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Monday, January 22, 2007

It’s a Sadie Hawkins’s Day Extravaganza!!!

Behold for all the land to see, the year of the child is born. All things going forward, ALL THINGS, will only be for the children!!! Wow how cool is that and I must admit very original too.

But, alas I have a few questions;

Does this include “unborn” children? Or do you think that a woman is carrying something other than a child when pregnant? If you think they are carrying children then maybe during the YEAR OF THE CHILD we can stop killing them?

Do we as “Adult Children” get to keep some level of control over our own decisions or are we all doomed to “Trans Fat” regulation mania? Am I still allowed to breath, drink a beer, and play at the park? Do I need a note from my MOM to play in the street? Please dear sweet lady tell me what I’m allowed to do and what I’m not allowed, please please please…

Does your policy include fixing the education system for children? Or do they have to practice discrimination, barely learn how to read and write, barely learn to add and subtract, barely learn the sciences, and be forced to learn indoctrination of socialist idea’s to protect the education racket? Oh please dear leader Help the Children LEARN TO LEARN!!!

Does your policy remove all parenting responsibilities from me and bring them under “Village” law? Do I need to move to a “SPECIAL” Village to raise my children? Will they still know who their parents are? Will you let them keep their own identity? Will you great leader permit children to learn from their parents and be influenced by their family in general or must we lose that too? Please oh please dear leader set me straight as I know not what to do since you’ve taken over…

Will you let boys be boys and girls be girls? Or must they become one? Will you help 4 year old boys, 4 YEAR OLD, and protect them from malicious SEXUAL HARESSMENT claims by 30-40 something women? Will you? Can you help them oh dear leader?

Will you protect children from judges whom let known child predators out of jail? Who let convicted rapist and molesters of children off with no jail time? Will you protect the children from the judicial system, will you please oh dear leader protect them from the judges, please dear leader please…

Will you protect the children from themselves such that a game of TAG is never allowed to corrupt a child’s mind again? Never allow them to learn anything by judging other children because that might help them learn how to deal with diversity and gods knows we don’t want children dealing with DIVERSITY!!! Please oh please dear leader protect our children from diversity, diversity being one of the cruelest forms of mental disorder prevalent today…

Will you protect them from video games where everyone is either a killer or Ho? Will you stop the Gangsta lifestyle “DEAD” in its tracks? Can you stop it dear leader can you stop it?

Will you protect the children of the world as well? Can you stop the “honor” killings in the middle east because girls don’t want to be gang raped by men? Or pushed into marriage at 13 with a 40 year old? Can you? Will you?

Will you stop the rich Americans, Europeans, and UN staff from supporting the African regimes that steal all of the money meant to help the children and re-direct it to Switzerland? Whom kill moms, dads, and even kids to keep their hold on power? Can you? Will you?

Will you stop the rich Americans, Europeans, and UN staff from supporting the Southeast Asia Child Sex INDUSTRY? Can you? Will you?

Will you allow the South American children to have a chance for some sort of life out of poverty by stopping the rich Americans, Europeans, and UN staff whom support the murderous ruthless Dictators that run those countries? Can you? Will You?

Oh dear leader please help our children, please help the children of the world, show us this is not just more dressing on the same ole same ole…

Have a good one…

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