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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Some Quick Thoughts

Socialist Formula: Same message, different front face for the current media effort sprinkled with the old standard bearers to get the effort some level of depth. Cindy Sheehan – Hugo Chavaz are now the socialist current media flare-ups and you’ve go to admit, things must be pretty desperate in Socialville. If you’re reduced to Cindy Sheehan leading any effort you’ve not only hit the bottom of the barrel, you’re gnawing on the barrel’s bottom and the taste must be excruciating. Cindy challenging Diane F for CA Senator, LOL! Doesn’t Cindy know the Democratic Senators of California (and Mass as well) are bought and paid for by the DNC and she doesn’t stand a chance? Oh right that would require she had the ability to think, my bad!

Liberal Formula: Same as above, scary, with the ability to self-promote that far out classes the Socialist crowd though. Kennedy and Kerry leading a charge? You must be joking right? Although this could be a great hoax since the rest of the world might think these clowns are powerful US policy makers and then greatly underestimate our real strength. This could come in handy if say some country about to go Nuclear is meeting underground somewhere and thinks that all they have to do is turn the clown Senators from Mass and CA and we crumble, big big mistake…

Google this, another company of “self-enlightened” kids says one thing and does another, again (see plane purchase), another couple of billionaires with no idea about how the real world works but since they have money they can buy above it, how cute!!! Note to rich clowns, money doesn’t make most people’s world go round, and neither do you…

Davos, the “Elite” self promoting environment / economy party keeps on going, and going, and going, … how much “energy” did it take to get all of those self promoting environmentalist there??????? Oh that’s right, it’s the do as I say not as I do crowd, how cute again… so out of touch yet so self assured, it’s an interesting combo eh?

Dowd on dating, she still doesn’t get it, women who spend most of their time hating men just aren’t gonna get a date with a real man… never gonna happen… she just needs to select one of the little social “boys” and deal with it. And yes saying you don’t hate men (and support the troops if you’re a liberal) won’t work because your actions speak louder than your words, life’s a bitch eh?

Supreme Being Circus going for its last whoorah, HOORAY!!! Watching the animals earn their keep is so cute, don’t you think???

I for one hope the IRAN thing does permanently change the oil scene and we are prepared to go self-sufficient, at whatever the costs, let’s get it done and move on.

Challenger hurt real bad, it was a spiritual as well as a people lose for those like me who know that we must take whatever steps to get off the planet and then get out of the solar system, it’s not if, it’s when, and the sooner we can the better we and all before us will be… think about it if your so inclined, leaders in the space race aren’t just for fun and power, its about our survival as a life form. Now I know this goes well beyond most liberals and conservatives whom only think about today, those of us who know must keep pushing and must keep reminding everyone, this is not a choice, this is mandatory, support it the best you can, the Challenger crew gave their life, as many before and many after will, but that is the price we must pay to save our life form and thank goodness Nature builds people like them who see beyond themselves, who see the greater good as the real goal. Just imagine if our political and social leaders thought that way, just imagine it… wow…

Have a good one…

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