Days? of paper based information products and 3 network TV broadcasts!) lies don’t work anymore, welcome to the world of the Internet!

Port Security Bill passed as long as convicted felons can find work on the docks, how cool is that! And they attached the Internet Gambling Bill as well because it’s just too easy to lose your money on the Internet by Gambling. Just because Casinos are everywhere doing the same thing doesn’t make it OK on the Internet because you can be in your PJ’s on-line and you can’t be in your PJ’s at a Casino! Wonder when they will pass the bill to outlaw gambling in Casinos? Oh right, they are the ones who have paid off the Congress people to make “Internet? gambling illegal so they can have the money instead and since they give huge dollars to politicians, it’s a WIN WIN!!!

The NIE info was also used as a political football as opposed to say looking at terrorist and what they plan to do to us! Some people actually think that who controls Congress and whom is in the Whitehouse effects terrorist thinking and they couldn’t be more wrong if they tried. Islamic terrorist want to kill Western Civilization and couldn’t care less about the names or the political party in charge unless they can use that information to attack us better. They have stepped into the US political arena hoping to get the weaker Dem party back in charge so they can build-up and attack with less worry but that effort failed. Will they try again???

Have a good one…

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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Good Will lasts one news cycle…

Many people, like me, cannot just get over 09/11 after one news cycle yet attack politics waits for nothing. Thousands of people killed gives us a one day remembrance of un-imaginable suffering, burning alive, being crushed under tons of concrete, deciding to JUMP from hundreds of feet in the air, trust me you can’t imagine that nor can I thank goodness, but…

Only one day to remember, what about all the children whom lost their parent or parents, what about the kids? Can they forget in one day? As a parent and a child I can tell you they will suffer every day for the rest of their life’s, yet…

Politicians cannot go more than one news cycle to re-start the attack, to restart their power struggle and you need to think about that. Our political system has been reduced to one continuous power struggle, and even the death of over 3,000 Americans brutally killed on our own soil, by insane killers, cannot stop the power struggle for more than one news cycle…

Politics has no soul, has no heart, has no emotion, and you and I are to blame because we continue to vote for people whom act that way… think about that in the voting booth…

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Sunday, September 10, 2006

American's Stand Strong for 9/11 Victims

A long long time ago in THIS GALAXY the US stood firm,
Evil forces invaded our homeland and killed with speed and force,
The men and women of the US stood firm,
Evil forces declared their intention to take over the world,
The men and women of the US stood firm,
Evil forces killed innocent people and did not care,
The men and women of the US stood firm,
Evil forces attacked over and over, killing and killing,
The men and women of the US stood firm,
Evil forces were soon to learn the most powerful force in nature,
The men and women of the US stood firm,
Evil forces were soon under attack from that force,
The men and women of the US stood firm,
Evil forces were treated as they treated us,
The men and women of the US stood firm,
Evil forces were soon crushed by our Free Will,
The men and women of the US stood firm,
Remember the price of countless before you,
The men and women of the US stood firm,
Will you?

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Friday, September 8, 2006

This and That 9/11 style…

Wow many things going on as we build up to the 5 year anniversary of the 9/11 Terrorist attacks, and of course I have a few comments!

Fanatical Islam apologists and hardcore members going on an aggressive media blitz about how all of the problems they create are someone else’s problems, boy is that a surprise! They speak of the US and all “western? countries that won’t put up with their BS as the bad ones and they are the pure godlike creatures. Yes they feel they are acting under the orders of their god, they are driven not by mere human thoughts, but GOD thoughts!

Some examples of insane thoughts at work in the miniature minds;

Iran Prez challenges US Prez to a debate, the mouse that roared!

Harvaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrddddd invites Radical Islam to campus to speak, so now we invite killers to our campuses, the definition of insane looks clear here…

Docudrama from ABC / Disney / Hardcore Liberals shows some of the Clinton team a bit lax in dealing with radical Islam, and true to form, the Entire Clinton Legacy Projection, whoops, I mean Protection Team jumps into action to smash and kill that docudrama. All the while backstabbing the current Prez who is trying to smash and kill the people who are trying to kill US! Again the definition of insane looks intact here…

Conspiracy theorists oozing through the cracks again trying to question the reasons the WTC towers came down, appears few of them know how to read or have never heard of Popular Mechanics since the mag answered all of their questions with pure science. But again the insane hate facts and their “feelings? must be true, they just have to be, wah wah wah…

Conspiracy theorists oozing through the cracks again trying to question the reasons behind the WTC tower attacks, appears few of them know how to read or have never heard of Radical Islam types whom day in and day out take responsibility for killing infidels (read you and me) and fuel the society of Death! But again the insane hate facts and their “feelings? must be true, they just have to be, wah wah wah…

Democrats thrilled about possibility of re-gaining power in the House and Senate. No not to make the country better, not to fight the war on terror, and definitely not to help you and me! They want to help illegal aliens by giving them more rights than you and I have, they want to help radical Islam kill us easier, faster, and more efficiently, they want to have the UN drive US foreign policy, they want to spend all of their TV time attacking, not terrorist, not illegals, but attacking and impeaching any republican they can. I believe again this is the definition of insane…

What don’t we hear about, the families impacted by 9/11, how insane is that….

Have a good one…

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Friday, August 25, 2006

Gollywood, I know I shouldn’t because it’s too easy, but,…

Picking on Gollywood is usually same ole same ole except once in awhile the fantasy people show their true colors and it’s kinda fun to point it out to those whom might not know it. And in this case we are talking about Tom Cruise.

So let me see if I have this right, here’s a guy that spends his entire life “acting out?, “role playing?, being someone whom he’s not, whom on any given day might not know who he is so he can play his role better, and in real life he starts “acting out? like he might be a bit off his rocker and all of a sudden they need to out him, dump him, and call him names, how cool is that!!

The key thing to understand in all of this is not that an actor “acts? a bit crazy because if that was an issue you have to lock the majority of them up, I mean we have the Fonda-Streisand duo whom “act? like they have something intelligent or relevant to say about world affairs, we have the Warren Beatty and George Clooney duo whom “act? like they know politics, we have the Michael Moore and Ted Turner duo whom “act? like they are important people with important messages, and in reality they must be nuts to believe anyone thinks they possess anything but celebrity status and money.

The bottom line is that liberals will eat their own if you don’t conform, why do you think they side with communists, dictators, Radical Muslins, you either toe the line, act as your told, belief the common belief, or you will be fed to the sharks… Makes you want to be a liberal doesn’t it!!!

Have a good one…

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

“Birth Gap? between Right and Left

Well what a surprise we have discovered yet another gap between the left and right. And what a bigger surprise that it involves a core component of Nature, in this case reproduction of the species. Any guess which side is reproducing at a lower rate? Of course it’s the side that thinks they are above such things, they have evolved beyond Nature’s way, they are scared to have kids (scared of the commitment), and that is where the liberal mindset resides and it’s all on the left, but of course!

But those on the right should be aware, very aware. This study was done by some college types which is 90+% code for liberals. And the study was just announced to the world but I think it’s been known for a long time, at least 20-30 years now, if not longer. And I know your asking, where’s the proof?

So you want proof huh? You came to the right place, the place that says actions speak louder than words, and that even includes liberals. And this is beyond the obvious trend by the Democratic Party to find new voters via illegal immigration, felon voting act, dead people voting act, hatred of any voting identity proof act, this is about mind control and indoctrination!

So what do the liberals do to fight this problem, they target children which increasingly means someone else’s children. And the proof, well whom controls the schools from pre-kindergarten to post doc? Whom controls the youth music business? The children’s TV networks? Whom controls the teen and younger movie business? Well it’s the liberals of course, in fact they dominate the above areas and that is why you must be concerned because I guarantee they are thinking as long as they can control your kids why do they need their own! Think about it and be scared, very scared…

Have a nice day…

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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

More this and that…

Mother Nature where are the Storms, Again I’m Asking you!!! The Global Warming crowd is in such a funk, I do feel soooo soooo sorry for them. Even a little blip on the east side of the Atlantic makes front page news, it could, it might be… Come on Mother Nature please give them some storms in September, please lift them out of their misery, the thought of no major storms causing damage and death hurts them so so much, can’t you feel their pain???

Wow this thing is very cool! Can you imagine being able to trace which (if not all) politicians waste our money, how much they waste, and most importantly, make them stand up in public and say why they waste what they do? I know one thing for sure, if they are successful Congress will surely find a way to make the spending transparent again, count on it!

The Jon Benet murder guy is perfect proof that Nature’s creation system is not based on absolutes and doesn’t know right and wrong, it’s a creation system built on physical processes that involve combining and disbanding with a time derivative, over and over in everything with numbers too large to comprehend. Bad people, and animals, are grown, some easier than others, but grown they are. Free Will ensures some will go bad and some will go good, strength, weakness, looks, place of birth, skin color, etc, have little impact in the final run, people do what they choose to do, and some people (thankfully I don’t know how) appear to be able to kill without thought, without concern, without feelings, cold hearted is the popular saying. If he did it, if he is guilty, then he should die, IMHO fast and hard… nothing could be too cold for him, nothing…

B. Clinton taking “co?-responsibility for Welfare Reform just proves what racist and feminist have said all along, old white men lie through their teeth when it suits them eh!!!

What do George Soros, Jimmy Carter, Dan Rather, Walter Cronkite, Ted Turner, and the like all have in common? See last line above eh!!! Some just don’t know when it’s time to move on and it appears no one around them has the guts to tell them…

Have a good one…

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Monday, August 21, 2006

This and That…

Racial Empire’s up in arms because, again, some “real? “black? leaders want the “black? community to look into their homes and how they raise their children before they look into a society through the eyes of a well “trained? racist and find all black problems a result of white people and their policies. Make no mistake about it anytime someone threatens the Racial Empire, whether it’s Bill Cosby or Juan Williams, or whomever, the Racial Empire will attack with every ounce of energy they have. I don’t think many people realize how big the Racial Economy is and how fierce those whom spend all day defining racism and playing the blame game day in and day out will defend the Racial Empire. As I’ve said before it’s a huge cancer and it will continue to eat away at society until its cut out and thrown away. You can not policy out hatred from white people, black people, etc. Color of skin is only a reflection of Nature and has no barring on life, except of course if you’re a hater, or even worse, a member of the Racial Empire whose main job is to ensure the haters have a place in society…

Jon Benet, saw an ad on TV yesterday saying, “and tonight we have new provocative photos? of her. This was a mainstream show and I was so caught off guard it was hard to think for a bit. This was a VERY VERY young child who was murdered and we have adults feeding off of her years later, sometimes I ask you how low can some go, and again I find a new low, so low if defies words beyond, as low as low can be… it’s enough to make any adult sick to your stomach, and if it doesn’t you should seek help…

The “law suit? to attack the president’s war powers was still all over the media channels this weekend with the personalized media channel, natch, leading the way with the most objective discussions. A few of the great things about the personalized media channel are, you know exactly where the provider stands politically, you don’t have to guess if your seeing-reading the truth because if they said anything factually incorrect it will be caught and they will be nailed. Sounds like Free Press heaven to me!!!

Damn Mother Nature you *(&*(&%, why are you not cooperating!!!! Clinton and Gore need you, New Orleans rip-off artists need you, the old MSM needs you, the worlds idiot ELITE need you, please oh please Mother Nature, show them you care, show them you “feel their pain?!
The Global Warming crew awaits your mighty actions, they hope and they PREY for your storms, yes they prey for your storms, because without your storms, they have nothing to scream about, nothing to lie about, nothing to attack their opponents about, look at the harm your doing Mother Nature, look at the harm to those whom need you…
Forget about those who will have their homes destroyed, their life’s attacked, sometimes their life’s lost, think not of those Mother Nature, think of the Global Warming crowd whom PREY for you to support them and if it means killing a few innocents, well that’s never stopped that crowd before…

Have a good one…

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Friday, August 18, 2006

Another Court decision that over takes politics and the war!!

What a surprise huh?????????

Yep another court decision deciding what the GOV can do and what it can’t, and yes another decision totally based in politics, in the area of war where the lib courts go nuts and rule against the people of the US. So what choice do we have I ask, what choice?

Do we continue to elect conservatives whom might not be perfect but at least know when our safety is at risk? Do we continue to let the courts decide political outcomes? Let the courts decide the outcomes of WAR? Let the courts continue to decide the issues in the cultural war? The war on drugs? The war on personal civil liberties? The war on this? The war on that? The courts are now the defacto battlefield, and what can we do?

We’ll I’ve decided to step onto the courts battlefield and consider a class action suit, a class action suit that covers all Americans under attack by the likes of the following types;

ACLU, the judges whom decide based on politics,
John Kerry, Rockefellers, Pelosi, Reid, Boxer, Leahay, list will grow over time no doubt,
Most of the old Mass Media Companies and the corporations that own them, here me G.M.? Disney? Etc…

When the next terrorist act hits the USA these people will be tried as war criminals, acts of treason, they will lose all pensions, trust funds, living estates-wills, they will serve out their remaining years on the planet at Leavenworth as enemies of the USA.

Time to act, Time to act, join the class action lawsuit, add defendants to the lists and let’s prepare the suit, because as they continue to weaken us we know an attack is coming, then they will have their day in their favorite place, the COURTS!!!

Have a nice day…

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Fringe Mainstream and Strong - Weak Classification

Polls, Polls, Polls, News from the left, news from the right, mothers teaching their children to be suicide bombers, flag burning, photo-shop hatred, peace marchers, all have one thing in common, they represent the MINORITY in the real world.

The only place they represent a majority is in the news cycles, flash across the news outlets a march to support the Hezbos and you see what, 30?, 50? people maybe, usually with more news people that actual protesters and it gets blanketed on the news outlets like a major event. Who’s fooling whom here?

The media has long worked by the formula that tension, hysterics, fringe that threatens the norm are the key to better ratings. They search high and low, long and hard, up and down for these types of events to parade across their channel thinking that this is the way to fame and fortune.

Yet we all know now their fortunes are crumbling daily, their fame is usually self supported and lost in the new world of personalized media, yet they continue their march based of the playbooks of those whom ruled generations ago.

We know with Fake photos and news stories they can no longer hide, we know their audience is shrinking faster and faster yet they march on, we know they have lost most is not all credibility yet they stand firm in their suspicions, we know they stand united as long as no threat to their lifestyle is in play, we know they are scared and crumble in the presence of strength, we know they can only dream about a past long since lost, we know all of this and yet they seem to know none of it, makes one wonder whom can’t read the news…

Easy to spot the weakinization crowd now eh? All those thinking the ceasefire was good and all those thinking the Hezbo’s won please stand up and be counted. For all the rest whom aren’t sure, look at the standing and you see the real face of weakness, of the weakinization crowd, and you should NEVER, NEVER, see them through any other light for the weakinization crew is weak on all things and these moments of clarity where they expose themselves should stand as clear markers in your mind next time you see them fake strength, remember these moments and classify them accordingly.

To not do so is to put you and your children’s future at great risk, Nature will not be kind and there’s not a thing you can do to change Nature, but you can change your actions… think about it…

Have a good one…

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Friday, August 11, 2006

And the children came to play,,,

Nature has one predominant growth pattern, from young to old. It’s in all things living, and not, and along the way living things evolve with experience. It happens in animals of all stripes and locals as they “learn? what works and what doesn’t work, else they have a good chance of being somebody’s dinner, that’s just the way nature is, learn or perish.

If one refuses to learn but still grows older one had best be human or else! Humans have developed to the point where we now have “oldies but goodies? whom demonstrate on a daily basis that they have not grown, that they don’t understand Nature’s bottom line law, eat or be eaten. No they feel they have evolved past that and anybody who doesn’t accept that mantra is an idiot. Yet we know in Nature’s view the selfish, arrogant, ignorant, “peace is the only way? is nothing but a short distance from death.

We have seen repeatedly that a certain population of the planet still strongly believes death is the only way to live and have no problem DYING to prove it, just so long as they can take a few of those they hate with them. I haven’t seen many accounts of them pulling mass suicide actions without infidels, have you?

We see the selfish, arrogant, ignorant view splashed out daily from the old MSM machine as if it was the only view, we see a victory in a small little senate race heralded as proof of peace is the only way, we hear of ridicules polls indicating 60% of Americans want to lose the war on terror or have bought into some wacky scheme to make things better! No what we have is the small fringe group who refuse to grow, hoping, even PRAYING, to return to some level of National Power to prove that selfish, arrogant, ignorant policies are what’s best.

Am I worried they will take over the Senate, Hell No, am I worried they will take over the House, Hell No, the presidency, HILL no, the Country, Hell no, the world, hell no! You want to know why? It’s easy because Nature rules the planet and the selfish, arrogant, ignorant children who never grow up are doomed to be eaten or more likely these days to be killed by terrorist and all the while wondering what happened to their Grand Plan? Never under estimate Nature or her rules of engagement because to do us is an open invitation to death, that’s just the way it is…

Have a good one…

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Wednesday, August 9, 2006

This and That Politicians, Media, War, Weakinization…

Ned Lamont is the final proof that money can BUY any political position although it seems more prevalent in the Democratic Party. The new guy is a trust fund baby whom no doubt represents most of his constituency. Money, Money, and more Money is what it takes in politics these days, principles appear to have not only be forgotten, but lost in the quagmire.

Wow some people are just now noticing that the Old Noise Machine (MSM) uses as many fake images and stories as Gollywood, why is that news? They have been substituting opinion pieces in place of news for years, they create fake polls and roll them out as “news? on a regular basis, they quote themselves as news, they hire Gollywood people to ensure their image is correctly “perceived? by the masses, OF COURSE ITS FAKE! It’s all bought and paid for, Money, Money, and more MONEY and you can create any reality you want, ANY REALITY!

Well we know that the WAR in the Middle East is going well for Israel if everyone is demanding they stop pounding the *&(^ out of the Hezbo’s. Nothing speaks more “TRUTH TO POWER? or whatever that silly phrase is when we see the World Opinion crowd wining and crying, a sure sign your kicking ASS!!

We must ensure that all of us in the Western World who don’t want to see the Western world kill itself or be killed to understand the true “game? going on and that’s the “WEAKINIZATION? of all strength until no majority strength exists. And you might ask why is that a problem? Well in Nature their has to be a majority strength (it exists in all species not just humans) and if the western world succumbs you can bet something will climb to the top, something that should scare the hell out of you because we can tame the western world through actions and words, that might not be true with what emerges after the weakinization crowd wins, be scared, very scared…

Have a good one…

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Thursday, August 3, 2006

This and That…

Hillary and Rumsfield dust up was fun to hear about as the Hill tried to woo back some of her fringe base with “reasoned? ridicule of the success in IRAQ. Like most liberals and the Clintons if it can’t be done fast and free is must not be good. Since her policy enacted through Bill was a complete failure she doesn’t have much room here but you have to give her credit for exposing herself for what she is, one of the “30 day? crowd whom lack staying power on anything but talk.

The Hezbo’s want a cease fire or they will kill more, sometimes you just can’t dream this kind of logic up. I understand they launched 100’s of missiles today and not one word from “world opinion? liberals saying that’s a bad thing, hmmm. And the leader of IRAN wants a cease fire before he wipes Israel off the map, what’s up with that? These guys must have really good drugs…

New poll shows “1/3? Americans believe the 9/11 attacks were an “inside? job with the US gov complicit. These polling efforts have become so transparent that it’s hard not to laugh at them. The statistical analysis is no doubt a hodge podge designed to look accurate yet we all know that by manipulating the people sampled (skew a little liberal paranoid eh?), the sample size (stop as soon as you think you have a defensible number), and most importantly use statistical methods that at best are arguments as opposed to proof. And like the polls for politics they lean anti-government when a Republican is prez, what a surprise! We will all be surprised that a glut of Old Noise Machine backed polls will fill the airwaves over the next few months with nothing but good news for Dems and bad news for repubs, it’s guaranteed, its pathetic, and it’s borderline delusional, how cute...

Liberal blog nut goes on a racist rampage and the liberal politician, whom supported her and whom she supported, all of a sudden “doesn’t know? her. Classis left wing blog nut meets mainstream left wing politician and all of a sudden everyone forgets everyone. Or to put in a Clintonion way all of a sudden no one knows what the meaning of “IS? is. As many have pointed out if this kind of degrading racial stunt was done by a right wing blogger with direct ties to a politician seeking election the liberal world Racial Empire would be up in arms. But since it’s a liberal problem the Racial Empire looks the other way, classic and predictable racism where politics and money trump principles EVERYTIME!

Castro appears to not be feeling well these days and I for one just can’t wait for the expected result of his death. No not the freeing of Cuba from a dictator, not the loss of a buddy for Hugo, not for the cigars, not for the medical miracles kept under wrap for all these years, nope none of that. What I can’t wait for is the Hollywood elite crowd who have paid homage to this “GREAT MAN? to cry and whine and then cry some more, that’s what I can’t wait for!! Because you see they don’t have many cold blooded killing dictators left to worship, do they? Although I hear a backup is available in North Korea!

Have a good one…

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Tuesday, August 1, 2006


I want DEMS out of World Opinion discussions until they realize that being a LEADER means not everyone will like you!

I want the DEMS out of Washington DC to make it safe, again! I saw a news story about murder, armed robbery, kidnappings, curfews for out of control youths, and other heinous crimes and it wasn’t until the end of the story that I realized they WEREN’T talking about D.C. Or were they… HMMM

I want the DEMS out of New Orleans, 6 murders in one day, drug gangs own the streets, National Guard on the ground, ITS MAYHEM!!

I want the DEMS out of SEATTLE, ISLAMIC killers running AMOK, shielding themselves with little girls, the HORROR, the HORROR!!!

I want the DEMS out of Los Angeles until I finish my Spanish as a first language course!

I want the DEMS out of San Fran until I finish my class on wining and dining rich white woman whom think they are above everyone who’s not rich and white!

I want the DEMS out of the schools in New York, Los Angeles, etc., until at least one generation of high school grads can read at the 8th grade level and some maybe know how to add and subtract!

I want the DEMS out of the voting process until they learn voting is not for felons, is not for illegals, and is not for dead people!

I want the DEMS out of the State Department until they learn that the State Department represents the USA, not world liberal talking points!

I want the DEMS out of GITMO until they agree that it’s OK to treat murdering prisoners like MURDERING PRISONERS!

I want the DEMS out of Social Engineering until they realize that NOT EVERY WHITE MALE IS RACIST and HATES WOMEN!

I want the DEMS out of the UNIONS so the UNIONS will stop buying elections for idiot politicians!

I want the DEMS to remain in the minority because I’m SCARED TO DEATH what will happen to the country in their hands!!!

Have a good day…

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Monday, July 31, 2006

Nearing the End of the Shield Line, more This and That

We’ll first they burned the flag, oh my! Then they burned pictures oh my! We’ll then in a show of strength they went through civilians didn’t they? And then to show more strength they went through woman didn’t they? And now they are showing their ultimate strength and have moved to what I fell is the last shield available to them, children, and they can go no further down the human chain, that’s it, its over.

Human shields will always be a “news? opportunity for the Old Liberal Mindset channeled through the Old Noise Machine we all know that and that’s OK because fewer and fewer people care about what those outlets spew. One thing that does worry me about this though is that one day the terrorist might realize that no one cares about CNN anymore, AP, Reuters, old dated and worthless communication channels watched only by people not in the know or people desperate for a news outlet.

So once again a certain liberal mindset(s) fostered by the usual suspects useful idiot crowd needs to be taught that age old lesson, WAR IS HELL, and using children is not new, is not the end of the world, its simply a tool used by the ruthless to control the idiot liberal mind. End of line.

Never ending themes;

1) Alcohol in abundance has no friends, newest inductee, Mel Gibson.
2) Liberal politician trying to legal their way to victory, yawn, except this time in Mexico.
3) France goes to war against USA, tries to stop USA Cyclist domination in the Tour De France.
4) Weather too warm in SUMMER=Global warming, too many Hurricanes=Global Warming, not enough Tornados=not enough data.
5) The Nations Capital, most liberal people and laws=being over run by crime.

Have a good one…

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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Weekend This and That…

Hmm a peaceful Muslim man goes on a rampage in the benevolent town of Seattle and of course even after indicating exactly why he did it, hatred for Jews, America, blah blah blah, the Old Noise Machine still can’t bring themselves to admit their could be a problem with young Muslim men wanting to kill and rampage in America, Canada, England, Spain, Denmark, etc., not to mention the Middle East, yep no problem here, nothing to see, move along…

And meanwhile the Great Kofi Annan, leader of the World Peace movement via the U.N., has decided we need a temporary cease fire since the IDF is wiping out the Hezbollah forces and he thinks the Hezbollah forces need some time to recoup, restock, and find more civilian shields, yep the Global Liberal mindset for peace is a fascinating thing to watch! And please don’t worry about Kofi as he has many useful idiot friends all over the world watching his backside and he will retire wealthy and live a life far beyond anything those depending on him could even dream about let alone achieve, oh the humility of it all…

Senator Kennedy lashes out at the two new Supreme Beings since they didn’t vote the way he feels they should based on their testimony in front of his kangaroo court Senate confirmation hearings. It’s hard to know where to start here but the most obvious in trying to read the Kennedy statement (It was so predictably bad I couldn’t finish it, no not poorly written just the same ole looney left talking points) is that HIS expectations are not being met and he’s wants the American people to know that. Oh but why since they are there and theirs nothing he can do about it, right? No doubt this is a talking point piece that will be used in the next round of the Supreme Being nomination circus since some of the current judges might not make it past W’s retirement. At least his handlers are thinking ahead but again nothing new, nothing worth reading, just more on the record blah blah blah, such is politics on the looney left!

As I’ve said before one of the good things about this war is that it keeps the moonbats out of the Old Noise Machines “newszone? for awhile. As always we need to find the good even when things are bad to help balance!

Have a good one…

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Friday, July 28, 2006

This and that…

The fighting continues in the Mid East and the back seat drivers are out in full force, as predicted, full of opinions, full of strategies, full of, but of course, themselves!!!

The aggressive “talk? to determine the meaning of “proportionality? with regards to armed response to armed aggression based on U.N. law is kinda funny because U.N. law is meaningless childlike words designed to protect the guilty and enrich the death and destruction crowd, nice. The only aggression you will ever see out of the U.N. / E.U. / Old Media Circus crowd is words which is why dictators and the murder for power crowd love them and always will. As I’ve said before “useful idiots? are available for the taking and all you need to do it start killing your own people and they will flock to your side, kinda ironic huh!

What this really boils down to is hatred, plain and simple hatred of Jews, their Country’s prosperity, and their ability to control their own government which is a rare combination in that general area of the world. So you have European hatred of Jews on full display, you have US based peace groups hatred of Jews on full display, you have Jews hatred of Jews on full display, and you have the supreme Jew haters, the World of Radical Islam, on full display and waging war, again, and again, and again... And some people think we have evolved as a species to a point where words can overcome hatred, hmmm. I wonder how far some people can stuff their heads in the sand and am often amazed at the depth they achieve…

Some lightweight Senators have decided to step into the ring with John Bolton and question his actions at the U.N. After hearing the exchanges I fully expect the “useful idiot? crowd to come to John Bolton’s side because he took the Senators apart and is was ugly. You would think the Senators handlers would at least be smart enough to keep the clown senators out of the ring with real intellect!

Hillary “bust? as the next President of the US goes on display at the Museum of Sex soon and I know she is thrilled. Probably the closet she’s come to sex since the 70’s! Is it true that any buzz is good buzz???

Cindy Sheehan bought 5 acres of land near Bush’s ranch to be closer to the man she thinks about more than any man on earth. I am starting to worry she has a crush on the president and he might need to get a restraining order soon! I do have one easy prediction though, around January 20 2009 that land will be up for sale!

Local politics is starting again as the challenger is dissing Arnold by claiming that by blocking Arnold’s attempts to control the Unions he did the right thing for the CA people, and in a way he’s right as his mission is taxes, taxes, and more taxes and we have lots of CA Union people who love the challenger for this reason and this reason only. But the best part is the final smear where he disses Arnold because he was an “actor?, should be fun to watch the Hollywood crowds reaction to this. My bet is they will remain silent because their principles are, but of course, based on politics!

Have a good one…

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

When did punishment become more important than positive outlook?

And other questions you don’t want to answer…

Why is anyone surprised that the me, me, me, me, me, me generation produced a generation of people whom only care about their own feelings?

When did psychobabble personal feelings take over intellectual discussion in politics?

When did teaching a child how to “feel? become more important than teaching them how to read?

When did referring to a criminal as a criminal become a crime?

Why are some people surprised and horrified that WAR is hell?

Why are some people surprised that people at opposite ends of the political spectrum DISAGREE on things?

Why is taking a position in the middle of the political spectrum considered not taking a position?

When did political attack ads become more important than stressing ones qualifications?

When did a problem that strikes 1 in 100, 000 require a law that punishes everyone?

When did jail populations become a growth industry?

When did the WAR on DRUGS become more important than American Citizens with drug problems?

Why did gambling become cool only after it was legalized on Indian owned land?

Why are we more worried about 12 year old girls having access to abortions than 12 year old girls getting pregnant?

When did child molesters get more legal protection than children?

When did the legal system become more important than the people it serves?

Is Hollywood really surprised that reality shows have more viewers than “enlightened? elitism shows?

More to follow, have a good one…

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Monday, July 24, 2006

All War all the Time

Well the Middle East “Conflict? is dominating the news cycle these days which really must be pissing off the wanna be celebrities and news chasers (Plame affair, etc.) whom feed off the news cycle for feelings of self worth.

Back in the real world the fight is causing the usual suspects who can make noise during a fight to blabber bigtime. We have two of the biggest losers on the planet (a big club by the way) both promptly opening mouth and inserting foot and then chewing vigorously on full display. It’s hard to put these two in order of failure but I think Kofi has the lead for now.

It’s clear “kofi’s U.N.? team has failed miserably in Lebanon but that doesn’t stop him from injecting his two cents and demanding things to make it better. Remember this is the U.N. and although they’ve been in there 20+ years we really can’t expect them to get anything done without asking for MORE MONEY! Classic liberal world elitist problem solving technique, demand money, throw some change at the intended target and keep the rest to distribute internally to manage your “overhead? costs. What is truly sad is some in the US and OLD Europe will agree that money solves all of their problems, sigh, if only we were trying to solve Kofi’s retirement problems or old Europe’s economic problems that might make sense. But as usual that group of jet setting elitist really only care about themselves and the little people be damned. Actions speak louder than words here and if you can’t see the actions, go ahead and send um your money but don’t send um any of mine!

John Kerry came in a close second saying that if he were president this would not be happening and in a way he’s right. The terrorist would not be on the run, real world problems in the Middle East would not be the number one focus of the planet, real world solutions would not be discussed, and real world leaders would not be engaged. Nope if John Kerry were president we would be watching more Americans getting killed on our soil, more money sent to people who don’t need or deserve it, and the terrorist would be free to continue building their capability and gaining influence over the weak minded and enslaved populations waiting for the day when they no longer feared anyone and struck hard at the Western World. In that scenario the death counts that bother us today over years would be seen on a daily basis and the extent of destruction un-imaginable. Yea that’s the ticket a world under John Kerry would of led to a world under Islamic Law, whew! Good Job American Public!!!!

Have a good one...

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Friday, July 21, 2006

The Wimping of War follows the Weakinization of Societal Response

What do we make of parents whom raise children who can do no “wrong?? What do we make of colleges that allow students to “find? themselves while in the process they sell out the very country that supports them? Why do we see all of these “smart? students being used as props and propaganda pieces by professors and organizations that could care less about them? Why do the supporters of foreign governments always “protest? (read whine and cry) in “safe? foreign lands instead of going home to make a difference?

Societal response to all things of strength now is to go weak unless it’s the weak speaking against the strong. In the case of weak “battling? strong weak is allowed to do anything without the “worry? of strong response while the strong have to “worry? that any response is viewed as overkill because after all the weak, are the weak!

And now we find that the “weakinization? movement has engulfed war in a worldwide web of deceit and manipulation. The “players? on the weak side of war have figured out that the weakinization cabals in strong countries have given them virtual immunity from the “spanking? they deserve and use that to control the strong. We know of the weakest of the weak cabals, the U.N., the E.U., the Old Noise Machine of Europe and the U.S., and the organizations that form around colleges praying on the weak under developed minds of child-adults whom lack the “schooling? to know the difference between having beliefs and being used. And for some reason unknown to me the strong has extended the “courtesies? allowed to the weak, backed by the above cabals, whom live among the strong to the killers whom rule via death and destruction.

Why have we started to “wimp? in times of war is a question all of the strong must answer and answer quickly. We need to not worry about cry babies just like we were taught in the old days, we need to not worry about punching back with greater force since that always, always, stopped the initial punch from ever coming back again. Bullies will always bully if we try to give them “time outs?, a “good? talking too?, blah blah blah, bullies stop fast when met with a good hard punch to the nose and a stern warning that if they ever bully again, the punch will be twice as hard. We need to stop Wimping and get back to old school management of wars because war is hell baby, else its not war…

Have a good one…

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Where are their VOICES Now!!! And some this and that…

Calling on Murtha, Sheehan, Pixie Chicks, Diamond, all of the chic useful idiots who dream and feel about the nether lands as if they were reality, why so silent?
Where are the voices of Kerry, Reid, Boxer, Pelosi, Chafee? Those creatures of backbone and moral fiber un-matched in the political class!
I hear nothing, I see nothing, yet I know they are their, lurking, hoping, wanting to sound off, but alas I’m guessing we won’t hear from them anytime soon except little harps about meaningless events.
Why are they silent you might ask and if you read here often you already know the answer! If not let me spell it out for you,


Scared when real events require real answers with backbone, with conviction, with strength, and most importantly with heart! Scared to stand firm, to take a position that might require more than mouthing off, gasp a position that requires ACTION! At least they are consistent…

If you haven’t checked out you must as Michelle Malkin has taken action words and put them into action video and they are fun and yet very serious. If you need to have a refresher course on conviction I strongly suggest a regular dose of Michelle.

Embryo, Embryo, what are thou Embryo?

Passion abounds,
Hopes and anger converge,
Emotional outbursts go round and round,
Embryo. Embryo, what are thou Embryo?

The dance of the heart,
The magic of the cure,
Endlessly circling fertile ground,
Embryo. Embryo, what are thou Embryo?

Life from life is all around,
Healing miracles are always profound,
Please all get off your merry-go-round,
Embryo. Embryo, what are thou Embryo?

Have a good one…

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Some of this and that…

Middle East fighting round number 12,833 is underway and of course everyone has an opinion about who’s fault it is, who’s got to do what to stop it, and who can we blame in the aftermath to score political points! Yawn…. Let me know when real leaders show up and address real issues and get down to what really needs to be done, kick some terrorist ass!!!

But this is good news in some ways since it kicks the idiot celebrities and useful idiots out of the spotlight for awhile. It also kicks the Church of Law out of the way too so it does have a few redeeming values, it moves illegal immigration, it moves political carping and positioning out of the way, oil prices, and on and on and on…

Marketing and Katie Couric: “Town Hall Listening Tour? and 35 gazillion eggs getting the CBS “EYE? treatment to help boost her initial ratings whenever her newsreader gig starts. While lot’s of people will argue about her (and of course the real bias people her producers) bias and her inability to speak in a straightforward and truthful manner we should not overlook the marketing hype for that is where we will find her target audience and what this is really all about!

So the marketing plan is a two pronged approach, a series of “town hall? meetings (sound familiar?) and putting the CBS “EYE? logo everywhere.

The Town Hall, very low key low profile events just like the “little people? do, listening tour / meetings is a classic way of saying, were down to earth elitist whom can pretend with the best pretenders (i.e. Clintons, Socialist, etc.) to care about what the “little people? think and most importantly to “CARE? about what the little people care about before they jet off to the next town of “little people?. The next line of course will be a variant of “we feel your pain? based around the one great sound bite delivered from these Town Hall meetings, “ we have heard from you and we won’t tell the truth, whoops I mean depressing news, and we “felt your pain? and to prove we “FELT YOUR PAIN? we will present SOLUTIONS. I know I’m thrilled and I’m sure you are to learn that CBS and its news producers fronted by its newsreaders has solution for our problems, how cool is that!!! Like you I can’t wait to hear them!

The mass marketing angle is to spread the heck out of the CBS “EYE? logo and hope that generates enough ratings in the initial show(s) launching to prove the team responsible for picking this newsreader did a good job! And so what vehicle did they choose to spread the word CBS NEWS is BACK? Well of course it would be EGGS! 30 million plus eggs will be subjected to a logo process and of course spread through out the land to pass the word, CBS is BACK! Now theirs many ways to look at this, just mass marketing and brand awareness would be the most obvious, but maybe its more clever than that because as we all know when we crack the egg open we look forward to all the good stuff inside (is PETA OK with this abuse of eggs and their contents? Just wondering…) which we will cook and enjoy in a variety of ways! Maybe CBS thinks that if we crack open their news show with their new newsreader people will find good things to consume and be happy! Could this also be sexist? Who buys and cooks more eggs, men or women? If its women isn’t this a CHEAP WAY to court the female robots of the left and the un-suspecting woman of the right?

So here’s my take on this, they use old Clinton tactics for “listening tours?, they also use the old Clinton tactic of providing “pretty sounding? solutions without the possible of getting done or accomplishing anything, and of course using the classic Clinton tactic of going after women in a cheap and degrading way, so I guess this whole plan must be a secret plot to revive interest in the Clinton Doctrine and we can look for the new newsreader to spend countless hours hyping the Clintons, you can count on that!

As I’ve told you before the OLD Noise Machines don’t care about fiscal matters and business success, they only deal in political revenue and this will be the most blatant we’ve seen to date!

Have a good one!

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Monday, July 10, 2006

Legal, Constitutional-Religion, the Real Culture War!!

Legal: A Judge Shocks Me!!
First up some kudos’ to a Federal Judge whom said, “It’s not OK for Congress People to be above the law of us ordinary citizens?. Wow is that amazing holding elected officials to the same laws as you and me! Maybe next time a Kennedy breaks the law they will be held accountable too and then I would really be in a state of shock! But we have to wait this one out as well as the Congress person in question vows to appeal, appeal, and appeal! His “Legal Team? is working on the matter, yep I know if you or I ever get in trouble we will no doubt have a “Legal Team? working with us just like the Congress Person!!!

Constitution-Religion: The War on Marriage
Lot’s of talk about secularist and religious types debating the war of all culture wars which goes something like this, is religion part of the US life based on the constitution or it’s legal derivatives, or not? If yes religion is in and Marriage is only for man and woman whereas if not marriage is for anything or anybody, the configuration questions go away and it’s a free for all! Cool huh, people and animals, multi-family marriages, people and computers, people and the moon, the list is endless have fun!!!

And we circle the wagons around what the “framers? had in mind and if we just could settle that question we could put this to rest, or could we? Since we will never directly know what they had “in mind? it’s a great debate point with no possible solution and therefore an endless and useless debate point. Except for the fun the historians have arguing about the written artifacts of that process and time!

Here’s my shot at it though…

I want to address the framers first with regards to religion and then follow-up with Nature and Marriage.

The framers were clearly religious in their own right but constructed the constitution to address what at the time we’re one or two of the biggest issues of government for the people and by the people, religion and Kings and Queens. The King and Queen was a no-Brainer where they correctly surmised an election by popular vote would result in free will winning and free will is Nature’s highest form of Human existence and Kings and Queens would never occupy that space!
Separation of Church and State was straight forward too and was not meant to be a culture war. It was strictly meant as a way to ensure a religion could not become the Government of the US nothing more and nothing less.

Any other interpretation is wishful thinking on both sides if you really want to know their minds look into the fear of the constitutions words, the fear of how the PLACE is run not whether religion belongs in a school or not which is a question used by secularist to attack. They did not want Queens and they didn’t want Cardinals making the rules that the populace lives by, and the words that end that debate are clear, WE THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE… Game, set, match…

Nature doesn’t care about marriage but instead deals with the more important issue of reproduction and the continuation of the change wave and one of its highest forms, Human Beings, which are the Ultimate Singularity! We should remove the reproductive issue as a prop and reduce the discussion to what it is, an equalization cause celeb for the elites and legal protection – benefits for the normal people which leads me to marriage for me and civil unions for thee. And feel free to find any name that isn’t currently in use and go with it what’s the big deal about what you call it? In fact if your creative enough maybe you can come up with a better word!!!

Have a good one…

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Sunday, July 9, 2006

Just Wondering…

Hollywood elite hate religion yet many of them are Scientologist, how do they square that? Hollywood elite hate religion but love what the Islamic faithful do, kill civilians, honor killings, train children to kill, etc… how do they square that? Hollywood elite hate religion yet love Bill and Hill who are “VERY? religious, how do they square that? Wouldn’t be a double standard would it? Nah…

Every time Clinton says something nice about Bush Clinton is in the US and every time he says something full of typical Clinton BS he’s over seas, how do you square that? And while Clinton is in LA (natch) talking about illegal immigration and wants to remind us they (the little people to him) are people too as if someone didn’t know we were talking about people as opposed to wild packs of rabbits running AMOK! And people say he’s really smart and for the life of me I just can’t see it. Scripted, calculated, and condescending are traits of elitism, nothing more…

Sometimes it’s hard to read the Little Green Footballs site because is focuses on one topic and most of that topic, ISLAM, appears to revolve around killing and more killing. It’s well researched and stated fairly but it’s hard to ignore the constant death overtones, CONSTANT. And some people think we can address the world’s problems with talk while some people kill at will. I think the dreamers really do want us in a future where we all get along, but, unfortunately, that future is still aways away… sigh…

Two things about magazines like Time and Newsweek prompted by the story on Drudge about Time and Bush come to mind. One is that remember these magazines don’t make much if any money anymore so they trade in political revenue for rich democrats in case your wondering why they exist. Two is a note to Hollywood, anytime I hear on a BLOG, TV, or RADIO ad that one of these magazines thinks a movie or TV show is great is the moment I know I will never watch said movie or TV show…

Have a good one…

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Friday, July 7, 2006

This and That…

Europe Elites whining about too many flags in the US on July 4th, and some in the US think this is newsworthy, hmmm. Since when is the plain and simple feeling of jealously considered news? We should feel sorry for them as they dream about what we have, as they wonder how we maintain it, as they wonder why they can’t have it, and on and on and on…

Hamden this and Hamden that, as you’ve read here many times before, the Church of Law rules the Liberal mindset and controls their agenda since they have limited electoral power and more importantly since the majority of normal people have NO DESIRE TO HAVE THEIR LIFES RUN BY EGOMANIAC ELITES! RULES FOR THEE AND NOT FOR ME just doesn’t work anymore. Awwwww…

Single Digit IQ Useful idiots strike again!!! Sheehan, Michelle Malkin has the smack down over at As I have said before if the antiwar anti US crowd is reduced to Sheehan as a cover child holding up the Venezuelan Dictator as a role model, they are gnawing on the barrel bottom and it tastes bad, real bad, but at least they have something to gnaw on.

NY Times smack down continues at a brisk pace as well as the paper of liberal record is reduced to useless illogical defenses and back pedaling that would make the circus clowns jealous! I still think most are missing the most important point, its not Keller, its Pinch who OK’ed the story and it fits his MO to a tee, weak and self-serving, as most liberal NY’ers apparently are!

Global warming is now a full fledged marketing idea for the socialist crowd and what’s good about that you say? Well it makes it easy to spot the socialist wannabes doesn’t it?

Have a good one…

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Friday, June 30, 2006

Where are the Leaders - Politicians who do more than shout?

Major Supreme Being court ruling giving Terrorist aid and comfort, NY Times giving Terrorist aid and comfort and what do we get? What did we get from our political crowd?

Lot’s of blabber mouthing, a useless resolution, talk, talk talk…

TALK TALK TALK is all we get these days, we have no leaders in politics, NONE…


Americans need to take back the country from the Global Socialist soon and we need a REAL LEADER to do that…

Where is the next REAL LEADER of AMERICA, we need that person SOONER rather than later…

Think about it…

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Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Church of Law

And the Church just keeps on giving to its followers with these most recent examples;

1) The leakers to the NY Times and the Times itself still not under investigation for at least espionage and maybe Treason. You or I would be jailed in shackles by now.
Note: For all you clowns piling on Bill Keller clearly you know little about corporate management even for a corporation run as poorly as the NY TIMES, of course the person whom approved this nonsense was the CEO and the real useful idiot is not Bill, but the ever present Pinch. I think if the term USEFUL IDIOT had a poster child and one could appoint a CEO for the UNION OF USEFUL IDIOTS, one would be hard pressed to find anyone more fitting for the job than Pinch!

2) SCOTUS again equates the WAR on Terrorist with the WAR on DRUGS! Sometimes when you see the highest court in the land acting like useful idiots it just makes you wonder how the process could be so screwed up that we allowed that level of idiot on the courts. How could the system be so bad that we have Judges who display for all to see complete disdain for the very system we-they live by?
3) Forget the fact that Ward Churchill is a complete idiot, a poster child for what’s wrong with the liberal professorship living on the tax payer dollar, and just focus on his dishonesty and gaming of the system. If you did that in the private sector you’re gone in a flash but if you do that on the TAX PAYERS DOLLAR you can go to COURT and find a friendly USEFUL IDIOT Judge who will side with you!

The only way to change this is with your votes, please think about it.

Have a good one…

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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Church of Law

O’Reilly last night had a Massachusetts State Senator(?) thinking “BUSH? had broke the law because he didn’t get a Federal JUDGE to approve his “SWIFT? actions (NO not the boat in Cambodia!) and that’s all that mattered to him. I have told you before some people feel the LEGAL system now controls the Presidency, IN A TIME OF WAR!

How does one describe these types of people, beyond bureaucratic clowns, beyond useful idiots, beyond partisan hacks, beyond clueless blowhards of questionable intelligence, how?

I think I have it for as long as we live in a majority rule society and they are out of power, they,

WORSHIP at the Church of Law

Yes, they worship its every move, it’s control, its power over their life’s is not in dispute, they seek to protect the ruling class, control the common class, and attack all whom disagree at their place of WORSHIP.

Most label them lefty secularist, but fear not worshippers, they worship and they might even worship harder and more often than you! You live your life day to day in support of your family and friends bolstered by your beliefs. They live everyday in fear of not being in control, in fear of not owning the thing they worship. Most of you feel “ownership" of “GOD? or your religion is not even a question let alone a struggle. Imagine if you had to spend all of your time worrying that it was in question, and worse than that, someone might take it away from you just because they disagree with you.

Think about this next time you see them in such a state of despair, scared and crouched in a corner, shuddering in fear, and don’t feel sorry for them, just be understanding and hope that one day maybe they can live without fear and that they summon the courage to face their religion. Maybe one day they might even gain the courage to worship out in the open, just like you.

To Prosecute or not to Prosecute Government Leakers and the Media

Why is this a question? We have laws, they have violated them, you or I would be nailed in a sec, why is it different for them?

Because the legal system is owned by the political class, end of line.

Recent examples can be found looking into Kennedy and DUI, you or I, nailed with felonies, Kennedy, not a problem would you like a ride home sir?

House Member punches cop, no charges, no problem. I’m sure if you or I went down to where some police were working and punched them in the chest, no problem, except the felony arrest, jail time, legal expenses that would kill most peoples budget, crime record for life, just little details like that.

Private Citizen leaks classified information, hard labor for life in prison at Leavenworth, but if you’re a friend of the NY Times or a reporter, party time!

And you think the law is fair and supports you? How foolish can you be? You need to ask yourself that next time you vote…

Have a good one…

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Monday, June 26, 2006

American Politics and the OLD PRESS MACHINE

We all know the Old Press Machine has been dying a slow death for some time now. We know AP and Reuters are run by clowns with political agendas, we know the LA and NY Times are run by little men with big ego’s who have no problem running their “businesses? into the ground, and yet those organizations appear to notice no problem with their business models failing, or, are they failing?

Has the OLD PRESS Machine found new revenues that drives its agenda based machine? Since all of the over the counter data suggests a slow yet steady death we must surmise these captains of the Ancients must have some other income were not aware of.

We know they kill more tress than any other industry yet take no heat from the Eco nuts, we know they are anti-American yet numerous Americans that “SAY? they support America live and die by their words, we know they print inside info leaked for political purpose only time and time again and call it a “NEWS? story yet its always one sided and often factually challenged.

I think though that we have found their real revenue stream and its grouped with the Government Unions, the Racist and Feminists economies, its grouped by left wing billionaires with severe delusions of self-importance, it’s the revenue of “perceived political power?, and that power is so intoxicating that it appears once drank you forever more are lost to the “DARK SIDE?…

Simple you say, but of course, old as the hills you say, but of course, so what changed and why is it so isolated yet so powerful? Three reasons have driven the process to its current state of insanity;

1) The current version of MASS communication ignited by the computer industry.
2) The Legal system has been morphed into a political system.
3) The political election process is rigged like never before, dwarfing the rigged elections of yesterday.

The first point is extremely complex and a war is going on right now, as we all know, with the old fighting the new, but in reality it’s with the many taking out the few. The few still don’t see it but they have lost, and they can NEVER, EVER, put the Genie back in the Bottle, but like a drowning person that will die hard and take as many with them as they can.

The second point posits that the legal system was dragged into the political process when one of the National Parties realized their ideas weren’t popular enough to win the majority vote anymore. This has been brewing for years and it is now out in the open and the fight is to the death for some. The legal system that was designed to protect the common person was used to protect the rich, the powerful, and those on the inside, while the common person went to court and rolled the dice. The rich, powerful, and insiders still get most of the breaks, but even they are now subject to a higher calling for the legal system, political law. It’s only a matter of time before the pressure builds and that process explodes against those that use the legal system to manage the public at large. Why you say? Because it’s the beauty and POWER of the constitution they are fighting and I guarantee, “We the People, By the People, and For the People? will win, it always has!

The third point scares me the most as the National Parties now control the political process and have rigged the voting process via gerrymandering for the Lower House and Rich only for the Upper House / Presidency. How we fix that will be interesting to figure out.

So if you agree with me, the OLD PRESS MACHINE exists for one purpose now and has only one revenue stream, political power. And like all other entities that had their time but refuse to realize they have lost the edge, the death will be painful and hard to watch, you might even have noticed the hard to watch part already!

Have a good one…

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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Back in the saddle again, where to start… So many useful idiots so little time…

Al Gore and some Inconvenient Reality

Earth temp is warming, man (woman?) has to be a MAJOR part of it contends the clueless crowd, the cycle of warming and cooling is billions of years old, BILLIONS… how long have PEOPLE been around…

The measurement time span used to attack people is in, to be generous, hundreds of years, the warm and cool pattern has been off and on for BILLIONS of years, yes BILLIONS… the percentage of the system (earths weather) under measurement versus time in existence is too small even for modern day political pollsters to detect a meaningful bit of actionable information…

The problem, if you accept it as a problem, stems from events on earths surface, perhaps over looking the most powerful influence on our planet and all its parts, including the weather, the SUN, which strangely enough has been around for BILLIONS, yes BILLIONS of years… sensing a pattern are we?

The problem, if you accept it as a problem, stems from events on earths surface, perhaps over looking the second most powerful influence on our planet and all its parts, the earths core, which interesting enough, has been changing for, you guessed it, BILLIONS of years…. Hmmmm the pattern is complete…

Inconvenient Truth meet Inconvenient Reality, REALITY wins in a SMACKDOWN!!!!! To be honest, it never was a contest but watching the scared little people wonder aimlessly is kinda fun to watch…

LA and NY Times continue to operate without regard to John Q Citizen

As I have stated before the “Media? needs to be nailed and nailed hard for their continued fight against our fight on terror, doesn’t any politician have the guts to nail that crowd, anyone? Want my vote, no brainer, attack and wipeout the leakers and the media whom court them… Any one who supports the LA or NY Time should move to England and Canada, ASAP, PLEASE!! And take the single digit IQ PIXIE Chicks with you, why do all the socialist useful idiots like the Pixie Chicks, Shehan, etc. have single digit IQ’s? Hmmm sensing a pattern are you…

Kofi Clown

WSJ let him write an editorial on Immigration a couple of weeks ago, ROFLMAO!!
Sometimes the WSJ’s sense of humor is just too good, way to good…

KOS Blog meet Reality

Liberal Blog grass roots group meets the real political machine in a fight for control of the ring, Blog group comes out dazed and confused! Like so many whom thought they could take out Ali, talk is talk, but when you get in the ring with the pro’s, the chances are excellent you will have no idea what hit you, you will have no idea how fast it came, you will be completely unprepared for its power, and you will be carried from the ring blabbering what happened what happened! The pro’s will laugh and wait for the next one, bright eyed, bushy tailed, and, as it has always been, clueless between the difference between wanna-be’s and the pro’s!

Have a good one!!

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Monday, June 5, 2006

Patriotism Freezers

Maybe you’ve heard or seen some of the non-sense passing as moral judgment lately often beginning with something like, “Well I support the troops BUT?. Like the ABU incident which was handled professionally and without political bent by the US Armed Services we have another incident in which they are trying to do the same, Haditha.

Of course the usual left liberal mob is going berserk hoping that they can use this issue to bash the fight against terrorism. Because you see if we do that then we can “freeze? terrorism in the 90’s and not be so scared of it. And even more important than that were the minor incidents when the terrorist killed the little people allowing the liberal left to look the other way. The Navy ship bombed in the 90’s was the perfect Left Liberal incident, they could say, “awww were sorry some AMERICAN troops were killed but we really do support the troops just don’t take any actions against those that killed OUR TROOPS!?

You have the perfect leader of this group, the clown congressman John M who thinks that because he was once an armed forces person he can say he supports the troops while thrashing them without regard to their safety or the cause at hand. You see since he was once a real armed forces person his Patriotism is forever “Frozen? by the liberal left now that he has joined the side of the debate who hates, who trade in hate and weakness, whom seek to destroy under the guise of Patriotism.

We must remember it is the left liberals whom are frozen in hatred and weakness, whom have only faux patriotism at their side, who feed on their on weaknesses, remember it is they whom want to run our country. If that doesn’t scare you I don’t know what will. In Nature, nothing is frozen in the past so therefore anything or anyone attempting to freeze in the past will fail, period.

Have a good one…

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Friday, June 2, 2006

Freezing the Elitism Ruling Class

The Elite Ruling Class (ERC) has three missions in life, to protect their current position, to expand their scope of power, and to maintain strict separation between the little people and themselves, a super-moat if you will forever freezing the little people out.

The ERC employs many traditional means that we all know, money hording, power hording, dumbification of the little people, passing laws to protects themselves, passing laws that keep the little people down, etc… And these methods were all successful in the past as mass communication was one to one unless controlled by the ERC, like the MSM, etc.

I was listening to some analysts discuss what, if any, impact the Internet has had on the political process and they focused mainly on blogs as grass roots gathering points for like minded individuals to share emotions, donate money, band together, blah blah blah…

They like many try very hard to overlook the elephant in the window and that is the fact they cannot control the flow of information like they did in the past. Although they are trying lame laws (like they always do, see McCain – Fiengold) to address the situation in the back rooms they are scared and very worried about their own end, the end of the ERC.

I think the real reason the partisan behavior is so out of control is not so much the people involved (most useful idiots), not so much the parties separate ideas and end goals, but the fact that the “little people? now often know more than the ERC do and base their actions on that knowledge, not on the ERC’s desires.

That my fiends is why the ERC is going nuts and attacking everything, just like a drowning person, there is no difference, think about it.

Have a good one…

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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Some Fun n Stuff Politicking!!

Oops, Al the Goresman has decided he had better inform everyone that although he wasted tons of gas and stuff pushing his new movie that tells us little people not to waste gas, not to worry, because he went “green? in other ways to offset his abuse of gas, gee wonder whom he learned that tactic from?

Well it’s getting close to election time which means POLL-A-APLOOZA’s are everywhere. You can bet that not one major “media? entity will not have a weekly or even more frequent poll saying this or that to market to their political base.

Although most people realize the polls are nothing more than marketing hype designed to sway public opinion, they do have one useful and completely accurate component, their political bias will be in full display and you can judge them not on the forever changing spin, but on hard core facts they supply themselves.

An easy example is USA Today which oddly enough only does polls that hurt George Bush and Republicans, gee I wonder who they politically support? What’s funny is some people think that USA Today is a real newspaper, how funny is that!

California Democratic Governor race is still in its early phases but its getting brutal already and looks like it will be a battle of the haves and the have-nots.

The haves of course means you have sworn to increase taxes to pay off the Teachers Union, Police-Fire Unions, Gov Unions, etc. and if you watch or hear any news out here its Phil baby who has been bought and paid for, ah the good ole days of Grey Davis coming back to CA, how cool would that be?

This will be fun to watch and maybe the CA population might wake up and understand that the Unions run the state, not them.

Have a good one…

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Monday, May 29, 2006


Thanks US Military personnel, you're the best!

A long long time ago in THIS GALAXY the US stood firm,
Evil forces invaded our homeland and killed with speed and force,
The men and women of the US stood firm,
Evil forces declared their intention to take over the world,
The men and women of the US stood firm,
Evil forces killed innocent people and did not care,
The men and women of the US stood firm,
Evil forces attacked over and over, killing and killing,
The men and women of the US stood firm,
Evil forces were soon to learn the most powerful force in nature,
The men and women of the US stood firm,
Evil forces were soon under attack from that force,
The men and women of the US stood firm,
Evil forces were treated as they treated us,
The men and women of the US stood firm,
Evil forces were soon crushed by our Free Will,
The men and women of the US stood firm,
Remember the price of countless before you,
The men and women of the US stood firm,
Will you?

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Friday, May 26, 2006

Free Market Ideas and Some Labeling!

Market Idea 1a: You want to support Illegal immigrant people, great, stipulate a part of your paycheck every month to the Illegal Immigrant Federal Bureau and they will adjust the number of illegals based on the contributions.

Market Idea 1b: Help illegals support illegals, tax all money movement back to Mexico at a 50% rate and think of all the great services they could have, schooling, healthcare, the list could be endless!! And the Illegal Immigrant Fed Bureau could grow just like all the other Fed Bureaus into an unaccountable bad management magnet!!!

More money, more immigrants, less money, less immigrants. And its’ all voluntary and-or self supporting, how cool is that!!!!

Market Idea 2: All foreign governments, the UN, etc., by donation only! You want to support them you got it, for a nominal Fed Bureau overhead fee you could save the world!! Volunteer, Volunteer, the UN needs your money now could be your slogan, how COOL is that!

Market Idea 3: Turn over Congress “people? whoops I mean earmarks to EBAY and let the bidding begin!!! Full transparency and we can watch the rich buy the lawmakers, whoops again I meant earmarks, right out in the open, how cool is that!!

Market Idea 4: All lawsuits against any government entity are entirely paid for by the suit filer, including all government costs. All lawyers’ fees will be less than 10% of the total combined costs minus Fed Bureau overhead to be decided by the Fed Bureau themselves. All awards won by filer are to be directed to a Fed Bureau to disperse the funds to the homeless and the filer will get a nice service plaque for supporting the homeless. Supporting the Homeless, How cool is that!!

Add your own ideas today to the National Debate and who knows maybe one day we can become a Nation of Majority Rule again, now how cool would that be!!

So Iran wants to Tag people of different religions, well here in the US I want to tag some different types too;

Blurry red eye’d bumper emblem on all Kennedy cars,
Don’t You Know WHO I AM bumper stickers for politicians and wealthy people whom are above the law you and I must live by,
Green for Thee not for Me lapel pins for jet setting, entourage toting “Global Warming? gas bags,
IA (Illegal Alien) bright GOLD patch signifying don’t touch or you’re a racist, don’t criticize or you’re a racist, and of course you have to pay for everything and if you don’t, right, you’re a racist,
FreeME florescent green student patch’s for any student not conforming to the Liberal ideology passing as free speech codes at colleges, and most if not all public schools,
SpinMoneyMaster green arm badge for all those who can and will spin anything for money without regards to the truth or the consequences of their spin,
BlowBubba florescent blue patches for all girls working at a certain ex-gov officials office,

Create your own and have fun!!!!!

Have a good one…

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Accountability, you must be kidding….

ACLU internal memo, don’t air different opinions as they might hurt us, so much for defending free speech heh! Can it get better, oh yea…

Mexico pres denounces US fence while building his own fence, zero integrity, can it get better, oh yea…

“Family Values? candidate behind “$7,000? in child support, classic, but can it get better, oh yea…

Congress “people? upset one of their offices was searched because, well don’t we know WHO THEY ARE!! So what if they have the congress “person? on tape taking bribes, I say again, DON’T YOU KNOW WHO THEY ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!! But, can it get better, oh yea…

Senate hears the people of the US and responds to their anger against unfettered ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, soon to pass laws giving ILLEGAL ALIENS more protection at work than you and me. That will teach us to voice our opinion to the US Senate, DON’T YOU KNOW WHO THEY ARE!!!!!!!!!, But can it get better, oh yea…

Al Gore, Puppet Movie Master extraordinaire, flies to Washington, then to Cannes, and then, Gore & entourage took 5 cars to travel the 500 yards from hotel to screening of global warming pic in Cannes. Now to you that might seem like a waste of gas and harmful to the planet, but if you thought that, then surely YOU DON’T KNOW WHO HE IS!!!

Have a good one…

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Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Freezers: Hate scares the Weak

All one needs to do is look at the weaklings of the old MSM groups, the major weakness holding higher education hostage, the EU kowtowing, and one can see where the Haters have “Frozen? the weak into complete submission.

They choose violent hate based actions and words since they know violence scares the weak and they know the old MSM, Colleges, the EU, etc. are full of weakness and would rather “Freeze? in place they deal with the issue.

In fact there are so many examples of the weak being scared by violence these days I must assume this is a normal life cycle. The weak got to strong for awhile using words and posturing to gain power and then when trouble hit, as expected, they folded their tent and ran for the hills hoping to be left alone, hoping to “Freeze? the world at a moment in time when everyone was so “nice?, the ruling class had no threats, and only the little people got hurt.

Well that Frozen time has passed and once thawed cannot be re-frozen like the “old days?. Its time for strength to regain the lead by punishing the violent, by protecting the innocent, and by crushing the haters.

Have a good one…

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Freezers: Skin Color Crusaders

Some clowns at Harvard have a website that proves what I have written about many times before, they can prove racism no matter what you say. You must be a racist you just don’t know it.

False Guilt requires the “Racial Freezers? to forever live at a time when all white people are racist and all colored people have an excuse to be racist. You are not ALLOWED to evolve past your racism, you are not allowed to treat it like other forms of hate because it’s a “special? form of hate.

The “Racial Freezers? need your false guilt to protect their racial economy and they have chosen to “Freeze? your guilt from the “50’s? and “Freeze? your “its all my fault? guilt trip concessions from the “90’s?. It’s a perfect storm of false guilt, political posturing, and economy building that produces the level of “racism miners? we see today.

As I’ve said before skin color is just a view of nature that you have no control of how you view or what color you are. You do however have the ability to control or not control your hate. The “Racial Freezers? count on you never accepting that view, you decide.

Have a good one…

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Monday, May 15, 2006

The Freezers: Scared to Motionless

Note: First of many postings on the “Freezers?.

Al “I wish I had a backbone? Gore has become the lead puppet lately in a movie effort to show what “Global Warming? is all about to the average person whom must be clueless to this “proven? cause celeb.

The movie, but of course, shows all of the worst case scenario’s as being a matter of when, not if. The “MOVIE? takes great care to avoid scientific truths in pursuit of their quest, to scare you. To scare you into supporting their cause, to change all of the “normal? peoples life’s to conform with their world-view of life.

The problem they face is that Nature is always changing, Nature is by definition a constant changewave that we can never stop, ever! They cannot “Freeze? the oceans at their current level, they cannot “Freeze? the ice sheets at their current size, they cannot “Freeze? evolution in its current state, in fact the only thing they can “Freeze? is their intellectual growth.

One cannot change Nature, one can only hope to understand and ride with as much harmony as possible. It’s a fight the “Global Warmers? will never be able to win, it’s a changewave they will never be able to “Freeze?!

Have a good one…

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Friday, May 5, 2006

More Rambling

Nature and the Balance of the Senate, I am surprised that Nature is so omnipresence that she can even balance this group out;

They have Boxer, we have Chafee,
They have Kennedy, we have Specter,
They have Kerry, we have Lott,

Now baby, that takes awesome powers, wouldn’t you agree?

Let’s create a 3rd party, one of vision, power, logic, humanity based, classless, raceless, genderless, where wealth can buy anything but, politicians, legal privilege, human servants You know, by the people, for the people stuff, and then to balance Nature the two old stagnate corrupt parties can coalesce into one big old ball of yarn, useless until un-spun… sound good to you too???

Kennedy was caught at 2:45am, what was he going to vote on that day or what “other? official business was he planning? Congress Police let him off boy am I surprised, it’s like dude the 1st time I’ve heard of the ruling class law applied to the ruling class and the “little people? law like applied to you and me wasn’t the same, go figure. Oh btw, who does the ruling class work for? Or who does the “little people? class work for?

They in Government say we need more money, so what do they do?

Not tax illegals or the businesses that use them more than you and me, want to stay, want to hire, fine, PAY FOR THE PRIVILEDGE,
Keep The War on Drugs going and miss all of the taxes that would flow if we legalized it in the “correct way?, you know like the big PILL BUSINESS does today (ask Kennedy, Rush, et al), or continue to let all the dictators keep the money,
Keep on-line gambling illegal so all the money and taxes from that go to other countries as well,
Keep letting court personal whom are accountable to no one drive infrastructure (Insurance, Medical, Legal, Bureaucracy, etc) costs through the roof, I thought we had the technology to let the people decide these days? Government too screwed up to decide, let the public decide, court ruling screwed up, let the public decide, after all we will in a MAJORITY RULE system, don’t we?

Have a good one…

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Thursday, May 4, 2006

Bloggers, don’t repeat one of the Old Noise Machines (MSM) Biggest Mistakes!

And you ask what is that mistake? Don’t expound and regurgitate “bad? news over and over and over once the battle is finished, win or lose…

Moussaoui is a prime example, cover once, cover thoroughly and then, NEVER EVER AGAIN, let the OLD Noise Machine waste away with sordid details and meaningless analysis. Yes the death penalty was best, rotting in jail is good too, and no France can never have him, he’s gone, let it go…

If we can’t make positive news going forward day in and day out, then we too will become the next version of the Old Noise Machine. I for one am hoping that’s not the plan for the future, what say ye?

Have a good one…

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Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Blog Re-Actions

Powerline is, rightfully, paying homage to Mark L and Andrew M. co-author at National Review On-line ripping the Palm Beach DA for letting politics drive his actions, just like the clown Ronnie E against Delay. As I have stated before the Liberal Mindset has been reduced to using the Courts to fight all of their causes because the masses will never buy their junk. And you say you’re not that outraged huh?

Well this strategy of the small versus the majority via courts, finding judges that “feel your PAIN?, outlasting the local budgets (ACLU, DNC, RNC, etc.), using the usual ism’s (genderism, racism, etc.), and on and on should be SCARING THE HELL OUT OF YOU!

This is how the ACLU, Soros, Liberals at large, want to shape and control America and they are much further along in Europe and you see how well that is going! Now we have all sorts of groups embracing this strategy and making the courts the centerpiece of political activism. The list is so huge that no one can really keep up with it, we have watchdog groups for the ACLU, for the 9th Circuit Court of Laughs, whoops I meant Appeals, Spring Break Lawyers Gone Wild, Judges telling the people whom they work for I don’t need to follow YOUR rules, a common judge line, “NOT IN MY COURTROOM?, Whom’s Court Room your honor? And while I’m asking that, what’s with the “YOUR HONOR? garbage, you think you’re better than the rest of us? Maybe you forget who’s paying your salary and who your work for!

Remember when you VOTE, the liberals winning equals the Courts screwing your lifestyle!

Powerline also talks briefly about Neil Young’s new political hit piece and quotes some guy as saying if your conservative it will make you mad as hell! I want to ask the conservatives to join this moderate in saying, thanks for the LAUGHS Neil!

Michelle Malkin’s new Hot Air site is very cool and as usual targets with facts and truth, must really frustrate her critics whose only weapons are lies and personal attacks. Michelle also takes it to the immigration extortionist and others say one thing and do another, she always seems to have logic on here side which is a good thing.

National Review Online, by Claudia Rosett, another UN action that would be a scandal of huge proportion if done by anyone in the GOP, but sense it’s the UN not to worry, they are so corrupt its expected! And yet we still send money, we still act like they matter, so many acts, so little time, so much waste, so much false hope, the horror the horror…

Rush (on the air), Most College Professors don’t approve of Bush’s actions, are you kidding me!!! Of course they would he believes in the truth and strength, and sometimes his faith, while all they have is hate and somber discussions about a dreamland that will never exists, a land where the ruling class runs everything and all the “little people? follow without question…

Have a good one!!!

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Tuesday, May 2, 2006

More of this and that…

Well the Illegal’s “protests? went off as planned and the only ones who seemed to notice were the self-selling leaders of non-moving movements. Business went on as usual, freeways were very nice, kinda of like a day when schools and – or gov is closed and traffic flies… hmmmmmm Now I know what your thinking, could they be related? I don’t know just thinking out loud.

And of course the gov is wandering aimlessly trying to figure out how to get votes and Geo Bush is looking for love. What this situation needs is management and you find very little of that in gov and that my friends is the real problem! It seems that when Geo Bush falls short of the mark he is being very consistent, he throws his Business skills out the door and goes emotional and when he does, look out cause as good as his business skills are his emotional skills are bad and the evidence is abundant!

And lastly it appears the illegal “crowd? has started to notice that the drivers of this effort were communist and socialist organizations and they wondered if they should be associated with those groups. Strange bedfellows indeed…

Lot’s of talk recently about false guilt which is old news to this old guy. A term I first heard from my brother years ago and when one looks at the angry liberal left and examines their drivers it’s clear they suffer massive doses of false guilt like a heroin addict seeking their next fix except at least the heroin addicts admits they have a problem, don’t expect that from an angry liberal anytime soon. But the real problem is not their false guilt but their never ending efforts to weaken everything around them to put theirs minds at ease. They are the weakest of the weak and therefore the most desperate, the quickest to mob, the quickest to denounce, the quickest to point blame, the quickest to cry foul, the quickest to look the other way if the truth or logic gets in the way of their idealism.

I am a divorced white male in his late forties and without doubt I am part of the most discriminated group in Liberal power circles which of course allows the discrimination to flourish and grow in other areas of society (press, schools, government, etc…). As I have written before these discriminators have built robust economies needed to fund their personal lifes and as long as those economies are allowed to grow and flourish, then racism, genderism, xxxism will continue to be a problem in society. And as long as the weak liberal false guilt mind is allowed to have any say expect this problem to remain.

The good news is Nature favors the strong and always has so on occasion the weak will have their moment, but in the end Nature will assert herself and the strong will correct the imbalance of the angry liberal weaklings.

Have a good one…

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Thursday, April 27, 2006

This and That…

Oil Companies profits bad because it “hurts’ the people… Clinton friend Food Store Billionaire got rich on huge profits selling FOOD to people and no one seems to notice… hmmm could it be Food Billionaire friend (gives huge sums of money = friendship to these people) of liberal media. Think about a guy making BILLIONS exploiting poor peoples desire to EAT and stay alive, the horror, the horror…

Republican swing votes and other middle of the road swing voters going to teach Republicans a lesson and not vote for them to “teach? them a lesson. I for one have never seen feeding on ones self a healthy process, have you? Maybe they are taking lessons from the CA Teachers Unions on how to NOT teach effectively!

Immigration issue has been reduced to a racist clash of classes since the politicians in charge are as weak as weak can be, nothing else can describe their inability to show any sign of strength. Show me the power in politics these days that’s not based in genderism, racism, classism, religionism, and I will follow, but alas I feel I am still adrift at sea, waiting, hoping, yearning for real power to show up… sigh… the future looks bleak…

Media is warring still on leakers leaking and how dare the government goes after leakers and some people think the media is upset that this is attacking their patriotism, wrong. The Old Noise Machine (MSM) needs leakers since they have no other news capabilities. The bloggers have exposed their lying liberal bias and they have no concept of neutral reporting anymore so what’s left you say? Relying on leakers as a vain attempt to stay relevant as their circulation and viewer ship continue to decline at a brisk pace. I’m afraid they won’t get it until their financial bankruptcy catches up with their ideological bankruptcy…

Have a good one…

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Friday, April 21, 2006

More of this and that…

I was reading about one of the clowns from the NY Slimes that thought Bush should take a “Foreign Policy Time-Out? and I was again forced to realize how insensitive I have been about their feelings. Yes a “time-out? followed by some milk and cookies, maybe tell a little story before our nap, and snuggle up close while we nap, oh yea! Foreign policy at the NY Slimes really is little more than kids cheerleading other kids with no perspective on reality, zero perspective, zero intellectual weight, and, as usual, zero strength.

Oh and on top of that, some of the major NY Slimes share holders have finally noticed that pimping and preening for less than a 1/3 of your potential customer base is bad for business!! As I’ve said before, so much arrogance buttressed by so much ignorance can lead to negative results…

Some people are wondering why the supporters of the Florida Professor (another shinning example of the “quality? of college professionals) who admitted being a bad guy supporting other bad guys haven’t come forward and admitted they were wrong all along! LOL are you kidding me, they have no idea what responsibility is, zero idea. And what about the Professors of the Professors Society, have you heard anything from them, hmmmm not a chance! Why you ask, well in order to be heard they would have to lift their heads out of the sand and that my friends won’t be happening anytime soon, well at least as long as the Liberal Collective (read school administrations backed by Union dollars) holds their jobs over their heads…

Hmmm, boy this is surprising, a retired General says something political that was the exact opposite of what he said a whole 3 or 4 YEARS ago, I know I know, expecting these political types to remember what they said yesterday is taxing, so how can I expect them to remember something they said years ago. What is most scary to me is how wimpy these generals sound and how they remind me of oh so many wimps who made it up high in management with a relentless campaign of BUTT KISSING!

UN appoints IRAN to commission on Nuclear Disarmament, clearly whom ever writes the comedy for the UN is brilliant, simply brilliant! Gollywood, quick find that comedy writer and hire her or him, brilliant!!

Have a good one…

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

This and that…

Remember truth seekers and science pro’s, awards like the Pulitzer’s and Nobel’s are no longer awards of excellence, they are awards for;

toeing the line,
for collective liberal thinking,
for weakness,
for race-gender-sexual orientation baiting,
for protecting the guilty,
for burying ones head in the sand in the face of freedom of speech killers,
for ensuring the truth doesn’t matter anymore unless its supports the liberal version,
add your own here…

Destroyers’ version 2,999,999,992

Target: Rumsfield (again), Integrity, and the USA

New version of an age old attack but with the same hoped for results, and btw it’s not about removing Rumsfield, it’s not about removing Bush, it’s not about helping the IRAQI people, they seek to destroy for the same old purpose and it’s the same old game because they have no other game, it’s all about getting liberals back into power. They do this for one reason, to enact laws to destroy America. They say you can’t attack their patriotism yet they attack patriots day in and day out so I will attack their patriotism since they have none.

What do they want, they want a ruling class for the World, plain and simple. And they must destroy the US for that to ever happen else they have no chance. Why you say, well because free will is not part of liberal thought, it’s collective or bad, period.

More examples you say, illegal immigration aka open borders, tell me that’s not a “world view?, seeping in “International Law? into Court decisions, protecting the courts against law makers elected by majority vote (rule by law not by legislature), fighting having an ID to vote yet you need a ID for almost everything else devaluing the voting process, control the voting process through gerrymandering for Congress people and massive money requirements for Senate seats reducing the contest to the rich or party candidates only, change the voting process so the outcome is controlled by the courts, Global Warming hysteria designed to enforce collective thought, support failing schools systems to continue producing citizens whom they think will be easier to control, “poll? 50 people and market the poll such that these 50 people speak for the “majority? of us and therefore you should too, add you own here…

What they clearly don’t know, if they succeed, they will create a world body that the 1st powerful group of individuals (Islam maybe?) that comes along will over throw with ease and then all of the “rights and social advances? will be thrown out on day one.

Any feminist, or gay rights advocate, or freedom of religion type, or freedom of thought type who supports the Democratic extreme liberalism plan should realize that they are attacking themselves and maybe they should consider an alternative else their legacy will not survive, will all of been in vain, and most of the fault will be on their leaders who refused to see the truth, or who saw it and were too weak to act on it… think about it…

Have a good one…

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Monday, April 10, 2006

Fifth Installment: The Hillary vs. the Ham Sammich

Newsflash: The latest polling numbers from IP – ONU have just been released and the Hillary has taken the lead!! At this time, 2+ years out from the race, the gap for Hillary is microscopic over the Ham Sammich but it’s still too close (for any normal person) to call with a difference of 0.00…8.

Polling Note: Interestingly enough the usual suspects, ABC, CBS, NBC, Zogby, etc. are thrilled to no end and are starting to actively question, “Why do we need an election?? The Pollsters, off the record of course, wonder why the stupid government requires the vote at all, they know who American’s want to be President and all of this voting stuff and Electoral College stuff is a complete waste of Taxpayer dollars. In fact they say, why wait till 08 to put a new president in, let’s throw the bum out now and shove the Hillary in, think of all the money and time saved! They walked away grumbling something about “will of the people, how dated is that!?

The Bill and Hill little dust devil situation about “Port’s? and security was really just a memo to memo chain off command issue and not a REAL issue between the two. A meeting was planned and came off with out a hitch between the two after their staffs worked for days to re-schedule their schedules so they could actually talk face to face. As with all situations that show Hillary to be incompetent with regards to political positioning, Bill quickly came out and took the blame. He also forcefully reminded everyone that Hillary wears the pants in their relationship and Bill “sticks? to the blue dresses.

The Ham Sammich has been on a Whirlwind Tour of the Mid-West states raising money and building localized Campaign teams that will roll-up to support the National Campaign. These teams consist mostly of dedicated Ham Sammich loyalists who for years have enjoyed the tasty relevance of the Ham Sammich’s position in Society and who rejoice with smiles and warm embraces to all. Ham Sammich loyalist see no color, no age, no gender, no need for laws on things that no one on this planet has control of!

The Hillary machine has also been on a Whirlwind Tour of the Mid-West states raising money and building localized Campaign teams required to support the National Campaign as well. As an example of her “enduring? support in Iowa, The Hillary’s local Iowa campaign staff was augmented by less than 200-300 lawyers and such from East Coast teams that were only brought in for “back-up?. The Hillary team assured the local followers her will was their will and as long as they followed the Central Command Operation (CCO) directives they would still be in charge of things, you know, donut runs, mail box stuffing, tire slashing, etc., and that the legal agreement they we’re signing would only be needed if they were required to be arrested based on illegal activity and, but of course, the CCO will disavow any knowledge of their operations regardless of where the order came from. The Hillary team would later thank them via a form letter from the Queen, whoops, I mean President as they had to understand there would be too many for her to personally sign.

The Hillary has reportedly raised so much money the insiders are speaking to numerous banking officials about setting up the Bank of Hillary and how to properly launder the hard and soft money such that no one knows which is which and therefore ensures no campaign laws will be broken. The rumor that the Hillary campaign might follow the campaign finance rules laid down by Fiengold-McCain were laughed off by the insiders, “those rules are meant for old white men, the FEC ensures all of the protected groups (women, minorities, reporters, school unions-professors, lawyers, etc.) can do what they want and no harm will come to them!?

Breaking news has is that the Ham Sammich’s mere “mention? of the dreaded Truth Missile has infuriated the Junior Senators Presidential staff and they are up in arms! Insiders tell this intrepid reporter that the news shook some of the staff so hard they were reduced to un-controllable outbursts some to vulgar for print, what follows are some of the “tamer? outbursts, “telling the truth is for weenies?, “telling the truth is a sure sign of weakness!?, “telling the truth requires that one be non-nuanced!?, the horror, the horror, …

The Hillary’s team has responded by preparing over 50,000 lawsuits based in International law that argue the people can’t handle the truth, don’t need the truth, and shouldn’t be allowed to know the truth! The Hillary’s legal team, estimated at over 10,000 lawyers, is prepared to submit as many lawsuits as needed to ensure no one ever understands the real story and they can outlast any challenge(s) based on silly things like the facts or the truth which are, of course, poor foundations for running a political campaign.

The Ham Sammich is preparing to respond with an “Army of David’s? (Glenn Reynolds aka Instapundit), grass roots people all over the US who still believe in Truth, Justice, and the American Way! The SFB’s (Special Forces Bloggers) make up the bulk of the Army of David’s and they are a formable group, the humongous legal Gauntlet thrown up by the Hillary might not be sufficient to conceal the truth and ensure reality cannot be defined by mere mortals whom aren’t Judges. The Hillary legal team will be completely un-prepared to battle this new foe, most importantly, their mixture of complete arrogance buttressed by complete ignorance of what the “Army of David’s? is makes for a battle that historians looking back in time will wonder, wonder out loud, how in those modern ages could such a massacre have been allowed to happen, the horror, the horror.

Never the less, insiders on both sides of this historic showdown realize what is at stake and we expect this battle to be intense, hard fought, and as rough as anything ever seen in Modern Political times. Including the most historic Clintonian legal battle ever fought, the legal based meaning of the word “is?. We will endeavor to pursue for you our readers, the un-biased and TRUTHFUL reporting of all the facts, to hell with Nuance!!!

The next installment will focus on the battle between the Goliaths of the Hillary team’s construction vs. the Army of David’s as the Gauntlet is laid down and the siege begins!!!

Until we meet again, remember the truth is more than a feeling, the truth is more than words, the truth is never nuanced, the truth doesn’t need spin, it is what it is…

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Friday, April 7, 2006

Power Politics via the Courts

Trent Lott doesn’t like hearing from us “ordinary? people about Pork Barrel stuff,
McCain-Feingold don’t like hearing from us “ordinary? people about campaign contributions,
Clinton-Romney don’t like hearing from us “ordinary? people about HealthCare,
Closet Republicans don’t like hearing from us “ordinary? people about illegal immigrants,
San Fran Senate “Gals? don’t like hearing from us “ordinary? people about Unions killing California,
Kerry – Kennedy don’t like hearing from us “ordinary? people about judges;
And on and on and on.

Do you know why? Because your vote is secondary, what rules politics today is not local effects but centralized party machinery. The states have been relegated to secondary citizens to protect the National Political Parties agenda and you can add more of the above everyday since they cover everything.

And what makes it worse if they have found a way to make the only two National elected politicians, the President and Vice President, not really matter that much anymore and it’s called the Federal Court system. And in case you haven’t noticed that’s where the ultimate power struggles today are. The Congress elections are a shame, the President and Vice President Elections are straight party line exercises, and so what we have left is lifetime appointed judges ruling our lives. The voting process is in shambles, dead people vote, dogs vote, people cry (Democrats wanting illegals and felons to vote) if they are required to prove they are US citizens and-or authorized to vote, and on and on and on…

Remember this when you see a judge rule against the US Military for political reasons (Abu-Grab),
Remember this when you see a convicted and self-admitted child rapist sentenced to no jail time,
Remember this when you see a terrorist treated better that a US citizen who smokes pot,
Remember this when you see “racism? become a legal right,
Remember this when you see in the very near future a “judge? ruling all illegals are legal,
Remember this when you see your home ripped from your hands,
Remember this when you see a rich or powerful entity move a trial to a “favorable judge?,
Remember this when you see a judge who says “his or her? courtroom,
Excuse my language but,


If you’re not scarred yet you should be, America is in trouble and the destroyers are using the courts for the real battle, please remember this when you wonder what’s wrong in our country…

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Thursday, April 6, 2006

How big a deal is Racism?

NBC trolling for Racism at NASCAR races, comes away empty.
If they trolled for Racism at more opportunity laden places;
Say anywhere Cynthia McKinney goes,
Say anywhere Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson go,
Say anywhere illegal immigrants from Mexico gather,
Say anywhere A.N.S.W.E.R. sponsors a rally,
Say anywhere “peaceful? Muslims gather,
Say anywhere college social sciences “professors? gather,
Say anywhere where French and Brussels “Elite? meet,
Say anywhere college law school “entrance? exams are taken,
Say anywhere the Nation of Islam meets,
Say anywhere the “Senatorial Ladies? San Fran Tea Party meets,
Say anywhere the Congressional Black Caucus meets,
Say anywhere the Congressional Latino Caucus meets,
Say anywhere the Congressional Asian Caucus meets,
Say anywhere the Congressional Lobster Caucus meets,

they could fill the airwaves tonight! Alas though that would only be Anti-American racism which the Old Noise Machine and the Democrats think nothing of…

I pledge allegiance to the FLAG Baby!!!!! Oh Yea…

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Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Another day of the Destroyers

How come the only people not called Racist by the mainstream press and the Democrats are the people who are the most racist? Who use racism as an excuse for everything and any behavior? Well Duh, it’s obvious since the only ones who still use racism like this are Democrats. How long will we have to put up with people being anything but Americans, plain and simple Americans, how long? Will America still be here when that time comes? Or will the destroyers have won by then and only looking back will the destroyers realize they destroyed themselves too in the process, sometimes I just wonder…

Immigration, only counts when politics is involved and who will get the most votes, nothing else matters to those in power, NOTHING! And now that we know Mexico treats its illegals a million times worse than we do it just confirms the obvious, the destroyers know no bounds, have no scruples, and will stop at nothing. I hope the brave and strong dig in soon…

Big news about the new CBS newsreader, pure agenda driven BS, I don’t know about you but that sure SURPRISES me!! When will people learn that newsreaders are old news, tainted organs of liberal machinery washed away in the battle for truth? As stated before the destroyers think its big and important, but in the end the truth will when and no matter who or how, the message of destruction and control will not win in America, as long as we stay America and remember all before us who had similar battles and who fought for the truth, justice, and the American way…

An election is coming soon and the pundits and pols are already starting their processes that seek to destroy those whom don’t agree with them. When you live by hate, think by hate, are driven, by hate, you can’t go home and WASH it off, you can’t go to the water cooler and Vent it off, you can’t surround yourself with only those who think like you and WILL it off, no you must first face your hatred, realize you have a problem, and then and only then can you start the healing process. The destroyers need hate (see Middle East for current example) for without hate the destroyers have no cause, have no voice, have no power, so you need to decide what you want to be, hate = destroyer, hurts doesn’t it…

Have a good day...

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Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Global Warming, even the name is wrong!

You know when a “Group of zealots? can’t even name their “movement? correctly you’ve got to stand-up and take notice. The “enlightened? few who take this seriously based on its name alone are typical “movement? types, and as we all know usually a few calculators leading a bunch of “useful? idiots around. Although in this case I think “useful? is over used a bit, don’t you?

Typical “useful? idiots like Cindy S. and too numerous to list Gollywood celebs actually believe they “know? what they are doing when in reality they are clueless. But the Global Warming crowd tops even those Gollywood clowns (sorry clowns) with respect to actual understanding of the movement. So I will make it very simple for you, the Planet is in a constant state of warming and cooling, or if you prefer, cooling and warming! See now you too are up to date on the movement.

The Planet’s journey through Space and Time like all things in Nature is marked by change, constant change, and the roller-coaster has far too many ups, downs, and turns for us to completely understand and predict the future. So if we remove this component from the equation we can really get down to what bugs most of the people in this movement, how we use the planet and her resources.

I am all for being as smart as possible, as “Earth Friendly? as possible, and “clean? as possible and clearly our history shows we balance this pretty well. Some periods are better than others but we are clearly making progress here.

So why over-sensationalize a wrongly named movement? In some we know their compassion is sincere, but for most we know the true reason, power, pure and simple power and so those that lay claim to being in this movement are actually part of everything they hate. As I’ve said before, be careful what you hate, because Nature is their waiting for you and you will become what you hate, as sure as global evolution changes with time, count on it!

Have a good one…

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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Some more this and that

Congress ?Person? blows by security checkpoint and what’s the reason, “we’ll don’t they know who I am?? So many examples of double standards by politicians it’s impossible to keep up with. I wonder what it is about all of these politicians and Judge Types who feel their “feelings? are above the rule of law, but yours and mine are surely not.

The Cause and Effect link so carefully analyzed and rationalized to deal with feminism, racism, ageism, etc., is completely ignored when it comes to discussions about men and fatherhood. Do you think their might be a reason men have a hard time being fathers in a system that is completely rigged against any man who doesn’t tow a very specific line completely dominated by the female decision process? Do you think pounding them into submission and taking their money could have ever been a good long term strategy? Do you think rigging the Court Systems to discriminate against men would produce more men taking care of their children or less? Do you think making is easier for every protected “type? to get legal satisfaction against men would endear them to the process? Do you know what the results of this assault are which started 30+ years ago? Checked the marriage rates lately, checked the single mother raising children alone rates lately, checked how well children do without a male role model lately, and btw, have you checked your pulse lately?
Do you think the assault can continue much longer without its effects being felt for even more generations or maybe permanently? Do you care?

Drug War Status: Completely failed, supporter’s solution, more money! Sound familiar? What do you think would happen if any other war had been fought so hard, for so long, with so much money with these results; drugs more available than ever down to the GRADESCHOOL level, our enemies are richer than ever (foreign and domestic), other countries target our drug war results as a business opportunity, we jail over 4,000 US CITIZENS (mostly drug users) everyday to help fight the drug war, most of whom are US citizens whom need help, not casualties!!! All in the name of “protecting the children? which, as usual, sounds great, but in this case rings hollow and pathetically inept. Case in point broadcast on The Factor almost every night recently, child RAPIST get less time in jail than drug users, LESS TIME!!!! Does that sound like a judicial system designed to protect the children to you, DOES IT? Don’t you think its time we stopped the WAR on ourselves and took a new direction? Maybe you should open your mind a bit and chew on reality before you throw your support behind this failed war again… Maybe it’s time to admit the War is wrong and take a new direction, we would with any other war, why not this one?

Speaking of drugs and ruining lives, I saw the recent articles on Whitney Houston and was so sad. When she sang the National Anthem at the Superbowl (I think it was 1991) I had never been so moved, such power that day, such power… Is she someone who needs help, is a causality, or a war criminal? You decide…

Have a nice day!

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Little of this and that…

From the land of Gollywood, every time you think something dumber would be impossible, presto, you have another idiot actress or actor speak! This time it was the actress Sharon Stone who thinks Hillary Clinton is too “Hot and Sexy? to become President. It just never seems to stop from this crew and one just has to think, “I couldda been an actor?, but I just wasn’t dumb enough!

The immigration issue is finally going to get its due and this will be fun to watch as we know the media is completely out of touch, the demos and repubs only care about votes and power, and the American People are sick of it! Kids demonstrating don’t impress me, radio DJ’s don’t impress me, following the law does impress me, which will it be?

Little Diane finally weighed in and in typical DNC form appeased and went weak. The number one tactic on the DNC action list is, GO WEAK or don’t go at all!

Islam is bloodthirsty again and this time it’s the “good? ones seeking the blood because an Islam guy converted from Islam. And clearly that is an action that requires death because as we all know, you’re either for Islam or waiting to be put to death, because it’s a religion of peace, got it? How long will the weak crowd take to realize that left to their own actions they will be under the rule of Islam? And if-when that happens, they can kiss the Feminist movement goodbye, they can kiss the Hillary for President movement goodbye, they can kiss the secular movement goodbye, they can kiss FREEDOM goodbye, they can kiss their ASS goodbye…

Have a nice day!

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Monday, March 27, 2006

Viva La California and the California Senators

The Open Borders team met with the Return California to Mexico team over the weekend and, like many other places in America, got down to the business at hand, exploit poor dumb people for political power. I know this is harsh but sometimes harsh subjects require harsh explanations.

The reality of the whole spectacle(s) breaks down into two common and as old as dirt components, power plays and haves vs. have nots. Anybody who sees anything else in this is either wishful thinking or an idiot, you choose. The haves vs. have nots is part of the evolution of our species and is why we have political systems, legal systems, blah blah blah, and those will always produce stress and tension for those trying to hang on to and for those wanting to go after, POWER!

But the Democratic Party has started us down a real slippery slope where the consequences go right to the heart of the constitution. By wedding political clout with the legal system they have created the perfect opportunity to wipe out the legal voting system which renders our constitution useless and if that doesn’t scare you perhaps you shouldn’t live here anymore.

The derivative of Open Borders and the illegal vote is obvious to some and that is why the racist Return Cali to Mexico group joined the party over the weekend. The stakes are huge here in case you didn’t know, California’s economy is huge and the tax base that goes with the economy is huge, prime targets for power struggles.

So I have noticed two very important California politicians seem not interested in this little drama or who seem not to want to get involved in this, what say ye Boxer and Diane? And it’s interesting that in all of the coverage I have seen the talk about politics is used to pound Republicans and the President yet no one sought out the CA Senators, now why do you suppose that is?

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Men and Children, Hmmmmm

The male version of Roe vs. Wade, or more rightly called the male version of abortion on demand derived from judicial imagination, whoops, legislation, whoops, “RULING?, is getting a lot of play time in the male wars these days and as usual its as boring as ever.

Woman’s Rights Protectors, why not People’s Rights Protectors, oh sorry silly me, of course claim men just want to shurk their responsibility and “real? men types think it’s outrageous a man doesn’t want to be a “real? man in the face of fatherhood. So what’s really at play?

Male whiners first (change of pace, can’t claim sexism on this blog!) are missing the most obvious point of being a “real? male, a “real? male never, EVER, has this problem, end of line.

Female whiners of course think all things stemming from a “male? * dominated society are the “males? fault and therefore it goes with out question that women should be able to pick and choose when a male is involved in the decision and when not. Want to have the child or abort, woman only question, but of course, want to care for the child, woman only question, want to be financial responsible for the child, woman only decision! So women decide completely if and which part of the process they will “let? the male become involved in. Of course “let? here means by legal decree! Notice the lack of “male? decisions points here? Very convenient huh? And then they wonder why males have a problem with the system! Hmmmm do you think it’s a tad tilted based on gender here, maybe just a tad????

* A male dominated society huh? Does anyone still believe this except the people still trying to use the courts to determine legislation to punish males for sins nearly all of the current males didn’t commit??? Hmmmm do you think!!!!!

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

When you hear wimpy and politics, which political party do you think of first?

Disclaimer: I am a social libertarian and fiscal conservative type who prefers to think of himself as an overall independent guy.

The story out of Berkeley was just too good to pass up comment on. Here is best part of it,

“ The whiny kids tended to grow up conservative, and turned into rigid young adults who hewed closely to traditional gender roles and were uncomfortable with ambiguity.
The confident kids turned out liberal and were still hanging loose, turning into bright, non-conforming adults with wide interests. The girls were still outgoing, but the young men tended to turn a little introspective.?

Easy things to toss aside, Berkeley kids might have some level of influence by their parents (indoctrination comes to mind), this type of “study? comes up every now and then when the liberals are under fire, cry baby whimps clearly end up on all sides of the political spectrum, ALL SIDES, etc…

But, let’s look at some macro generalities about libz and conservz and see where that takes us, OK?

Libz make up 85-90% of the Old Noise Machine which clearly says, follow our mindset or you can’t “belong?, sounds like non-conforming to me. This is well documented so no need to expound on it.

Libz prefer talk over action, bureaucracy over leadership, and most importantly, status quo instead of change, sounds like non-conforming to me. Think not eh? The key to understanding this is the central point of Management, if you can’t measure it you can’t manage it. Central theme to that is “ACCURATE? measurement, unbiased, quantifiable, verifiable, tracked over time, and hold on to your hats, MODIFIED AS NEEDED to make the program “continue? to work in ever “changing? times. Libz hate modifying things that clearly don’t work anymore since they believe in the original essence, not the actual of today. Think public schools, public health plans, public programs, public blah blah blah and you get the idea. You guessed it more proof of non-conforming types in action oh yea!

Whiny types turn into rigid young adults whom conform to those nasty old
male - female teachings. You know the kind Libz hate so much and just can’t believe anyone with a brain would partake in. Libz believe marriage is nothing more than a piece of paper and a understanding of responsibilities you know kind a like the Clintons marriage. I am sure they love each other as friends, or lifelong pals, or whatever. And in a cool way you know, spend very little time together, have very little physical contact (if any), pretend to be a couple when needed, and pretend to be single when needed. Now that’s way cool as compared to you know, loving your spouse, wanting to spend quality time together, you know that horrible thing called “living together?. Yep must be totally rigid to dig that old and dated view of marriage.

And of course the closer that gives the whole thing away, “uncomfortable with ambiguity?. And there we have it folks, the whole study is about the same old tired “feelings game? psycho drama played out by the Libz day in and day out.
It’s not what is is man, it’s what you think man, it’s what you feel in your heart, screw reality, and live only in the world of make believe, and then you too can be “bright with wide interests?. Oh yea baby, oh yea…

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Old Noise Machine’s decline into irrelevance continues at a brisk pace…

Times corrections page now has more readers than its front page… photo of Warner, of Iraq prisoner, too many to list here since I don’t have terabytes of space available to devote to them, and imagine if you added the LA Times, then the storage requirements start to dwarf NASA’s Hubble library…

Another “Major? paper selling “out? in California is another example of trying to sell while you still think some value exists, quick quick quick, before they all go the way of old movies stars looking for one last bus ride down the relevance memory lane tour…

Gollywood 2005 numbers… terrible, so how do they respond? Send in Georgie Boy and say Yes We Are! YES we are completely disconnected from reality and proud of it!!!! Gee that ought to send the box office numbers through the roof! I can tell you next time he makes one of his statement movies about weakness and how he embraces it I will surely, NOT BE THERE!!!

Special Forces Bloggers, own the stories these days from a fact checking, expert testimony viewpoint. Old Noise Machine has been reduced to parody and yet, somewhere, some “exec? must be thinking, you know, declining ad revenue, declining circulation – viewers, declining credibility, and wondering, gee how did this all happen? Having sensed the trend they now are starting their “own? blogs thinking that is must just be the delivery medium, it couldn’t possible be our message could it? Nah that’s not it, right. Lesson one will be their blogs are manned by news writers and not experts and they will still get their clock cleaned, second lesson will be hiring some of the experts, yet they will still get their clock cleaned, and someday, maybe somewhere, one will get it, hmmm must be the message, and then and only then will things get interesting for the old noise machines, of course that assumes some of them might still be around because as we know they are a bit “slow? on the up side… Here’s an idea, just send a guy to take the pictures, we’ll do the real reporting…

Have a nice day…

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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Let’s get ready to Ramble!!!

The “Talibanization? of Yale has started off a touch rocky but I think the administration at Yale is secure in their plan to allow the alteration of the school’s image to continue in a tight downward spiral making for a beautiful pretty color picture on some “persons? desk.
As with all liberal “ground breaking? fundamental changes resulting in disaster the “Talibanization? effort tried to fly under the radar and was caught red handed, too funny by far. Step two in the playbook is the silent treatment where the liberal mindset, which usually finds itself whining about everything except itself, retreats into a monotone silence and digs in for the long waiting game. The length of the “waiting? timeframe is dictated by how long the disaster takes to be minimized from the limelight and become reduced to background noise.
After the limelight has faded, the “Talibanization? effort will continue under the radar with more and more “Scholarly? “kids? being recruited to shape the student body. At some point in time though it will be fun to watch the “diversity gang’s? reaction to the new campus rules, you know, wear fingernails lose a finger, woman speak to men or go out of their house alone and your stoned to death, etc., should make for some interesting self reflection, eh?

As if this needs proof, the NY Times reporters are now being “requested? to testify about their attempt to Lie, whoops, I mean build a story with no factual basis to cause trouble for the President of the US and some of his staff.
Proof of what you say??? Proof that anytime non-intellects (i.e. most members of the Old Noise Machine) engage is silly little plans to discredit someone they don’t “like? more often than not the plan fails, but more and more thanks to the SFB (Special Forces Blogger’s) it comes back to bite them where it don’t feel real good, aww poor babies, aww…

Jessica Simpson misses a lunch with the Pres and the press thinks it’s a news story. My guess is the Pres laughed and said thank goodness since I’m sure anytime he has to meet with another airhead it’s a low point of his day…

As predicted we now know funds for Katrina relief will be misspent and go unaccounted for but not to worry, calls of racism will surely shield the lawbreakers and the incidents will surely be un-reported, except of course the cries of racism used to mask the crimes, those will be broadcast across the Old Noise Machines spectrum of liberal and Democratic Party services, count on it. Racism covers and trumps all among the weak and that’s a fact.

The Factor has been after weak kneed judges lately and has done a great job exposing some insane judges who clearly are beyond criminal negligence, they have become co-conspirators in their actions by sentencing people we know will repeat crimes to lesser or no sentence granting them access to the public and the opportunity to hurt us again, go get um Bill!! I’m with you!!
But, I was saved from completely giving up on today’s legal system by watching a trial about the murder-rapist guy in Florida and the sentencing judge who framed the case perfectly, analyzed all of the weakness that constitutes “a defense? of something that can’t be defended, and then sentenced the monster to death. For all of you weak kneed types listen closely, killing monsters is still required in today’s society, and maybe will always be required as long as monsters turn up we need to kill them, else they will kill us and you might not care about that, but I do!!!

Milosevic proved in death what we have all known in real life, things like the “World Court? are for the “ruling clowns? among us to try and feel good about themselves and operate without care to what has occurred, listen closely, just to make sure they don’t feel bad, think hard about that when you hear discussion about these so called “World? bodies operating out of Europe, clueless, careless, spineless, arrogant, and fat, not a way to grow up son!!!

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Saturday, March 11, 2006

So this is what they call “news?…

Democrats still ranting and raving about Bush whom in a couple of years won’t be President anymore and no matter how stupid they act now he won’t be removed from office, so why do they still focus on him? Is the only message they have hatred and review of historical events?

Bad people in charge of countries are a major problem, IRAN, North Korea, some of Africa, etc… wasn’t the U.N. supposed to deal with these countries? I guess in between sex orgies with children, running from conflict, and stealing billions of dollars to enrich themselves their just too busy to get around to their original charter yet still some people think they bring good to the world, LOL.

Science has become so blatantly political that now they too must constantly admit “doctoring? their work. Cloning, Global warming, too much fat bad, oh whoops not bad, evolution has stopped because we think we understand everything, more medical emergencies exist today than 10-20 years ago yet we are “so superior? in “knowledge, bird flu, flesh eating bacteria, the “FLU?, everything causes cancer, colleges “teach?, it seems like endless fodder eh…

Society news, haves and have nots, “racism? everywhere, “ageism? everywhere, sex sex sex, gay gay gay, male is female and female is male. Elites vs lowlifes, soc's vs. greasers, “celebrities? have brains (LOL), and on and on and on…

The media itself is now a “news? item, talk about self parody, White House “Elite? news staff, Helen Thomas and David Gregory come to mind, newsreaders like Dan Rather and producers like Mary Mapes become so mixed up they think they can make news and in the end they end up being correct although not in the way they planned, the NY Time and LA Times have been reduced to liberal talking points with readers deserting faster than the pet rock fad faded, in fact most of the AP, Reuters, Times, etc; type stories have as much to say as your typical pet rock does…

Religion, Christians don’t want to convert everyone, Islam is about peace, this has been going on since dirt and apparently will never cease, glad the human life form’s mind has “evolved? so much…

Men and women spending all of their time trying to make men and women equal apparently failing to notice Nature created man and woman differently for a reason, so why some spend their time hating instead of working together, why indeed…

Psychology, we know everything yet we know nothing, whoops, me me me, whoops, reality is what you make of it, whoops, nothing is real, whoops, insert next crackpot theory here, whoops, etc…

After all of these years and years and years of progressing, our news reads like it did long ago, only difference is we produce more of it and it “looks prettier?, how sad is that…

Have a nice day…

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Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Why are commercials (real polls) so important?

Because they are the most business type “poll? we have. By watching TV shows you gain little information about the audience and tons of information about the producers of the shows. If you want to know who is watching the TV show, check the commercials since the commercial buy people can’t afford to not show results, can’t afford to spend money on meaningless efforts, and most importantly can’t afford to allocate large percentages of a marketing budget to items that don’t produce results, yes I said that correctly, RESULTS.

Want to know who watched the Oscar’s, check the commercials, want to know who watched Nascar, check the commercials, want to know who watches basketball, check the commercials, want to know who watched Oprah, check the commercials, want to know who reads the NY Times, check the advertisements, who reads Drudge, check the advertisements, etc…, get the idea?

What most people fail to separate is producer of information from consumer of information and it’s easy to get confused since most produced information these days closely resembles advertisements, do you think this is by accident? The difference between the local news, a national news source, the NY Times and any infomercial airing at 2am is shrinking fast and in fact in some cases is already gone, i.e. politics, society “norms?, etc.

Gollywood, NY times and all of Old Noise Machine are very hopeful you continue to not differentiate between them and infomercials because once you do that then they too will be reduced to airing at 2am, think about that!

Remember you live in a free market system that is largely driven by the consumer spending habits of normal folks and you need to seriously consider where your dollars are going and what they are funding then use that information to shape your spending habits.

Give to ACLU, send money to terrorist and anti-American types, send money to an Ivy League school or “elite college, send money to anti-American types, buy insurance from Progressive, send money to liberal politics, go see a Gollywood movie, send money to the anti-American left, vote democratic in California, send money to teachers unions, etc..

Think about it, your children’s future depends on it…

Have a good one…

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Saturday, March 4, 2006

Rambling Again…

AP “news service? caught stretching the truth again, how boring, how typical, another liberal commercial that just won’t die…

Supreme Liberal caught napping during work and the Old Noise Machine is caught napping on the story, sewn from the same cloth eh…

Another “Rebellious? “Teacher? caught indoctrinating students on the political short comings of everyone else but himself. I first tried to listen to the tape but the voice was so very very scary as I kept thinking of a little child locked away in a closet. Then I tried reading the transcript and couldn’t finish that either as I was overwhelmed by the lack of intellect. But then I had to remind myself that this was a school teacher in another failed public school system and that expecting intellect was clearly discriminatory on my part, my bad sorry…

Alito and Religion wow what a scary deal, I don’t know about you but I’m shaking in my boots!!! The Nation’s religious alarmist (all 50 or so of them) are in shock and scared to death because Alito wrote something that could be construed if you stretch the statement really really far, you know like AP and Dubya, that he has, hold on to your hat, faith, oh my GOD, whoops can I say that? So my choice appears to be a man, A MAN, of faith, or a man of European vision, or maybe a napper eh? Hmm wonder which one scares me most?

Let’s dissect the 3 choices for fun, the napper is harmless like most liberalzzz except when they wake up and try to decide what to do but since that only happens in bureaucratic meetings and during elections I don’t worry much about it. The man of faith who respects his fellow persons, who loves his family, who believes in right and wrong, and whom takes responsibility for his actions. The “European? vision of the world, you know appeasement, no growth, socialism, racism, genderism, elitism…

I guess my choice is easy to spot eh?

Have a good one…

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Friday, March 3, 2006

Oscar Commercial

The Oscar commercial is on this weekend and the “industry? is abuzz about all of the hype it’s pouring on itself. Insider after insider is exceedingly impressed with the amount of money the “industry? is spending on itself to convince the general populace that some of them care about this type of event.

The “industry? has done extensive polling and strongly believes that just pouring money into advertising will reverse the trend of normal people not caring about the Oscar commercial anymore. A certain controlling segment of the “insider? population for years now has believed the polling hype that “messaging?, read commercials, really does drive “public opinion? and that one must spend, spend, spend, if one wants the “public? to understand how good one is.

The pollsters themselves perform one of the most basic “commercial type? services by telling their customers exactly what they want to hear and then taking their money. The pollsters work hard to construct specific questions and target specific audiences to get the desired results for their clients and the “industry? loves to hear someone tell them they are OK and only need to tell people how good they are to make things better.

The “industry?, like “liberal politicians?, fails to see the irony of the Poll commercial and continue to believe the hype as they are more interested in hearing nice things said about them instead of the truth.

News flash to the “industry? (and liberal politicians) what you need to focus on is your product not the hype. Until you fix your product no amount of polling and other types of commercials, even the most expensive commercial of them all “The Oscars?, will help you. One day you will have to grow up and face the facts, sorry…

Have a good one…

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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Education Racket, telling your boss “Take a Hike?, and Woman and Ties…

The Education racket (Unions and Tenured types) who own the school systems administrators and whom own large slices of your taxes have built the perfect self-contained self-feeding system. The system steals large amounts of tax payer dollars and injects them into its Unions which work on ways to steal more tax dollars.

The system fails and no one cares! You want to know where your Health care dollars are, go check the education budget! The only thing they win is votes by buying them with your tax dollars.

We know as a fact that most CA HS grads can barely read and Math skills are not worth mentioning, but to get a job you MUST have a college degree, if it’s a good job. So most businesses line up and allow the circle to be complete. Are businesses that REQUIRE a college degree practicing discrimination? All of those high and mighty liberal institutions REQUIRE a college degree and therefore they practice discrimination too. It’s not discrimination based on race, age, sex, etc.., it’s the have vs. the have nots, the very basis of what liberals claim to fight against yet they practice what they fight against, how cute…

Does forever increasing dollars with forever decreasing performance sound like a working system to you? Your school system at work, do you care?

Criminal Justice systems work for the local, state, and Fed gov’s right? Would this system exist without Gov? I think not. And if the local, state, and Fed gov’s work for us, then doesn’t the criminal justice system work for us? And if judges work for the criminal justice system don’t they work for us?

California judge tells people of CA, who are his boss, screw your laws and your desires, I am the law and I say no death penalty and there is nothing you can do about it. Welcome to understanding the term, “lifetime? employment. Do you have lifetime employment? Think you ever will?

Next time your boss tells you to do something just tell her or him you don’t agree with his or her views on the matter and see what happens! The days of judges requiring a lifetime appointment to protect them against political attack are long gone and now we have the reverse, political judges who can’t be touched. Liberal power saw this and took advantage of it a long time ago and now that conservatives have discovered it and are aggressively pursuing it the liberals are really mad!! Gee wonder why they would be mad at people in lofty positions making decisions that cannot be fought by us “normal? people when that is what they do to us… too funny eh!!!

And now for some fun….
Why do woman laugh at men who have to wear ties at work, where’s the fairness here? When woman wear suits how come they don’t have to wear ties like men? Is that sexist so men can see down woman’s blouses? Are woman just lazier? If it’s a power statement why does it still exist since I thought we hand killed all male power symbols in the workplace? What gives here I wonder? Sexual discrimination at the workplace has never been more blatant, widely known, and snickered at by clueless HR managers thinking it’s cute. Do as I say not as I do comes to mind here. Discrimination is allowed if it’s politically correct and I find this a crack in the absolute politics of the discrimination crowd, it’s bad or it isn’t, which is it?

Have a good one…

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Saturday, February 25, 2006

More rambling…

A good friend who lives in the San Fernando Valley was hit by a driver who ran a red light, the red light runner had no insurance and was illegal. The police gave her a ticket and she drove away while my friends car was totaled (she was hit by 2 other cars as a result of the 1st impact). Her insurance will total her car and give her half the practical value (it was paid off) it has to her as it would of lasted a few more years. She will now have higher premiums, car payments, and pain to remember this incident. Can we sue the DMV who is not supposed to let people get cars registered without insurance? Can we sue groups who support illegal aliens being in the country? Can we sue the LA City gov which advertises itself as a “safe haven for illegals?? Welcome to life in an “illegal society? where law abiding people get screwed and illegals laugh all the way home.

Saw the Olympics a bit the other night and heard that Bodie Miller hasn’t won anything and then I saw a commercial where he says the desire to win is hurting our children. Hmmm looks like he practices what he preaches when it comes to losing. Not to hurt his feelings but winning AND losing is a part of life and you need to teach your children BOTH sides. Another example of a "famous? person being totally clueless, boy am I surprised!

Port on baby, Port On. The politics over these things are so boring, completely predictable, and almost always based on spin unless you get your news from the truth seekers (blogosphere). Clinton’s real legacy might be that he brought Gollywood into politics like no one before him and now our politics and Gollywood are exactly alike, boring, completely predictable, and guaranteed to be pure spin, lovely.

Gee now we learn that Euro elite leftist are supporting terrorist because they hate the US and some people are surprised and think that’s news, are you kidding me? Why would you think they act differently than US based elite leftist? Some people continue to wield these stories about left and right but that’s not it folks, it’s about power and the elite group trying to hold on at all costs. Thanks to the Internet at a point soon in our future the elite power brokers will be swept away by their inability to control information and then the true meaning of liberty will rule the earth, I for one can’t wait!!

Have a good one…

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Monday, February 20, 2006


Oscar voters, the only good cowboy movie is a gay cowboy movie, gee I wonder how the latest compares to Clint’s Unforgiven?

War movies now celebrate bad guys = deep and moving, try weak and pathetic…

Woman hate being regarded as sex objects yet dress like sex objects, hmmmm

Writing a kids book erases all past sins apparently, I just wonder why?

Religion is now more tolerant than liberals, lol

Feminist fight for the right to have “other? women die in combat, huh?

Liberals defend judges who give child rapist weak sentences, and then say they want to protect the kids, will which is it?

The ACLU now equates terrorist with US Citizens, classic…

Women who openly bash “real? men can’t understand why they can’t get a date with a “real? man, too good eh…

The weak minded think you can “talk? murderers out of killing people, apparently fail to understand murderers mindsets don’t equal rational thought…

The liberals who hate affluent biz people are affluent biz people, too good again…

Being a mommy =’s a bad thing, unless you can afford a nanny

“Environmentalist? jet all over the world to complain about all the people who waste gas, fail to notice the irony =’s self-assured ignorance…

Rich and famous = smart and insightful, hard to understand when you see rich and famous everyday acting like complete idiots eh?

Reverse discrimination =’s 90% of white NBA players come from outside the US, why is that?

“Smart? people think a military action should be treated like the police breaking up a fight at the local tavern, smart used to mean something but not anymore…

Free speech on college campus = illegal, yea the Teachers Unions and Tenure has nothing to do with that, right…

Tenured college professors have more rights than anyone else with regards to work duties, what’s wrong with that picture?

Lawyers and Judges policing their own systems = ‘s a well run legal system, ha!

The protectors of the “poor? are all rich themselves, LOL

Judges outrank the government =’s a safe place to live, how long before we realize this is killing our society?

Only in America does the Press fight against Freedom of the Press one day and for it the next depending on the politics involved = they continue to believe they are neutral…

Largest Cigarette maker runs AD’s and processes to cure people from smoking, another of those just too good…

Feminist fight oppression of woman except where local customs says killing, raping, etc are normal… say what???

Those that seek to cry racist = the most racist, enough said

Quality of life = money,
Intelligence = money and fame
Quality of life = children,
Intelligence = understanding and ability

Which two do you think are correct?

Have a good one…

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

That Dog Won’t Hunt!!

How many libz in the Old Noise Machine (ONM) do you think understand the title of this post? I love questions when the answer is, “if you have to ask the question you can’t understand the answer?!

Can you imagine if most comics who do politics weren’t wanna be libz? The endless amount of material from the ONM BDS crowd appears to be the definition of infinity when you look in the dictionary. That Dick G guy is so caught up in himself and his “protocol? he completely misses the point, but not to worry his hair is purrfect!!

CNN staff sport new Orange Vests and Hats to show their “with it? when it comes to the hunting crowd and this story. Only problem was when you looked at those guys, or at least when I did, I couldn’t stop laughing, heart stopping loud and afterward I was hoping my neighbor wasn’t wondering what was going on! To see these micey little men acting out their fantasies of being real men, even for just a minute or two was just too good… too good by far…

An endless gaggle of lemmings determined to out due each other in their quests for the Holy Grail, to be a man, a real man. No not a Brokebacker, not a metro mouse, no not even a man man enough to date Maureen D, no they seek something higher, nobler, that greatest of all greats, too pee standing up…

Have a good one…

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Monday, February 13, 2006

As discussed earlier…

We’re getting close to the real issue with the Islamic Terrorist vs. the Western world issue, it’s all about power and who has it, who wields it, and who respects it. It’s very hard for the liberal groups to deal with power and they fight very hard to keep the issue from its true core issue instead hoping to deal with fluff and puff, except of course when they are under threat from the strong, then they panic bigtime, kinda fun to watch actually.

And what’s the big deal about flag burning? Hasn’t that been going on since the 70’s? If that’s all they got its pretty weak out there, eh? I can get flag burning in San Fran, Seattle, and Boston anytime I want so who needs to go overseas for that weak BS! Oh right, CNN, AP, and Reuters need it since their run by liberals and they still think the 70’s mean something!

Worried about being protected from the poor and loud mouthed so be scared be really scared, again we can get that in any major city run by liberals in the US why do we need to go overseas for it? I just don’t get what all the excitement is about. Violence in the streets happens everyday all day in most liberal controlled cities it’s just that it happens so often its background noise to most people, of course until it hits them!

Oh right, a few “fiery dudes? want to shut down free speech and we should all be scared! We’ll to scare the likes of the NY Times, LA Times, etc is no big deal I mean after all 3rd rate newspapers are weak on their best days! To scare politicians about free speech is a joke, if you really want to scare them threaten to lower taxes!!! Then you’ll see what scared is!!! Want to scare the Democrats in California, threaten to reduce the $57 billion a year “education fund? and then you’ll see what scared is all about! Want to scare Al Gore, threaten to take away his Middle Eastern Endowment fund then watch him go really “Gore?!

I could go on but you get the idea, have a good one…

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Monday, February 6, 2006

Rambling Around…

NSA Wiretaps: President doesn’t have the right to do whatever he thinks is needed to protect us, well who does then? Didn’t we elect him to drive the boat? Just like Clinton and all before? Here’s my take, our SAFETY must come first, period! And we have another idiot example of US Senators seeing TV time as their primary job, instead of PROTECTING us! Note to privacy clowns, you lost this war a long long time ago… Your information is all over the Internet so just deal with it… besides the fact that NO ONE CARES, you’re not that interesting.

Cartoons: What happened to cartoons being a Saturday morning fun fest? Now they are used as political and personal attack methods and can drive some people crazy… I thought cartoons were supposed to make people smile and laugh, I don’t know about you but I sure miss those fun fest days… sigh…

Weakness and Strength are the core differences in Nature and the world today is studying the power of weakness and strength in many ways that wobble around the real issue, this struggle is about power baby and you need to come to grips about that, power cannot be controlled through nicey nice play, power is needed to control power, think about it… if we elect a bunch of powerless babies to drive the boat, trouble is coming… and we won’t like it when it gets here because it won’t “feel for us?, it won’t “listen and adjust for us?, it won’t “compromise itself to appease us?, and lastly it won’t “respect our tears? while it kills us.

Supreme Being Court: whew, gone until the next opening, what a national disgrace this was and then we compound the problem by broadcasting for all the world to see, ugh… I wonder if a year from now, or a few years from now when all of the doom and gloom talk proves to be incorrect if anyone will be held accountable? What do you think?

The Oscars, People Choice, SAG’s, blah blah blah, who watches this stuff? You couldn’t pay me enough to watch that drek, well actually you couldn’t pay me to see most of the films these shows talk about so oh well… Where is John Wayne when you need him… sigh… George Clooney, Sean Penn, apparently Gollywood is lost and I wonder how silly can they be? I wonder how long it will take for a new studio to realize that a huge market exists out there that’s not being served anymore and get on it, isn’t that what a free market should make happen???

Super Sunday, good game, decent halftime (not a Stones fan), but the commercials were Great!! Loved the Bud one with the Big Clydesdales helping the little Clydesdale, an instant classic!!

Have a good one…

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Friday, February 3, 2006

Hmmm, more silence…

Wow, you have this great worldwide discussion on Islamic cartoons and our press, our political leaders, and the pundits are all eerily quite, hmmmm wonder why that is? And of course our State Dept plays safe and nicey nicey, what a surprise that is!! Who is talking you might ask? Well of course it is the blogoshere and those whom seek the truth, natch…

Does the word scared come to mind? Where are the peaceful Islamic people? Where are the Clingons on this? Kerry? Kennedy? Pelosi? Boxer? Sheehan? Penn? …

Here seems to be the whole deal, they can make fun of anyone and its OK, if anyone makes fun of them they will kill you.

Whew, man I am glad they are a peaceful group practicing a peaceful religion, aren’t you?

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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Money and Politics

Some people wonder why it’s so hard to control money and its influence on politicians and subsequently policy while failing to notice the most obvious of connections, the government spends more money than anyone. Don’t you think those that seek money will go after those that spend the most money? Could it be that simple and could it be that obvious?

Well of course it is, just look at the current money scandal lead by Abramoff buying influence and spending gobs of Indian Tribe money, the DNC being owned by a bunch of kids on the Internet who control purse strings in between massive “Big Donor? DNC types putting money into the DNC melting pot, the Katrina re-build effort will spend BILIONS and a lot of it will just disappear based on “interesting? accounting practices, the California State Education budget is 57 BILLION a year, 57 BILLION a year, public union and teamsters type unions have more money in politics than anywhere else, the list goes on and on and on and that’s just the US, in case you didn’t know it’s a worldwide problem! The UN spends tons of money on things no one will ever know about, dictatorships and their dictators hide away billions and starve their people, we give billions to Africa and the despots in control party all the way to the bank and kill anyone in the way… it just doesn’t stop…

At some point we need to address the problem of money leaving the private sector and disappearing in the government sector… for the sake of our children and grandchildren I hope we do it soon…

Have a good one…

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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Some Quick Thoughts

Socialist Formula: Same message, different front face for the current media effort sprinkled with the old standard bearers to get the effort some level of depth. Cindy Sheehan – Hugo Chavaz are now the socialist current media flare-ups and you’ve go to admit, things must be pretty desperate in Socialville. If you’re reduced to Cindy Sheehan leading any effort you’ve not only hit the bottom of the barrel, you’re gnawing on the barrel’s bottom and the taste must be excruciating. Cindy challenging Diane F for CA Senator, LOL! Doesn’t Cindy know the Democratic Senators of California (and Mass as well) are bought and paid for by the DNC and she doesn’t stand a chance? Oh right that would require she had the ability to think, my bad!

Liberal Formula: Same as above, scary, with the ability to self-promote that far out classes the Socialist crowd though. Kennedy and Kerry leading a charge? You must be joking right? Although this could be a great hoax since the rest of the world might think these clowns are powerful US policy makers and then greatly underestimate our real strength. This could come in handy if say some country about to go Nuclear is meeting underground somewhere and thinks that all they have to do is turn the clown Senators from Mass and CA and we crumble, big big mistake…

Google this, another company of “self-enlightened? kids says one thing and does another, again (see plane purchase), another couple of billionaires with no idea about how the real world works but since they have money they can buy above it, how cute!!! Note to rich clowns, money doesn’t make most people’s world go round, and neither do you…

Davos, the “Elite? self promoting environment / economy party keeps on going, and going, and going, … how much “energy? did it take to get all of those self promoting environmentalist there??????? Oh that’s right, it’s the do as I say not as I do crowd, how cute again… so out of touch yet so self assured, it’s an interesting combo eh?

Dowd on dating, she still doesn’t get it, women who spend most of their time hating men just aren’t gonna get a date with a real man… never gonna happen… she just needs to select one of the little social “boys? and deal with it. And yes saying you don’t hate men (and support the troops if you’re a liberal) won’t work because your actions speak louder than your words, life’s a bitch eh?

Supreme Being Circus going for its last whoorah, HOORAY!!! Watching the animals earn their keep is so cute, don’t you think???

I for one hope the IRAN thing does permanently change the oil scene and we are prepared to go self-sufficient, at whatever the costs, let’s get it done and move on.

Challenger hurt real bad, it was a spiritual as well as a people lose for those like me who know that we must take whatever steps to get off the planet and then get out of the solar system, it’s not if, it’s when, and the sooner we can the better we and all before us will be… think about it if your so inclined, leaders in the space race aren’t just for fun and power, its about our survival as a life form. Now I know this goes well beyond most liberals and conservatives whom only think about today, those of us who know must keep pushing and must keep reminding everyone, this is not a choice, this is mandatory, support it the best you can, the Challenger crew gave their life, as many before and many after will, but that is the price we must pay to save our life form and thank goodness Nature builds people like them who see beyond themselves, who see the greater good as the real goal. Just imagine if our political and social leaders thought that way, just imagine it… wow…

Have a good one…

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Thursday, January 26, 2006

What do the following have in common?

This is very subtle so try and stay with it OK!!!

Liberal Politicians and their supporters
The Clingons (Bill and Hill)
Nancy Pelosi – Harry Reid
NY / LA Times, and USA Today
Al Franken – Michael Moore
Robert Redford, Rob Riener, Warren Beatty
Cindy Shehan
Sean Penn
Barbara Walters – Streisand
Race Warriors (Dullton, Jacksumone, etc…)
College Professors (not all but you get the idea)
Terrorist Supporters
Environmental Terrorists
Open Border Advocates
Dixie Chicks

Add your own it’s kinda fun…

They all want America to be a place where they couldn’t be who they are, how cool is that!!

Note: Why don’t the environmental activists get after those big papers? Don’t they waste more paper than the rest of the world combined? Geez…

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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

What would grown-ups do?

Let’s say you are or have raised kids and these scenes happen;

Your kid has spilled something on the floor and thinks somebody else should clean it up, what would you do? Do it for them? Ask them to do it and then do it for them if they do not agree with you? Or make them clean it up? The interesting question raised is who is driving the boat, you or the kid? If you can’t guess the right answer please seek help, ASAP.

One of your two kids calls the other a name in a way their bothers them, what would you do? Do you assess the situation and determine the appropriate action? Or do you automatically give a “time-out? to the name caller without regard to the facts? The interesting question raised is who has the issue, the name caller or the one being called a name? If you can’t guess the right answer please seek help, ASAP.

One of your kids constantly lies about the other, what do you do? Do you confront them with the facts? Or do you tolerate it because the liar is weak minded and cannot deal with the facts? The interesting question raised is why do liars plug their ears and scream when confronted with the truth? If you can’t guess the right answer please seek help, ASAP.

Think about these and apply it today to some of the political situations we have and figure out the right answer. Use some of your own child experiences and compare to today’s politics and tell me what you see, amazing huh!!!

Have a good one…

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Monday, January 23, 2006

It’s getting a bit scary, and that’s a good thing…

Supreme Being circus almost behind us, now we can return to the legal system running the country into the ground under the guise of “equal justice for all?.

Abortion Choice anniversary today, pro life-rs support the kids and pro choice-rs support the ladies, after all these years and all the brainpower applied to this issue, we still can’t figure out how to make it work for both? How sad is that…

Democrats require racism economy to survive, they need to change soon because in case they haven’t noticed successful black-brown-… skinned people are everywhere and the victim card is no longer the card of choice. Same thing with the gender economy, success is killing it as it should be. Why can’t we just move on?

Radical Muslim’s and the West are building towards a show down, I hope both sides know what there getting into. Don’t you? As I posted earlier we need to have a strong stance and United Stance before the incident, why haven’t we done that yet? WE NEED TOO!!!

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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

The Human Information Machine Ramping Up

If you look back in time you see some really interesting times occur around the same time as a major expansion in Human Information capability occurs. As the Internet information system takes over inter-human mass communication processes we are currently able to See, Participate, and record a really interesting time as it happens, how cool is that!!

It’s now clear that the old mass information systems will hang on for awhile but their days of influence are numbered and whether they can morph or whether they succumb to the change will be fun to watch. I am constantly amazed that living institutions (which means any institution driven by living humans!) have such a hard time morphing until ones realizes that most of the livings institutions are driven by rules long since outdated and not by the people currently in the drivers seat(s). Without the ability to adapt we would still be running fast from varmints looking for dinner!!

The Human collective mindset is a force that can’t be modeled today since we barely understand it in its individual form, the idea of mass inter-connection is truly a 4 dimensional problem of the future, but not that far into the future. The constant explosion in mass people inter-connected communication capabilities brings with it the opportunity to start the mapping process of the collective mindset(s) and with that the process of management can begin.

As is often heard in Management 101 work or school, if you can’t measure it you can’t manage it. As we look at some of the entry level forays into groupings of mass interconnect we see services like Yahoo and Google blazing some interesting yet still primitive trails and we will see more services like that in the years to come. They are limited though in presentation and in inter-connective-ness so the morphing will need to grow beyond today’s presentation capabilities, bandwidth constrains, and primitive entry processes (like typing!!).

We’ll talk more about this in the coming weeks as we delve into mass interaction, technology morphing, and measurement-management of the greatest of Nature’s accomplishments, the human mind.

Have a good one!!!

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Race Heaven

It gets so tiring seeing the usual suspects, Clingons, Helafonte, Dullton, Jacksumone, etc. use the image and cover of a great man to rant and rave for what amounts to money and power and not always in that order. As I have written about many times before the race Economy must be stopped and “race relations? must be replaced with People relations. Listen to Morgan and Bill for the truth and listen to the others for hatred and projection.

It’s up to you, YOU, to believe that nature created all people equal and that color is nothing but an environmental reflection and has NOTHING TO DO WITH LIFE, unless of course you need a crutch or a way to incite hatred.

Hatred is for the weak and the angry, try and rise above, life will reward you for your efforts, hate only brings more hate, think about it…

Have a good one…

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Monday, January 16, 2006

Ah the Sounds of Supreme Being Silence

Can you here the sound of silence? The main act of the circus is over, the biscuits have been earned, and now we wait for the last hurrah as the animals do the circle march.

The “opposition? appears to only be concerned when the Old Noise Machine is around to broadcast their talking points and Faux emotions. It’s just like a traveling Circus, they stop somewhere, set-up shop, entertain the locals, and then move on to the next. Instead of towns insert special interests groups and instead of locals insert the faithful who are willing to pay for an ‘entertainment’ performance as opposed to something of substance in return.

Kind of like the Vegas line, oh your not gambling, your ‘entertaining’ yourself with your money! Right, that’s it, entertainment value versus some level of return, Brilliant!

Have a nice day…

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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Finally, A Commission we can all get behind to stay in Front!!

A letter to the President,

Mr. President, although the thought of another commission turns my stomach (in ways un-mentionable in print) and usually wastes a lot of tax payers dollars on blowhards who provide no useful information or actions post commission I think we have an opportunity to have a real Nation Wide debate, who knows it may even go global with the Special Forces Blogger’s (SFB) on the case.

Commission Scope: To develop a plan to deal with Iran’s or any Nation who is headed towards Nuclear Armament.

Rules of Engagement: No fees will be paid to anyone for their efforts, ( except travel, lodging, and meals) people will be donating their time for one of the most important missions ever under taken and one that might need to be repeated in the future until Nuclear Armament is no longer a problem.

All meetings, work group sessions, conversations, ALL information, will be recorded and made available on the Internet no later than the end of each day.

Two reports will be produced, a vote will be held for all American Citizens and one for all elected officials, the elected official’s votes will be done in their appropriate public meeting place and recorded on the Internet for all to see.

The Reports must be less than 50 pages with no more than 20 pages of appendixes and the accompanying plans of action must each be less than 50 pages with no more than 20 pages of appendixes.

The report with the most votes will be unilaterally accepted by all Americans, their will be no dissenting position after the vote is complete and the winner chosen. US citizenship will be revoked; WILL BE, for any American who cannot abide by this. Either we are scared to death of this threat or not.

Statement of Work: Build two panels, one consisting of the Nations leading Critics on the war with Iraq, and one who support the war on IRAQ. The panels cannot have more than 20 people and each person can have no more than 2 on staff. Panel members will be nominated and voted on via the Internet.

You need to select a strong leader-manager to drive the process and I am available if you need me.

Each panel is to hold public meetings daily, including weekends (assuming this is important enough) until their final report is available to the American public and these meetings will be broadcast on live TV every day.

The report will include a very specific plan to address Nation(s) proceeding to Nuclear Armament. This plan starts with verbal warnings and ends with Military action and must include specific time limits before the next level of penalty is imposed. If’s, and’s, or but’s are not allowed.

Note: Detection of a Nation proceeding to Nuclear Armament can come from any Nation willing to stand up at the UN and accuse another Nation of doing this with proof of some type. The accused Nation must immediately submit to an on-site inspection or face our plan, period.

Each panel member will sign off on their report indicating complete acceptance of its contents.

Conclusion: The action plan will be made legal by the Congress and signed off by you sir.

You said you wanted change in the Government and I say here’s your chance. Make it public, make everyone TAKE A STAND, A FIRM STAND, and let’s ensure we are UNITED as a Nation, again assuming we are scared of this threat. I ask you Mr. President, are we scared? If yes then let’s get in front of this.

Thanks for your consideration.

Sincerely, Marc

Note: I understand that from a US defensive position I expect our government to have a secret plan to deal with an attack and that is not covered by this process.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

One Supreme Circus and a sad driver story…

Finally, finally the clowns have gone too far and many people are calling them on it and finally, finally, they had to apologize. Sometimes the clowns scare the little kids and the ring master has to step in and say, oops were sorry. And today the non-stop harassment, abuse, personal attacks, and continuing attack on his gender (was it his decision to replace O’Conner? I think not) caused the wife to break down and excuse herself to regroup. The attackers are so weak in content and delivery that the need to “act? overcomes them and they forget that this is being televised for the entire world to see, FOR ALL THE WORLD TO SEE!

As I’ve said before about the “Ruling Class?, how low can they go, how low can they go… to see a bunch of little boys in suits insult the man enough that his wife starts to cry, cry damn it, don’t these “LITTLE MEN? have any heart, didn’t they have MOTHERS? I rarely get this pissed but if they keep attacking Mom’s their asking for it, this is America and men like me won’t put up with it, understand little boys?????

Alright, alright, a break from the circus to discuss my drive into work today, it was classic and typical LA (so cal).

Were in bumper to bumper expand and contract traffic with max speed being 5-10 mph and every couple hundred yards a stop for a few seconds, typical morning commute on the Ventura freeway. And everyday we have a special type of driver who thinks that by constant lane changing they will get ahead, and so they try over and over and over…

One caught my eye this morning and my attention for a couple of miles because he was in an over-sized Land Yacht, he had a couple of hate Bush stickers (the kind thought of by children, negative and petty), and he was so determined, hard on the gas, hard on the brakes, jamming the Land Yacht into tight spots to pick up that oh so precious 15 feet of pavement. He was on my left, then my right, fast lane to slow lane, searching, searching for the “way to get ahead? lane that must be there for him, it just must be.

I have no doubt he felt secure that his always focused mind and positive “words? would result in the lane to freedom that awaits all good thinkers! He was surely pro environment, pro peace, pro choice, pro himself, and was always on message regardless of the situation. After all he had places to go, people to see, and things to do and I’m sure he couldn’t understand why all of us little people just don’t get out of his way!! Surely he thought we should know, somehow, someway, just who he was and how important he was, surely we must.

Well he was a bobbing and a weaving for ten minutes or so and making no progress over dull me just bopping along in the middle lane, when we had a minor break on the far right lane and he jammed that baby into the far right lane and floored it, for a second or two I lost him as the off-ramp to a big street cleared the freeway for a couple of hundred yards and I smiled as he probably travels this way everyday and surely he knows (with the always on mind of his!) a big off-ramp is always followed by a… you guessed it, a big ON-Ramp, with, you guessed it, a onslaught of cars jamming into his lane, aww poor baby, as I bopped on by and lost him in my rearview mirror he reminded me of some famous words, its not what you say that counts, its what you do, think about it, OK?

Have a good one…

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Supreme Silliness

Well it doesn’t take them long to prove me right does it? As soon as the Supreme Circus starts all other news is sent to the background. The “other? news can’t be as important as a person who sits on the Supreme Court because the legal system runs our country, end of line.

Need proof beyond the event pushing everything to the background in the media huh? OK I will make is simple for you by just asking you to try and answer a few questions, OK?

1) Which far left org is not spending all of it’s time on this?
2) Which far right org is not spending all it’s time on this?
3) Which center left of center right org is not spending all of their time on this?
4) How much “blog space? is being devoted to this?
5) Etc….

I could go on but I hope your answers clarify things for you!

Now the other keen insight is the attacks are going right on queue and right on script, we start with the pre-information BS, move on to the Senate “who can look stupidest? contest, then all the Senators get to read the questions given to them by their trainers, just like in the Circus!! How cool is that and you know they perform well because their sponsors tell you so all day every day!! I love the next part where the nominee answers the questions and the Senators stare blankly forward until their aid tells them to read the next question, and on, and on, and on.., again this is being televised and I thought we weren’t into TORTURE!!!

The final act in the circus is the “vote? where the elephants pay for the peanuts and the donkeys pay for the hay, BRILLANT!!! The “votes?, like our elections, our known by most before they are cast, how cool is that!!! And then they tally via super secret ballot counters and broadcast to all. The wrap up scene is classic circus, each of the donkeys and elephants dancing one last time in a circle for the audience seeking cheers and praise for their hard hard work, the audience goes wild as the colorful animal’s parade by primping and preening all the way…

Stay cool…

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Saturday, January 7, 2006

As disclosed earlier

Supreme Being, aka Alito, will take center stage because the legal system is now what controls politics, not your vote.

You need to think hard about that else you might not understand that you live in a democracy and your kids might not if we don’t reel in the legal system soon.

Fight the law lawfully or if will consume you, it already has more than you know and you should be scared, very scared, as you watch the legal system used in all areas of life, ALL…

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Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Brace yourself, major news overload in sight!!

Talk about the perfect storm in political junkie form and your talking about the current situation.

Legal, Power broker gone bad (what a surprise!) all GOP and maybe one Demo running for cover, well if you believe the Dem’s that’s what’s happening.

Political – War, another idiot reporter working for a liberal gossip sheet releases a book for self-serving purposes and money, boy am I surprised at this! Everyone is talking about the super secret reporting of various “spy? activities designed to make us safe instead being used for bad things, yes bad things. The fact that nobody can name any bad things happening doesn’t appear to be a problem, unless you consider stopping terrorist from killing us a bad thing, like the liberal gossip sheet that broke the story does.

Supreme Being circus getting ready to open the big tent and the clowns will come a flailing, the bearded ladies will come a smiling, and the ring master will continue to amuse, oh what a sight to behold…

One wonders if the Old Noise Machine can keep up with all of the Gossip and innuendo that will come a spewing (we know they stopped worrying about truth, facts, and non-biased reporting a long time ago)? I am betting that as you read this the Old Noise Machine is working on ways to ensure all of the biased BS gets out and is repeated until you cry UNCLE!

The talking head pundits will be going absolutely bonkers trying to control themselves during this Tsunami of political news. They will invite other talking heads, whom themselves have talked to talking heads, whom have indeed talked to anonymous talking heads, whom themselves have talked to anonymous current and ex government officials, whom themselves actually talked to someone who might of known what could be going on as long as they interpreted the cooler talk correctly. And of course we should believe that the information would be completely accurate and verifiable (after all no one lies in politics right?) because it’s only been through no more than say 20-30 people and derived from a overheard discussion at the water cooler, this surely looks like the Gold Standard utilized by raTHer and his elk, right?

If you expect honesty when one of the power brokers is caught keep drinking the Kool-Aid, relax, close your eyes, fall gently asleep, and all your troubles will go away.

If you expect honesty when the liberal clowns uses anonymous sources to hurt Bush at your and my security expense, dream on.

If you expect an honest assessment of the next Supreme Being nominee by the liberal crowd do not worry about the legal system, do not worry about the legal system taking over the electoral process, do not worry about judges and lawyers ruining your way of life to protect the “law?, really, it could never happen to you, could it?

Minor things that will move to the back of the list, UN corruption, Katrina and 9/11 corruption, Union corruption, XXX corruption, … you know, things that impact YOU since all of them are costing you dearly, whether you know it or not you are paying for most of the minor things…

Have a nice day!

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Monday, January 2, 2006

2006 Predictions:

The Usual Gunk

1. The continuing fervor over Man’s impact on the Weather pattern will be completely overblown and still void of any direct or material evidence. Legions of “reputable scientists? will continue to “believe? man has a big impact for to them it simply “must be?. Nature will continue to laugh at those whom think they “know? its weather evolution.
2. The “wise and elite? among us will continue to think evolution has stopped for the planet and for the life whom depend on it. All who “preach? this mentality will continue to be laughed at by Nature.
3. The political races will be mostly overblown rhetoric with the Old Noise Machine continuing to be being shredded by the Blogosphere. This is getting so ugly I am having a hard time watching as the Old Noise Machine debris is being created faster than their management teams can eject and replace it.
4. “Those? in the “know? will continue to be surprised at how much they don’t know.
5. Gollywood will continue to be completely out of touch with the general American populace and be forced to focus on overseas hatred of America to stay solvent.
6. The Gollywood star crowd will continue to broadcast stupidity and their collective impact on society will continue to shrink at a faster and faster pace.
7. The “Ruling Class? will continue to act like a junkie looking for their next fix with a higher dose.
8. Pundits will continue to feed off each other without regard for the good of the people.
9. College professors desperate for attention will still duel with Michael Moore for the title of “least self-aware?.
10. The UN will remain the leader in world wide corruption and overblown self-impotence speeches with programs designed to protect the people of the world from UN assistance and to spend tons of money on themselves / their friends. The EU will continue to try and over take the UN but they don’t appear dumb enough to succeed, yet.

The Good Stuff

1. Nature will continue to exert world wide dominance without regard to earth’s current set of life forms.
2. Space exploration will continue to accelerate as the private sectors start to get into the drivers seat.
3. Free Will will continue to win over dictatorship.
4. Family values will continue to re-gain their importance in protecting our society from those whom continue to try and destroy it in the name of “collectivism or globalisum?, feel free to pick your own label for their poison.
5. Children will start to get education help as more and more people realize the school Unions are not there to help our kids.
6. The Happy crowd will “come out? and demand the doom and gloom crowd get a life.
7. The process to weed out ridiculous pork spending from government will gain more and more traction.
8. The issue of government controlled Unions (read voting blocs and un-controlled pensions) will continue to strain the political system / economy and the issue can start to be framed for resolution.
9. The US will face down the threat of un-controlled borders.
10. Like here in the US, the spread of information technology will continue to haunt the liberal liars whom seek to slander us with lies across the oceans. The fear of Free Information will panic all of those who can’t survive with it.

Have a great 2006!

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Saturday, December 31, 2005

2005 Weakinization Award Winners

The Weakinization Awards are devoted to those trying to tear the Free Will of the US apart, anyway they can, everyway they can, since Free Will scares the weak, intimidates the brainwashed, and doesn’t respect the doom and gloom crowd, and NEVER WILL baby, that’s why it’s FREE WILL!!!

This Year’s Weakinization Award Winners:

Biggest Liar: John Kerry, a loser of immense proportions
Biggest Senate Clown: Harry Reid, the weakest of the weak and that takes a lot if you know anything about the Senate, but if you listen to him talk, there’s just no escaping the truth, straight from the Horses mouth, with all due respect to Horses!
Weakest International Org: Toss up, UN and EU, you decide!
Weakest Head of State: Chirac
Biggest Weakinization Cabal: Old Noise Machine (MSM, NY Slimes, etc.)
Weak in all matters fiscal: How many straight times has the FED raised rates compared to how many straight times lowered during the Clinton presidency?
FemiNazi’s: How to pick just one, impossible, I give it to all the members!!
Gollywoods Weakest: So many names, so little time
Female: Madonna, speaking for mothers, LOL LOL LOL
Male: Sean Penn, some losers defy words…
Marx-collegiate: Harvard Feminist, have no clue that nature created MAN AND WOMAN…
Cheapest Date: Bill Clinton, anything to anyone as long as you “scratch? his tummy!

Have a nice New Year!

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Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Politicians and Pundits who feel protecting terrorist privacy more important than our safety,
Judges think what they say is more important that our safety,
BrokeFlack movie given gazillion thumbs up because it’s a “new? gay area to expose, oops I mean explore,
Liberal Noise Machine (old MSM) fights instead of incorporates the new MSM, Special Forces Bloggers(SFB), who correct old MSM inaccuracies on a daily basis, who filter old MSM’s tainted voices through truth lenses, who expose old MSM’s liberal political biases, SFB’s prefer honesty over partisanship, oops I think we know why the old Noise Machine won’t incorporate them,
More government spending(read higher taxes) equals a higher state of living,
Some people think the New York Slimes is the “paper of record?, LMAO,
Government education equals young adults entering the workforce prepared,
Government health plans equal better coverage,
Lawyers are helping the Health systems problems,
ACLU believes in the American way of life,
Judges protect the law more than me and you,
The Legal system is a growth economy,
The Racism industry is a growth economy,
Protecting our borders makes you a racist,
The U.N. is sent to solve problems, sorry but I think the U.N. needs to be invaded by people whom actually know and demonstrate how to care about people in need,
Politicians in the EU at Hague consider themselves above the fray when in fact they are the fray,
Playing nicey nicey with terrorist and global domination will make the world a better place,
Liberals and FemiNazi’s support woman being treated worse than dogs as long as it’s done in or in the name of a Middle East country or custom,
Certain woman’s group fight to make men and woman equal, say what…,
Bell curve doesn’t apply to politics,
Highly competent and successful people denied jobs due to lack of college degree, is this a form of discrimination…,

Have a nice day!

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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Think about some things today;

Left and right are really mirror images in Nature’s view,
Government for the people, by the PEOPLE.
Teamwork is better than political fighting,
The legal system shouldn’t have victories, it should have justice,
Hollywood, MSM, and Professors don’t speak for America,
Being rich-famous doesn’t mean you’re smart or full of wisdom,
If you preach hugs over fighting, PRACTICE IT,
Hug your parents,
Hug your kids,
Hug your family members,
Smile today, it’s a HAPPY DAY!!

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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry XMAS and Happy New Year

Have a safe, sane, and cool XMAS and New Years!!

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Thursday, December 22, 2005

How do Repubs spell victory?

Let’s count the ways and the sealer;

Clintons are quite
John Kerry says something that confirms what he said in the early 70’s
Old Noise Machine(MSM) explodes in self-righteousness and ignorance
Howard Dean is allowed to talk nationally
Middle East Countries support Democratic speeches
Another idiot professor expresses support of all things anti-US
Al and Jesse incite more racial hatred for political and personal gain

Harry and Nancy respond outside the talking points

I could go on but you get the idea…

Have a nice day!

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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Weak, Weaker, Weakest

Weak: Attacking the President while he’s protecting us so you can promote your book, NY Slimes and its crew of klowns!

Weaker: Idiot reporter thinks he can read the presidents mind by projecting his own dreams into the Presidents mind, some actually think the reporter has a brain, some actually think the reporter knows what he’s doing, but most know the reporters a little man with a little mind… sounds like your typical reporter these days making things up to appease their miniature brains…

Weakest: Democratic operatives trying to score political points at the expense of the safety of the American People, in fact it doesn’t get any weaker, if you’re a Dem I wonder how you sleep at night? Or does waking up the next morning not mean anything to you?

Have a nice day!

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Monday, December 19, 2005

Odds and End

Odd: NY Times “schedules? “news? story to hurt Republicans.
Odder: Democrats go on wild rampage with the “news? story.
Oddest: NY Times and Democrats fail to realize the harm they do to the Nation because all they can think about is themselves, boy am I shocked!

Odd: NSA “spies? on Americans who communicate with Terrorist, no one seems to notice that is their MAIN JOB in Life!
Odder: Liberal cry babies up in arms, mad as hell, and aren’t gonna take it anymore.
Oddest: Most Americans know that anyone listening to them better have a lot of coffee handy cause it can’t get more boring, scratching their heads wondering what all the fuss is about!

Odd: Boys under performing at schools across the Nation doesn’t bother anyone.
Odder: The Ruling Class doesn’t care since it’s paying back all the boys who weren’t even born when “men? abused woman as part of their daily life. What, you didn’t know that all men through all of time abused woman? How so non-modern of you!
Oddest: Ms. Dowd wonders why she can’t find any “men? to date while failing to notice the “new feminine? society considers all males animals, criminals, racist, sexual deviates, etc. etc., and that maybe that constant pounding is taking its toll in a way she and most other woman don’t see yet and when they do I’m guessing they will be surprised to find men want nothing to do with woman whom act that way, heh!

Odd: Money motivates the “new ruling class? more now than ever before.
Odder: Rich white people win Times people of the year awards.
Oddest: Rich white people, and especially rich white democrats, apparently only people in America who aren’t racist.

Odd: People in Middle East DIG Free Will
Odder: Horde of Mediacrats and Professors scratching head wondering how that can be remain skillfully silent in the face of the obvious.
Oddest: Nature can create Mediacrats and Professors so completely void of any understanding of Nature. Long Live Free Will!!


XMAS making a comeback, Happiness makes a comeback, sorry sourpusses!!

Merry XMAS!!!

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Why Racism Remains a “Tough? Issue

Basic Problem: We have created a large and robust economy that feeds on Racism and has no desire to go away. We have large groups of people who do nothing but “judge racism?, sue things because of “racism?, “see? racism when no one else can, report racism anytime they feel wronged, … The list is long but you get the idea, it’s a LARGE and Growth Oriented ECONOMY from the 70’s-90’s and now we have to deal with it.

Some definitions of racism (see below) cast such a huge shadow that no one can escape it, no one. These groups have become predictable and in my opinion so causal in their approach that they think racism is a part of everyone’s life and it is what it is. They “judge ? only certain types of racism though and that is the key to understanding this economy.

To this group all white individuals in the US are racist and some are smart enough to know it and admit it and the rest are hiding behind some “shield? of their own construction. The Free Market system, the Legal system, the Political system, the School system, the XXXXXX system, are all racist based systems because they exist in the US and the US is clearly racist. Such a neat and concise thought process clearly indicates an economy that is self-serving, forever needed, forever “wanted?, and most importantly, but of course, required for our very survival!

So let’s focus on their real focus, shall we? White people are bad because they have built a racist society and they are the racist. All other people of “color? cannot be racist because they have been subjected to “white? racism and therefore have an “excuse?. A perfect self feeding loop and this economy loves perfect self feeding loops since they perpetuate the perpetuators!

Racism creates a lot of emotion in people of all colors, all ages, all nations, etc… because it’s not “racism? that’s the problem, it’s a manifestation of outward and / or inward hatred and hatred is part of the human experience. And until we evolve past hatred we are stuck with racism and therefore must learn to manage those who use it as a “societal shaping? tool, a power / wealth redistribution tool, a guilt trip projection tool, and a tool to control government power which is racism at its worst, yes worse than all the others combined because it is only through government sponsored racism can the racism economy survive.

Sometime we must face the fact and remove the haters from government, remove the carefully built scaffolding used to support this heinous economy which has grown from what was really needed, a “big and loud outing? and educational process, into a industry focused on pure hatred, its that simple.

Racism Definitions:
Dictionary: The belief that race accounts for differences in human character or ability and that a particular race is superior to others.

“Professor?: discusses how the American educational system breeds closet racists. A closet racist is defined as "a person with racial prejudices who is unaware of those prejudices as such, usually because he or she has never been afforded the opportunity to discuss racial prejudice as such". The language of the closet racist can be divided into three strands: 1] fear; 2] unaware-ness; and 3] dis-ownership.

“Public Source?: The belief that the character and abilities of individuals are correlated with their race is not necessarily racism, since this can be asserted without implying an inequality in value. Racism as a term is usually applied to actions by a dominant group in a society on others. Weaker groups are unlikely to practice racism publicly on a more dominant or powerful group, as they would effectively be unable to. This highlights the difference between oppression and repression.

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Wednesday, December 7, 2005


A long long time ago in THIS GALAXY the US stood firm,
Evil forces invaded our homeland and killed with speed and force,
The men and women of the US stood firm,
Evil forces declared their intention to take over the world,
The men and women of the US stood firm,
Evil forces killed innocent people and did not care,
The men and women of the US stood firm,
Evil forces attacked over and over, killing and killing,
The men and women of the US stood firm,
Evil forces were soon to learn the most powerful force in nature,
The men and women of the US stood firm,
Evil forces were soon under attack from that force,
The men and women of the US stood firm,
Evil forces were treated as they treated us,
The men and women of the US stood firm,
Evil forces were soon crushed by our Free Will,
The men and women of the US stood firm,
Remember the price of countless before you,
The men and women of the US stood firm,
Will you?

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Tuesday, December 6, 2005

The Legal System Coming at YOU!

Saddam Trial: IS or isn’t Ramsey Clark aiding the enemy? Why don’t we call treasonous behavior Treason anymore? Is the “practice of law? so important that it in itself is above the rule of law?

Newspaper reporters can commit treasonous acts and not be held accountable, CIA Senior officials can commit treasonous acts and not be held accountable, do you think YOU could get away it? Well do you punk?

Hollywood and Murders: Funny how the Hollywood rich and “famous? only defend murderers isn’t it? What about all the rapist? Child Molesters? Armed robbers? Etc… No, they seem to focus on murderers, wonder why that is?

All over the country we are having LEGAL FIGHTS about Christmas? Legal fights about a day of happiness, not a religious day, A HAPPY DAY! Religious people can enjoy it and non-religious people like me can too, because it’s a good thing to give, A GOOD THING, A HAPPY THING! Courts are now used to fight all policy issues and where are our political leaders? Hiding under ground of course, no maybe they are looking into baseball, or the BCS, or girls softball, dealing with policy seems to fall way behind being re-elected, raising money, and sticking your nose somewhere it doesn’t belong and avoiding the places where it does belong!

On the first day of XMAS my true love gave to me, no new laws,
On the second day of XMAS my true love gave to me, no new lawyers,
On the third day of XMAS my true love gave to me, no new judges,
On the fourth day of XMAS, my true love gave to me, no new courtrooms,
On the fifth day of XMAS my true love gave to me, no new lawyer politicians,
On the sixth day XMAS my true love gave to me, no new legal groups,
On the seventh day of XMAS my true love gave to me, no new political indictments,
On the eight day of XMAS my true love gave to me, no new frivolous lawsuits,
On the ninth day of XMAS my true love gave to me, no new 9th Circuit Rulings,
On the tenth day of XMAS my true love gave to me, no new way to file lawsuits,
On the eleventh day of XMAS my true love gave to me, no ACLU,
On the twelfth day of XMAS my true love gave to me, a day of no LEGAL

Have a nice day!

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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Fourth Installment: The Hillary vs. the Ham Sammich

Newsflash: The latest polling numbers from IP – ONU have just been released and the race is even closer than before. At this time, 2+ years out from the race, the gap narrows and is now even closer than first thought with the Ham Sammich’s lead decreasing but it’s still too close (for any normal person) to call with a difference of 0.00…6.

Polling Note: Interestingly enough the usual suspects, ABC, CBS, NBC, Zogby, etc. are close to projecting the winner since that lead, to them, appears to be statistically significant and with the polls expected to close in just over 3 + years it fits their timeframe. The pollsters privately (natch) tell us the upswing detected in the Hillary’s numbers required the use of the new super computer from Big Blue running for 3 straight weeks 24 hours a day with data manipulators, whoops, I mean data entry staff also working 24 hours a day to bring the race this close and into their margins of error, plus or minus 15 gazillion.

As the Supreme Being circus is in a down moment the election tacking appears to be back on the war on terror with the Hillary’s team spread out ever so thin ensuring that every possible position was covered (and no the every possible position line was not meant to bring Billy boy to your mind!).

The Hillary machine was in full revision mode ensuring that all of the tacks performed during the Billy Boy terms were re-spun such that no one could possibly understand any position they may have taken and the Hillary’s positions were completely compatible with any future position. It was marveled by several insiders close to the Hillary’s campaign that such a large group of “individuals? could possibly be so in sync for such a long time. And they indicated, anonymously of course, no make that but of course, any group attempting to re-spin their re-spun spinning would in fact spin themselves into an alternate spinning Universal where spin and no spin would co-exist, and that nothing said is everything said!

Continuing to “speak? “off the record? the insiders revealed that the Hillary’s legal machine, which is needed to counter any factual argument(s), has been practicing endlessly the lessons learned during their landmark spin case. The legal community still has not recovered from the historic legal demarcation moment where for the first time in recorded history the meaning of “IS? was completely destroyed and rebuilt under the judicial systems sharp eye. It was said to be a non-stop orgy, whoops no I think the pizza person was off that weekend, a non-stop bombastic point – counter point session with the word IS being shown no mercy, no mercy, one only hopes the poor little word was not subjected to torture, well, any more torture than listening to that group talk! All of us normal people also marveled at the legal systems most “brilliant? minds, some flown in from the farthest corners of the planet, that upper Escalon of thought that found themselves involved in one of the most historic intellectual battles every fought. The best from K street, Haaaarrrrrvard, and all the IVY league schools were called in and they too were stumped, no make that blown away at the daunting, no make that the MOST DAUNTING intellectual legal argument ever witnessed and undertook by mere mortals, the defining of the word “IS?!

For those of you that have wondered, some have wondered out loud, how can the Ham Sammich and its mere mortal campaign team possible prepare to do battle with a group that is so awe inspiring, so awesome in conceptual prowess, so brave as to stare down the most famous intellectual legal battle every fought on the planet? Well it has come to this reporter’s attention that the Ham Sammich’s team has called in the most powerful element in all of Nature and is prepared to use it if needed. I know, I know that seems like an impossible mission, but fear not mere mortals, the secret weapon is up for the challenge and I am hear to bravely report to you that the inside circle of the Ham Sammich’s organization has indicated they will use the most powerful weapon on earth if needed! I know it will scare the Hillary’s legal team and they will cry foul, but this reporter is sure that when needed, the Ham Sammich is prepared to go to Def Con 9 and roll out the most dreaded projectile in politics, the TRUTH missile…

Stay tuned readers as this could be historic…

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Monday, November 28, 2005

Random Quickies

Gee, another politician resigns because of breaking the law, I am so surprised. I wonder how many would be left standing if they were all somehow forced to tell the truth. Would any of them still be standing? This might not be an indicator of our future prospects, but if these are the types passing the laws…

Tried to sit through a Russert / Dowd interview and lasted about 30 seconds, I thought we’re not into torture? After all if was on the public airwaves…

War on Terror, well make that any war, brings out the worst in the Weakinization crowd. But it was nice to see Shehan sitting alone, fitting, I hope her sons honor is one day restored, somehow, someway…

Saddam’s trail will be a joke if they attempt to bring outside law into the picture. Here’s to hoping they just do it they way they see fit and tell the Int. Press and Weakinization crowd to go fly a kite!

Christmas assault by ACLU and certain stores should be the last straw for all of us. Vote with your pocket books, support anti-ACLU groups and boycott stores who aren’t tough enough to say “Merry Christmas?! I am not a religious person and I see XMAS as something else, as a way of celebrating a tradition of happiness and in case you hadn’t noticed, WE NEED MORE TRADITIONS OF HAPPPINESS, not the doom and gloom “elites? crowd who cannot enjoy life like most people…

People complain about what the “boomers? are going to do to the future economy, I wonder if those people know who is driving the current economy? Think about it, figure out how the free market system works and presto, its working as designed!

Have a nice day…

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Thursday, November 24, 2005

CNN and the Big XXXXXX

Well if you think it was an accident you don't know the following;

99% of top CNN staff love Ted Turner (the money guy).
CNN is a democratic mouth piece.
Ted Turner can't stand the current administration.
CNN is so far left they can't even see the middle anymore. As Einstein taught us information's max speed is the speed of light and even the speed of light cannot cover the space between CNN and the middle of the road people.

Any questions?

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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Bunch of Quickies…

Woodward proves, again, that the press has no morals, has no grasp of reality, and has no sense of honor, just a bunch of wannabe “news? vultures living off of other people, classy huh?

Silence update, Plamegate, Pre-War Intel, ex-military sell-out calling for withdrawal, UN Reform, Kerry-Gore-Edwards, France Burning, EU Constitution, Shehan, Wilson, Rather, Mapes, funny how when nothing sticks they just move right along…

You know when the economy is rocking the socialist are a crying, the Unions hands are out, the press is spinning, and the rest of us are just smiling…

GM Ford Layoffs, world coming apart, Major Newspaper layoffs, nothing to see hear, move along…

San Fran area wants no military presence to mis-inform their children and enacts a “symbolic? law, fail to notice that with declining birth rates military will look elsewhere anyways and all laws in San Fran AREA are “symbolic? unless of course the victim is part of the “Ruling Class? or mega-rich…

Country Music “Ruling Class? move awards show to New York city, fail to notice that “anything? moved to New York city instantly hated by Red States as much as NY hates red states, except of course when they try to make money from Red States, double fail to notice that the more “Country Music? tries to please NY’ers the more real Country Music will be called something else…

Have a nice day…

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Monday, November 21, 2005

Useful Idiots and Polls

Well it didn’t take long did it? The Noise Machine was out of gas and needed to manufacture some news so what did they trot out? The old standards, another useful idiot and a “new? poll!! Breath taking isn’t it!!

The useful idiot manufacturers appear to have an endless supply of people waiting to be used, waiting for their 15 minutes of fame, and waiting, breathlessly waiting to be heard! They are powerful hear them Roar the Noise Machine blasts across the airwaves and hoping, really hoping, that this endless parade of “new? useful idiots will not be noticed by the general public.

How can anyone take any poll seriously? Polls are the biggest jokes out there and so I guess it’s not far fetched to think that the same group that feels they can endlessly trot out useful idiots also thinks they can trot out endless polls reflecting their spin and expect the general public to buy it.

Now the good news, the endless line of useful idiots and the endless list of polls is starting to lose any specific meaning and like everything else overused will soon be absorbed into the general background noise that is most of what the Noise Machine has in its arsenal. And all you need to do is ask any military expert what happens when your arsenal is old news to the enemy, trouble is coming…

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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Emotional Letdowns

Do you hear that? Do you? Yes that’s it, the Sound of Silence and oh boy how sweet it is! The Noise Machine and the Ruling Class clearly are only energized by trauma and its ability to inflict pain (read opportunity to increase their level of control) on those not in the inner circle.

And so now they suffer, they suffer in muted grumblings cast out upon an empty space whose existence is known but whose occupants exist in a negative vacuum in an alternate universe, struggling day to day, and waiting, sniffling, shuddering…

Hoping with all their heart to hear the great call, to arms, to arms, the empty space beckons you once again, once again into the breach you go, where truth is surreal, where life is nuanced, where feelings overrule facts, and where for those short moments of time, you can escape being just another normal average person…

On a small little planet, in a far out arm of a normal bar galaxy, in a very very very small part of the known universe, in one brane of unknown numbers of branes, inside unknown systems of branes…

The horror, the horror…

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Monday, November 14, 2005


Wal-Mart has been better for inflation fighting than Greenspan, LOL!

France’s assimilation politicians can learn a lesson from American politicians, LOL!

California Education budget approx. $58 billion, Oregon;’s two year TOTAL budget, approx $37 billion, 2005 Idaho TOTAL budget, $2.2 billion, Florida 2004 TOTAL budget, approx $57 billion, 2004 Massachusetts TOTAL budget, approx $24 billion…

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So much, so much… (late post)

Election Day wrap, all Demo all the time;

Arnold lost, no the PEOPLE of California lost. What do you want to bet that of the relatively small turnout, 70+ percent was Union or Union supporters (read most Demos)? California is a socialist state in case you didn’t know it and that is why it’s going bankrupt, morally and fiscally.

Bush lost, he’s not running for office, geez BDS knows no bounds! Billy O tacked back to the left a few nights ago to ensure he can counter those who think he is a rightwing. And to those who think he is, dream on!

French Fries a burning, its jobs, its assimilation, its America, its Iraq, anything but what it really is!

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Well the days of boredom are on us, no Supreme Being for awhile, France over shadowing IRAQI, Jordan bombings boring since it looks like it can’t be blamed on the US, PlameGate in a slowdown, economy rolling along, bet a lot of people are bored huh!

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Tuesday, November 8, 2005

How come the Democrats always say and do dumb things might you ask?

And no this is not a political hit piece it’s more about what really drives the political process, money. Following is the scenario that I believe is in “repeat mode? and will continue to be until the money problem is solved, and yes it can be solved, in fact it would be relatively easy.

Democrats run a “think shop? event somewhere where a bunch of big names are coached by a bunch of paid “thinkers? to delivery some sort of position based on hating George Bush. The “thinkers? interestingly enough allow the big names to frame the purpose and then spend some time telling them how to deliver the message. Since the Democrats only run in the here and now they don’t ask for and surely the “thinkers? won’t divulge any long term consequences, just get me out the door now! The reason why the “thinkers? won’t divulge the long term consequences is seen below.

The big name goes out and delivers the message and the Noise Machine (OLD MSM) picks up on it and all of the enlightened (read ruling class) jump for joy, drink the Kool-Aid and preach the word! It’s a standard operating procedure that is seen day in and day out across the land.

Then something happens, sometimes sooner and sometimes later but happen it does, someone actually fact checks the message (more often than not bloggers these days) and whoops, the message is found to be flawed or (with increasing regularity) a spin doctor routine with no facts to back it up, and sometimes an out and out lie.

Now what do you think happens next? Well the big name goes to the paid “thinkers? and says, “I need a way out!? and what do you think the “thinkers? think when this cycle comes full circle? Cha ching baby, cha ching...

And so the circle goes, day in and day out. Need proof, the biggest names in the "backroom" of demo politics are the money people because someone has to pay the thinkers as well as the cost of spreading the word...

Have a nice day!

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Monday, November 7, 2005

US Soldiers Accused of Harassing IRAQI Detainees (code word for terrorists!)

Breaking News Flash: As the trial of Saddam nears and as the US Democratic campaign to re-fight the 2000 and 2004 elections moves into full speed backward mode (nope can’t accuse them of living in the past!) we have NEW NEWS that maybe somewhere some soldier might have touched a terrorist in a wrong manner!

The accusations are being taken seriously because they came from a disgruntled ex-marine prone to lie and who is currently on the fact challenged MSM circuit in Europe and funded by well known losers in American politics.

As it turns out the incident was a communications problem caused by education. It appears the soldier was schooled in California and didn’t understand the reporter’s questions because some of the words had more than 2 syllables. It was also later found out that the reporter “framed? the questions in a “leading? manner which has long since been outlawed in California schools since it relies on actually understanding the context of a discussion.

Have a nice day…

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Saturday, November 5, 2005

CA Special Election Notes, San Fran Style!!

Good Judges: Parents rights not stated in constitution so parents, tough luck!!

Bad Judges: Ones that would draw “non-Gerrymandered? congressional districts! Are they implying judges grow stupid as they grow older (see 9nth and Supreme for glaring examples)? Check the TV AD and you see “OLD WHITE MALES? looking like buffoons (what a surprise!), and making districts look like a jigsaw puzzle (which is no different than today), and finally against the backdrop of the State Of Texas because of course Texas is where Prez Bush stole elections for years before he stole the last two prez elections! Can you say “living in the 60’s?!!

Good Drug Companies: Give money to have “BLACK? groups front their prop.

Bad Drug Companies: Don’t give money to “BLACK? groups who then can’t front their prop.

Teachers Union: All goodness and always needs money.

Parents Union: Silly voters whom can’t govern themselves.

Judge Wopner Good: Ex-TV judge turned paid political operative whom we all trust, yeppers, no doubt about it!

Judge Wopner Bad: His commercial is the worst piece of junk I’ve ever seen that someone actually paid money for, FOR, FORRRRRRRRRRRR… (you have to see it to understand the ending of my thought!)

Polls Good: Are all of a sudden everywhere showing Arnold’s idea’s being overrun by Union money and support slipping, slipping, slipping… What a surprise the Noise Machine and the Ruling Class love polls they pay for!

Polls Bad: If anyone believes polls are anything but marketing tricks, your bad!

PC-ism at its best: In the Union ads all of the teachers and nurses are women and all of the firefighters and police people are male, why is that? I thought the Ca Ruling Class was totally consumed by PC-ism? How can they do such blatant type casting and sleep at night, how can they sleep at night!!!!!!!

PC-ism at its worst: Read most of above and it should be crystal clear, do as I tell you too and not as I do damn it silly human, don’t you know were the RULING ELITE!!! Send money, vote as your told, and PRAY we let you live here, OR ELSE!!!

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Friday, November 4, 2005

Rambling today....


1) Man sentenced to 8 years, yes 8 years, for stabbing sister to death in Germany because she was Islamic and fell in love with a German guy. Yes you read it right, 8 years!

2) France's Islamic love fest has finally, after all these years, brought about what it really sought, non-stop violence in the streets.

3) Britain’s outlaw Piggy banks so they won't offend Islamic's, PIGGY BANKS!!!! Hello, PIGGY BANKS!!!

4) 9th Circuit rules parents have no rights regarding what schools teach children based on narrow reading of the constitution. Funny when they decide to narrow rights!

5) Republican Senator Arnold Vinick of California (Alan Alda), ALan ALda, as a republican, A REPUBLICAN!

6) Winds farms loved by environmentalist, unless of course they are near the environmentalist Mansion!

7) Google "ENVIRONMENTAL FRIENDLY" founders buy a 767 Jet. ENVIRONEMENTALLY friendly types reported to own more SUV's and fly more miles than rest of world population combined seems to never be noticed.

8) Madonna "steals" MTV awards show by showing up in "figure fitting" outfit to promote MOMMYHOOD! Mother arrested for having sex with 8 year old boy so apparently Madonna's influence is catching on!

9) Black politician hailed as Sambo loudly applauded by Democrats, yes DEMOCRATS think calling a black politician SAMBO is, WAY COOL!

10) Some people think Jimmy Carter has a brain and should be listened too, JIMMY CARTER HAS A BRAIN!!! A sure sign that evolution works!

11) Democrats favorite campaign events seem to be funerals and hate America events. To use a poker term, maybe a tell?

12) "Voters to Decide Election Races"--headline, Bernardsville (N.J.) News, News Flash, in case you missed it, VOTERS TO DECIDE ELECTIONS, WHATS UP WITH THAT, clearly they don't live in California!

13) "SECRET CIA AGENT" last seen doing Vanity Fair photo ops. To think all of our enemies buy sophisticated systems and people needed to run those systems instead of just reading Vanity Fair, how silly of them!

14) THE CIA sends another idiot to perform a secret mission and no one seems to think that’s a problem!

15) Colleges love "open thinking" as long as it conforms to their view of the land. Open thinking and college, how close minded can you be!

16) Bill says the Hillary would be a better president, well at least we know their wouldn't be any sex at the White House during her term.

Have a nice day!!

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Thursday, November 3, 2005

Bill Clinton and the DNC Race Machine

I have two race based questions for my readers and I was hoping one of you could help me understand. Bill Clinton is often said to be "America's First Black President" and is THE key to the DNC's race based political machine.

Question 1, since Clinton is a renowned skirt chaser, have you ever seen or heard of him "seeing" a black woman?
Question 2, Hillary is still married to Bill right? If yes has anyone heard of her being referred to as the first lady married to a Black President?

I'm sorry if this sounds crude but I believe one should practice what they preach, as I do.

Let me know.

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Wednesday, November 2, 2005

This is a response to public display of racial hatred when the flame throwers are African American?

So as I understand the talking points, because the senate candidate endorses the governor who went to a club with no black members it’s OK to act racist!!

One small question for you, does that mean if a black member of Congress goes to an all black club (they do exist) its OK to resort to racial slurs, right?

Do whites attend the Black Caucus Meetings? If not, can we shovel the sh$t at the Black Caucus and say so what?

No double standard here, nothing to see, move along…

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Politics on full display… can you say ugly forever?

Points of evidence;

1) Pompous acts of stupidity viewed as leadership (see rule 21 debacle yesterday, Plamegate, …)
2) Race based attacking is only OK when the attackee is a Republican black man who won’t follow the Democratic Party line. They have used pictures that would get anyone else thrown in jail, stolen his credit report, …
3) A string of proven liars (M. Moore, J. Wilson, MSM, …) strongly believe they can influence politics by lying.
4) Billionaires (Soros, T. Turner, …) try to buy the political system.
5) Two most important jobs of a senator, spending money and raising money.
6) Politics has more lawyers involved than the legal system.
7) The Legal system controls more of government than our votes.
8) Unions and special interests groups spend more money on politics that their members or causes...

The list could go on for ever but I hope you get the idea.

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Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Just who do they think they are?

The Senate has decided to shut itself down to teach someone a lesson, a lesson in what? How to be stupid? How to cry and act like a child? That your 1/3 percent of the government is more important than the other 2/3s? How to prove you are meaningless in the larger context of life? Sometimes the stupidity is so blatant that they must think the only ones grading them are the press clowns!

Years after we were attacked by terrorists, years after we have done the right thing in two countries, years and years after we told the world we’re not run by a bunch of wet noodle political operatives, talking heads, and lame judges, we pull this stunt?

The real political class of America needs to wake up and do some whomping and a stomping here, all children should be sent to their room because this will be for grown ups only. If you can’t take it join the kids in their room!

Wimps, cry babies, mal contents, your days are numbered in the political system, either you have a debate to move things forward or your thrown out of the debate, wah wah-ing about things no longer in play is not only not tolerated anymore, those that live and play there will soon find out they have no voice anymore… don’t like it? Move to Cuba, Venezuela, or I hear Zimbabwe is seeking help!

Natures strongest in America, time to stand up and get it done, for Nature’s weakest in America, I suggest you move to the kids room where you can be safe from the real world…

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Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloweenies are a howling!!

As I’ve stated before every time a Supreme Being is in play the crowd goes bezerk! As predicted as soon as a name was mentioned the two camps sprung into action and the carnival of insanity has started!! On the night of Halloween just makes it all the more special as clowns were everywhere, goblins abounded, witches stirred their brew, monsters roamed the streets, and the worst of all was set loose on the airwaves and blogs across the land, the Supreme Being Pundits!

Clowns make you laugh haha, goblins will eat you alive oh my, witches casts spells near and far, monsters prey on the helpless public munching till their hearts content, and then it gets really ugly as the communication channels tear into your hearts, your brains, your central nervous system ensuring no part is left intact, no ability to reason remains, and most importantly, tearing your soul out and casting you adrift in a maze of bloviated insanity, the horror, the horror…

Have a nice night..,

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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Blinded by the(ir) Light

The political establishment on display these days keeps getting smaller and smaller just when you thought you would a need microscope to see them, they shrivel even further into complete smaller minded madness. One wonders how lost they truly are, how out of touch they have become, how self consumed can they be?

The breathless bloviating over the demise of one of their own seems not to bother them in fact it energies them! Why is that you might ask since its just politics isn’t it? Well to them its life and all that life has to offer them. In a way I feel sorry for them since to have life reduced to such a stupid game full of clowns must be a very sad life indeed.

Prosecutors and defense lawyers toiling day after day trying to squeeze life out of lifeless points and counter points, political hacks hacking up nonsense day in and day out, spotlight seekers twisting into sub-human forms to find that which they seek, manipulators setting up the useful idiots time and time again, its as old as the hills and started in the cave dwelling days. Yet these “intellectual Monsters? have not grown one bit since the earliest of time, nope not one bit…

Nature has undergone billions of years of evolution to produce the life we have around us and what do we do in return? Evolve backwards in time, deny the obvious, criminalize life, turn on each other, turn on life that’s how some of our most elite have evolved and that is why I am happy not to be with them.

Maybe some of these political clowns should turn to sports for a little reality check. The football game between USC and Notre Dame a couple of weeks ago was awesome. Both teams deserved to win but just like in politics only one side can win and so USC won. But so did Notre Dame and what the Notre Dame Coach did after that amazing game, the way he handled losing, the class, the power he displayed was so far beyond anything I have seen from a politician, so far beyond. If they are the elite, the coach of Notre Dame dwarfs them on all fronts and should be running a classroom to teach politicians what class, what style, what life is all about because they really need a lesson baby and this guy is clearly the guy who should do it...

Have a nice day…

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Friday, October 28, 2005

Calling the President off his “game? huh?

SO the president is off his game a bit with this Mier’s thing the pundits wail as they congratulate themselves for covering this situation so well. We knew every angle and we knew every assumption before we knew any facts but that’s OK because that’s what they do!!

My guess is almost all, probably all, of the critics of his “2nd term? have never held true leadership positions, have never made tough decision after tough decision after tough decision, have never made decisions that can severely impact someone’s life, or lot’s of peoples life’s, and have never made decisions that amount to life and death consequences.

Ankle biters are a dime a dozen and usually have the biggest mouths. Any real leader would know that his job is brutal and since “down time? is almost non-existent maybe cutting him some slack is the right thing to do, regardless of your politics.

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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Supreme Being Circus Extended, sigh…

The news that the latest Supreme Being nomination has been scraped has good news and bad news points but most of all means the Circus has been extended for who knows how long and to that I say, sigh…

Good news, the likes of Cindy Shehan, rogue prosecutions, talking head explosions, Noise Machine (old MSM) daily meltdowns (currently feeding on themselves), and the like will be kept off the radar since POWER news always trumps fake but inaccurate news.

Bad news, more politicking of the legal process, less focus on the awesome news out of IRAQ, less coverage of the insane level of corruption at the UN, less focus on the real bad guys in the world, etc.

So here we go again, the selection process has started already with short lists, long lists, outside lists, inside lists, lists of lists, and lists to list the list lists… the repub and demo machine will crank to an even higher level of shrill, the talking heads are loving this because for a few more weeks or months (whatever) they get to spout their useless OPINIONS and try to spin them into reality, regardless of reality…

To GWB, leadership is tough, ankle biters never stop, good luck!

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Tick, Tick, Tick, …

Surprisingly no news on the outcome of the investigation, but all of the news people, right, left, middle, spend a lot of time each day discussing the potential outcomes and rallying their flock to their interpretation.

Right, clearly she was outed by herself or her husband, her neighbors knew, her cat knew, everyone knew, her husband is a clown (true) who just needs attention, he used the DNC and its components to get his 15 minutes of fame and they fell for it (true), the CIA did this to get back at the White House (probably true), the role of the press with regards to classified material handling, etc…

Left, Rove and Libby are the devil, Cheney is the evil master of the world, Bush knows nothing and does nothing, and this Administration is bad all the way to the top, blah blah blah…

So what’s really going on? A simple political fight being fought with the law, the talking head community needing something for ratings, the Noise Machine still needing to pretend like they are important, an inside the Beltway feeding frenzy to settle old scores (see Clinton), blah blah blah…

Your tax dollars at work, are you OK with this? Think about this next time you vote…

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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Leak Case Spouts Leaks

Could it be that the case to investigate leaks is leaking itself? How could that be? You would think on this instance that the team investigating leaks would tell most insiders not to leak, wouldn’t you?

One of two things is happening, wishful thinking by the Noise Machine (Old MSM) to “TELL? the prosecutor what he needs to do or else they will be really mad at him. And he had better not get them mad at him because all hell will break loose if he “disappoints? them. Second thing is the Noise Machine is just leaking on itself and hoping no one will notice the source.

The second item is very telling as I feel they are so far gone (their must be a term for this) from reality. To them reality is the mirror they peer deep into and see themselves with wings and a halo. They have reporter one whisper into reporter two’s ear and then reporter two writes a front page article about the whisper. It’s like the talking head circuit where on slow nights talking heads “interview? other talking heads about what they said on their show.

The Noise Machine has been reduced in stature in many different ways (integrity, revenue, readership, etc.) and now we know they have been reduced to “leaking? on themselves, how funny indeed…

Have a Nice Day!

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Monday, October 24, 2005

Iraq, 2000 Deaths, and the Noise Machine's (new name for MSM) Bias

The American Military will soon experience the loss of a soldier that will mark a highlight in the life of the Noise Machine’s Body Politics, the loss of the 2000th American fighting in IRAQ. They will use this sad milestone for noise making announcements to be used against Republicans, the President, and whomever else they want to score points against.

The fact that some family will be grieving will not matter unless that family wants to join the Anti-War circus. The fact that Saddam’s regime isn’t killing thousands of Iraqis a year won’t matter. The fact that these soldiers are doing what they feel is right won’t matter. No the only thing that will matter is a news sound bite, a news graphic, a news milestone cherished by the worst among us.

Americans kill thousands of Americans every year and that is not national news because it is hard news, tough news, news that can’t be spun for political points, news that hurts, hits deep and hits hard.

The Noise Machine should be ashamed and shamed for their faux feelings, held accountable for their ignorant and arrogant posturing, and most importantly lack of understanding what the larger picture is and the more important goal, peace on earth for all people. Not just the few they consider important…

How low can they go, how low can they go…

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Friday, October 21, 2005

Another post on the CA Attack Ads

So they feel the nice guy approach isn’t working so they stoop to the usual depths of despair of the liberal mindset, attack, attack, attack! They hate fighters, they hate the use of force, they hate the use of tough tactics, unless of course it’s to protect their ideas, then and only then is fighting not only allowed, its required! No hypocrisy here, nothing to see, move along…

So what weapons did they choose for the fight you might ask, the usual suspects; UNLIMITED POWER (which is not a problem for them, only for someone else) for the Gov and the PROSPECT of Teacher Accountability of course!

The Gov will have UNLIMITED power to mess your life up, no more silly checks and balances, he will be free to wreck havoc, destroy your homes, wipe out your livelihood, and erect a Kingdom worthy of Medieval times to perch his throne upon they say shuddering at the thought. Oh my its coming they say its coming head for the hills while your still alive!!!

This one is completely radical and if true will bring our schools to the lowest depths imaginable and believe me you need a fertile imagination to imagine our schools getting any lower. The recent test that showed that most of our HS grads operate below the 8th grade level and apparently it wouldn’t be a problem if we just continue to spend more money, repeat after me, more money, more money, more money… sorry got lost in the Union moment now back to their complaint. This is huge so be fore warned, they say that under the new guidelines a principal, could mind you could, actually, maybe, fire a teacher. And what they worry about is our course what all principals will do with the new found power, fire all the good teachers of course!

That’s right you and I know darn well they will seek out the best teachers and using precision guided ordinance take them out. And you know this time they might be right so lets follow the logic. The principals are part of the Unions power base and the power base seeks to continue the excellent track record they have of making sure each generation of students is more clueless than the last, why you ask? Well isn’t it obvious that as the students’ performance continues its rapid decline we need to fix the problem and what do the Unions think will fix the problem, more MONEY! MONEY! MONEY!

So whom is looking out for your children you might ask, well I have the answer for you, YOUR VOTE! USE IT!

It’s a fact of Nature that one of the best smiles a parent and child can have is when the parent cares for the child and the child knows it, please fix this while our children are still able to understand…

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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Supreme Being Circus continues… Could we do with less?

I surely hope this circus ends soon and that we can get on with the business of the “Ruling Class? getting back to its work. Well on second thought maybe we should have a process of continually “picking? judges and let all the other “work? go by the wayside.

Could we do with less legislation? Could we do with fewer “personal destruction? talking points? Could we do with fewer pundits bloviating about pointless points? Could we do with fewer “news? personnel making fools of themselves? Could we do with fewer Bridges to Nowhere? Could we do with fewer Union political commercials? Could we do with fewer UN scandals? Could we do with fewer UN members killing their own people and blaming it on the US? Could we do with fewer ineffective World Politicians in Belgium? Could we do with less Terrorism?

Why yes I think we could…

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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Sometimes they make it to easy…

The legal system in the US is not directly involved in this but some of its talking heads are weighing in on the Saddam trial in Iraq and the comedy just keeps coming. I won’t mention names or shows or blogs because I just can’t bring myself to add any additional shame to them.

Of course we don’t want the Iraqi people to put up with our war, our democracy, our troops, our politicians, our etc., but oh yea the guy responsible for killing and ravaging gazillions of people should have our LEGAL PROTECTION!

Right, I mean come on let’s get this straight. Here is another key nugget in the liberal world domination plan through the law and this one they let out of the bag, at least in my humble opinion, without even knowing it.

The only thing the “Ruling Elite? want to be worldwide is their view of the law and its control process to be left up to them, and only them. You and I are subject too but not part of the controlling part because of course, you’re not up for the challenge of governing yourself silly human!

I mean its not like in the US (the best example so far of the “Ruling Elite’s? Legal system) we let murderers, child rapist and such get away with their crimes to “protect? the legal system, well do we?

Oops sorry, I forgot for a second…

Have a nice day…

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

California Unions Keep at it!!

The latest TV ads are really starting to show the Unions true colors and it’s getting nastier by the week. As stated earlier it really must be critical for them in order to stoop to such depths to protect their racket. But I won’t talk about that in this post since I need to focus on one point that hits me below the belt.

All of these teachers, RN’s, Fire People, etc. (by the way these ads are very non-PC, the fire / police people are always men and the nurses / teachers are always women, wonder why that is?) complain that if this bill passes their voices won’t be heard. Well why the hell is that? Why do they need more than you and I? Why is the Union the only voice of these people? Why is that?

What if you and I want our voices heard? What do we do? We vote, we write our representatives, and get our voices heard somehow someway! But apparently that is not enough for the Union people, they need more than you and me to be heard.

Remember what they are saying when you vote, that they need more than you and I to represent them.

They are somehow better and more important than you and I… Think about that…

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IRAQ; the “OLD? Media and Voter Lessons

Now I won’t state the obvious that the “old News? agencies hated this IRAQ vote and coverage was less than the cat stuck in the tree coverage on your local TV station.

What have the IRAQ people learned from us? The good lessons are obvious, vote to make a difference, vote to change your life, vote to make the government accountable to your vote!!

The bad lessons are equally obvious for all to see, when you don’t get your way, scream voter fraud, cry and whine about non-existent issues, and then of course go on TV and show your true colors, wah, wah, wah…

I love it…

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Monday, October 17, 2005

Hatred, Politics and People

Hatred was on full display again this weekend, riots in Toledo and politics in the theater of ideas.

The Toledo riots were completely predictable and, sad to say, common place these days. The part that I find most interesting is the way the press still tries to use these riots as ways to boost sagging ratings. Having long since given up any true perspective on what should be reported on and how it should be reported, the “NEWS? clowns flock to “controversy? to dazzle their audiences with spectacular blow by blow coverage of events that are as old as the hills. It’s clear these “riots? are more publicity stunts than anything else and it’s equally true that the “old news? organizations have little else to report on anymore. How sad…

The Nobel Prize group has again demonstrated a complete lack of understanding with regards to their original mission and instead display their hatred for any political situation that doesn’t act weak, like they do. It’s really another example of what was once a great group being turned into a bunch of weak wimps endlessly obsessing about ideas long ago lost in the real world. Hatred comes in many forms and clearly hatred has triumphed over intellect with that group, how sad indeed…

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Thursday, October 13, 2005

O’Reilly and Judges – It’s War!

Welcome to the Fight O'Reilly!

O’Reilly has been waging a one man war on judges who give wimpy sentences to people who prey on children. He squared off with an ex-BAR president from Mass. and a defense lawyer the last night two nights and cleaned their clocks. It was nice to see the Old O’Reilly return not taking BS from these clowns.

So the main case discussed was a man who admitted raping 5 young boys and who was sentenced too, hope your sitting down, 8-11 years in jail which means he will probably serve much less. Let’s simplify, 5 raped boys = less than 2 years a boy in jail.

Now that is sick and weak as they come and O’Reilly jumped all over the judge and whoever that judge is needs to be removed from her position ASAP. But its gets much weaker than that, much weaker to the point of almost being mind numbing.

Both the ex-BAR prez and the defense lawyer thought the judge did just fine and that O’Reilly was bullying the judge, get that, bullying the judge. These two clowns are poster children for what is wrong with the legal system. It is completely self-serving and has no moral compass to say the least.

Join this with the Supreme Being circus, the legal system being used to fight political opponents, State Attorney Generals whom do what they want without regard to consequences (see NY and CA for details), State legislatures implementing laws the voters voted against, etc, etc, etc.

The legal system is trying to kill our country; you need to think more about that…

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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

“Weakinization? and the Press, School, and Legal Attack Corps

Interesting news that some of the Presidents Supreme Being nominees decided not to accept the nomination because they didn’t want to put their families, and themselves, through the confirmation process. The process has turned into a “public stoning? effort where the “news? organizations spew lies, distortions and hatred without any regard for the truth.

The “news? organizations represent the weakest of the “weakinization? forces as they hide behind vague words and “press protection? BS that provides them a forum to destroy with minimal consequences. The only known consequence is declining revenue and that seems to not be a problem for them. As I have stated before they are not businesses anymore they are the cost of doing business for the DNC paid for by wealthy corporations run by DNC types.

The RNC side might be construed as being comprised of most talk radio, Fox, etc. But, and this is a huge but, the RNC side runs as a business and these shows make money so they cater to a large enough audience to be successful whereas the DNC side must be subsidized.

And the difference between a subsidized business model and a profit center are largely degrees of desire. Many profit centers run subsidized “businesses? for a variety of purposes, but all have a purpose. Sometimes the reason can be as simple as the person in charge says, “I want it?, and that’s that.

“News? organizations have a long and somewhat dubious history in the US and recently the truth is seeping out (thanks Rather!) that many of these “news? items are fraudulent, spin doctored, garbage, blah blah blah…

The reason this is still important, although its importance is fading very fast thank goodness, surfaces in the bigger picture of the “weakinization? of Free Will in the US. It is only through institutionalizing the spirit of weakness that Free Will can be attacked. It is only through the attack and weakening of Free Will can the US be destroyed. Our enemies have figured this out, indirectly and without true understanding, and are working hard to make it happen with their main weapons being what’s left of the “news? organizations reach and the legal system.

Let’s discuss the three main fronts used to force “weakinization? on us; news organizations, schools, and the legal system.

The schools are not much of a worry since they at best indoctrinate a very small portion of students for life while most grow up and realize the BS they heard was just that, BS.

The legal system has been under attack for sometime and they were winning this battle. I say were because they got greedy and the Free Will side has awakened and I am confident that battle will be won and we can undue some of the major BS implemented through judges. Those items should be submitted through the legislative process and voted on and enacted as the people desire.

The “news? organizations as mentioned above break down into two major groups, those that make money and therefore have viable support, and those needing to be subsidized because they have little or no viable support. Its clear which model supports Free Will and which doesn’t which is why I am sure this course is set in stone.

The truth of my argument comes in many forms but I think one speaks above all else, the more these non Free Will types cry, whine, and complain, the more I smile!

The best thing about the US is Free Will has always won the battle, regardless of the type, strategy, strength, and duration of the fight. And for that reason I will sleep well tonight but will always be on guard for the forces of “weakinization?…

Have a nice day…

BTW: Free Will knows no skin color, no age, no race, no government supported discrimination category because it is pure Nature baby, deal with it!

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Third Installment: The Hillary vs. The Ham Sammich

Newsflash: The latest polling numbers from IP – ONU have just been released and the race is still incredible close. At this time, 2+ years out from the race, it’s neck and neck with the Ham Sammich increasing it’s lead but it’s still too close (for any normal person) to call with a difference of 0.00…9.

Polling Note: Interestingly enough the usual suspects, ABC, CBS, NBC, Zogby, etc. are close to projecting the winner since that lead, to them, appears to be statistically significant and with the polls expected to close in just over 3 + years it fits their timeframe. And it’s also interesting to note that although the Ham Sammich is leading the race, they have indicated a large sampling of virtual voters leaving the virtual exit polls indicates the Hillary will win by a landslide. Unlike the Kerry and Gore races, the pollsters privately tell us that the odds of winning on a double or nothing strategy get better the more you try and hey with zero downside, why not go for broke?

We have seen an increase in tacking maneuvers as the O’Conner Supreme Being replacement circus, whoops, process gets underway. The NY Junior Senator Shoemurrmurr has decided to forgo his usual position and allow his fellow NY Senator to take the lead on grabbing as many camera shots, whoops, I meant talking points and explaining them to the general populace. She of course warns that without a suitable replacement all known rights in the US will be returned to the state of Europe where Kings and Queens ruled.

Interestingly it was pointed out by a long term White House correspondent that she seems to be fighting the thing she craves most but just doesn’t know how to turn our country into a Kingdom for her to rule. The correspondent, speaking on condition of anonymity, indicated it was the first time, to his knowledge, she had run into a road block she couldn’t run over and uttered something about those “damn constitutional GUYS?.

Meanwhile her spousal unit, whoops I mean husband, continued his aggressive tack to the left using the talking points of a number of well known anti-American blogs to ensure the opposition research knows the full extent of the Ham Sammich’s history. Sources close to the Senators spousal unit have heard rumors of a major news story revealing that in fact the Ham Sammich might of, although no proof exists, have taken to using mayonnaise instead of mustard clearly indicating racial insensitivity. The Ham Sammich’s camp issued the following pre-response: “No one, and we mean no one, would argue that Ham Sammich lovers choose one, sometimes both, and, have been known to even switch between the two which clearly indicates a full acceptance of all colors by the Ham Sammich’s supporters?.

The expected announcement has generated so much buzz that the anti-American blogs traffic spikes have interfered with the high school and college students, who support those sites, school work causing many school districts to simple issue a grade of A+ and suspend any attendance requirements to all students who can show they visit these sites on a daily basis. This allows those students to travel to anti-American demonstrations instead of being in school and allows the teachers to take a break from their hectic schedule. The anti-American blogs indicated that advertising revenue was through the roof since 98-99% of their visitors are students. Speaking on condition of anonymity the source further says the advertising companies, Gender Identification for You, Condoms for Lunch, and the famous Grades for Purchase are reaping stellar windfalls as well and he hopes the parents of these students continue to avoid asking any questions about what their kids are doing in school.

Stay tuned readers…

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Monday, October 10, 2005

Change in the Govt. part 3, what are my top priorities!

Here are the things I would work on to change our government, not in any particular order since they all need to be done,

Become energy independent,
Make anyone or organization who sues the government pay all costs,
Make anyone or organization who sues the government a taxable entity,
Fix the voting district nightmare,
Disband the Gov (state and fed) Unions,
Install term limits on all congress people and judges,
Restore the balance between state and government jurisdiction-laws,
Stop the insane war on drugs comedy act (the legal system should not be a growth industry!),
Provide tax initiatives to the people who vote,
Fix the voter fraud problem,
Fix the illegal immigration nightmare.

Then after all of this, which by the way shouldn’t take to long if we focused on it, let the boat run for awhile and then take on the next set of problems.
Note: I know the energy problem seems to be bigger than all the rest and might take longer, well to that I say BS! I keep hearing how if only oil was priced at or above $40 dollars a barrel we could use our own supplies to fuel us for a long time. OK, the price is at $60 plus, what’s the hold-up? Add to that more conservation which is a good thing and we can do more. Add to that stepping up alternative energy sources and in a few years we could be there…

But alas I am dreaming, aren’t I???

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Change in the Govt. part 2: The Gov in CA must of hit the mark!

Wow, the Unions are in full panic mode these days and worried to no end that the ballot initiatives coming up might pass. Like all people the greater the worry equals the greater the energy expended to deal with the worry.

The Unions in CA are the poster children for why government unions should be disbanded, they are self serving political organs. The idea that they do anything outside their job function to help the people of the state or government they work for is a joke. They spend all of their time working on ways to make the system work for them and only them. They have rules and regulations that you will never enjoy, that’s right enjoy. Can you imagine your business making rules that you would enjoy as a rule not an exception?

You hope your employer will help pay some of your health costs, the Unions complain if their employer doesn’t pay all of their costs, for life! Job protection equals job performance in the real world, in the Union world it equals being in the Union, nothing else really matters, and the list goes on…

But the amount of money they are spending to protect their system does tell you one thing that can’t be argued, it must be one hell of a system. The question is, is the system for them or for us?

Think about it…

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Change in the Govt.

The blame game is based on the presumption that the current “blame-ee? has control of a situation and the people involved in it. At least I would like to establish this as a most common denominator approach if that’s possible.

Some parts of the government seem to never change and when they do change it’s such a small percentage that actual systemic change is impossible. The key change available to the government is the people who drive the boat. Although I am worried that the law seems more fluid than the people these days!

Blaming the actions of the govt. staff on the president (Clinton or Bush) is “sport? these days with all sorts of “referees? deciding the preferred outcome when many outcomes are possible depending on “whom? you decide to agree with.

The “whom? part them becomes the appropriate derivative to find the “truth? about which referee speaks the truth. This derivative is increasingly disguised by “front? people and organizations but the connecting points can still be found if one digs far enough and deep enough. Although if someone “public? does this they will become a target to prevent point connection sometimes at any cost.

So here’s the challenge, find a referee whose connection points are independent and who on a majority of occasions finds fault without personal connection. Oh by the way, don’t spend too much time on this challenge since the odds of you breaking Vegas are better than you finding someone like this.

Use the current Supreme Being circus as a prime example of only connected dots discussions, period. Trust me as a long term management type, when you only change 1 or 2 percent of a huge process you in fact change nothing.

Have a nice day…

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Sunday, October 9, 2005

Why I took most of the week off...

Got an e-mail from a friend asking why no entries after Monday's and I wanted to respond to all(3) of my readers!

This stupid circus called Supreme Being nomination just frustrates me to no end and I knew if I did anymore it would be the only thought last week and my anger would of rose throughout the week. It's just such a sorry spectacle.

With that said I will talk more about it this coming week because, if you know me, I think the Justice system is the greatest threat to our system. I also think our system is the greatest example of Nature's Prime Directive, Free Will, so I must engage it.

Hope you understand...

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Monday, October 3, 2005

The Newest Supreme Being Hull-A-Ba-lue!!!

Yehaw baby, look at the eruption, WOW!!

Was it a major terrorist strike? No!
Was it a major weather disaster? No!
Was it a major fire? No!
Was it a major political operative being nailed? No!
Was it another idiot decision made by a judge somewhere? No!
Was it another talking head clown lying and making a fool of himself? No!

Bush nominated someone to the Supreme Court who has angered the left, the right, the middle, the big people, the little people, the “other? people, the
normal people, the non-normal people, the masses, the needs of the few outweigh the needs of the many, the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, all inhabitants of the known Universe!!

The horror, the horror, don’t you know what this means? It’s more important than
your vote, its more important than your liberty, its more important than YOU!!!

So I ask you again, don’t you think the legal system is just a touch out of control? Just a tad maybe??????

Just asking…

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Friday, September 30, 2005

Weather Teaches us lessons all the time in CA!

We roast in the summer, we get drenched every few years in the winter followed by mudslide central, we burn in the fall, and we shake, rattle, and rock and roll on a regular basis!

I had a front seat to the fire for the last couple of days and it’s a bit tense to say the least. Not only was the fire bearing down on me, but it went past my little bro the night before and tried to return last night, it came with-in a couple of miles of my mom’s place the day before, it came with-in a few miles of the ranch my daughter runs her business on, and it came right up to the property line of the new place my son was moving too. All in the Family fire to say the least.

The firemen here in CA are some of the best and have fought this fire with precision demonstrating that they learn more and more each year and get better and better. It’s a huge fire covering over 20,000 plus acres and so far no real injuries and minimal homes lost with probably thousands of homes and hundreds of people in harms way, amazing to say the least. Thanks Firemen!!

Nature is a wonderful thing!

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Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Supreme Beings and Political Hanky Panky

John Roberts made the grade and is being sworn in as the next Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. No news here as most expected this and most consider him qualified and then some. Watching him teach law and the constitution to the Senate panel was quite funny and quite boring.

I heard a blurb or two about Senator Kennedy mouthing off this morning mentioning that this could set back all rights for all Americans, blah, blah, blah…

So some people wonder why I refer to the people who sit on the Supreme Court as “Supreme Beings?? We’ll isn’t it obvious from Kennedy’s statement? To think that one person can take our civil rights away because they sit on one part of our three part Federal Government.

Talk about outrageous, over the top, BS! What Kennedy is really saying is what I have worried about for some time, who or whom controls the law? Is it the courts or the lawmakers? If it’s the courts who controls them? Aren’t the lawmakers supposed to control them? If it’s the lawmakers we as voters are supposed to control them (although the “Ruling Class? is making that harder and harder to do).

Add to that the backdrop of the California Attorney General over ruling the will of the people and the California Legislature doing the same thing. Add to that the Delay fiasco where politicians (this is not new) continue to use the legal system to wage war against each other.

I will say it again, and again, and again, the legal system is completely out of control, has no management process, no clean-up process, and is the greatest threat to our nation, period.

Have a nice day…

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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Celebrity Derangement Syndrome

Celebrity Derangement Syndrome (CDS) is the only thought I can come up with after trying to watch an interview session between Bill O’Reilly and Phil Donahue suggested by my little bro. I say tried to watch because it was so painful to try and listen to the exchange.

I try and be fair to all of Nature’s creations and like to think I do a decent job although like everyone else I get a bit mad once in awhile. But this Phil guy is so dishonest, so self-serving, so devoid of any form of intelligence that the longer I tried to watch the segment the more pain I felt.

Phil repeated one question over and over as his only source of justification for his position, something close too, “Bill, do you want to send kids over seas to die??
That was it that was the full extent of his logic. Of course no person wants to send anyone into harms way, but life isn’t there yet and so people do get sent into harms way.

By Phil’s logic, we can have;
no military,
no fire people,
no police people,
no one driving cars,
no one…

You get the idea, we all take chances everyday we walk out the door yet walk out the door we still do. CDS victims take heart in the fact that the CDS insurgent ranks are dwindling. I say that because we now know that many of the CDS insurgents lose their status after opening their mouth without reading from a script…

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Speaking of Disasters – Where have the CA Governor, Senators , Congress People been?

You have all these BS Dog and Pony shows about hurricanes and the need for preparedness by FEMA, blah blah blah.

Where CA Senators, Governor, Congress People, where is the CA planning for the “Big One?? Where are the rules to drive the appropriate response? Do they even exist? If yes, where are they written down and do the primary actors know what their role will be?

I went through 20 years of Disaster Recovery planning and testing at a 60 billion plus bank and a few other businesses since and like the FED auditors used to tell us, “if it’s not written down, accessible, and tested?, it doesn’t exist.

I’ve only been here for 40 plus years so maybe I missed the planning sessions for your constituents but I’m not feeling very comfortable that you guys will know what to do.

What say ye?

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They Said They Said

Democrats run a “commission? to find out the “truth?.
Republicans cry, unfair, biased, not seeking the “real? truth, cover-up, blah blah blah…

Republicans run a “commission? to find out the “truth?.
Democrats cry, unfair, biased, not seeking the “real? truth, cover-up, blah blah blah…

Democrats and Republicans run a “bi-partisan? committee to find out the “truth?.
Democrats and Republicans cry, unfair, biased, not seeking the “real? truth, cover-up, blah blah blah…

See any consistent behavior here? The “Ruling Class? at its best… It’s always about politics and never about what’s right for the people they represent…

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Monday, September 26, 2005

Nature’s Role and our “Elite Ruling Class?

Try this on for a side by side comparison.

Some common facts when discussing nature’s role in your life;

You had no control over when you born,
You had no control over the color of your skin,
You had no control over your parent’s religion,
You had no control over where you were born,
You had no control over the type of government you were born into.

So I find it interesting that the “Elite Ruling Class? requires, in fact insists, that these conditions drive the control of our government and how you should behave! Notice I say YOU since they operate on the do as I say not as I do model.

Some common facts when discussing your role in life;

You can control how you react to people of different ages,
You can control how you react to people with different colored skin,
You can control your own religious destiny,
You can control where you would like to live (in free countries at least!),
You can control your role in shaping our democracy.

One on these two sets of facts is focused on what can be done and one of these is focused on things that can never be changed.

I have two tough questions for you, which set of facts do YOU want to live by? Which set of facts do you think the “Elite Ruling Class? wants you to live by?

Have a nice day…

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Fully Expected and Fully Delivered: Wrong News and MSM go Hand in Hand

Agenda driven MSM “news? agencies are hardly new news. Anyone who has access to real media knows that the old archaic MSM agencies spin doctor everything they report on to fit their predetermined mindsets. So reporting that the MSM ?news? agencies blew the Katrina and “peace march? stories should come as no surprise , fully expected and fully delivered.

In the past one would of just said “oh well? incompetent clowns getting paid to spew garbage was what the MSM did. This point fits the “peace march? stories which were generally wrong and the reporting seemed like it was coming from high school sophomores. Does anyone really care except the moon bats? I think not.

A new question has arisen though that changes that standard perception, when the MSM reporting causes problems and is clearly and without a doubt wrong, should they pay a price besides losing their credibility (what little they have left requires a microscope to see), besides losing audience share, besides losing money, besides losing their identity?

Some of the larger MSM agencies have turned to International Audiences to offset the fact that they are losing the battle in America. Some have clearly been reduced to their Kool-Aid drinker’s base and appear to be OK with that. And so I think being relegated to second tier businesses is largely complete.

I do think they should be investigated for intentionally filing wrong and even manufactured stories that resulted in efforts to rescue people and personal property being delayed and sometimes incorrectly targeted resulting in people being hurt, maybe killed, and personal property damaged or destroyed.

And finally like everyone else if they are found to have done that and damages can be proven, then they should be held responsible and not only pay whatever is deemed appropriate but also be sent to jail just like any other criminal…

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Friday, September 23, 2005

Hurricane Rita and Nature

Laughing out loud is a good thing now and then as it helps one relax and enjoy life to its fullest. As I see the idiots thinking Global warming is driving these Hurricanes I cannot help but ROFLMAO!

The level of arrogance and ignorance combined can only be achieved by a class of people far removed from reality. The Scientific Method to these clowns is something for other people to do. They know in their heart of hearts that they must be right, they just must be!!

And do you know why they feel that way? Because if they had to deal with reality it would reduce them to what they really are and that my friends scares them more than anything.

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The Truth about who helps the most!

It’s not the US governing class whom I often refer to as the “Ruling Class?. It’s not the liberal or conservative think tanks whom have an opinion for everything but exceedingly small operational capability (and btw that’s being generous). It’s not the “professor class? at our colleges, its DEFINETLY NOT the MSM.

Well you might ask who is it? It’s the Military, it’s the National Guard, the same people that step into hell in the Middle East, into Nightmares in South America, who battle the ugliest and most non-human elements on the planet, that’s WHO!

So for all you F*&(%^ing idiots who say anything bad about them, you damn well better not meet up with me on the street!

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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Has political reporting been reduced to an agenda driven business?

Why are facts and straight forward discussions sent to the rear while emotional stories are sent to the front? Could if be that the news cares more about ratings than the truth? How funny would that be! Or more like it, how accurate is that? Have they been reduced to liberal kool-aid only audiences so fast that no one has noticed it yet?

The blog-o-sphere rips the old media a new one on a daily basis and they just seem to look the other way and hope no one calls them on their BS. But they now know they are being called on all the foolish-childish BS they spew yet spew they continue.

They have correction policies that would make a 3rd world dictator smile with pride. No need to correct in the same manner as the original error, stuff it in a far far away galaxy and just pretend it didn’t happen. Reminds me of the lawyer tactic where they make a point or ask a question they know will be tossed out but the agenda point is already delivered and the correction amounts to a useless procedure.

The NYT is charging for the privilege of reading its opinion writers. I wondered why they did this and then I realized that my above statement is correct, they have been reduced to a kool-aid only audience. And in reality it’s a two-fer because now the corrections are locked away in a place where almost no one will care for the truth unless it matches their worldview.

Talk about a galaxy far far away…

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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Second Installment; Hillary vs. the Ham Sammich

Newsflash: The latest polling numbers from IP – ONU have just been released and the race is incredible close. At this time, 2+ years out from the race, it’s neck and neck with the Ham Sammich holding onto a close lead.

The poll reflects a slight up-tic for the Hillary as her continual assault on blaming Bush for Natural Disasters seems to be sinking in among the general populace. Bolstered by her husbands tacking to the left while she tacks to the center and her husbands ability to attract women who wear knee pads like the NOW team, the poll more that ever indicates that the race is up for grabs.

Not to be outdone by the Hillary, the Ham Sammich is going on the offensive with a stunning display of tacking right and left at the same time which has enabled Sammich lovers from both sides of the aisle to get a taste of what’s to come. The Ham Sammich then upped the ante by adding a slice or two of Swiss Cheese topping off a perfect response to the Clinton’s team tack strategy.

We know in the coming months the race will heat up as tacking and more tacking becomes the normal course of action. The real question still remains, how much tack do the Clintons still have? And is it enough to thwart the never ending onslaught expected from the Ham Sammich?

Stay tuned readers…

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California Politics is Ramping Up Again

As we’ve discussed before the political hit ads on Arnold are appearing again and I must admit I got it wrong. I had predicted that the next wave would be Police ad’s with male and female political correct types featured. And dang it I blew it cause the ad’s are with the police, the people are completely PC, but they don’t have a female in them!! Since we all know the police departments have lots of female officers it makes you wonder why females aren’t in the ads?

Of course the school teacher ad’s still have the cutesy female PC type but I am really disappointed that this new ad lacks females. I wonder if the NOW organization is on this yet? And if not why not?

But I suspect the war is just in phase two for now. The August ads we’re polled and the Sept ads were adjusted accordingly. So I suspect that the male and female policeperson ad will come, but it’s either a phase 3 ad or most likely a final weak, whoops, week ad designed to emote people instead of educate them.

It’s fun to watch the “Ruling Class? fight for their life…

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Monday, September 19, 2005

What is Trans-Atlantic and World Wide even?

So you might think the talking class is only a problem in America? What about the talking heads in Europe? The Middle East? Asia? Africa? I wonder what they all have in common even though clearly they have “grown up? in different parts of the world?

They all share the same delivery traits, pretend to be more informed than anyone else except “their? experts who are usually brought on to confirm the Kool-Aid, speak down upon the un-nuanced (read un-sophisticated), can’t handle a conflicting view without shouting, screaming, crying, and of course huffing and puffing!

When you read the simple hatred the Europe based press agencies spew about how Katrina is America’s fault and we are getting what we deserve, etc. it just removes any sense of human understanding. It does win them immediate entrance into The Talking Head Spiritual revolution.

The Talking Head Spiritual revolution is based on the Ruling Class template which has been in existence since the dawn of life. It must be seen as a very simple and straightforward condition that affects the same type of people no matter where they are brought up and regardless of the system they operate in.

It operates in any and all political systems and its primary existence is built on the fact that all of our current systems require a “Ruling Class? and therefore we cannot escape their existence. And please don’t be so naïve to think that systems that have Kings, or Dictators, or whatever type of “Supreme Ruler? don’t also have a ruling class because they all do.

Now the obvious question is what do we do to control their abuse of the system and the self-feeding characteristics that spawn from them (think political talking heads, think tanks, etc.) and how do we correct them when they veer off course? The “management? or lack there off is what has killed all the great civilizations on the planet and will ours too if we don’t adopt processes to ensure they stay on course and take corrective action as needed.

The founders felt that voting them in and out on a regular basis would solve the problem and I think in the past that was true. But it’s clear now that the Ruling Class is finding ways around those built-in procedures to keep the Ruling Class from becoming to powerful. We all know most of the House seats are now somewhere around 95-98% gerrymandered such that the turnover rate from a “political party? viewpoint is almost non-existent. The Senate is now a rich only club where you can buy in, but you can’t get in just because you want to do the right thing for your state. The Senate is owned by the two dominant political parties and calculates power distribution based on money distribution. In fact they spend just like a business, only when they feel the return is worth it, and in case you forgot, the only return they favor is a vote on the Senate floor. The Senate also tries to assert some level of control over the 3rd arm of the government, when the demo’s are in charge, by waging political wars when the president does his job with regards to the appointment of judges. For some reason this doesn’t happen when the Demo’s run the White House.

So the only remaining battle is the POTUS, which both parties fight over every four years and yes FIGHT is the right word. The same people who “claim? to favor peaceful ways to resolve conflicts have no problem “fighting? for power. They will fight with anyone and anyway to get what they want and still have the nerve to say they are all about peace. Bulksh!t.

More on this overtime as I feel we need to discuss openly the attempt to dismantle our free election system by the Ruling Class…

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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Can you imagine a business or someone’s personal accounting that was like this?

Well only if you’re a trust fund baby or someone whom got rich from someone else’s work. Government spending is so completely lost that nobody seems to care anymore, amazing when all these clowns run around saying we need to tax more, give more, blah blah blah…

Recent report on California revealed that almost of half of the state's cars and trucks are unaccounted for. Some 30K out of 70K vehicles are, get this, apparently just missing. I’m sure all of you misplace your cars on a regular basis, right? Wonder how much other money is “lost in? space, whoops I meant “lost in? California.

The US government is a whole lot better, they misplace millions, whoops, make that billions, and some suggest hundreds of billions or more that simply go “unaccounted? for. You know like your change jar, the money in your mattress, those silly little places where you store your spare change.

And what about the UN’s monetary component that you and I fund? Any programs they run come to mind lately that might indicate a possible “loss of funds?, whoops, I meant went “un-accounted? for? What about the billions of US AID sent all over the world, how well do you think it’s accounted for?

How much control process will be put into place to “manage? the 50+ billion going to the Hurricane relief efforts? Both Katrina and past / future Natural Disasters seem ripe for typical government waste (to the rest of us this would be calling stealing).

What do we not know, how much of this is just plain stolen or just plain lost by sloppy accounting? Yes of course it’s a bit of both, but which is the larger percentage? How are the books reconciled going forward after these “mis-placements??

Our governments have become so big and so driven by bureaucrats that no one knows what the heck is going on and no one seems to care. We have a few private organizations running around documenting the facts but no one is making a national big deal of this? Why is that?

Maybe, just maybe, there’s so much money going around that the political class doesn’t really care as long as they get their money, nothing else matters…

Is that how you run your business, your day to day checkbook? Some how I doubt it and you know I’m right.

Next time you’re balancing your dollars in and dollars out, just imagine losing a significant portion of it, and then go, oh well…

Have a nice day…

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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Roberts Balloon

Well now that we have the Roberts Supreme Being nomination Circus in full presentation mode I suspect the nation’s Real Circus’s have to take a back seat to watch this show. The main difference between the two types of Circus’s is clearly in their purpose, a normal Circus is about getting people to laugh and be happy, the Political Circus is all about ones self and ones base.

My own opinion is clear; the Senate arm of the House of Representatives is the most bloated, archaic, self-focused bunch of clowns on the planet. All of these clowns, on both sides, are just like news readers (Rather, Jennings, Brokaw, etc.) where someone else does the research, polls drive the positioning, donor groups drive the messaging, and some junior kid does the grammar.

They sit in front of the TV and pretend to know the substance of what they read, they pretend to be concerned at the moments they are told to be concerned, and they are directed by a political “producer?.

So this is what the Senate has been reduced too, a bunch of newsreaders directed by producers to play to the public (really means whomever has the money) along a scripted line. And you might ask, “well, how do you know that??, and I would answer, just compare the prepared remarks and looks with the live comments and facial expressions and it stands out clear. It’s a common observation for all the talking head types just like the news readers.

As I’ve said before, the Senate is much less about individual states representatives and much more about national political party loyalty. What a sad thing indeed…

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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

9/11, a few days later…

I decided not to post on 09/11 as I feel that my personal thoughts about the victims of that violent attack on US Americans aren’t meant for anyone else. But I will post a few thoughts about 9/11 after the fact.

We are hated on many fronts and in many ways by a host of individuals, groups, and nation states who have their reasons. To go into the reasons for the hatred always leads to the same place, people who “need to hate?. These types will vanish without hate and that is what drives them more than all the PC reasons combined. They thrive on hate because it gives them power either over or with other haters.

The group known as “haters? should never be confused with people who disagree on things, all kinds of things. Hatred allows no compromise, no sense of right or wrong, no sense of justice, and most importantly denies truths that would not support the hatred.

Hatred is an all consuming passion and once fully consumed, the path ahead will contain only one emotion, only one way of thinking, only one way of feeling, and only one way of living.

Hatred cannot be overcome with sugar, with PC talk, or any of the other babble that doesn’t address the core reason for the hatred. But operating at the core level of hatred is brutal, and that is why hatred will be here for awhile until we evolve past our current mindsets.

Not until enough strong people unite to wipe hate out will we ever know what it’s like to live in a world where hate is treated like it should be. Not a media event, not an intellectual position, not a passion, not a rallying point, but a child like response.

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Monday, September 12, 2005

The Talking Heads Career Path

Just a little Monday morning humor to start the week off;

1. Starts right after birth, crying and crying and crying until they get what they want.
2. Continues in pre-school, whining until they get the attention they want.
3. Continues in elementary school, whining until the teacher gives them what they want.
4. Continues in Junior High with election to the Student Body Council so they can argue for what they want.
5. Continues in High School being elected as Student Body President so they can demand what they want.
6. Continues in college by being elected to College Debate Team to debate / confirm what they want.
7. Continues in bureaucracy as they fool tax payers into paying for what they want.

Can you guess the common desire of a talking head???

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Thursday, September 8, 2005

What is a never ending loop since the 60’s?

Racism, Genderism-sexism, classism, meism, the framework for all things weak. That a small group of vocal people constantly rely on these frameworks to discuss anything and everything is the most striking example of people living in the past. People who cannot, or who refuse to grow up and understand that life is about people, of all sorts and all shapes.

Let’s take a look at strength in each one and see how these frameworks hold-up;

Racism: Martin Luther King put this one to bed 50 years ago yet it still rages. His dream was a colorblind dream which is the dream of all strong minded and grounded individuals. Racism only exists because it’s a component of hate and hate is a part of the human experience. When someone uses race to enforce or destroy a person or thing it’s just a sign of weakness on the part of the individual or group who need a crutch. Weak hateful people are part of every “race? and it’s long past time to destroy the racism economy and deal with haters, regardless of race.

Genderism-sexism: The fact that some people think woman are equal to men when it helps their cause and the same people think that they aren’t equal when it helps their cause is all the reason one needs to know that this “fad? has no meaning but to influence the weak minded among us. The fact that these same people think sex is good under one circumstance for women and not for men and vice-versa finishes the deal. If we are equal then none of the conditions above could co-exist. It’s long past time to destroy the genderism economy and deal with haters, regardless of gender.

Classism: The Ruling Party, the normal people, and the disenfranchised make up the three rings of Classism. The Ruling party only discusses the other two parties when constructing their positions. Normal people can vote to deal with their position, and the disenfranchised is a huge group of different types whom the Ruling Party tries to lump together because it makes their job easier. The Ruling Party is now so out of control that they don’t care about normal people and spend all of their time protecting themselves and feeding on the disenfranchised. Normal people just try to live their lives as best they can and deal with life as a matter of day to day business. They work hard to balance the efforts of the ruling class to disrupt their lives and help the disenfranchised more than the Ruling Party and the disenfranchised want or care to know. The disenfranchised fall into niches and make the most of their niches, non-participants feed off the system, the impaired rely on the system, and the exploiters exploit the system. Since Classism has been reduced to a have and have not mentality its seems the only focus is how much the disenfranchised don’t have. I think we should focus on the other side to fix this problem, how come we need so many billionaires? How many millionaires do we need? It’s long past time to destroy the Classism games and work to restore balance to our way of life.

Meism: Feeds from all of the above plus more and was mainstreamed in the 60’s as a popular cultural shaping tool. By removing the notion of what’s good for the group as one of the two primary drivers of self worth and making group worth a privileged class only thought we have completely lost balance in our ability to function as a group. Which in case you need reminding we are a group of people living in the United States, not the Individual States. The world is full of Individual States and if we compare where were at vs. the world you can see quickly how the Individual function separates and alienates more that anything else. Enough said here.

A common way of life for all of the nations, tough, a common law for all the nations, tougher, a peaceful and balanced way of life for the 6 billion plus people on the planet, priceless. Getting rid of the industries that support the above mentioned economies would be a great start!

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Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Stop it, Please Stop it!!!

Another blankity blanking un-believable committee! Talk about cruel and unusual torture!! How can you construct and set loose on the American public the following nightmare:

Bureaucrats acting like they know something,
Non-Partisan political professionals (is this possible, call Einstein!),
More camera time for the non-deserving,
Big checks to people, who do nothing but voice opinions,
Big checks to people who research “items? for the people, who voice opinions,
Big checks to talking heads to cover the people, who voice opinions,
The Blame Game, The Spin Game, The Buddy Game, The Insider Game,
I could go on but it gets so tiring, over, and over, and over…

Please stop it, don’t set it loose, where is Godzilla when you need him?

Did we not learn anything from the useless 9/11 committee? The UN committee? The National Health Committee, The Committee on More Committee’s. The Committee to prepare for the committee, The committee to start the committee, The committee to run the committee, the committee to confirm the committee report, the committee to establish a follow-up committee (unless of course they decide they need to start again, i.e. 9/11), and finally the committee to close down the last committee…

Did we not learn anything from these other committee’s that delivery reports with no teeth, no action, and whose sole purpose, drum roll please, demand more bureaucrats!

Algebra Question, finish the following equation:

Bureaucrats + Committees + Money = Answer Below

The biggest plague set upon America today at all levels of government that can afford it, the never ending bureaucratic merry-go-round… and it’s most visible at the committee level.

Think not do you, OK, go around to the top business people in the world and off the record ask them what they think of committees… once they stop laughing and ask if your kidding… well you get the idea… if not, go build a committee and figure it out when your done and your report is useless… the cycle is complete…

Algebra Answer: B + C + M = Your screwed

Have a Nice Day!!

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Bob Denver and Gilligans Island

R.I.P. Bob, I didn't know your other work too much although I see many wonderful things written about your roles in other shows. I really enjoyed you as Gilligan and you brought so many smiles and so much silliness to a young boy, Thank You...

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Instapundit Comes Klean!

Well Mr. Reynolds supports the ACLU and kinda likes them. And if you don’t like that you must be, not “nuanced?, clearly not a “lawyer? who “sees? above the fray, not belong to the Kool-Aid club (check out Volokh, INDC, etc. on the same issue), etc…

So let’s see how this works, disagree with me and I just walk above you, link to friends that agree with me, and move on while the “little people? complain. Or refine the position a bit, oh they do seem more partisan recently, they do some good work, tip-toeing through the tulips comes to mind…

A touch of arrogance and works in a closed loop, I guess he’s becoming more MSM by the day…


Note: In case you want my views on the legal community, they are they most dangerous self serving lot in America. If you doubt me, fire away with any question, statement, or context you want. But be warned, you will be treated with the respect you show…

Note note: As in all things in Nature, nothing is all bad or all good which for you lawyers means I know some of you are good, but as a practicing management type I can only conclude you guys are clueless…

Last Note: He has done good work with the charities linking so you see once in awhile he does get it right… Hay Heh

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The Rulers, The CA Legislature, and the Rest of us

So normal avg. citizen of the state California, do you think your voice-vote matters in CA? If you answer yes you must be drinking the Kool-Aid and have your head firmly planted in the ground, just like a certain party wants you too. No I don’t mean Demo or Repub, I mean the party of the “Rulers?.

The Party of the Rulers cares not what you think, what you feel, or what you need, unless you are part of a big money political group you are worthless, your voice is muted, your vote is rigged. How modern of you to think that all is well in the Kingdom.

And, just like the 9th District Court of Appeals by the way, the rule of law in CA is not needed any more to protect normal citizens. In fact the rule of law is meant to keep you in the kingdom and “them? in the ruling class. By the way this is the only class warfare they don’t seem to mind as long as they are the Rulers, clearly you belong to the “other side?. And yes there are only two sides and you’re lucky you have them to guide you in your life, aren’t you?

5 years ago over 60% of the CA general populace said no to Gay Marriage. Relevant you say because it was voted by the people? Hogwash, the CA “ruling class? decided your vote didn’t count anymore and voted in a law they want.

And you might wonder why the “ruling class? opposes the proposed law to break up the district protection racket, whoops I meant rules that would again allow free elections in CA.

I wonder why the “ruling class? opposes free elections in CA? Hmmmmmmmm

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Friday, September 2, 2005

What happens when the talking heads realize they are to blame?

Nothing, absolutely nothing. Like in all such cases they simply “Move On? to the next “talking points?. But something does happen in between, it’s usually fairly quick since they don’t like the spotlight on themselves when they know they’ve blown it.

Watch for it and then you can guess the rest. It will start with the running out of “other? people to blame, then when the bad things are under control, and finally they have to pull out fast when the only thing left are good and uplifting stories about real people who get things done. For some reason the talking heads really hate the people who get things done, hmmmm wonder why that is????

The final chapter is always the same, the left blames the right and the right blames the left, the bickering goes a couple of rounds, and then they all retreat to their safe little havens to prepare for the next round of seeking self worth, whoops, I meant seeking self-enlightenment, dang it whoops again, seeking self, again rats, I meant seeking something to bitch about…

I guarantee no one in Vegas would back a line against that scenario…

Count on it…

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Thursday, September 1, 2005

How ugly and low can they go?

The talking heads are so full of themselves that you sometimes can’t actually believe people actually pay them to throw up their hatred. SO many examples of hatred are now on full display in the talking head community that it left me with the following observation.

As they look at New Orleans and lament about “how the world will see us? through the actions of the people down there fighting to stay alive, they then bitch / complain and miss the most obvious point: They are the ones the world is “hearing? and on this point I must agree with them, the talking heads portray America at it’s worst. No not the people in New Orleans, but the talking head establishment.

How low and ugly can they go, apparently they have no bottom and no conscious…

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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

How scary is it?

I lived through a hurricane in the early 60’s, Audrey 1963, in Beaumont Texas, it was a CAT 1 and dumped huge rain, luckily eveyone in that part of Texas had boats, and the wind was minimal.

We lived in San Antonio and had a Tornando go right over the house and luckily for us it didn't touch down near us but the sound was just like a locomotive rolling on down the tracks, scary stuff to say the least.

I have lived through two very close to where I was earthquakes, in the San Fernando Valley, when I was a bit older and also got lucky.

And for a nun-nature scary thing, a friend and I were robbed with a shotgun in our face once but we got lucky and we're not shot.

The worst part of a natural disaster (or a people made disaster) from a normal person’s viewpoint is being scared while the event is happening. You have ZERO control and what happens to you will happen. If your lucky enough to survive then you go through the shock of the event, and then hopefully to re-establishing some level of control in your life.

When judging our fellow Americans, please remind yourself what it’s like to be scared and don’t judge to harshly since 99 percent of us don’t do very well when scared. If you’ve ever been scared, I mean really scared, you know what I mean. Add to that the fight to regain some level of control in your life and you have a real mix of feelings that put all humans at their worst, which includes you and me…

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So how bad is politics now?

Democrats and Republicans use a weather disaster:

1) To shout at each other (does self serving come to mind to you too?)
2) To complain about whom causes a weather disaster (How blankity blank arrogant and ignorant can you be at the same time?)
3) Make looting about class warfare (it’s called crime who cares what class?)
4) Make looting about racism (it’s called crime who cares what race?)
5) Judge whom is doing the best (Do you have to judge everything?)
6) Critic every mistake as a negative (How about a learning moment?)

I could go on but I hope you get the idea, if not, how ignorant and arrogant are thee?

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Monday, August 29, 2005

Katrina and Nature

Nature is once again reminding us of who has the real power. The best we can do is survive, learn, and be better prepared for the next one.

Remember, storms, earthquakes, asteroids, etc. are Nature’s way of telling us we are not in control of all things, and in fact we are in control of very few things.

Where and when did we forget about the survival of the human species and turn all of our focus to the quality of the here and now?

What have we really done to protect ourselves from Nature? I’m afraid the answer is embarrassing. Maybe if we stopped fighting amongst ourselves and turned that energy towards survival of the species we would stand a chance, a small one, but at least our BEST chance.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Top 10 List: What to do about gas prices?

For Left Libs:
10. Swear off private jets for a few years
9. Reduce plane trips to Europe or “over seas? to less than a 100 a year!
8. Cut the SUV fleet to under 10
7. Reduce the entourage by 50% (or less than a 100)
6. Try to dine “out? less than 6 times a week
5. Drink “latte kjhkjhjg blah blah blah? at home
4. “Let? your kids walk or ride a bike to school
3. Cap travel to parties and social gatherings to 20 a week
2. Reduce climate control in the 20+ rooms not used in the mansion
1. Don’t drive to Crawford Texas

For the rest of us:
4. Slow down
3. Carpool – It’s fun! (Sometimes!)
2. Drive smart
1. Drive less

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Monday, August 22, 2005

TV and Missing Children

Imagine this: a TV channel devoted to one thing, Missing Children

You might have thought it was impossible to combine reality TV and kids in one TV show without harming children, but you’d be wrong if you did. Think about such a show that is all about the kids, for the kids, and dedicated to helping the kids.

If the missing teen in Aruba, the Amber alerts, the Megan laws, Bill O’Reilly’s on-going “don’t let the judges free predators? drive, and on and on, mean that we all care about these missing children a lot more than old MSM thinks, let’s have a show just for them. The finding of the Idaho kid was because the waitress remembers the kid from the newspaper, imagine the success of burning into millions of Americans minds the missing children faces and hopefully this will become the norm, not the exception.

That’s right, a Cable TV station with 24 hour a day stories on missing children, progress in cases, and primetime shows when we have success. I imagine, as a parent of 3, that losing a child would be devastating and that finding that child would be incredible. The coverage could have many angles, hot cases, on-going cases, cold files, milk cartons, predator updates, etc.

Now I know a lot of you worry about the political “use? of the channel by the typical race, age, and gender discriminators, like the MSM and other groups that perpetuate the discrimination industry (think US Gov and your tax dollars to name one). But I think if the real backbone (of all nations by the way) of the US comes together, the parents and children of the US, then we could overcome those offending types and make it work.

And I don’t know about you, but I can’t think of anything better than helping children.

Think about it…

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Friday, August 19, 2005

I’m Mad as Hell and not going to take it anymore!!!

What blankety blank dumb a&& thinks that anyone, without a soul full of hate, and I mean anyone doesn’t support equal rights for all people, regardless of their gender, race, or other government supported anti-American category?

Get a grip on reality, all of those tired 60’s fads are long over and only practiced by useful idiots and the US government or other economies that require government supported anti-American categories for their jobs. No one and I mean no one can change that.

I support equal rights for all Americans, end of line.

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Extremism attracts Extremism

Nature abhors a vacuum and so it is with the extremist among us. I now understand, after years of trying to figure it out I might add, what the extreme left means by “Globalisum?. It’s a very subtle connection that can only be found in obscure “news? sources like the NY Times, Wash Post, ABC, NBC, CBS, etc.

Globalisum means that all of the screaming, crying, weakly, cry babies sound off at the same time. They are demanding attention from their mothers and damm it we should understand that and try to “understand? them.

And I promise that as soon as someone changes their diaper I will give them my un-divided attention, for at least a couple of seconds, then re-insert their thumb in their mouths and watch them fall asleep for their afternoon nap.

So their… nice guy aren’t I? :)

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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Media Circus Summer 2005

ROFLMAO Category:

Sheehan – A parent who lost a child in the war, whoops the special feelings only a mother can have, has absolute authority to say anything they want, as long as it’s against the war. I often wonder why one of the outcomes of the gender wars is not the realization that Dads love their kids just as much as moms, every bit as much, end of line.

Air America steals from Kids and the media looks the other way. Like above, you must remember the media thinks about kids the same way a politician does, how can we use them, end of line.

Howard Dean and a lot of socialist useful idiots, think woman were better off under Saddam. Rape rooms, killing husbands, sons, and fathers are bad, but not real bad. But live under the rule of Islam and they might as well be dead themselves. Alas I thought that Islam was a cool religion and was a socialist’s wet dream. Well, which is it?

LMAO Category:

US Government Bigwigs have a month off (like Europe huh!!), yet the only complaints we hear are about the prez taking a month off. Yes no media bias, none what so ever…

Global warming, global cooling, global UN scam, any guess which is real???

SCOTUS nominee is too conservative, is not conservative enough, is completely known, is totally unknown, and we wonder why the US gov can’t get anything done… well I don’t.

Grandma had breast “searched? for “Buxom Buster? bomb and ACLU sues NYC for allowing search plans to target individuals who are within a 90-95% match of all known terrorist associated with Islam.

Names that mean the opposite;

American Civil Liberals (court mandated) Union,
Planned Parent (in the) Hood,
Americans Coming Together (power for me and useful idiot status for you!),
Air (head) America,
The New (Lost) York Times,
Mainstream (trout moved out long ago) Media,
Howard (I have a scream) Dean,
Rainbow Coalition (no white colors allowed),

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Responses to a Comment - Jane Fonda and the War

A reader informs me that Jane really does feel she is doing the right thing. And that she is doing what most people won't do, speak up opposing the War. Must be a Fonda fan because we all know the only thing Fonda likes is publicity. For the last few years she has done anything and everything to get her face and name in the news. Jane doesn’t exist to me as an American, she is another useful idiot living in the US but completely incapable of understanding the US. And the comment about the War being just a quest for Bin Laden is also off the mark.

Sometimes I wonder if the defenders of such things have any ability to intellectually challenge their own thoughts, investigate, analyze the results, and make an informed decision based on the facts, not the Kool-Aid.

The War is about militant Islam wanting to rule the world through violence. It’s not Bin Laden’s alone, there are 1,000’s of Bin Laden types who will continue on long after he is dead. As I said in an earlier post, if you want that way of life, move to a nation that lives that way. Just remember that in that nation if you speak out against the rule of Islam, they kill you. Cheers…

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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Senators, the lying truth!!

Why is one of the highest ranking elected bodies in our system allowed to lie without cause for concern? Why are facts not relevant to them? Why can they spin just like some idiot newscaster or Jon Stewart – Michael Moore and pay no price? Why?

And I don’t want to hear how it’s just politics, or it’s just part of the game, or it’s just what we’ve always done, or it’s just…

This is serious business and if I lie at my job I’m fired…

Why Senators???

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Attacks at the Govenator, Part II

Well it is round two of the California Public Unions attack on Arnold, aka someone trying to reform their Garden of Eden. The commercials will no doubt pick up as the election gets closer but it’s interesting to see them spend money on the slowest news time of the year and months before the election. This is going to be one expensive fight for the Unions.

But don’t fret dear young socialist, they have very deep pockets, very deep and well connected. I wonder if they get lower air time prices with their connections, and I wonder whom would investigate that if they did, but alas I must return to reality and the fact that everything above is “owned? by one party in CA and is a self enclosed circle of buds!

The first set of attack ads featured “cute 30s-40s? something FEMALE teachers saying that Arnold lied and they died, whoops I meant stole their annually budget increase and won’t give it back. We all know this to be a lie but in politics, who cares? And of course the teacher displayed is completely “PC? and therefore so heart wrenching that we ach with agony watching her dis the gov.

The second set of ads running now are the firemen, interestingly enough played by “cute 30s-40s? FIREMEN looking oh so concerned and driving home the point that they are under personal attack because the gov is not doing exactly what they want, read More Money!

I’m sure the Police Union ads will be the third set of ads along the same lines as above using both “cute 30s-40s Female and Male? police personnel complaining about, you guessed it more money!

The Unions are so spoiled in CA that it almost takes your breath away. They don’t hesitate to threaten our children’s schooling, our houses on fire, and our public safety via the police to get their point across. I don’t know if it’s this way in other states but the CA Unions are spoiled (Grey Davis was a godsend to them) and very very dangerous.

Government Unions might be the 2nd most dangerous entity in America very closely behind the legal system. And if that doesn’t scare you baby, keep drinking the kool-aid and pray little socialist pray…

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Monday, August 8, 2005

Air America chickens come home to roost! How many others are their out there?

Sometimes reality is just so sweet and as always with Nature, right in your face. Here we have this obviously poorly run corporation stealing money from kids and seniors and using those funds to over pay the clown patrol trying to run the place.

Now if the left is consistent they will find a fall guy, jettison that person (usually a white male), and blame everything on him and ensure everyone that now, yes now, everything is just fine.

The MSM will stay silent unless the fall guy breaks silence and they will quickly move on to over hype non-existent stories bashing conservatives. And you say will the fall guy break his silence? Well not if he ever wants to work in that city again, right? He got his loans, will take the heat, and turn up a few years from now doing something just as dishonest with public funds but hopefully for his sake he won’t be as stupid as this time, but he will surface.

How much do these liberal leaning “government funded? groups actually siphon off from the tax fund pipeline and use on themselves and not on the intended recipients? How many have huge salaries and zero workload and complain about anything that doesn’t expand their power base?

It’s a self feeding frenzy on the left (for 40+ years) and what scares me is the right is not trying to stop it anymore, it wants its own taste of the tax pipeline. Must be one helluva an addicting taste…

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Judge Roberts and Politics

Well now that Congress is on their yearly, month long (wish you had one of those eh??), vacation the news on the Roberts nomination has slowed a bit. So you might ask, what are they doing with all of this time?

Their staffs are busy searching for information and preparing for a “public relations war? not to do what’s best for the country as they will say but to maximize their TV time and reel in the angry left donation dollars!

They will trot out the old stand bys and the Democratic wing of the MSM will rejoice with all the “heated? / “vital? and important efforts to ensure no one even thinks about over turning Roe vs. Wade!

The bottom line to our courts is rooted in the belief that un-popular practices must be implemented by the courts. Judges routinely break their vows and legislate from the bench.

Now that would be interesting, let’s forget Roe vs. Wade and focus on judges who legislate and what the public can do about that. Now that would really scare the left and it’s legends of judges / lawyers.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Jane Fonda Bus Tour and Reality Check

Does anyone really think these old and tired celebs do anything but self promotion, even when a normal person would say, how stupid can you be?

Apparently when it comes to growing old with dignity, pretty damn stupid...

Although I feel sorry for people so out of touch with reality...

How low can these types go, I'm afraid we might never find the bottom...


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Space Shuttle - Lift Off!!!

To NASA critics, *&(^*(& you!!!

Like all ankle biting followers, complain all you want...

Real people move forward...

Go NASA!!!!

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Thursday, July 21, 2005

Hatred in full display again...

More hatred for all to see today in London. Does anyone still have doubts that this is not about peaceful people looking to live in the real world?

This is about people of hatred using useful idiots to start their march to a world view that only they control and you and I must submit to, or be killed.

Sleep well tonight thinking about that...

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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Judges and all the Fun!!!

What a blast it is watching the right and left wing go nuts today on the prospects of a new Supreme Being, whoops, I mean judge.

The left, oh my he is clearly not a change the law with the wind guy...
The right, oh my he is clearly not conservative enough...

And I love the conservative fear of a Supreme Being, "growing"...
And I love the liberals fear of a Supreme Being not having already "grown"...

Now we know why Hollywood is losing market share, theirs no way they can create scripts that can compete with the clowns in politics.. not a chance...

Enjoy the fun...

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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Rove – Plame vs. MSM vs. VRWC vs. …

Can anyone figure out who is siding with whom on this non-event? Does anyone really care? I mean, “who dude?, another example of the MSM and VRWC dueling on a non-event, “I mean like, how boring can you get dude??.

As you all know MSM paper and TV distribution channels are in decline, both with consumers and with dollars, and no one really cares anymore about these battles outside of the fact they are a derivative of the “Reality? type shows. The main players are a bunch of “arguers? whose main job is to go back and forth, and back and forth, and back and forth, and …

We had over a 110mm votes casts in the last prez election and the avg. number of people who tune in nightly to the arguers is 5-10 mm, combined!!
Who is kidding whom on this topic…

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Hatred is now out in the open, is that good or bad?

We’ll it didn’t take long for hatred to become a normal part of the MSM’s message and projection machine. For a long time the only open hatred allowed was over politics, because as we all know, its just politics, nothing real right?

Now we have the Terrorist groups out in the open and telling the Western World we are going to kill you and take over the planet. And with each passing day these people fell like it’s completely OK to now go “mainstream? and openly explain how they will murder us.

So is it good or is it bad? I think it’s great since we have had MSM blinders on for a long time while this was building and the sooner it gets outed the better. Under ground they could achieve a certain momentum, but above ground they will find the momentum much harder to maintain, not easier. I wonder how long it will take them to figure this out.

And momentum is the key to these hate groups as hatred runs out on its own as nature continually strives to preserve strength over weakness. Right now they are gaining momentum with the low hanging fruit that only a media push could generate. But once those low hanging fruits kill themselves off the momentum will fall off and what might we ask will they turn to after that?

Flying under the radar and not being detected is one thing, flying above the radar and winning the fight is a completely different matter because in the end, nature produces more strength than weakness and hatred is pure weakness, plain and simple…

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Monday, July 11, 2005

What the Supreme Court fight is really about

So you think the make-up of the courts boils down to a fight between originalist and living constitution types? Well you are right to some degree and we won’t delve into the Justice Economy issues which are at the heart of a great deal of our problems today but that’s for another time.

But I think we have a very interesting side issue resulting from the Senates role in the process. And the question I have for you is thus, what is the real purpose of the Senate? Some of the senators are as old or older than the judges and yet they still get elected every 6 years well beyond their usefulness.

It’s clear that the Senate now thinks it’s the launching pad for presidential types, MSM TV time for big mouths, for pledging allegiance to special interest groups and other money streams, but, who and what drives this process?

What we really have on display is the Demo and Repub machines and how they operate. So you might ask, why do they target the Senate? Well it’s clear these races are the most costly next to the prez and some governor jobs, and their are only a 100 of them no matter what, so the rule of numbers comes into play. Its an opportunity to focus your money and energy maximizing your profit opportunity. The manufactured high costs keep out the vermin!

Note: The House of Reps doesn’t count anymore since they redistrict themselves into safe zones and the race process is very different under those conditions.

The Supreme Court fight continues to finish the job the Clintons started sometime ago, to piss off enough voting Americans to demand transparency into the government process. Does anyone really think Byrd and Kennedy are speaking for themselves? Really, they are given the talking points and they read from them, just like you, I, or Dan Rather could, and do whatever their handlers want them too.

The machines need to be outed and forced transparency needs to be the rule of law in our government, then things would get interesting…

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Whom do you want to respond to your cry for help?

OK, so your under attack by some group, insert hate group name here, and now you start to wonder, what do I do?

You have two choices or maybe a combo of the two, try and help yourself, or call for a local response team. If you’re unarmed and the hate group can easily over power you then your only choice is to try and get a call off for support.

So imagine your call for help is answered and the operator informs you help is on the way, you feel relieved for a quick second and hope they arrive soon. In a few minutes they pull up and engage the hate group.

Just when you think things are getting better boom it hits you, the response team sent is lead by Alan Colmes, Sean Penn, and Barbara Boxer!

You first thought is to think you’ve been sent to hell, your second is to think why are they here since they clearly have no capability to deal with any situation outside a tea party?

And just as your about to write your life off you notice an opportunity, the hate group is laughing so loud at the response team your able to slip out the back and head for the hills!

Talk about a nightmare…

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Tuesday, July 5, 2005

You Must Be Kidding Live Ate!!

I guess it was to be expected, the celebrity fawning, the faux intelligence on display, the oldest rockers on the planet, sluts’ right next to royalty, must be a show to help someone!!

I often wonder why these usually very rich “celebs? aren’t donating their entire fortunes to help with Africa? I wonder why they are not down there “living? with the people, helping them one step at a time? I wonder why it’s important for them to tell me to send my money to Africa when my government already takes a lot of my money and sends it all over the world?

Oh yes I forgot, they are helping educate me! The lead slut, who by the way had to move to Europe to avoid walking down the street here and having every other guy wink at her for past favors, wants to start a revolution! Yea baby, only you can go from real slut to underground slut and pretend to be legitimate after a few ghost writers pen some children’s books for you. And you’re going to educate me on what? Soft public porn? Single digit IQ philosophy? Yea baby, let them eat Cake is surely the way to solve the problem, yea baby!

As usual, avoiding the real problem and grandstanding triumphed at this thoughtful yet incredible stupid attempt at solving a real and scary problem.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The Weak get weaker

Durbin, Fonda, Churchill, Kerry, Kennedy, Hillary, Reid, Pelosi, Allen, etc…
If this is the muscle of the Democratic Party, our two party system is in serious decline and we cannot allow this.

The two party system does not exist for the purpose of political careers and money grabbing. Its main purpose is to allow competition to drive the political aspirations of the US going forward, without competition the US as a whole will get weaker.

Democrats, please find some strength, somewhere, somehow…

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Polls and Stat - "A-ticians"

OK we’ve been through this before; polls are not scientific methods of gauging the population at larges feelings about whatever the topic is pretending to be. This “magic? of the Stat “A-ticians? is more of a sign on their business that says in no un-certain terms, need a result to market your idea, Come on in!!

No serious scientist considers an extrapolation from 1,000 people to 350 million people to have a margin of error less than 80-90 percent. It’s a plain and simple marketing tactic that appeals to individuals whose thoughts are so weak and so void of facts that they need marketing to get some traction for their ideas.

Believing a pollster after the last few elections where its clear to all but the worst of partisan hacks that polls are usually off the mark even in a two person race, I mean how much of an error can one make when only two variables are in play? Ask a sports bookie which is easier to handicap, a race of 18 horses or 2?

The news organizations are the “johns? to the poll companies “whores?, it’s that simple, unless of course you're in need of a marketing “fix?…

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Monday, June 27, 2005

So you want to know real political power?

First rule of Politics, no matter what side of the debate you’re on, make sure you disguise the debate as anything but what it really is, a struggle for power. If you think it’s about anything but power keep drinking the Kool-Aid.

Second rule of politics, when the people don’t do what you want go to court and get the “right? judge to over rule the public will and set a “precedent?. This is the current De Facto standard for politic power debates and it’s crystal clear.

Want proof you say, cool. Look at the last 10-20 bills passed by Congress, most get no coverage and the rest get some level of politically correct opinion pieces cut and pasted on the “news? pages or “news? TV channels. But let the SCOTUS make some rulings and you have the entire spectrum of political activists ranting, raving, working themselves into extremely complex knots to deal with the results of those highest of high rulers of the land.

It is un-deniable that the rule of law has over taken the rule of the majority in our process and unless we do something about it soon their will be no turning back.

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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Response to Comment on California War Post

Hmmm, cheap shot = strike 1, missed point of post = strike 2 (post was about Teachers Union), equates dissing Teachers Union with dissing Teachers = strike 3, must be a union clown...

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Just when you thought the Vote Industry had hit bottom...

As I posted awhile back having Jimmy Carter verify elections is an embarrassment to the US. And at the time I thought the next verifier after Jimmy and the EU would be an Alien, boy was I wrong.

The Vote Count Industry found someone who though not an Alien, in the Star Trek world, nevertheless has no clue about the human experience. I doubt any normal person would be so "brilliant" as to send Senn Pean on a mission to validate a voting process. At least Bono has a brain and a sense of direction but Sean Penn, clueless...

When will these types learn that "celebs" bring the MSM to an event but unlike in the old days, everyone knows when you need a clueless clown to hype an event its because it's full of itself and nothing more...

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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

General Stuff - Politics, Weaklings, Courage

Politics, Durbin bites the dust in his emote driven apology which served as nothing more than a reminder about how spineless and weak the opposition to the US has become. The hate America crowd knows nothing about fact but googles (hint hint) about lies and emote driven wimps. The question is no longer will their be another self-imploding weakling displayed, but whom is next, how long will they hold the spotlight, and how many crock tears will they shed. I wonder if they all now are forced to go the the Clinton School of Crying???

Weaklings, rally the troops and or take your ball home, but, what if you no longer have a home? The weak are generally more scared than stupid and this drives most of their emote driven wimpeness. The weak always come together under pressure but as their nature requires they cannot act in strength, just further and increased displays of weakness, and maybe you we're expecting something else? You need to stay firmly planted and realize that weak is weak, they have no chance of acting otherwise, that is Nature's rules and they aren't up for disucssion.

Courage requires that we understand the weak, but we must never become like the weak. And yes now and then we have to take the weak over our knee and spank a little reality into them. Becuase if we don't, then what we really have to worry about scares me bigtime, we all might not have a home to come home too, think about that next time you think about acting weak, OK?

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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

California Braces for all out WARFARE!!!

Let’s see if you can guess which of the following the catalyst is;

1) Earthquakes
2) Illegal Immigration
3) Democratic Politicians
4) The Bay Area Rich White Female Senators
5) MJ Juror found brain-dead along with the DA
6) Los Angeles’s new mayor wants more “diversity?
7) The Teachers Union is pissed

I wonder how many of you guessed number 7 from that long and focused group of societal engineers. You might want to put your papers away, turn off your local and national news TV channels, and start reading BLOGS to get a true idea of what’s happening.

The Teacher’s Union is raising dues to fund $50 million plus TV ad program to attack anyone who dares not give them all the money they want, HOW DARE YOU! Don’t you know who they are? Don’t you know they control your child’s life and quality of life through the education system closed to all competition to ensure complete and total corruption? Whoops I meant to say the educational system that works to help us all.

What do they do for you, you might ask? Well how about this list;

1) Allow idiot bureaucrats to earn comfortable livings doing as little work as possible. What do these people “work? on you might ask? They argue and vote day in and day out on inserting societal issues into the classroom. How foolish of you to think they actually focused on educating the children, how silly indeed!
2) They work on ensuring the process has no competition, no outside accountability, and built in job protections.
3) They spend most of their time working on Democratic policy issues since that is a direct derivative of number 2.
4) They work day in and day out to ensure that young minds are dulled and trained not to think for themselves. Sharp and free thinking minds of course would never support this system and they know it.
5) They work on intense marketing programs aimed at the weak among us and camouflage them with catchy lines like “what’s best for the children?.

And number 5 is what you will see over the next 3-4 months, the rhetoric will become more shrill on the we demand more money side, the targeting of the weak will sharpen since they know only the weak can’t see through the shrill, the inclusion of “issues? with no relevance will increase as they seek to shift the game based on the poll of the hour results, and then of course they will continue the personal attacks on anyone who opposes them because that is really all they have.

They have no logic, they have no vision, they have no care about our children, and when all you have is nothing, you attack people.

That’s all they have…

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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Flag Day – Why is the Flag Important?

It’s a symbol of who we are and what joins us together. Flags and other similar “rallying? symbols have always been used and cross all nations and people. I for one have no problem showing the flag and understanding its importance.

I also don’t have a problem with the clowns who destroy our flag in an attempt to show they hate us. First it makes them easy to identify and categorize accordingly, second it shows me who I can exclude from the privileges it affords,
third it shows me their allies in our country, it shows where the weaklings are (MSM, etc…), and finally and most importantly, it reminds me that being the best requires strength to build and move forward while the rest can only whine and cry.

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News that is the “News?

So what does it take to get a missing 18 year old girl off of the National News radar? How about a 47 or so year old pedophile that happens to be famous and smart enough to pick easy victims?

The news “force? wants to be taken seriously and wants to “project? a sense of “elite? isum on one day and then on the next act like a little kid seeing a movie “star? for the first time, well which is it?

Your right if you guessed neither because all they really want is exposure and will do anything, anything, to get it. You saw these types of kids when you were growing up and you often wondered, why do they do that?

A better question today would be, why didn’t they grow up?

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Wednesday, June 8, 2005

People, You Can Vote Everyday!!

It’s not just the elections when you can vote, you can voter everyday with your hard earned dollars and your attention and focus. The Anti-American groups do this all day everyday and you need to be there as well.

Buy a Pepsi product, support an Anti-American executive team!
Support any George Soros, Ford Foundation, etc. group, you’re an Anti-American…
Listen or watch CNN, you’re an Anti-American…

The list could go on forever but you get the idea… as you’ve heard and said yourself to your children, actions speak louder than words.

Anti-American is not the same as disagreement, you can disagree on the path to protecting and nourishing the US life, but you can’t tear down America in the process. Ours is a simple rule by majority and free will not a dictatorship run by out of touch clowns, deal with it or leave.

Speak with your actions and enjoy the results. Don’t speak with your actions and beware the consequences you unleash on yourself!

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Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Any questions? Amnesty Int. shows true colors, green

Its all about the money... Powerline link...

Amnesty Int.

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Where are the Leaders these days?

We know Nature still creates them and we know they are operating out there somewhere, somehow, but why don’t we here more about them? And when the leadership term is used, by both sides of the political spectrum, it’s usually positive for their own and negative for the other side.

The greatest tragedy in the US is the weakinization of the leadership role in society. Its under constant attack and under constant vilification by all sorts of people who should be thrilled to see leadership at work, yet its not.
Is it simple because of politics and the old media monopoly dominated by weaklings? Leadership creates news and maybe the media just got caught up in all the emotion and forgot that they provide no leadership, no movement forward, and therefore we see the tired, weak, and ignorant more than we see truew leadership.

A challenge to the New Media, BRING BACK LEADERSHIP, as the primary focus of positive reporting. You too can drive a new reality by taking a leadership role that does more that shout down old media, a role that can once again tell the story of all people who lead, not by words, not by birth rights, not by selling out, no not those types. The true leaders of Nature are not attention seekers and not all about themselves, they instead make things happen and that is where you need to be, where things are happening.

Just some food for thought… try below for a taste…



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The Old White Men of the Old Media

All the Media’s Old White Men cannot be made to look as bad as last week by any outsider, only an insider group can hurl that much self-righteous BS upon themselves and smile about it.

They claim they took down a presidency, they claim Nixon was a bad man, they claim is was all done for the good of America, they claim it is all about investigative reporting, they claim they claim they claim… in reality is was all about themselves and their own sense of hatred.

These people clearly hate and hate is clearly their primary motive. Like most people motivated by hate they use terms that completely mask their true feelings and hope no one “see’s inside?.

Whoops, Old White Men you’ve been seen to be what you truly are, old white men who hate and nothing more than hate, dress it anyway you want, your petty basic haters forever more… how sweet it is to watch Nature at work… have a nice day!!!

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Where’s is Nature’s Role in all this discussed these days?

Am I the only one who’s noticed;

Nature’s role is only discussed when Global warming comes up?
Nature’s role is only discussed when something happens to an animal?
Nature’s role is only discussed when something in space happens?

People, learn to manage your anger, manage your ego, manage your life in a way that makes sense for you, and realize that what you do can impact others and please take that into consideration for your actions…

You are not an island, you are not without fault, you are not above it all…

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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Lawyers vs US at Gitmo: Where are the Good Ones?

Well all we here about is the ambulance chasing ACLU and other “Civil Rights? lawyers descending on the US effort at Gitmo and other efforts to protect terror suspects in the US, and in fact on the worlds stage.

I have one question for the lawyers of the US, whom I suspect have a higher salary than most people in the US (especially the ones who’s full time job is suing the gov we support with our hard earned tax dollars), where is the outrage? Where is the counter punch? Why are you not attacking back? OK OK more than one question.

Why doesn’t the gov fight back? What are we worried about? Am I the only one tired of the constant tearing apart of our gov by these lawyers constant attack?

If the legal system won’t clean up its act maybe we the voters need to make it happen. We know they survive on one thing, money, so why not take it from them. The legal system is the only system where the protection of rights for the ordinary US citizen is used by the legal system to attack any one who thinks the system is messed up (in this case messed up bigtime!)

I want the ACLU taxed to the hilt and to pay all legal fees (theirs and the gov’s) every time they file a lawsuit. I want any little community under attack to attach a lien against the ACLU to ensure they pay up. This goes for all activists groups and foundations that attack the US way of life.

It’s time to fight back, time to take back the law, time to root profit out of the legal system, time to make lawyers accountable for their impact on me and you. And know I don’t want to hear about the little BS used to protect those groups, they aren’t you and me, they are not ordinary US citizens, they are vultures and need to be treated as such.

Folks that is why we vote and we need to start voting lawyers out of the gov ASAP if we want to change this. And yes they will complain they need lawyers to rights laws but alas I think that is the problem. Look at our tax system and the other rackets used by people to game out tax dollars, its all legal mumbo jumbo so the normal person who pays the freight can’t understand it.

This logic is pure as pure can be and if we don’t fight back soon, the legal system will ruin our country and free will’s ability to set the agenda will suffer a huge defeat. Think about that as you look into your children or loved ones eyes, can you afford to lose that free will? Can you???

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Monday, May 30, 2005

Thank You Veterans

For all your bravery,
For all you determination,
For all your struggles,
For all your heart,

Because of you I can raise my kids in a free country,

Thank You …

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Friday, May 27, 2005

Elect a Ham Sammich!!!

Below is my list of candidates that I have no doubt my Ham Sammich could kick their collective a** in a general election;

Hillary Rodham
J McCain
Bill Frist
John Kerry

More to follow….

And yes this line is the same as that used by defense attorneys when the DA indicts their client, but it seems to fit here even better…

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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Amnesty International Acknowledges Secret only US Gov Knows!

OK, so another anti-US garbage heap pronounces the US “is a bad thing?. In fact so bad we kill millions of people and even all of us pesky US citizens don’t even know about it. Yep you heard it hear first, our government is killing millions of people, probably every day if you believe these nut cases, and somehow we are so cool no one can see it, hear it, or even identify where the bodies are coming from!!

Imagine that we now have the technology to kill gazillions of people that don’t exist!! Ah ha, I think I know what they’ve been doing behind their doors till late in the morning while they investigate us…

Their playing DOOM 3… and I think they somehow “projected? their dreams into their own reality, how cute…

Useful idiots indeed...

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WEAKINIZATION continues at a brisk pace!!

OK, now we have Senators crying because they don’t like the criticism they are receiving because they don’t like Bolton. Crying!!

Crying is a natural emotion and at the right time we all should cry, but not when our opinions differ, geez, how weak can you get! I cry at funerals, when my heart is broke, etc.

The Senate is a functioning circus without any leadership or direction, I wonder why? Could it be overrun with weaklings? Might it no longer have a spine?

Actions speak louder than words and when you look at some of the senators on both sides of the aisle your left with no question on the matter, it’s full of weaklings!!

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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

MSM Theme Dances Coming Your Way Soon!!

1. Hate the War, great, try these dances;

Spotlight on Casualties!! All Bad News is the News!!

Prisoner Abuse – Beheadings for us and Steak for the Enemy!!

War of Failure – We Refuse to allow the US to Win!!!

2. Think Politicians walk on water, here you go;

Political Hit Dance – Lie and Attack Till Your Hearts Content!!

Award Yourselves – Since no one else will!!

Walk on the People – Step on those lowly voters all night long!!

3. Think MSM cares about you, try these;

Anonymous Ball – All your stories come from your “secret friend?!!

Steal Your Story – Why work for it, you’re entitled to it!!

Friends or Truth – Never worry about the truth, ever again!!

And of course the normal rules apply to all dances, dress like a snob, act arrogant, be condescending to the staff, and pretend like your royalty to be admitted.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

It’s not the Feminization of the US, it’s the ‘WEAKINIZATION’!

Do not confuse the 35 year effort to weaken the US with the Feminist movement or the Feminization of the US which some like to throw around as what we “now? see underway. The Feminist had their time, the public was educated, and now they just hang around as a political opportunity group focused on electing people who will keep their gender based economy rolling along.

The real threat is those that seek to weaken the US through any and all channels available. They have no scruples, know no boundaries, have no understanding of the consequences, and come from all of the “protected? groups in the US. In fact one of the greatest attacks (in terms of success) is the constant labeling effort that targets the strong and allows a “weakening? economy to be established. In the name of religion, gender, race, origin, etc…, these groups seek to continue to burden the strong and “use? the weak.

The burden comes in many forms; the most obvious is taxes (results of labor re-distribution), followed by hate based economies (race, religion, etc.), legal system abuse (over riding the will of the people), school system abuse (their killing our kids minds), environmentalist, etc. The list is long and full of the usual suspects and in case you were wondering has deep rots, whoops roots, in the “International? community. I love it when the ones that hate us have no problem making money in our system.

The term “useful idiot? flourishes in this process and it’s really hard to find an example where you don’t have a set of useful idiots running around acting, well like idiots. You have to love the clown patrol “protecting? Saddam’s rights while they are still un-covering mass graves where he murdered women and children. The weakest of the weak murder and abuse children and those that do should have a fast path back to Mother Nature’s base material building blocks. Children are the future and we must build strong children, period.

Strength has two sides, mental and physical, that must be utilized to protect free will and survive the “useful idiot? attacks of the weak. They will not stop because they are part of Nature’s core and that’s OK as they act as a balance. But we must not succumb to the easy path yet not over pursue the path of strength. We need balance and in Nature’s numerous examples laid out before us, it’s always strength that dominates and balance that allows us to ascend to greater and greater heights of the human experience…

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Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Traveling, back in town next week.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Management 101 and Newsweek

Does anyone really feel that the Management Teams at these MSM’s places like Newsweek don’t know about stories this explosive? Doesn’t bless them? Doesn’t have any problem with them? Knows that they support the Collecturate and therefore should be immune.

Corporations have two main types of management, the day to day types, Operational in nature, and the ones who provide the direction, Visionary in Nature. These roles are clearly defined and although they overlap on occasion they can’t too often because both types have more than full time jobs today.

This mistake seems to involve both types of management and I find it completely un-believable that the management team didn’t fully vet this and all its implications. It was purposely done for a reason that will never be explicitly stated because to do that would require that they value truth over their ideals.

Anyone doubt what trumps what in these places anymore?

And on a final management note you can always see weak management based on reactions to a problem. Governments have protocol and spokespeople and corporations have management. Management is paid to keep the business running and deal with problems as best they can and I wouldn’t expect anything less. The strength of the management response should be equal to the business impact of the situation. Anyone want to bet this management response will be far weaker???

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Monday, May 16, 2005

MSM Shows the Way

Yes so another one of the MSM’s House Organs blew it, why are people still outraged by this type of behavior? It’s old news that the MSM Collecturate is firmly anti-American and pro globalization. Their supporters and other leeches bow to one belief and one belief only, the theme song with the words “everyone would be in love with me?.

So the real question is, whom do they want to love them? Is it just the Saturday night party crowd (is Party the right choice of words here since I doubt any of them really know how to party!), is it just the pro globalization crowd? The Washington “insider? clubs? The MSM clique? Is it possible they want love from more than one source? After all seeking and needing to be loved is a core component of nature’s world.

I think it’s really very simple, the MSM Collecturate boils down to money. And the ones who give it are the ones whose love they seek.

As always MM has a great series of posts, start with below...

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Thursday, May 12, 2005

“Girlie Men? vs. Real People

Nature created strong and weak people and that’s the fact. It is not up for interpretation and it is also follows Nature’s curve.

It’s easy to detect who is which, isn’t it? And it’s not gender based for those of you that can’t get that out of your head, or any of the other hate groups sponsored by the US government.

More importantly we must realize that real people must stand against the “Girlie Men? because, not surprisingly, most of them are Anti-American. And yes of course they would yell and whine about being patriot’s but only because they know without yelling and whining about it they would be found out to be what they truly are…

Need an example??? Try below...

Note: If you don't understand why the UN needs to be cleaned up you need to seek help, soon...

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Who does hold MSM Accountable?

I was thinking about this in light of all the MSM “news? stories being used by Terrorist and Anti-American groups abroad. I thought the MSM was supposed to be Neutral? Oh yes, they are owned my Corporate America and these corporations are controlled by the Board of Directors right? And the Board of Directors is accountable to the stock holder’s right? And of course those corporations’ majority stock holders are Pension and Mutual Fund groups whom manage the stocks for all of us who invest in those funds, right?

I mention above to let you know how easy it will be to shape the messages coming from MSM because, if you follow the train of thought above, all we need to do is tell our fund managers to tell the corporations we don’t want anti-US and pro-terrorist messages produced by our MSM, right?

Well here’s a surprise for some of you, the MSM doesn’t care about money, the companies that “own? the MSM don’t care about the money being derived from the MSM channel. And you ask why that is? The inner core of the MSM world is already rich and they know that the billionaires that drive the Anti-US and pro terrorism propaganda will parachute them if they toe the line and do as their told.

When I hear that the MSM say “we must be neutral, we must have the ability to present the facts as they are? I always wonder (after I finish laughing) what their definition of “facts? is. But then we all know that, don’t we…

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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Strength vs. Weakness

One of Nature’s purest endowments to all things living and not are strength and weakness. It comes in different ways for different things but it exists in all things at all times. In fact measuring this goes back as far as time and thought and has driven the world’s agenda since its inception.

When you think of strength and weakness (S and W) most people tend to think it’s obvious to detect, measure, and reflect on because in most ways it is. But in some ways S and W is so well hidden and so subtle to make any politicians or Academic (or is that anemic?) “nuanced? posturing comical by comparison.

Some of the most glaring examples hide in plain sight right in front of us. Gender-isum, Race–isum, Age-isum, Religion–isum, Nation-isum, and all the other forms of government supported hatred are all about the battle of the weak vs. the strong and society’s role in referring that “game?. I use the term game to illustrate the two sided nature of the competition, it is clearly not a game when you consider the stakes and the resulting conditions for our children.

In an effort to be intellectually honest though we must realize that most of the “games? being fought are not for the strong but for protecting the weak. It is assumed that because some things, people, animals, whatever are weak they need protection. It is my understanding that if Nature created weakness if was for a reason, not to play a “game?.

Next time you have one of these intellectual arguments about competing positions take a break, take a step back, and analysis the S and W components. If in fact you are successful in finding them (they are there) you might realize that finding a common ground is the most appropriate course. And in Nature’s way the truly enlightened know balance is the key to everything…

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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Business Acting vs. Political Acting

So you want to know what the real difference in politics’ is huh? Are you sure? Because it’s always been right in front of you if you looked at it through the eyes of a former corporation wanna-be. The democrats act like bureaucrats and the republications act like business people.

Yes I know this over simplifies one of the current issues in the democratic ranks, that to act like a lawyer is the way to go. But you also might notice that sense the party elected its current two leaders (Hill and Bill (And yes that is the right order)) whom are both lawyers, they have consistently lost elections. I will discuss more on this at a later date.

The arguments that we see on TV and in articles (Net and old MSM) are clearly drafted by two groups who don’t operate on the same plane. Business people must move forward, they must set reasonable goals, they must execute plans to meet objectives, they must be accountable for the work completed, in other words they must accomplish things. Bureaucrats on the other hand are more interested in committee work, programs without goals, execution of work by somebody else, results that are modified to fit more committee work, the list is too long to finish but I think you get the idea.

Now some of you might argue that recently some very big corporate types have started “buying? their way into the Democratic Party. And yes that does look like a business deal when you buy something for the purpose of using it to meet your goals. I think a different dynamic is at work and it scares me a bit as for many years the democratic faithful have said that the Republican party is “owned? by corporate America. Now it seems like the Democratic party has learned that being bought isn’t such a bad idea, and of course they wouldn’t let corporate America buy them (HA!), but rich people can buy a piece of the democratic party without much of a fuss these days from the people who are “protecting the working class? American’s!

So now both sides can look at the other and say, “You’ve been bought!?. The only question I have for you is, whom do you want to own the government? It’s a tough question so I advise you to not think to quickly, not jump to a conclusion to quick, step back and take a breath. I think if you look through Nature’s “eyes?, you too will see the right answer…

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Monday, May 9, 2005

Disney’s 50 Years and what it means to a little kid from Canoga Park

We didn’t have the best in childhoods with regards to the normal nuclear family of the 50’s and 60’s. We had alcohol, divorce, more alcohol, and then another marriage to an alcoholic. My mom raised her 3 boys as best she could and did a great job, all things considered. But no matter what problem we we’re dealing with, like little brother taking a pair of scissors to Mom’s cash after she cashed her weekly paycheck (talk about a full blown panic!!), man when it came Disneyland time it was all good.

E-Ticket rides, walking in the street, parades, fireworks, all night running your heart out to see the next ride, it could never of been better for a little boy and his brothers. It was our gateway out of the current mess no matter what the mess, when Mom said Disneyland, we escaped to a land that knows no time, no sorrow, just pure happiness. And on “Litton? night (our Uncle worked there), no ticket books were needed and no crowds, we ran from ride to ride all night and I thought at the time it was the coolest thing, period!

My Mom knew that times were tough back then but she also knew we needed to have some fun. And she worked hard and put up with more than I can imagine (well know that I’ve raised 3 kids, maybe I can imagine!) to see our smiling faces light up and enjoy the night. I can’t remember how many times we went but it was enough, enough to share that vision of Disney, that magical feeling found only in a magical kingdom, built for the little boy in all of us. And if you can’t understand that regardless of your age, how truly sad that must be…

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Sunday, May 8, 2005

Mother's Day

I love mother's day for many reasons, but most of all becuase I love my mom!!!

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Monday, May 2, 2005

The Teacher Union’s Assault on California

Boy, when it comes to spending money on advertising demanding more money, no one, and I mean NO ONE, can top the effort under way in California. I mainly watch sports on TV these days, it’s mainly background noise while on the computer, and I can’t go more than a few minutes without an attack ad about Arnold not “giving them the money they we’re promised?.

Money, Money, Money, that’s all I ever see. I have never seen an AD saying how the Union helps our kids, helps teachers, etc. It’s all about the money. In case none of you have worked in Corp America, or even if you did and hadn’t worked with the marketing department let me explain a few things to you. First of all marketing dollars are usually bigger with bigger corps, and they are highly political and fighting for them can be extremely political. If you’re “in? you get the dollars, if not, you beg and hope!

So we know that this huge amount of money being spent by the Teacher’s Union is a true reading of the inner mindset of those in control. They look at our Tax dollars as the target and continue to attack, with out regards for those their paid to protect, and those who are supposed to be protected don’t get to educate those they are paid to educate, has anyone ever heard of a more corrupt cycle? Not if you care about kids you haven’t.

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Friday, April 29, 2005

Faux Americans and the MSM

If we define being a true American as being John Wayne like, count me in. If we define being a true American as being Jane Fonda like, count me out. I use these two names since they both worked in the movie industry and both had some impacts on my generation.

Someone (MSM), somehow (spin), somewhere (pick a coast) is trying their hardest (to lose market share) to equate Anti-Americanism with goodness. To insist that in order for our country to exist we must have people constantly trying to tear it apart clearly is not rational.

Let me tell you a very super secret, you can have a two sided argument about how to make the US better without trying to tear it apart.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Political Hate and the US

Hatred and Crime – How intermixed are they?

Each and everyday we are faced with two common threads in most discussions, whom hates whom and whom murdered whom. I’m starting to wonder how intermixed those two conditions might be. Could it be that as you get “used? to hating you get “used? to murder? Or is it the other way around? Most sensible people would agree that to murder you must hate, but to hate seems to be relatively easy these days. In fact in some circles hatred seems to be an attractor for group happiness, what’s up with that?

The escalating hatred thrown around in the political “discussions? in our country are without a doubt the biggest problem we have today, including Terrorist! The Terrorist can do harm and big harm sometimes, but if we turn on each other then the implosion of our society will move at a speed the Terrorist could only dream about.

We need to ask ourselves some serious questions about the explosion of hatred as a building block for coalitions and political management. Yes hatred is a normal human feeling, yes we are not evolved enough to eliminate hateful thoughts, but to live by hatred? To embrace hatred? To promote hatred? To become obsessed with hatred?

Managing hatred in your children is part of being a parent and teaching them skills to not succumb to hatred is the goal. So who will teach our political organizations? Who will force them to grow up and not succumb to hatred? When you see that person, you will see the future of our great country!

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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Here we go again... Back and Forth

Ok, so you tried one set of "values" and it failed, now what? Same ole same ole apparently, let's do a poll, get our thoughts from "people on the street" and try that set of "values", way cool! And there's a bonus here too, if those values don't work it's easy to say "the polling was wrong"!

So now the "polls" are rigged is one of the primary jokes of the day. Polls for the repubs go for the repubs, and polls for the demos go to the demos! I don't know about you, but I'm sure in shock.

What idiot made polls such a powerful source of “news?? What idiot made “polls? a prereq to every decision? What kind of person develops their “own? thoughts through a poll of people they don’t know? Do they somehow lose their minds between the time they run for office in their “community? and when they land in DC?

What the *(&(*& is going on here? I could answer but it’s so so depressing….

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Monday, April 25, 2005

The UN Insider Club

The former US Ambassador to the UN Mr. Holbrooke was on the Factor a couple of months ago and really let the cat out of the bag. The discussion was about Kofi and when asked about him he replied, I like him and he’s a friend of mine, or close to that. It’s very telling that the 1st thing these people talk about is their relationships and feelings, which is common among the self described “elite?, not the job that’s being done or needs to be done. This is management 101 and uses the tried and true technique of moving a discussion from an action issue to a personal touchy-feely opportunity.

The UN is just like any other bureaucracy that knows it is accountable to no one, it’s an insider – outsider mentality. On the inside you can do damn near anything you want no matter how ugly and as long as your not caught by an outsider, no problem!

It’s a cancer feeding on itself and the fact that it’s been reduced to a hater of the US is not a surprise, it’s really the only thing they can accomplish!!

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Management and the U.N.

John Bolton, Management, and the U.N.

Well it’s obvious that the foes in this discussion have little or zero management experience. Now I only have 20 plus years in management so I might not be an expert but I do know that any manager worth her or his salt has enemies in their past, there are no exceptions! And if they are not only a manager, but also a leader, then include the weak who like to ankle bite on the list of people who will bad mouth a manager.

Included in this discussion should be the people who actually liked working for the manager, their list of accomplishments, etc. Although management style is important it’s not really a key or stopper to success. A bland manager can be a good or bad manager, a manager with “good style? can be good or bad, and a manager with a “bad? style can be good or bad.

If you manage large groups of people rest assured some will like your style and some will not and that is the real key to management success, applying the appropriate management style based on the people involved and the situation at hand. And in case you’re wondering, sometimes that’s a very complicated and “tricky? process that is the hardest part of the management workload.

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