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Thursday, January 26, 2006

What do the following have in common?

This is very subtle so try and stay with it OK!!!

Liberal Politicians and their supporters
The Clingons (Bill and Hill)
Nancy Pelosi – Harry Reid
NY / LA Times, and USA Today
Al Franken – Michael Moore
Robert Redford, Rob Riener, Warren Beatty
Cindy Shehan
Sean Penn
Barbara Walters – Streisand
Race Warriors (Dullton, Jacksumone, etc…)
College Professors (not all but you get the idea)
Terrorist Supporters
Environmental Terrorists
Open Border Advocates
Dixie Chicks

Add your own it’s kinda fun…

They all want America to be a place where they couldn’t be who they are, how cool is that!!

Note: Why don’t the environmental activists get after those big papers? Don’t they waste more paper than the rest of the world combined? Geez…

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