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Friday, September 2, 2005

What happens when the talking heads realize they are to blame?

Nothing, absolutely nothing. Like in all such cases they simply “Move On” to the next “talking points”. But something does happen in between, it’s usually fairly quick since they don’t like the spotlight on themselves when they know they’ve blown it.

Watch for it and then you can guess the rest. It will start with the running out of “other” people to blame, then when the bad things are under control, and finally they have to pull out fast when the only thing left are good and uplifting stories about real people who get things done. For some reason the talking heads really hate the people who get things done, hmmmm wonder why that is????

The final chapter is always the same, the left blames the right and the right blames the left, the bickering goes a couple of rounds, and then they all retreat to their safe little havens to prepare for the next round of seeking self worth, whoops, I meant seeking self-enlightenment, dang it whoops again, seeking self, again rats, I meant seeking something to bitch about…

I guarantee no one in Vegas would back a line against that scenario…

Count on it…

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