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Friday, July 21, 2006

The Wimping of War follows the Weakinization of Societal Response

What do we make of parents whom raise children who can do no “wrong”? What do we make of colleges that allow students to “find” themselves while in the process they sell out the very country that supports them? Why do we see all of these “smart” students being used as props and propaganda pieces by professors and organizations that could care less about them? Why do the supporters of foreign governments always “protest” (read whine and cry) in “safe” foreign lands instead of going home to make a difference?

Societal response to all things of strength now is to go weak unless it’s the weak speaking against the strong. In the case of weak “battling” strong weak is allowed to do anything without the “worry” of strong response while the strong have to “worry” that any response is viewed as overkill because after all the weak, are the weak!

And now we find that the “weakinization” movement has engulfed war in a worldwide web of deceit and manipulation. The “players” on the weak side of war have figured out that the weakinization cabals in strong countries have given them virtual immunity from the “spanking” they deserve and use that to control the strong. We know of the weakest of the weak cabals, the U.N., the E.U., the Old Noise Machine of Europe and the U.S., and the organizations that form around colleges praying on the weak under developed minds of child-adults whom lack the “schooling” to know the difference between having beliefs and being used. And for some reason unknown to me the strong has extended the “courtesies” allowed to the weak, backed by the above cabals, whom live among the strong to the killers whom rule via death and destruction.

Why have we started to “wimp” in times of war is a question all of the strong must answer and answer quickly. We need to not worry about cry babies just like we were taught in the old days, we need to not worry about punching back with greater force since that always, always, stopped the initial punch from ever coming back again. Bullies will always bully if we try to give them “time outs”, a “good” talking too”, blah blah blah, bullies stop fast when met with a good hard punch to the nose and a stern warning that if they ever bully again, the punch will be twice as hard. We need to stop Wimping and get back to old school management of wars because war is hell baby, else its not war…

Have a good one…

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