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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

California Unions Keep at it!!

The latest TV ads are really starting to show the Unions true colors and it’s getting nastier by the week. As stated earlier it really must be critical for them in order to stoop to such depths to protect their racket. But I won’t talk about that in this post since I need to focus on one point that hits me below the belt.

All of these teachers, RN’s, Fire People, etc. (by the way these ads are very non-PC, the fire / police people are always men and the nurses / teachers are always women, wonder why that is?) complain that if this bill passes their voices won’t be heard. Well why the hell is that? Why do they need more than you and I? Why is the Union the only voice of these people? Why is that?

What if you and I want our voices heard? What do we do? We vote, we write our representatives, and get our voices heard somehow someway! But apparently that is not enough for the Union people, they need more than you and me to be heard.

Remember what they are saying when you vote, that they need more than you and I to represent them.

They are somehow better and more important than you and I… Think about that…

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