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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Money and Politics

Some people wonder why it’s so hard to control money and its influence on politicians and subsequently policy while failing to notice the most obvious of connections, the government spends more money than anyone. Don’t you think those that seek money will go after those that spend the most money? Could it be that simple and could it be that obvious?

Well of course it is, just look at the current money scandal lead by Abramoff buying influence and spending gobs of Indian Tribe money, the DNC being owned by a bunch of kids on the Internet who control purse strings in between massive “Big Donor” DNC types putting money into the DNC melting pot, the Katrina re-build effort will spend BILIONS and a lot of it will just disappear based on “interesting” accounting practices, the California State Education budget is 57 BILLION a year, 57 BILLION a year, public union and teamsters type unions have more money in politics than anywhere else, the list goes on and on and on and that’s just the US, in case you didn’t know it’s a worldwide problem! The UN spends tons of money on things no one will ever know about, dictatorships and their dictators hide away billions and starve their people, we give billions to Africa and the despots in control party all the way to the bank and kill anyone in the way… it just doesn’t stop…

At some point we need to address the problem of money leaving the private sector and disappearing in the government sector… for the sake of our children and grandchildren I hope we do it soon…

Have a good one…

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