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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Celebrity Derangement Syndrome

Celebrity Derangement Syndrome (CDS) is the only thought I can come up with after trying to watch an interview session between Bill O’Reilly and Phil Donahue suggested by my little bro. I say tried to watch because it was so painful to try and listen to the exchange.

I try and be fair to all of Nature’s creations and like to think I do a decent job although like everyone else I get a bit mad once in awhile. But this Phil guy is so dishonest, so self-serving, so devoid of any form of intelligence that the longer I tried to watch the segment the more pain I felt.

Phil repeated one question over and over as his only source of justification for his position, something close too, “Bill, do you want to send kids over seas to die?”
That was it that was the full extent of his logic. Of course no person wants to send anyone into harms way, but life isn’t there yet and so people do get sent into harms way.

By Phil’s logic, we can have;
no military,
no fire people,
no police people,
no one driving cars,
no one…

You get the idea, we all take chances everyday we walk out the door yet walk out the door we still do. CDS victims take heart in the fact that the CDS insurgent ranks are dwindling. I say that because we now know that many of the CDS insurgents lose their status after opening their mouth without reading from a script…

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