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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Education Racket, telling your boss “Take a Hike”, and Woman and Ties…

The Education racket (Unions and Tenured types) who own the school systems administrators and whom own large slices of your taxes have built the perfect self-contained self-feeding system. The system steals large amounts of tax payer dollars and injects them into its Unions which work on ways to steal more tax dollars.

The system fails and no one cares! You want to know where your Health care dollars are, go check the education budget! The only thing they win is votes by buying them with your tax dollars.

We know as a fact that most CA HS grads can barely read and Math skills are not worth mentioning, but to get a job you MUST have a college degree, if it’s a good job. So most businesses line up and allow the circle to be complete. Are businesses that REQUIRE a college degree practicing discrimination? All of those high and mighty liberal institutions REQUIRE a college degree and therefore they practice discrimination too. It’s not discrimination based on race, age, sex, etc.., it’s the have vs. the have nots, the very basis of what liberals claim to fight against yet they practice what they fight against, how cute…

Does forever increasing dollars with forever decreasing performance sound like a working system to you? Your school system at work, do you care?

Criminal Justice systems work for the local, state, and Fed gov’s right? Would this system exist without Gov? I think not. And if the local, state, and Fed gov’s work for us, then doesn’t the criminal justice system work for us? And if judges work for the criminal justice system don’t they work for us?

California judge tells people of CA, who are his boss, screw your laws and your desires, I am the law and I say no death penalty and there is nothing you can do about it. Welcome to understanding the term, “lifetime” employment. Do you have lifetime employment? Think you ever will?

Next time your boss tells you to do something just tell her or him you don’t agree with his or her views on the matter and see what happens! The days of judges requiring a lifetime appointment to protect them against political attack are long gone and now we have the reverse, political judges who can’t be touched. Liberal power saw this and took advantage of it a long time ago and now that conservatives have discovered it and are aggressively pursuing it the liberals are really mad!! Gee wonder why they would be mad at people in lofty positions making decisions that cannot be fought by us “normal” people when that is what they do to us… too funny eh!!!

And now for some fun….
Why do woman laugh at men who have to wear ties at work, where’s the fairness here? When woman wear suits how come they don’t have to wear ties like men? Is that sexist so men can see down woman’s blouses? Are woman just lazier? If it’s a power statement why does it still exist since I thought we hand killed all male power symbols in the workplace? What gives here I wonder? Sexual discrimination at the workplace has never been more blatant, widely known, and snickered at by clueless HR managers thinking it’s cute. Do as I say not as I do comes to mind here. Discrimination is allowed if it’s politically correct and I find this a crack in the absolute politics of the discrimination crowd, it’s bad or it isn’t, which is it?

Have a good one…

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