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Friday, March 3, 2006

Oscar Commercial

The Oscar commercial is on this weekend and the “industry” is abuzz about all of the hype it’s pouring on itself. Insider after insider is exceedingly impressed with the amount of money the “industry” is spending on itself to convince the general populace that some of them care about this type of event.

The “industry” has done extensive polling and strongly believes that just pouring money into advertising will reverse the trend of normal people not caring about the Oscar commercial anymore. A certain controlling segment of the “insider” population for years now has believed the polling hype that “messaging”, read commercials, really does drive “public opinion” and that one must spend, spend, spend, if one wants the “public” to understand how good one is.

The pollsters themselves perform one of the most basic “commercial type” services by telling their customers exactly what they want to hear and then taking their money. The pollsters work hard to construct specific questions and target specific audiences to get the desired results for their clients and the “industry” loves to hear someone tell them they are OK and only need to tell people how good they are to make things better.

The “industry”, like “liberal politicians”, fails to see the irony of the Poll commercial and continue to believe the hype as they are more interested in hearing nice things said about them instead of the truth.

News flash to the “industry” (and liberal politicians) what you need to focus on is your product not the hype. Until you fix your product no amount of polling and other types of commercials, even the most expensive commercial of them all “The Oscars”, will help you. One day you will have to grow up and face the facts, sorry…

Have a good one…

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