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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Management 101 and Newsweek

Does anyone really feel that the Management Teams at these MSM’s places like Newsweek don’t know about stories this explosive? Doesn’t bless them? Doesn’t have any problem with them? Knows that they support the Collecturate and therefore should be immune.

Corporations have two main types of management, the day to day types, Operational in nature, and the ones who provide the direction, Visionary in Nature. These roles are clearly defined and although they overlap on occasion they can’t too often because both types have more than full time jobs today.

This mistake seems to involve both types of management and I find it completely un-believable that the management team didn’t fully vet this and all its implications. It was purposely done for a reason that will never be explicitly stated because to do that would require that they value truth over their ideals.

Anyone doubt what trumps what in these places anymore?

And on a final management note you can always see weak management based on reactions to a problem. Governments have protocol and spokespeople and corporations have management. Management is paid to keep the business running and deal with problems as best they can and I wouldn’t expect anything less. The strength of the management response should be equal to the business impact of the situation. Anyone want to bet this management response will be far weaker???

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