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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Blinded by the(ir) Light

The political establishment on display these days keeps getting smaller and smaller just when you thought you would a need microscope to see them, they shrivel even further into complete smaller minded madness. One wonders how lost they truly are, how out of touch they have become, how self consumed can they be?

The breathless bloviating over the demise of one of their own seems not to bother them in fact it energies them! Why is that you might ask since its just politics isn’t it? Well to them its life and all that life has to offer them. In a way I feel sorry for them since to have life reduced to such a stupid game full of clowns must be a very sad life indeed.

Prosecutors and defense lawyers toiling day after day trying to squeeze life out of lifeless points and counter points, political hacks hacking up nonsense day in and day out, spotlight seekers twisting into sub-human forms to find that which they seek, manipulators setting up the useful idiots time and time again, its as old as the hills and started in the cave dwelling days. Yet these “intellectual Monsters” have not grown one bit since the earliest of time, nope not one bit…

Nature has undergone billions of years of evolution to produce the life we have around us and what do we do in return? Evolve backwards in time, deny the obvious, criminalize life, turn on each other, turn on life that’s how some of our most elite have evolved and that is why I am happy not to be with them.

Maybe some of these political clowns should turn to sports for a little reality check. The football game between USC and Notre Dame a couple of weeks ago was awesome. Both teams deserved to win but just like in politics only one side can win and so USC won. But so did Notre Dame and what the Notre Dame Coach did after that amazing game, the way he handled losing, the class, the power he displayed was so far beyond anything I have seen from a politician, so far beyond. If they are the elite, the coach of Notre Dame dwarfs them on all fronts and should be running a classroom to teach politicians what class, what style, what life is all about because they really need a lesson baby and this guy is clearly the guy who should do it...

Have a nice day…

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