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Monday, January 2, 2006

2006 Predictions:

The Usual Gunk

1. The continuing fervor over Man’s impact on the Weather pattern will be completely overblown and still void of any direct or material evidence. Legions of “reputable scientists” will continue to “believe” man has a big impact for to them it simply “must be”. Nature will continue to laugh at those whom think they “know” its weather evolution.
2. The “wise and elite” among us will continue to think evolution has stopped for the planet and for the life whom depend on it. All who “preach” this mentality will continue to be laughed at by Nature.
3. The political races will be mostly overblown rhetoric with the Old Noise Machine continuing to be being shredded by the Blogosphere. This is getting so ugly I am having a hard time watching as the Old Noise Machine debris is being created faster than their management teams can eject and replace it.
4. “Those” in the “know” will continue to be surprised at how much they don’t know.
5. Gollywood will continue to be completely out of touch with the general American populace and be forced to focus on overseas hatred of America to stay solvent.
6. The Gollywood star crowd will continue to broadcast stupidity and their collective impact on society will continue to shrink at a faster and faster pace.
7. The “Ruling Class” will continue to act like a junkie looking for their next fix with a higher dose.
8. Pundits will continue to feed off each other without regard for the good of the people.
9. College professors desperate for attention will still duel with Michael Moore for the title of “least self-aware”.
10. The UN will remain the leader in world wide corruption and overblown self-impotence speeches with programs designed to protect the people of the world from UN assistance and to spend tons of money on themselves / their friends. The EU will continue to try and over take the UN but they don’t appear dumb enough to succeed, yet.

The Good Stuff

1. Nature will continue to exert world wide dominance without regard to earth’s current set of life forms.
2. Space exploration will continue to accelerate as the private sectors start to get into the drivers seat.
3. Free Will will continue to win over dictatorship.
4. Family values will continue to re-gain their importance in protecting our society from those whom continue to try and destroy it in the name of “collectivism or globalisum”, feel free to pick your own label for their poison.
5. Children will start to get education help as more and more people realize the school Unions are not there to help our kids.
6. The Happy crowd will “come out” and demand the doom and gloom crowd get a life.
7. The process to weed out ridiculous pork spending from government will gain more and more traction.
8. The issue of government controlled Unions (read voting blocs and un-controlled pensions) will continue to strain the political system / economy and the issue can start to be framed for resolution.
9. The US will face down the threat of un-controlled borders.
10. Like here in the US, the spread of information technology will continue to haunt the liberal liars whom seek to slander us with lies across the oceans. The fear of Free Information will panic all of those who can’t survive with it.

Have a great 2006!

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