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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Supreme Being Circus Extended, sigh…

The news that the latest Supreme Being nomination has been scraped has good news and bad news points but most of all means the Circus has been extended for who knows how long and to that I say, sigh…

Good news, the likes of Cindy Shehan, rogue prosecutions, talking head explosions, Noise Machine (old MSM) daily meltdowns (currently feeding on themselves), and the like will be kept off the radar since POWER news always trumps fake but inaccurate news.

Bad news, more politicking of the legal process, less focus on the awesome news out of IRAQ, less coverage of the insane level of corruption at the UN, less focus on the real bad guys in the world, etc.

So here we go again, the selection process has started already with short lists, long lists, outside lists, inside lists, lists of lists, and lists to list the list lists… the repub and demo machine will crank to an even higher level of shrill, the talking heads are loving this because for a few more weeks or months (whatever) they get to spout their useless OPINIONS and try to spin them into reality, regardless of reality…

To GWB, leadership is tough, ankle biters never stop, good luck!

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