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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

That Dog Won’t Hunt!!

How many libz in the Old Noise Machine (ONM) do you think understand the title of this post? I love questions when the answer is, “if you have to ask the question you can’t understand the answer”!

Can you imagine if most comics who do politics weren’t wanna be libz? The endless amount of material from the ONM BDS crowd appears to be the definition of infinity when you look in the dictionary. That Dick G guy is so caught up in himself and his “protocol” he completely misses the point, but not to worry his hair is purrfect!!

CNN staff sport new Orange Vests and Hats to show their “with it” when it comes to the hunting crowd and this story. Only problem was when you looked at those guys, or at least when I did, I couldn’t stop laughing, heart stopping loud and afterward I was hoping my neighbor wasn’t wondering what was going on! To see these micey little men acting out their fantasies of being real men, even for just a minute or two was just too good… too good by far…

An endless gaggle of lemmings determined to out due each other in their quests for the Holy Grail, to be a man, a real man. No not a Brokebacker, not a metro mouse, no not even a man man enough to date Maureen D, no they seek something higher, nobler, that greatest of all greats, too pee standing up…

Have a good one…

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