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Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Brace yourself, major news overload in sight!!

Talk about the perfect storm in political junkie form and your talking about the current situation.

Legal, Power broker gone bad (what a surprise!) all GOP and maybe one Demo running for cover, well if you believe the Dem’s that’s what’s happening.

Political – War, another idiot reporter working for a liberal gossip sheet releases a book for self-serving purposes and money, boy am I surprised at this! Everyone is talking about the super secret reporting of various “spy” activities designed to make us safe instead being used for bad things, yes bad things. The fact that nobody can name any bad things happening doesn’t appear to be a problem, unless you consider stopping terrorist from killing us a bad thing, like the liberal gossip sheet that broke the story does.

Supreme Being circus getting ready to open the big tent and the clowns will come a flailing, the bearded ladies will come a smiling, and the ring master will continue to amuse, oh what a sight to behold…

One wonders if the Old Noise Machine can keep up with all of the Gossip and innuendo that will come a spewing (we know they stopped worrying about truth, facts, and non-biased reporting a long time ago)? I am betting that as you read this the Old Noise Machine is working on ways to ensure all of the biased BS gets out and is repeated until you cry UNCLE!

The talking head pundits will be going absolutely bonkers trying to control themselves during this Tsunami of political news. They will invite other talking heads, whom themselves have talked to talking heads, whom have indeed talked to anonymous talking heads, whom themselves have talked to anonymous current and ex government officials, whom themselves actually talked to someone who might of known what could be going on as long as they interpreted the cooler talk correctly. And of course we should believe that the information would be completely accurate and verifiable (after all no one lies in politics right?) because it’s only been through no more than say 20-30 people and derived from a overheard discussion at the water cooler, this surely looks like the Gold Standard utilized by raTHer and his elk, right?

If you expect honesty when one of the power brokers is caught keep drinking the Kool-Aid, relax, close your eyes, fall gently asleep, and all your troubles will go away.

If you expect honesty when the liberal clowns uses anonymous sources to hurt Bush at your and my security expense, dream on.

If you expect an honest assessment of the next Supreme Being nominee by the liberal crowd do not worry about the legal system, do not worry about the legal system taking over the electoral process, do not worry about judges and lawyers ruining your way of life to protect the “law”, really, it could never happen to you, could it?

Minor things that will move to the back of the list, UN corruption, Katrina and 9/11 corruption, Union corruption, XXX corruption, … you know, things that impact YOU since all of them are costing you dearly, whether you know it or not you are paying for most of the minor things…

Have a nice day!

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