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Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Business Acting vs. Political Acting

So you want to know what the real difference in politics’ is huh? Are you sure? Because it’s always been right in front of you if you looked at it through the eyes of a former corporation wanna-be. The democrats act like bureaucrats and the republications act like business people.

Yes I know this over simplifies one of the current issues in the democratic ranks, that to act like a lawyer is the way to go. But you also might notice that sense the party elected its current two leaders (Hill and Bill (And yes that is the right order)) whom are both lawyers, they have consistently lost elections. I will discuss more on this at a later date.

The arguments that we see on TV and in articles (Net and old MSM) are clearly drafted by two groups who don’t operate on the same plane. Business people must move forward, they must set reasonable goals, they must execute plans to meet objectives, they must be accountable for the work completed, in other words they must accomplish things. Bureaucrats on the other hand are more interested in committee work, programs without goals, execution of work by somebody else, results that are modified to fit more committee work, the list is too long to finish but I think you get the idea.

Now some of you might argue that recently some very big corporate types have started “buying” their way into the Democratic Party. And yes that does look like a business deal when you buy something for the purpose of using it to meet your goals. I think a different dynamic is at work and it scares me a bit as for many years the democratic faithful have said that the Republican party is “owned” by corporate America. Now it seems like the Democratic party has learned that being bought isn’t such a bad idea, and of course they wouldn’t let corporate America buy them (HA!), but rich people can buy a piece of the democratic party without much of a fuss these days from the people who are “protecting the working class” American’s!

So now both sides can look at the other and say, “You’ve been bought!”. The only question I have for you is, whom do you want to own the government? It’s a tough question so I advise you to not think to quickly, not jump to a conclusion to quick, step back and take a breath. I think if you look through Nature’s “eyes”, you too will see the right answer…

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