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Monday, May 16, 2005

MSM Shows the Way

Yes so another one of the MSM’s House Organs blew it, why are people still outraged by this type of behavior? It’s old news that the MSM Collecturate is firmly anti-American and pro globalization. Their supporters and other leeches bow to one belief and one belief only, the theme song with the words “everyone would be in love with me”.

So the real question is, whom do they want to love them? Is it just the Saturday night party crowd (is Party the right choice of words here since I doubt any of them really know how to party!), is it just the pro globalization crowd? The Washington “insider” clubs? The MSM clique? Is it possible they want love from more than one source? After all seeking and needing to be loved is a core component of nature’s world.

I think it’s really very simple, the MSM Collecturate boils down to money. And the ones who give it are the ones whose love they seek.

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