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Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Politics on full display… can you say ugly forever?

Points of evidence;

1) Pompous acts of stupidity viewed as leadership (see rule 21 debacle yesterday, Plamegate, …)
2) Race based attacking is only OK when the attackee is a Republican black man who won’t follow the Democratic Party line. They have used pictures that would get anyone else thrown in jail, stolen his credit report, …
3) A string of proven liars (M. Moore, J. Wilson, MSM, …) strongly believe they can influence politics by lying.
4) Billionaires (Soros, T. Turner, …) try to buy the political system.
5) Two most important jobs of a senator, spending money and raising money.
6) Politics has more lawyers involved than the legal system.
7) The Legal system controls more of government than our votes.
8) Unions and special interests groups spend more money on politics that their members or causes...

The list could go on for ever but I hope you get the idea.

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