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Wednesday, September 7, 2005

The Rulers, The CA Legislature, and the Rest of us

So normal avg. citizen of the state California, do you think your voice-vote matters in CA? If you answer yes you must be drinking the Kool-Aid and have your head firmly planted in the ground, just like a certain party wants you too. No I don’t mean Demo or Repub, I mean the party of the “Rulers”.

The Party of the Rulers cares not what you think, what you feel, or what you need, unless you are part of a big money political group you are worthless, your voice is muted, your vote is rigged. How modern of you to think that all is well in the Kingdom.

And, just like the 9th District Court of Appeals by the way, the rule of law in CA is not needed any more to protect normal citizens. In fact the rule of law is meant to keep you in the kingdom and “them” in the ruling class. By the way this is the only class warfare they don’t seem to mind as long as they are the Rulers, clearly you belong to the “other side”. And yes there are only two sides and you’re lucky you have them to guide you in your life, aren’t you?

5 years ago over 60% of the CA general populace said no to Gay Marriage. Relevant you say because it was voted by the people? Hogwash, the CA “ruling class” decided your vote didn’t count anymore and voted in a law they want.

And you might wonder why the “ruling class” opposes the proposed law to break up the district protection racket, whoops I meant rules that would again allow free elections in CA.

I wonder why the “ruling class” opposes free elections in CA? Hmmmmmmmm

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