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Monday, July 10, 2006

Legal, Constitutional-Religion, the Real Culture War!!

Legal: A Judge Shocks Me!!
First up some kudos’ to a Federal Judge whom said, “It’s not OK for Congress People to be above the law of us ordinary citizens”. Wow is that amazing holding elected officials to the same laws as you and me! Maybe next time a Kennedy breaks the law they will be held accountable too and then I would really be in a state of shock! But we have to wait this one out as well as the Congress person in question vows to appeal, appeal, and appeal! His “Legal Team” is working on the matter, yep I know if you or I ever get in trouble we will no doubt have a “Legal Team” working with us just like the Congress Person!!!

Constitution-Religion: The War on Marriage
Lot’s of talk about secularist and religious types debating the war of all culture wars which goes something like this, is religion part of the US life based on the constitution or it’s legal derivatives, or not? If yes religion is in and Marriage is only for man and woman whereas if not marriage is for anything or anybody, the configuration questions go away and it’s a free for all! Cool huh, people and animals, multi-family marriages, people and computers, people and the moon, the list is endless have fun!!!

And we circle the wagons around what the “framers” had in mind and if we just could settle that question we could put this to rest, or could we? Since we will never directly know what they had “in mind” it’s a great debate point with no possible solution and therefore an endless and useless debate point. Except for the fun the historians have arguing about the written artifacts of that process and time!

Here’s my shot at it though…

I want to address the framers first with regards to religion and then follow-up with Nature and Marriage.

The framers were clearly religious in their own right but constructed the constitution to address what at the time we’re one or two of the biggest issues of government for the people and by the people, religion and Kings and Queens. The King and Queen was a no-Brainer where they correctly surmised an election by popular vote would result in free will winning and free will is Nature’s highest form of Human existence and Kings and Queens would never occupy that space!
Separation of Church and State was straight forward too and was not meant to be a culture war. It was strictly meant as a way to ensure a religion could not become the Government of the US nothing more and nothing less.

Any other interpretation is wishful thinking on both sides if you really want to know their minds look into the fear of the constitutions words, the fear of how the PLACE is run not whether religion belongs in a school or not which is a question used by secularist to attack. They did not want Queens and they didn’t want Cardinals making the rules that the populace lives by, and the words that end that debate are clear, WE THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE… Game, set, match…

Nature doesn’t care about marriage but instead deals with the more important issue of reproduction and the continuation of the change wave and one of its highest forms, Human Beings, which are the Ultimate Singularity! We should remove the reproductive issue as a prop and reduce the discussion to what it is, an equalization cause celeb for the elites and legal protection – benefits for the normal people which leads me to marriage for me and civil unions for thee. And feel free to find any name that isn’t currently in use and go with it what’s the big deal about what you call it? In fact if your creative enough maybe you can come up with a better word!!!

Have a good one…

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