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Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Just who do they think they are?

The Senate has decided to shut itself down to teach someone a lesson, a lesson in what? How to be stupid? How to cry and act like a child? That your 1/3 percent of the government is more important than the other 2/3s? How to prove you are meaningless in the larger context of life? Sometimes the stupidity is so blatant that they must think the only ones grading them are the press clowns!

Years after we were attacked by terrorists, years after we have done the right thing in two countries, years and years after we told the world we’re not run by a bunch of wet noodle political operatives, talking heads, and lame judges, we pull this stunt?

The real political class of America needs to wake up and do some whomping and a stomping here, all children should be sent to their room because this will be for grown ups only. If you can’t take it join the kids in their room!

Wimps, cry babies, mal contents, your days are numbered in the political system, either you have a debate to move things forward or your thrown out of the debate, wah wah-ing about things no longer in play is not only not tolerated anymore, those that live and play there will soon find out they have no voice anymore… don’t like it? Move to Cuba, Venezuela, or I hear Zimbabwe is seeking help!

Natures strongest in America, time to stand up and get it done, for Nature’s weakest in America, I suggest you move to the kids room where you can be safe from the real world…

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