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Monday, February 20, 2006


Oscar voters, the only good cowboy movie is a gay cowboy movie, gee I wonder how the latest compares to Clint’s Unforgiven?

War movies now celebrate bad guys = deep and moving, try weak and pathetic…

Woman hate being regarded as sex objects yet dress like sex objects, hmmmm

Writing a kids book erases all past sins apparently, I just wonder why?

Religion is now more tolerant than liberals, lol

Feminist fight for the right to have “other” women die in combat, huh?

Liberals defend judges who give child rapist weak sentences, and then say they want to protect the kids, will which is it?

The ACLU now equates terrorist with US Citizens, classic…

Women who openly bash “real” men can’t understand why they can’t get a date with a “real” man, too good eh…

The weak minded think you can “talk” murderers out of killing people, apparently fail to understand murderers mindsets don’t equal rational thought…

The liberals who hate affluent biz people are affluent biz people, too good again…

Being a mommy =’s a bad thing, unless you can afford a nanny

“Environmentalist” jet all over the world to complain about all the people who waste gas, fail to notice the irony =’s self-assured ignorance…

Rich and famous = smart and insightful, hard to understand when you see rich and famous everyday acting like complete idiots eh?

Reverse discrimination =’s 90% of white NBA players come from outside the US, why is that?

“Smart” people think a military action should be treated like the police breaking up a fight at the local tavern, smart used to mean something but not anymore…

Free speech on college campus = illegal, yea the Teachers Unions and Tenure has nothing to do with that, right…

Tenured college professors have more rights than anyone else with regards to work duties, what’s wrong with that picture?

Lawyers and Judges policing their own systems = ‘s a well run legal system, ha!

The protectors of the “poor” are all rich themselves, LOL

Judges outrank the government =’s a safe place to live, how long before we realize this is killing our society?

Only in America does the Press fight against Freedom of the Press one day and for it the next depending on the politics involved = they continue to believe they are neutral…

Largest Cigarette maker runs AD’s and processes to cure people from smoking, another of those just too good…

Feminist fight oppression of woman except where local customs says killing, raping, etc are normal… say what???

Those that seek to cry racist = the most racist, enough said

Quality of life = money,
Intelligence = money and fame
Quality of life = children,
Intelligence = understanding and ability

Which two do you think are correct?

Have a good one…

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