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Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Supreme Beings and Political Hanky Panky

John Roberts made the grade and is being sworn in as the next Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. No news here as most expected this and most consider him qualified and then some. Watching him teach law and the constitution to the Senate panel was quite funny and quite boring.

I heard a blurb or two about Senator Kennedy mouthing off this morning mentioning that this could set back all rights for all Americans, blah, blah, blah…

So some people wonder why I refer to the people who sit on the Supreme Court as “Supreme Beings”? We’ll isn’t it obvious from Kennedy’s statement? To think that one person can take our civil rights away because they sit on one part of our three part Federal Government.

Talk about outrageous, over the top, BS! What Kennedy is really saying is what I have worried about for some time, who or whom controls the law? Is it the courts or the lawmakers? If it’s the courts who controls them? Aren’t the lawmakers supposed to control them? If it’s the lawmakers we as voters are supposed to control them (although the “Ruling Class” is making that harder and harder to do).

Add to that the backdrop of the California Attorney General over ruling the will of the people and the California Legislature doing the same thing. Add to that the Delay fiasco where politicians (this is not new) continue to use the legal system to wage war against each other.

I will say it again, and again, and again, the legal system is completely out of control, has no management process, no clean-up process, and is the greatest threat to our nation, period.

Have a nice day…

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