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Saturday, December 31, 2005

2005 Weakinization Award Winners

The Weakinization Awards are devoted to those trying to tear the Free Will of the US apart, anyway they can, everyway they can, since Free Will scares the weak, intimidates the brainwashed, and doesn’t respect the doom and gloom crowd, and NEVER WILL baby, that’s why it’s FREE WILL!!!

This Year’s Weakinization Award Winners:

Biggest Liar: John Kerry, a loser of immense proportions
Biggest Senate Clown: Harry Reid, the weakest of the weak and that takes a lot if you know anything about the Senate, but if you listen to him talk, there’s just no escaping the truth, straight from the Horses mouth, with all due respect to Horses!
Weakest International Org: Toss up, UN and EU, you decide!
Weakest Head of State: Chirac
Biggest Weakinization Cabal: Old Noise Machine (MSM, NY Slimes, etc.)
Weak in all matters fiscal: How many straight times has the FED raised rates compared to how many straight times lowered during the Clinton presidency?
FemiNazi’s: How to pick just one, impossible, I give it to all the members!!
Gollywoods Weakest: So many names, so little time
Female: Madonna, speaking for mothers, LOL LOL LOL
Male: Sean Penn, some losers defy words…
Marx-collegiate: Harvard Feminist, have no clue that nature created MAN AND WOMAN…
Cheapest Date: Bill Clinton, anything to anyone as long as you “scratch” his tummy!

Have a nice New Year!

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