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Monday, July 24, 2006

All War all the Time

Well the Middle East “Conflict” is dominating the news cycle these days which really must be pissing off the wanna be celebrities and news chasers (Plame affair, etc.) whom feed off the news cycle for feelings of self worth.

Back in the real world the fight is causing the usual suspects who can make noise during a fight to blabber bigtime. We have two of the biggest losers on the planet (a big club by the way) both promptly opening mouth and inserting foot and then chewing vigorously on full display. It’s hard to put these two in order of failure but I think Kofi has the lead for now.

It’s clear “kofi’s U.N.” team has failed miserably in Lebanon but that doesn’t stop him from injecting his two cents and demanding things to make it better. Remember this is the U.N. and although they’ve been in there 20+ years we really can’t expect them to get anything done without asking for MORE MONEY! Classic liberal world elitist problem solving technique, demand money, throw some change at the intended target and keep the rest to distribute internally to manage your “overhead” costs. What is truly sad is some in the US and OLD Europe will agree that money solves all of their problems, sigh, if only we were trying to solve Kofi’s retirement problems or old Europe’s economic problems that might make sense. But as usual that group of jet setting elitist really only care about themselves and the little people be damned. Actions speak louder than words here and if you can’t see the actions, go ahead and send um your money but don’t send um any of mine!

John Kerry came in a close second saying that if he were president this would not be happening and in a way he’s right. The terrorist would not be on the run, real world problems in the Middle East would not be the number one focus of the planet, real world solutions would not be discussed, and real world leaders would not be engaged. Nope if John Kerry were president we would be watching more Americans getting killed on our soil, more money sent to people who don’t need or deserve it, and the terrorist would be free to continue building their capability and gaining influence over the weak minded and enslaved populations waiting for the day when they no longer feared anyone and struck hard at the Western World. In that scenario the death counts that bother us today over years would be seen on a daily basis and the extent of destruction un-imaginable. Yea that’s the ticket a world under John Kerry would of led to a world under Islamic Law, whew! Good Job American Public!!!!

Have a good one...

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