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Friday, October 28, 2005

Calling the President off his “game” huh?

SO the president is off his game a bit with this Mier’s thing the pundits wail as they congratulate themselves for covering this situation so well. We knew every angle and we knew every assumption before we knew any facts but that’s OK because that’s what they do!!

My guess is almost all, probably all, of the critics of his “2nd term” have never held true leadership positions, have never made tough decision after tough decision after tough decision, have never made decisions that can severely impact someone’s life, or lot’s of peoples life’s, and have never made decisions that amount to life and death consequences.

Ankle biters are a dime a dozen and usually have the biggest mouths. Any real leader would know that his job is brutal and since “down time” is almost non-existent maybe cutting him some slack is the right thing to do, regardless of your politics.

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