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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Some of this and that…

Middle East fighting round number 12,833 is underway and of course everyone has an opinion about who’s fault it is, who’s got to do what to stop it, and who can we blame in the aftermath to score political points! Yawn…. Let me know when real leaders show up and address real issues and get down to what really needs to be done, kick some terrorist ass!!!

But this is good news in some ways since it kicks the idiot celebrities and useful idiots out of the spotlight for awhile. It also kicks the Church of Law out of the way too so it does have a few redeeming values, it moves illegal immigration, it moves political carping and positioning out of the way, oil prices, and on and on and on…

Marketing and Katie Couric: “Town Hall Listening Tour” and 35 gazillion eggs getting the CBS “EYE” treatment to help boost her initial ratings whenever her newsreader gig starts. While lot’s of people will argue about her (and of course the real bias people her producers) bias and her inability to speak in a straightforward and truthful manner we should not overlook the marketing hype for that is where we will find her target audience and what this is really all about!

So the marketing plan is a two pronged approach, a series of “town hall” meetings (sound familiar?) and putting the CBS “EYE” logo everywhere.

The Town Hall, very low key low profile events just like the “little people” do, listening tour / meetings is a classic way of saying, were down to earth elitist whom can pretend with the best pretenders (i.e. Clintons, Socialist, etc.) to care about what the “little people” think and most importantly to “CARE” about what the little people care about before they jet off to the next town of “little people”. The next line of course will be a variant of “we feel your pain” based around the one great sound bite delivered from these Town Hall meetings, “ we have heard from you and we won’t tell the truth, whoops I mean depressing news, and we “felt your pain” and to prove we “FELT YOUR PAIN” we will present SOLUTIONS. I know I’m thrilled and I’m sure you are to learn that CBS and its news producers fronted by its newsreaders has solution for our problems, how cool is that!!! Like you I can’t wait to hear them!

The mass marketing angle is to spread the heck out of the CBS “EYE” logo and hope that generates enough ratings in the initial show(s) launching to prove the team responsible for picking this newsreader did a good job! And so what vehicle did they choose to spread the word CBS NEWS is BACK? Well of course it would be EGGS! 30 million plus eggs will be subjected to a logo process and of course spread through out the land to pass the word, CBS is BACK! Now theirs many ways to look at this, just mass marketing and brand awareness would be the most obvious, but maybe its more clever than that because as we all know when we crack the egg open we look forward to all the good stuff inside (is PETA OK with this abuse of eggs and their contents? Just wondering…) which we will cook and enjoy in a variety of ways! Maybe CBS thinks that if we crack open their news show with their new newsreader people will find good things to consume and be happy! Could this also be sexist? Who buys and cooks more eggs, men or women? If its women isn’t this a CHEAP WAY to court the female robots of the left and the un-suspecting woman of the right?

So here’s my take on this, they use old Clinton tactics for “listening tours”, they also use the old Clinton tactic of providing “pretty sounding” solutions without the possible of getting done or accomplishing anything, and of course using the classic Clinton tactic of going after women in a cheap and degrading way, so I guess this whole plan must be a secret plot to revive interest in the Clinton Doctrine and we can look for the new newsreader to spend countless hours hyping the Clintons, you can count on that!

As I’ve told you before the OLD Noise Machines don’t care about fiscal matters and business success, they only deal in political revenue and this will be the most blatant we’ve seen to date!

Have a good one!

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