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Saturday, February 25, 2006

More rambling…

A good friend who lives in the San Fernando Valley was hit by a driver who ran a red light, the red light runner had no insurance and was illegal. The police gave her a ticket and she drove away while my friends car was totaled (she was hit by 2 other cars as a result of the 1st impact). Her insurance will total her car and give her half the practical value (it was paid off) it has to her as it would of lasted a few more years. She will now have higher premiums, car payments, and pain to remember this incident. Can we sue the DMV who is not supposed to let people get cars registered without insurance? Can we sue groups who support illegal aliens being in the country? Can we sue the LA City gov which advertises itself as a “safe haven for illegals”? Welcome to life in an “illegal society” where law abiding people get screwed and illegals laugh all the way home.

Saw the Olympics a bit the other night and heard that Bodie Miller hasn’t won anything and then I saw a commercial where he says the desire to win is hurting our children. Hmmm looks like he practices what he preaches when it comes to losing. Not to hurt his feelings but winning AND losing is a part of life and you need to teach your children BOTH sides. Another example of a "famous” person being totally clueless, boy am I surprised!

Port on baby, Port On. The politics over these things are so boring, completely predictable, and almost always based on spin unless you get your news from the truth seekers (blogosphere). Clinton’s real legacy might be that he brought Gollywood into politics like no one before him and now our politics and Gollywood are exactly alike, boring, completely predictable, and guaranteed to be pure spin, lovely.

Gee now we learn that Euro elite leftist are supporting terrorist because they hate the US and some people are surprised and think that’s news, are you kidding me? Why would you think they act differently than US based elite leftist? Some people continue to wield these stories about left and right but that’s not it folks, it’s about power and the elite group trying to hold on at all costs. Thanks to the Internet at a point soon in our future the elite power brokers will be swept away by their inability to control information and then the true meaning of liberty will rule the earth, I for one can’t wait!!

Have a good one…

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