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Thursday, May 12, 2005

“Girlie Men” vs. Real People

Nature created strong and weak people and that’s the fact. It is not up for interpretation and it is also follows Nature’s curve.

It’s easy to detect who is which, isn’t it? And it’s not gender based for those of you that can’t get that out of your head, or any of the other hate groups sponsored by the US government.

More importantly we must realize that real people must stand against the “Girlie Men” because, not surprisingly, most of them are Anti-American. And yes of course they would yell and whine about being patriot’s but only because they know without yelling and whining about it they would be found out to be what they truly are…

Need an example??? Try below...

Note: If you don't understand why the UN needs to be cleaned up you need to seek help, soon...

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