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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Where are their VOICES Now!!! And some this and that…

Calling on Murtha, Sheehan, Pixie Chicks, Diamond, all of the chic useful idiots who dream and feel about the nether lands as if they were reality, why so silent?
Where are the voices of Kerry, Reid, Boxer, Pelosi, Chafee? Those creatures of backbone and moral fiber un-matched in the political class!
I hear nothing, I see nothing, yet I know they are their, lurking, hoping, wanting to sound off, but alas I’m guessing we won’t hear from them anytime soon except little harps about meaningless events.
Why are they silent you might ask and if you read here often you already know the answer! If not let me spell it out for you,


Scared when real events require real answers with backbone, with conviction, with strength, and most importantly with heart! Scared to stand firm, to take a position that might require more than mouthing off, gasp a position that requires ACTION! At least they are consistent…

If you haven’t checked out you must as Michelle Malkin has taken action words and put them into action video and they are fun and yet very serious. If you need to have a refresher course on conviction I strongly suggest a regular dose of Michelle.

Embryo, Embryo, what are thou Embryo?

Passion abounds,
Hopes and anger converge,
Emotional outbursts go round and round,
Embryo. Embryo, what are thou Embryo?

The dance of the heart,
The magic of the cure,
Endlessly circling fertile ground,
Embryo. Embryo, what are thou Embryo?

Life from life is all around,
Healing miracles are always profound,
Please all get off your merry-go-round,
Embryo. Embryo, what are thou Embryo?

Have a good one…

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