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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Who does hold MSM Accountable?

I was thinking about this in light of all the MSM “news” stories being used by Terrorist and Anti-American groups abroad. I thought the MSM was supposed to be Neutral? Oh yes, they are owned my Corporate America and these corporations are controlled by the Board of Directors right? And the Board of Directors is accountable to the stock holder’s right? And of course those corporations’ majority stock holders are Pension and Mutual Fund groups whom manage the stocks for all of us who invest in those funds, right?

I mention above to let you know how easy it will be to shape the messages coming from MSM because, if you follow the train of thought above, all we need to do is tell our fund managers to tell the corporations we don’t want anti-US and pro-terrorist messages produced by our MSM, right?

Well here’s a surprise for some of you, the MSM doesn’t care about money, the companies that “own” the MSM don’t care about the money being derived from the MSM channel. And you ask why that is? The inner core of the MSM world is already rich and they know that the billionaires that drive the Anti-US and pro terrorism propaganda will parachute them if they toe the line and do as their told.

When I hear that the MSM say “we must be neutral, we must have the ability to present the facts as they are” I always wonder (after I finish laughing) what their definition of “facts” is. But then we all know that, don’t we…

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