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Friday, September 30, 2005

Weather Teaches us lessons all the time in CA!

We roast in the summer, we get drenched every few years in the winter followed by mudslide central, we burn in the fall, and we shake, rattle, and rock and roll on a regular basis!

I had a front seat to the fire for the last couple of days and it’s a bit tense to say the least. Not only was the fire bearing down on me, but it went past my little bro the night before and tried to return last night, it came with-in a couple of miles of my mom’s place the day before, it came with-in a few miles of the ranch my daughter runs her business on, and it came right up to the property line of the new place my son was moving too. All in the Family fire to say the least.

The firemen here in CA are some of the best and have fought this fire with precision demonstrating that they learn more and more each year and get better and better. It’s a huge fire covering over 20,000 plus acres and so far no real injuries and minimal homes lost with probably thousands of homes and hundreds of people in harms way, amazing to say the least. Thanks Firemen!!

Nature is a wonderful thing!

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