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Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloweenies are a howling!!

As I’ve stated before every time a Supreme Being is in play the crowd goes bezerk! As predicted as soon as a name was mentioned the two camps sprung into action and the carnival of insanity has started!! On the night of Halloween just makes it all the more special as clowns were everywhere, goblins abounded, witches stirred their brew, monsters roamed the streets, and the worst of all was set loose on the airwaves and blogs across the land, the Supreme Being Pundits!

Clowns make you laugh haha, goblins will eat you alive oh my, witches casts spells near and far, monsters prey on the helpless public munching till their hearts content, and then it gets really ugly as the communication channels tear into your hearts, your brains, your central nervous system ensuring no part is left intact, no ability to reason remains, and most importantly, tearing your soul out and casting you adrift in a maze of bloviated insanity, the horror, the horror…

Have a nice night..,

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