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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Sometimes they make it to easy…

The legal system in the US is not directly involved in this but some of its talking heads are weighing in on the Saddam trial in Iraq and the comedy just keeps coming. I won’t mention names or shows or blogs because I just can’t bring myself to add any additional shame to them.

Of course we don’t want the Iraqi people to put up with our war, our democracy, our troops, our politicians, our etc., but oh yea the guy responsible for killing and ravaging gazillions of people should have our LEGAL PROTECTION!

Right, I mean come on let’s get this straight. Here is another key nugget in the liberal world domination plan through the law and this one they let out of the bag, at least in my humble opinion, without even knowing it.

The only thing the “Ruling Elite” want to be worldwide is their view of the law and its control process to be left up to them, and only them. You and I are subject too but not part of the controlling part because of course, you’re not up for the challenge of governing yourself silly human!

I mean its not like in the US (the best example so far of the “Ruling Elite’s” Legal system) we let murderers, child rapist and such get away with their crimes to “protect” the legal system, well do we?

Oops sorry, I forgot for a second…

Have a nice day…

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