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Monday, May 9, 2005

Disney’s 50 Years and what it means to a little kid from Canoga Park

We didn’t have the best in childhoods with regards to the normal nuclear family of the 50’s and 60’s. We had alcohol, divorce, more alcohol, and then another marriage to an alcoholic. My mom raised her 3 boys as best she could and did a great job, all things considered. But no matter what problem we we’re dealing with, like little brother taking a pair of scissors to Mom’s cash after she cashed her weekly paycheck (talk about a full blown panic!!), man when it came Disneyland time it was all good.

E-Ticket rides, walking in the street, parades, fireworks, all night running your heart out to see the next ride, it could never of been better for a little boy and his brothers. It was our gateway out of the current mess no matter what the mess, when Mom said Disneyland, we escaped to a land that knows no time, no sorrow, just pure happiness. And on “Litton” night (our Uncle worked there), no ticket books were needed and no crowds, we ran from ride to ride all night and I thought at the time it was the coolest thing, period!

My Mom knew that times were tough back then but she also knew we needed to have some fun. And she worked hard and put up with more than I can imagine (well know that I’ve raised 3 kids, maybe I can imagine!) to see our smiling faces light up and enjoy the night. I can’t remember how many times we went but it was enough, enough to share that vision of Disney, that magical feeling found only in a magical kingdom, built for the little boy in all of us. And if you can’t understand that regardless of your age, how truly sad that must be…

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