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Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Politicians and Pundits who feel protecting terrorist privacy more important than our safety,
Judges think what they say is more important that our safety,
BrokeFlack movie given gazillion thumbs up because it’s a “new” gay area to expose, oops I mean explore,
Liberal Noise Machine (old MSM) fights instead of incorporates the new MSM, Special Forces Bloggers(SFB), who correct old MSM inaccuracies on a daily basis, who filter old MSM’s tainted voices through truth lenses, who expose old MSM’s liberal political biases, SFB’s prefer honesty over partisanship, oops I think we know why the old Noise Machine won’t incorporate them,
More government spending(read higher taxes) equals a higher state of living,
Some people think the New York Slimes is the “paper of record”, LMAO,
Government education equals young adults entering the workforce prepared,
Government health plans equal better coverage,
Lawyers are helping the Health systems problems,
ACLU believes in the American way of life,
Judges protect the law more than me and you,
The Legal system is a growth economy,
The Racism industry is a growth economy,
Protecting our borders makes you a racist,
The U.N. is sent to solve problems, sorry but I think the U.N. needs to be invaded by people whom actually know and demonstrate how to care about people in need,
Politicians in the EU at Hague consider themselves above the fray when in fact they are the fray,
Playing nicey nicey with terrorist and global domination will make the world a better place,
Liberals and FemiNazi’s support woman being treated worse than dogs as long as it’s done in or in the name of a Middle East country or custom,
Certain woman’s group fight to make men and woman equal, say what…,
Bell curve doesn’t apply to politics,
Highly competent and successful people denied jobs due to lack of college degree, is this a form of discrimination…,

Have a nice day!

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