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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Strength vs. Weakness

One of Nature’s purest endowments to all things living and not are strength and weakness. It comes in different ways for different things but it exists in all things at all times. In fact measuring this goes back as far as time and thought and has driven the world’s agenda since its inception.

When you think of strength and weakness (S and W) most people tend to think it’s obvious to detect, measure, and reflect on because in most ways it is. But in some ways S and W is so well hidden and so subtle to make any politicians or Academic (or is that anemic?) “nuanced” posturing comical by comparison.

Some of the most glaring examples hide in plain sight right in front of us. Gender-isum, Race–isum, Age-isum, Religion–isum, Nation-isum, and all the other forms of government supported hatred are all about the battle of the weak vs. the strong and society’s role in referring that “game”. I use the term game to illustrate the two sided nature of the competition, it is clearly not a game when you consider the stakes and the resulting conditions for our children.

In an effort to be intellectually honest though we must realize that most of the “games” being fought are not for the strong but for protecting the weak. It is assumed that because some things, people, animals, whatever are weak they need protection. It is my understanding that if Nature created weakness if was for a reason, not to play a “game”.

Next time you have one of these intellectual arguments about competing positions take a break, take a step back, and analysis the S and W components. If in fact you are successful in finding them (they are there) you might realize that finding a common ground is the most appropriate course. And in Nature’s way the truly enlightened know balance is the key to everything…

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